We live on a very large ranch in NW Montana. Our ranch borders US Forest Service property on three sides, so we don’t worry too much about neighbors. We run only a few cattle for our own needs. Dad owns an outfitting company guiding people on hunts for big game including grizzly bears, black bears, elk, and deer. We have several people on the payroll and the income from the hunters pays them and the upkeep on the ranch and the 100 or so horses we have. We are usually not very busy from late December until June so I get to do a lot of riding and fishing. When I was 14, Dad received a telephone call from his brother in Texas informing him that my aunt had died. We flew over to Spokane and caught a flight to Dallas for the funeral. Uncle Mike was really hurting, and my cousin Ellen was, also. Aunt Marie had died of heart disease caused from smoking. No one even knew she was sick until she had the heart attack. After the funeral we returned home and went about the daily activities that a ranch requires. Everyone pulls his or her own weight.
Summer came, and Dad said he was going to Dallas to see Uncle Mike again. His foreman flew him over to Spokane and Dad caught a flight to Dallas. He called us from Dallas a few days later and said Uncle Mike and Ellen were coming back with him and they were driving up.

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   When they arrived, Dad told us that Uncle Mike had put up his house for sale and was going to build a house on the ranch and help on the ranch. He could continue his business from here as easy as he did from his home office in Texas. It took about 6 months to get his house built. It was across the valley from the main ranch house and if we looked with binoculars could see it easily.
Ellen and I got along right off. I was one year older than her 18 years. She was cute. Hair was sort of a light brown, came down to her shoulders. Straight as a board. I joked that if she turned sideways and stuck out her tongue she would look like a zipper. Skinny! I decided to teach her to ride so I saddled up my favorite horse and picked out a small mare that was very gentle and rode over. She was excited and was a fast learner. She was not afraid of the horse and we enjoyed riding through the trees and along the rivers and creeks on the property. She asked why I carried a rifle and when I told her it was in case a cantankerous bear decided to cause any problems. She was a little frightened about that comment until I told her that only once had one of the ranch hands had to shoot a bear.

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   He thought it was because he had a freshly shot deer draped over the saddle. So she relaxed.
We spent the summer and early fall riding and getting to know each other. My mother is a former schoolteacher and she asked Ellen if she wanted to be home educated with me. She could sit in on the classes every day and the tests would be as real as they were in public school in Dallas. She did not want to get up at 4:30 am to get ready to go to the highway to catch the school bus, so she agreed. Mom said she was a good student and learned quickly.
Hunting season started and we were busy, and Uncle Mike and Ellen were very helpful. Ellen was growing up and I noticed she had some shape to her ass when she bent over to pick up a pack. When we were eating lunch, I noticed her breasts were also starting to fill out. I was about to turn 18 on the last day of the year and my hormones were starting to kick in. I was looking at a little porn on the Internet and beating off, but nothing serious yet. I realized that porn could become contagious, and I was afraid of getting caught by Mom or Dad.
Thanksgiving came and Christmas was over and my birthday was fast approaching. On the evening of my birthday, Ellen led me out to the back porch.

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   It is enclosed and has a fireplace so it was warm. She told me she had a special present for me. When we sat down on the couch, she leaned over and gave me a kiss that made my head spin. When she broke the kiss, I said, “WOW. ” She leaned over and took my hand and placed it on her breast, starting kissing me again, and then placed her hand on my cock. It responded by jumping, same as I did. She just started rubbing it and applying more pressure. I was in heaven. I slid my hand under her sweater and she did not have a bra on. I had a bare breast in my hand for the first time, and a girl was massaging my cock for the first time. Ellen pulled back and said we should stop before our parents came out. Not 2 minutes later, my mother came out with some hot chocolate and cookies. We talked for a while and Uncle Mike and Ellen went home on his snow mobile. I was awake for a couple of hours thinking about what happened, and when I masturbated my orgasm was very intense. There was no reoccurrence and we acted like nothing had ever happened, but she knew I remembered, and occasionally would bend over giving me a look down her shirt.

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Spring thaw came and we started riding again. Ellen wanted to learn to shoot, so Dad bought her a nice little . 243 rifle with the stock made for a smaller person. He took her out to the range taught her all about sight picture, breathing, trigger pull, and mostly about safety. Within 2 boxes of cartridges, she was in the 18-ring with every shot. Uncle Mike gave her a pony with a nice saddle and scabbard for her rifle for her 14th birthday and Mom and Dad gave her some clothes and some custom made boots. She was a proud lady. The next day she wanted to take the horses up into the forest and practice some shooting. We left early taking some lunches Mom packed for us. Mom told us to be careful with the guns and we headed over towards the river where there was a hot springs and a good clear area to shoot. We had a great ride.
When Ellen saw the meadow, she was very excited and we climbed down. After unsaddling the horses and tying them so they could graze, we went over to a stump and set up for some target shooting. Afterward, we spread a blanket and had lunch. We were just lying around when she jumped up and said she wanted to get in the stream where the hot springs flowed into the colder water.

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   She started getting undressed and I just sat and watched. When she took off her bra, I saw that she had, indeed, filled out. She was about a 32B with a very small waist. Boner time! When she sat down to take off her boots, she asked me why I just sitting there. “Get undressed,” she told me. I took off my boots, jeans, and shirt, but I didn’t want her to see my hard on so I turned my back.
“Hey, turn around, you,” she said.
I looked over my shoulder and she was totally naked standing with her hands on her hips and her legs spread about a foot. Her pussy was completely bald and was just beautiful. I slowly turned around and she told me to drop my shorts.
“I want to see your dick. ”
“Ellen, you are only 18 and I am only 18 We shouldn’t be doing this. ”
“In the first place, we are first cousins. In the second place, …”
Well there was no second place as she stepped up and pulled my shorts down around my ankles. Then she smiled and took me by the hand and pulled me into the water.

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   It was strange with the water from the stream cold on my back and the water from the spring warm on my front. We sat in the water and slowly moved into the warmer water until it almost too hot and then sat there for a while. Ellen was sitting where the water was swirling around her breasts and it looked like her tits were floating on top of the water. She saw me looking at her tits and smiled. She scooted over toward me and I reached out to take one of them in my hand. She came closer and reached under the water until she grasped my dick. She told me she loved the way it felt, hard, but also soft to the touch. She said it almost had a life of its own, twitching and growing under her touch. We moved into shallow water and we kissed. I started kissing down her neck and finally to her breasts. I was glad I had watched some porn, so I thought I knew what to do. I rolled one of her nipples between my thumb and forefinger while kissing, licking, and nibbling on the other nipple. All the time she still had my dick in her hand. She was starting to moan and breath hard and I slowly brought my hand down her stomach to the top of her slit. She pushed up allowing me more access to her hidden treasure.

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   I separated the lips of her pussy and slowly moved my finger up and down her slit. Then, I found her clitoris. Man, she pushed her pubic mound hard into my hand and started bucking while making strange sounds in her throat. I continued rubbing her clit and flipped it with my fingertip. She moaned, “Oh my god!” and had her first ever orgasm. I started to pull back and she told me not to stop, as she pulled up out of the water. Suddenly, her pussy was right in my face. Since she had let go of my dick, I could move more freely and I grabbed her around the hips and pulled her pussy forward burying my face in her mound. I found her clit with my lips and stretched the skin tightly over her clit just like I had seen in the porn movies. I started flipping her clit with my tongue while she fell back onto the grass and leaves. I continued with her clit and brought my hand up slowly inserting my finger into her vagina. She stiffened at first, but I guess it must have felt good because she relaxed and I pushed my finger in her as far as it would go. I continue fingering her and flipping her clit until she had a second orgasm. I stopped and looked at her laying on her back with her knees up, legs open, and her pussy lips swollen and her breasts totally exposed. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.

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   I crawled up between her legs and slowly pushed my dick between her pussy lips letting my dick slide up and down between her lips over her clit. When I felt her legs open more, and she pushed up to me, I found the opening of her vagina with the head of my dick. I slowly pushed the head into her and she pushed up as far as she could. I pushed some more and felt her hymen. I had read that breaking the hymen could be painful so I pushed very slowly and carefully. As I was pushing she slowly relaxed until her ass was on the ground. I thought I was hurting her so I started to pull out. Suddenly she shoved upward hard causing my dick to penetrate her all the way until I felt my balls hit her ass. She told me to hold still just a little. Since the feeling of me in her was so great, I was happy to oblige. Then she started to move. So, I did too. We got into a rhythm and were soon fucking like a couple of pros. I didn’t want to come in her, so when I felt my orgasm building I pulled out of her and blew my load onto her stomach. She asked me why I did that and I told her I didn’t want to get her pregnant.

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   She told me that when she went to the doctor last time, he gave her birth control pills to help regulate her period. She would not get pregnant. We lay there for a while and she said she wanted to look at me carefully. She moved down to my crotch and touched my now soft dick. She rolled it over to examine the underside when it started to come to life. She continued to touch it and roll it between her hands. She asked me to show her where it felt the best to touch it. After explaining the most sensitive parts, she smiled and kissed the head. She then started licking the underside and the edge of the head. She said she had seen a porn where the woman gave the guy a blow job and she wanted to do that tome, especially since I got her off with my tongue.
She slowly stroked the shaft up and down while putting the head in her mouth. She moved her head down a couple of inches and brought it back out. She smacked her lips and said it tasted good and lowered her mouth around my dick again. She moved up and down with her head all the time getting more and more of my dick in her mouth. Finally she got it all the way in.

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   I knew part of my dick was in her throat. Then she started humming! The vibration on my dick was more than I could take and before I could warn her, I shot a stream of cum down her throat. She coughed and pulled up, but she kept her mouth over my dick, catching every drop. She told me to warn her next time, because she was just taking a breath when she felt my dick swell in her mouth she stopped breathing just as I shot my load.
I told her I wanted to look at her, and she lay back opening her legs for me to closely examine her. I touched her in various places and she told me what felt good. I noticed a fragrance from her and how wet she was between her legs. I started examining her breasts and went from touching to caressing. Soon were intertwined again. She asked me to take her from behind, so I pulled out and she got on all fours. I positioned my dick at her opening and slid in. I held her hips against me and started pumping pulling her hips back into my balls with each forward stroke. She came very quickly, but although it felt good, I wasn’t close to coming. After she climaxed, she told me to lie on my back and she straddled me. She pulled my dick to her hole and impaled herself on me.


   As she sat straight up and slowly raised up and came down, I could see the friction of my dick in her pussy pull some of the flesh out of her pussy and wrapped around my dick. Man, what a sight. She started bouncing faster and faster. Seeing my dick go into and out of her and her tits bouncing up and down was all it took for me to reach an orgasm.
We went back into the water and cleaned up, went to the blanket and sun dried. After we got dressed and saddled the horses, we rode back home. We continue this practice to this day. She is married with two children, and I am still single. But we still meet at the spring two or three times a year with the horses and repeat the lovemaking we did when we lost our virginity to each other 18 years ago.