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Topic: moms the wordWow this story is hard to tell but ill do my best. I am currently 19 and my name is valentine but this story takes place three years ago. Well at this time i was sixteen and was not fat but not skinny diddent really much care for being so ripped i cant scratch my ass anyway. . .  I was packing around 7 to 8 inches (never really measured) and i was never really attracted to anyone well that is untill i guess my mom started working out or somthing because everytime she came back from work i was rock hard! I think this could have been the first time that i was masturbating to my mom but i had to blow off that hard on. My mom was beautifull from head to toe nice latino ass and nice C cup tits. So anyrate i was in my room beating it and my door was unlocked.
 Well guess who just happned to stumble into the door? My mom. . . . . she at first acted like she wasent there i diddent even realize what she said untill she said "having fun?" i was scared as shit and caught my dick in the zipper of my pants and yelped. My mom said that i should go clean myself and meet her in the living room because she had an announcement. I was like "holy shit did i just get off the hook with masturbating in front of my mom!" So i did as she said and went to the living room being an only child my mom and dad were my only instant family.

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   I walked in and mom and dad were sitting on the two chairs facing the couch. Instinctively i sat on the couch and asked "so whats up".
My mom started to talk but my dad interrupted her "My work is going to have to take me to itally for 9 weeks. " I said "ok sweet ill go pack my stuff" my dad then said "Yah about that you guys cant come its strictly buisness. " When i heard this i was kinda bummed but then again hey ill have more freedom around the house to do as i please and not get caught by either mom or dad so i was grinning on the inside but still kept a blank face. "So when are you going to leave?" My father smiled and said "tommorow" my thoughts were simply "GOD DAMN THEY COULDA TOLD ME EARLIER EH!?"
It's been 3 days scince my dads left thigs have been pretty normal untill around 3:00 am today when i woke up to a moaning noise. I walked out of my room and noticed somthing THAT WAS MY MOMS VOICE! So i walked down the hallway and saw the bathroom light on. I opened the door to find that my mom was finger fucking herself!!! As soon as i opened the door she jerked and looked over at me finger still in her pussy. I looked at her and she silently said "valen" before she could say anything else i walked over to her and kissed her passionantly. I started to let myhands wander on her back and reached her nice ass before i knew it i picked her up and walked into my room threw her on the bed and i started kissing her again working from her lips to her neck going to her chest sucking a little on each nipple kissing my way all the way down to her pussy.
I then began to work my tounge around her pussy not quite entering but teasing her for a miniute she then grabbed my head and pushed it twards her pussy. I was shocked for a miniute but went with it we kept at it for what seemed like only secconds before she had an orgasm she told me to lick it up and i gladly did after another miniute or so she pushed me off and said "take them off baby i havent been fucked in years. " i never heard her say somthing like that before but it really turned me on! quickly i pulled off my pants and boxers and instead of pummeling her pussy like i really wanted to do at the time i pulled her up to me and whispered in her ear "If you want my dick so bad you have to taste it first. " And with that i pushed her back on the bed and sat on my computer chair with my dick standing at full attention now.
My mom smiled and said "coming sweety" she rolled off my bed and walked up to the chair and started kissing me passionately and worked her way to my dick.

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   She started licking the top a bit i guess for teasing purposes and started to move down she started to suck and i was in heaven! I was saying random crap like "cmon go deeper" I was about to blow in her mouth and she must have realized and pulled up. But before she pulled all the way i pushed her head and kind of lead her down my dick and i cummed in her mouth splash after mindshattering splash into the back of her throat. I was shocked when she actually swallowed it!
She got up and said "Ok baby its your turn to give me what i want. " I smiled and said "With pleasure. " She layed herself back on the bed and i quickly went to work. I started like any guy would make her want it i started to rub my dick around her pussy not quite getting it and i started to notice her pussy swell so i finally gave her what she wanted and diddent hold back i pushed in all of my shaft into her and she screamed! Even so i diddent let up and kept attacking her pussy untill finally we both had an earth shattering orgasm and both us colapsed on the bed my dick still in her fuck tunnel and we slept like that.



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