Topic: MoonlightHai readers I hope you will enjoy my whole stories I think you want a change story that is natural expectation of my dear readers so here I am write a change story this is entirely different theme read and write to me. The world sleeps, but I lie awake in my bed. It"s the moon. There is something strange about it tonight. Through the glass pane of the window, the full moon is bright and cool and the stars are shining, adding all their glorious brilliance to the moon"s glow. Suddenly I think I hear a quiet creak, but it must be only my imagination. . . The sound persists, however, and it"s coming from the door. I turn my head and much to my surprise in the dim light I a dark feminine silhouette, which could only be my own mother. She is sneaking, silently, into my room, and she carefully closes the door behind her without a sound. Mom tiptoes to my bed and sees me awake. She raises a finger to her lips and gestures whispering: "Ssshh. . . Be silent, my huny.

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  . . "In a strange moment my heart stops as mom pulls up the hem of her thin nightgown, revealing a very pretty muff of dark furry hair. I had never even thought how my own mother"s. . . would look like. . . ohhh! It iss…. mm. Her hands move higher, and her large full breasts come to view, heavy, round and shapely. She throws her gown away and bares her whole naked motherly beauty to bathe in the cold light of the full moon. Her legs are long, smooth thighs nicely curving into rounded womanly hips. My mother"s face I had always regarded as pretty, in a nice and sweetly smiling kind of way.

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   Mom throws back her long hair; it"s dark and wavy, and the act makes the heavy weights of her breasts rise and fall. I"m scared. Of my mother, the moon, and myself. Mom comes to me, and gently strokes me into hardness through the sheets before pulling them aside. "Oh God, m-mom?" I stutter, but she climbs on my bed, one naked leg on each side of my body. "Sshh. . . " mom hushes me, her knowing fingers finding my hard cock and guiding it towards the warmth between her legs the whole heaven feels of ever and never felled . "Oh my baby, I need to feel your meat inside me right now baby. . . " she says.  "Mom I c-can"t. .

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  . " I try, but then my hard flesh enters my own mother"s silky, slippery wet vagina that the way me to come to this world as she lowers herself down. "Oohh. . . " I can only moan. I know I"m going to Hell, but it"s Heaven I feel deep inside my own mother. . . It is arare and lucky chance for a son. I know that. The feeling makes mom whimper as well, and she rocking her hips. At first it is a slow, gentle motion, which makes me sigh as I feel it inside her body. Gradually it gets faster, the movements become more intense as mom rises, nearly letting me out, and then comes back down and I slide deep into her again. She is riding me, with her big tits bouncing up and down and her long hair whipping against my chest and face.

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   She is shuddering, her back arching as she bites her lip and breathes deep making little sounds as my hard cock penetrates her all the way. She takes my hands and whispers: "Let me hold you close, baby. " I let mom pull me up into a sitting position, she crosses her long legs behind my back.  "Oh mom, I belong inside you" I sigh into my mother"s ear. Finally my hands find her beautiful firm round soft meat of ass, which is good to hold on tight when my loins instinctively start thrusting upwards, towards the birth-place that welcomes me once again. But is my rod only but my whole body pulse also. "Come, my baby, come. . . " mom purrs into my ear, repeating the phrase like a secret mantra as our bodies glisten with pearls of sweat under the shine of the strange moon. "Oh, fill your mother with your warmth like you once did. . . " mom whispers, her eyes glimmering with longing in the moonlight. I go so deep that I feel my balls touching mom and tightening, and there I now stay, because I feel that now is the time all my secret fears and forbidden desires will come true.

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  "Ah yess!" I moan as I feel my balls contracting, sending their gift of life up my hard shaft. I press my head against my mother"s shoulder, and hold her tightly as my young aching body heaves and suddenly shoots the sperm with frightening power into her. But I feel my mother"s soft, heavy breasts against my chest and her strong, slender thighs around me and I know I"m safe. So is my sperm in her womb where the first, thick, pearly-white jet of it now wetly splatters, making her shudder. It feels like coming back home under the glorious shining light of the mysterious moon. . . Mom is twitching in my arms, she yelps softly every time she feels a spurt of hot sperm inside her. I notice she is holding her left hand on her belly, trying to feel the powerful shots as they strike the inner wall of the womb. My balls fire another huge load yet again, I carry a lot of weight in them, the bursts are gigantic. The uncontrollable force of the ejaculation makes me cry, my entire youthful body is jumping, instinctively driving all its energy for firing immense amounts of hot sperm into an allowing female body. The conscious problem of it being my mother"s is far beyond the reach of my mind in its painfully orgasmic state. I feel my mother"s birth canal pulsating warmly around my cock as it pumps burning life-giving liquid from my balls into her, where I knew it was all warm and pink and cozy. . .

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  "Baby, baby. . . " Mom moans her thanks for my gift into my ear with every single long ropy spurt of myself I can give back to her in the form of white, squirmy sperm. Finally I am empty and mom is full and we collapse into each others" arms, panting and blushing. Our lips and tongues meet in one last, long, lingering lovers" kiss, but we both know that this was now over forever. Tomorrow we would again be a mother and a son for the rest of our lives.  This was the mystery of the moon, in all the world only known to my mother and me. . .



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