Mom's unconscious...


Topic: Stroking my flaccid dick, I lay there in the bathtub, thinking about my plans for my mom.  
A few days ago, my mom had to go to the emergency room for an unkown pain in her stomach. Even though I didn't have my  drivers license yet, I quickly drove her. While I was sitting there, outside the room where my mother and her doctor were talking, I wondered and worried. My mom stepped through the door and looked at me.
"Hey baby," she said, smiling at me. I started looking up towards her face, but my eyes automaticly stopped at her hanging tits. I shivered slightly.
36 C's is what they were. The absolute perfect size in my mind. Fortunate for me, while we were at home alone (I had never known my father) , my mother just loved to flaunt them. While she walked around our house, her usual outfit was booty shorts, small enough to see the bottom inch or so of her beautiful ass, and a thin, plain white shirt. She wore no bra over her tits, so I had seen her hard nipples many times. They were very large and puffy, as if she had been breast feeding or something. I found it incredibly hard not to walk around with a boner all the time. She didn't seem to notice my gaze as she continued.

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"I know your probably worried about me, but I'm gonna be okay. The Doctor Miguel gonna give me some medicine to help me, okay?" 
I shook my head, clearing my thoughts, looked at her and said, " Great! I'm glad your okay. "
Her boobs bounced as chuckled, "Yeah. But Doctor Miguel wants to see the both of us right now, okay? Come on. "
I smiled at her and got up. Walking over to her, I put my hand around her waist and rested my arm on top of her ass. "Okay. "
She put her arm around my shoulder, hugging me tightly, and lead me to Doctor Miguel. He stood beside the sink, smiling at us as we walked to him.
"Hello, now the reason I wanted to talk to you too, son, is because the medicine I'm going to give your mom is going to have one serious side effect. " He held out a white bottle. "As soon as she takes one of these pills, she is going to be in a state of unconsciousness. Although she won't be entirely asleep, she won't be entirely awake either. " He looked at my mom. "So you will need to lay down as soon as you take one of these okay?"
My mom nodded.

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Doctor Miguel continued, "Put on something confortable; maybe put on some music, I don't know, just anything to help you relax. " And with that he gave my mom the bottle of medicine.  
"Thank you Doctor. I appreciate it. " She reached out her hand. Doctor Miguel shook it and replied, "Anytime. "
My mom wrapped her arm back around my shoulder and we left.  
So now I lay in the bathtub, daydreaming erotically about raping my mom after she took her medicine. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't help it, not one bit. It was just the perfect opurtunity, and I would be a fool to ignore it. I was still a virgin, and my hormones were absolutely racing. The bathroom door opened and my throughts evaporated quickly. My mom came inside, smiling at me. My mouth drooped open a little bit as I saw her. She was wearing a thin, white thong and her usual t-shirt, puffy nipples poking through like mountain tops.

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"Whoa, mom. " I said as I saw her. She giggled. "Yeah? Pretty sexy, huh?" She giggled again as she turned and did a quick 360, showing her thick ass cheeks.
"Yeah," I said. I then noticed my nude body was clearly visible. I rushed my hand over my cock, hiding it.
"Oh don't be scared," my mom said sitting on the side of the bathtub. "I've seen you naked countless times, after all I am your mother. " She smiled.
"Err. . . Okay. " I moved my hand.

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   My flaccid cock fell over to the side on my right leg. Thank God I don't have a boner, I thought.
"There you go," She said, her eyes quickly glancing over my cock. "Wow," she said, one eyebrow raised, "My little boy isn't so little anymore is he?"She laughed.
 I chuckled along nervously.
My mom scooted closer to me on the side of the bath, putting her left leg inside the tub to get a better angle on me. I felt her toes brush casually along my left leg and ass cheek. She now had her legs spread right in front of me. I couldn't help but stare at her pussy. The thong had pressed itself and formed around her pussy lips, giving her a camel toe.  
"Hey," my mom said, "I'm up here. " 
I looked up to see her waving at me, one eyebrow still raised.
"Right. . .

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   sorry. " I looked away, embarrassed.  
"Don't worry about it, I completely understand. " She put her hand on my hand and started to ruffly my hair. "I'm gonna have to talk to you about sex pretty soon, I can tell. "
I just smiled, not knowing what to say.
She stared at me for a second, her head crooked to the side, and then said, " Anyway, what I came her to tell you was I'm about to take my medicine and go to sleep, okay? Doctor Miguel said it'll last about 8 hours, so you think you could watch the house until I wake up?"
"Of course, mom. " I replied. " Go relax. "
"Oh, well thank you Honey. "
She leaned over the bath to kiss my forhead, and drenched the front of her shirt in the bathwater.  
"Fuck. " She uttered, leaning back. I beheld an incredible sight. I could see every inch of her 36 C titties.

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   Her nipples were so hard and pointy that I was surprised that they didn't just rip through the thin cloth of her shirt. She stood up, taking her leg out of the tub.
"Well," She said, "I guess I'm gonna go change shirts, then go to sleep. " She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and started to  pull it up, but looked at me and stopped. She stood there for a second and then said, "Oh, Hell I suppose you've already seen them. " She yanked her sopping wet shirt up. The fabric caught for a second around her nipples and pulled them up with it. Her tits bounced up and down as they were released. My hand automatically reached for my cock. I stared at a droplet of water as it traveled down her left boob, slowly circling her nipples, down her abs and into the depths of her hidden slit. I looked up at her to see her smiling at me again.
"Maybe you should take a cold shower before you leave. " She raised her eyebrows and eyed my crotch. I looked down to reveal my hard cock staring me in the face. I started to apologize to her  but she had already stepped through the door and into her room.

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   That was it, I was gonna rape my mom.
Tell me if you like it and I'll write part 2. Thanks for reading!