Mom's Tan


PROLOGUE: This is the first story I've submitted to this site. It's from a male POV and I hope it all sounds right because I had to use my imagination a lot for this one. I'd be appreciative if you reviewed it or pmed me on the forum (I'm mbop). Thanks to my friends who gave me advice. Enjoy!
It all started when I was 18 First, some background info: my dad had been called up for the reserve and had been somewhere in Korea or the Pacific for quite some time -- all I knew is that it was standard duty and nothing bad would happen. Although we were fairly well off my mom still worked as a clerk at the bank. She said she liked the job and had many friends there but she would often come from work exhausted and physically in pain because she had to stand almost all day. She would most often ask for a massage to help soothe her suffering; for some reason, my little nine year old brother always did it and it was always the same routine whenever I bothered to look: mom on her belly, my brother massaging the back of her legs and her back. But on this particular day it was different. She asked me instead because my brother was in a slumber party for the beginning of summer.
As per usual during the hot summer days I was going to go swimming in the pool -- it was great fun -- so I was in my trunks. My mom was an avid sunbather and was fairly tanned -- today she was dressed in a black, two piece bikini that seemed a little small for her. It seemed much more revealing than what I had usually seen her in.  

I had never massaged anyone before but I figured if my little brother could do it then I could easily handle it. My mom went out to the pool and sat on a dark plastic bench, waiting for me. She handed me a bottle and said, "OK mister, just put some of this in your hands, then work on my legs to get started.

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   Sound good?" I nodded and she turned over onto her belly, supported by the bench. It was high enough that her arms could hang without touching the ground.
I looked at the bottle and it said 'OIL LUBE' along the side. "Careful, I microwaved it but I think it should be OK now. It really feels good on your skin!" I squeezed it and a transparent liquid shot out onto the palm of my hands, it was indeed very warm. I spread it across both my hands and then walked to one side of my mom.
I reached down and started rubbing her calves with my lubed fingers. "No, no," mumbled my mother, "really get into it. " So I grabbed her entire calf and squeezed up and down, trying not to be too rough. "Ahhh yes, that's the spirit!" cooed my mom.
After massaging her lower legs for about five minutes she told me to do her stomach. She rolled over and put on her sunglasses. I moved up alongside her and started as I was getting used to this. I could not help but notice throughout this, however, how impressive and intimidating my mother's figure was in reality. I was pretty nervous around girls, but this was just my mom.

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   But now I see her in this new light, practically naked before my eyes and here I am rubbing her with hot oil.
I looked up. Her breasts were practically overflowing from her top, and they were sticking out of the bottom, forming a nice reverse cleavage. I looked down. . . her bottom piece was barely covering her private parts. I could visibly see some dark hairs poking out.
I massaged higher.
Before I knew it I was playing near the bottom of her boobs at this time. My loins were twitching after awhile – I hid it by bending over slightly. She giggled and told me to stop, and then she turned over to a prone position so that I could massage her back. Before that, however, she asked me to take off her clothes. "Um. .

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  . why?" I coyly asked. Why I even asked I don't know, but she responded matter-of-factly, "You don't think I want tan lines do you?"
This came as a mild shock to me but it was very pleasurable to the mind's eye, if you understand. With the energy of, well, a pubescent 18 year old, I wasted no time and, after fumbling a bit, unhooked her top. I was giddy! "Don't forget the bottom. " I looked down, confused. "Just take them off," she insisted. I slowly stripped and rolled her bottom down to her ankles and she raised her leg a little bit so I could toss them to the side.
The view that greeted me dazzled the mind. My mother's beautiful, plump ass rose like a wonder of the world that shone in the bright sun. Between her cheeks was a mysterious darker patch.  

"Is something wrong back there?""Uh, nothin--it's just that, er. . . ""I was never this difficult for your brother, but come on, you've seen me naked before.

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   I think you can handle it. Now, do my back, please. "
I squeezed some of the tanning oil onto her back. Her back was warm and she flexed her sore muscles as I tended to their wounds. "Oh! That feels so good after a long day," she purred. I worked her shoulder blades in particular and then, inch by inch, moved downward. I couldn't take my eyes off of my mom's butt. I squeezed more lotion onto the small of her back and then I just barely touched the top of her crack with my hands. I kept sliding lower. . . and lower. She wasn't saying anything!
My palms were now on my mother's glorious buttcheeks. I just stared down incredulously. "Are you going to massage my butt or just grab it?" I drizzled the oil onto her crack like I would chocolate syrup on icecream.

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   I grabbed her ass and started massaging the cheeks like dough. My mom was the only woman I’d seen naked this up close to me before. I became extremely hard at the sight her vagina between her asscheeks, I got a good view every time I rolled her butt up. This hot scene caused a large tent in my swimming trunks as I watched the oil flow down her slit and coat her inner thighs.
Like I said, I've never really been attracted to my mom before. But this gorgeous, long legged, tanned, blonde creature before me presented a feast for my swarming, foggy pubescent mind.
I noticed her boobs were large enough to show even when she was on her stomach. I headed there and just glided over the side and then the sides of her belly and a little into her nether area just at the sides and back to her ass. I did this over and over again and I got hornier and hornier, then she started to moan and all of a sudden she turned onto her side fully revealing her bouncy tits and she saw the large lump in my trunks. I must have been beet red at this moment. She shot me a questioning smile and asked me to massage her boobs. Her entire body was sparkling and slick with oil and it hypnotized me. I poured large globs of oil directly onto each breast and I was pleased to see them melt down like sweet maple syrup on some tantalizing stack of sexy pancakes.
I started feeling them up. Her boobs were large enough that an entire hand could not grab all of the bouncy flesh.


   I started twirling my fingers around the nipples and my mom’s breath became quicker. My embarrassment heightened as my woody pointed obscenely down at her belly, sticking straight out from me. Out of nowhere she huskily asked me to suck her nipples and I was obliged, so I bent down and sucked tentatively, savoring the flavor of my mom's nipples and the oil combined. I swirled my tongue around her pointy nipple.
She put her arms around me and told me there was nothing to be embarassed about, that the sight of a naked woman is pleasing to a man and that an erection is the natural reaction. I continued to suckle at her breast like a baby. "I'm going to turn around now, I want you to finish the massage, son. "
She turned over onto her stomach except this time her ass was sticking up in the air and her dark slit was clearly visible. This was definitely an offer, something I could not possibly refuse.
I walked up to behind her and massaged the globes of her ass and then slowly slid my hand down the oily crack. I took the bottle and poured an obscene amount of oil into the crack of her ass and watched it slide down -- my penis twitched again. I put my hand between her asscheeks and felt up and down, eventually feeling the engorged, thick petals of her womanhood, which elicited a strong intake of breath from my mother. I dragged my hand from her clit to her asshole, going down the middle of the entire length of her slit. Her shuddering frame told me I was doing something right.
I clumsily palmed at my desire, desperately looking for an opening, the canal from which I was born.

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   I inserted my finger into her vagina and started fingering her; she began to moan. I kept diddling her with my index finger while groping her hot flesh. After several minutes she began to moan more and more, begging me to not stop. The more she moaned, the faster I went, until I realized that I may never get another opportunity like this again where she is so vulnerable and open. I quickly grabbed onto my trunks and slid them down so my dick was exposed to the warm summer air. I straddled the bench and slightly lowered myself -- I had to get the angle right. I started to massage her snatch again to make sure the hole was where I thought it was; then I put my cockhead between her pouty pussy lips and sank in.  

I slid between and past her thick labia, there was little resistance due to the oil, her natural wetness, and the youthful size of my cock, I suppose. She did, however, let out a sharp gasp and a “what th. . ” before realizing that I had actually gone this far without even asking or saying anything. I had no idea what I was doing; I just started to hump up against her hot ass. I was only about half way in her though. She started saying “Mommy loves you no matter what baby. ”
She lifted her hindquarters against me to give me full access to her hungry, steamy snatch.

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   I plowed deep within her until I felt my balls being squeezed between her body and mine. My idle hands grabbed her ass and held on tight. Her insides were extremely warm and wet, buttery from her juices and the oil. She would push back and I would go fully within her to my hilt, so slick, so easy, it didn't seem like it should be so easy but the wetness made my skin glide past her skin, until I bottomed out again. I couldn't help but groan as, fully inside her, just sitting there with my dick buried inside of her syrupy sheathe, feeling her vagina ripple along its length. I flexed my muscles and I could feel my head scraping against the ceiling of her cunt, I almost came from that but I held it in and slowed my pace.  

Mother started the pumping action again and I just struggled to keep up, I wanted to do good for my first time. She kept moaning and repeating very slowly “mommy loves you. ” She started to say it louder until her voice became slightly hoarse. Then she began to shake and pump at an amazing speed, moaning extremely loudly and she became really tight and started screaming "Oh! Oh! Fuck me honey, fuck me!" – I had done this to her! I made my own mother cum on my virgin dick. As it began I could only look down and see my mother's perfectly heart shaped ass rocking up and down -- then I felt it, her orgasm discharged a river of juice that was dripping obscenely from her slit, slathering my nuts and running down her inner thigh.  

At this point I was humping with wild abandon and her strong pussy was grabbing and contracting hard around my boner. I knew I was going to lose it fast because I felt that familiar hot, burning feeling deep inside. I’d seen porn before and I knew what guys usually did but I didn’t want to pull out of her and she just kept pushing her hips and ass back against me – she was very strong, I just kept pressing back, bucking wildly as I began to lose control of my rhythm. I became scared of what to do so I started moaning and trying to get her attention.

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Seeming to understand, she said “It’s OK, I want to make you a man!" I kept moaning and asking her if I should pull out. "Just keep going with what feels right baby, let it go. “ Then I felt her insides spasm around the length of my boyhood. I started to moan “Oh mom! Oh mom! You are making me cum!” because it felt so good that it hurt. I felt the burning sensation explode like the pressure from a dam that had burst. I could do nothing but stare down in ecstasy as I was clenched between her two muscular thighs. Flesh against flesh, I pressed against my mother’s ass and my balls dangled against the place where I was conceived as they pumped a torrent of their precious contents deep inside of her. I stood buried inside my sweet mother, giving her all I had and feeling the electricity shoot through my being. Looking back this was very wrong, yet so warm and loving of her. "Oh! I love you so much!" she cried out. I don’t know how long I sat there, shooting a fountain of hot cum into my loving mother, but I do know that it was one of the best orgasms of my life and it felt like I emptied a gallon of sperm right into her awaiting pussy.
After a minute I began to wilt and I came out of her. Mom finally stood up and said I was a good massager. A white trail of my juices was running down her inner leg. She glided over to me and frenched me deeply; I was taken aback by her tongue.

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   She finally broke off and said, "I'm going to go take a shower, you're welcome to join me if you want. " 

In the twilight of my first ever sexual experience I was in a confused haze but I knew in my heart of hearts that I wanted to experience more so I followed my naked mother into the house like an obedient student. As I pursued her up the stairs I could not help but stare as her blatantly exposed bottom seductively waved back and forth, my fluids still running out of her crack, giving me all the energy I needed to take the next dozen steps.
As she turned on the shower I couldn't help but begin to blather, "Mom I'm sorry I don't know what came over me. . . " She put a finger to her mouth and shushed me. "What is happening is happening, don't try to reason it baby, now get in the shower, the water is warm. " 

My beautiful mother closed the sliding door and then embraced me in her arms, she was taller than me so I just put my face between her bosoms. She whispered into my ears, "I love you very much my dear son. . . I would never do anything like this if I didn't think you wanted it. " The water was now very hot, soaking us both as we embraced tightly in each other's arms.  

"Give me the word and we'll stop and never speak of this again, dear.



"But mom, this is incredible, I want to be with you again! That's why I followed you here!"
She started to giggle. "Oh I was hoping you felt that way. . . you know, you made me really messy back there. . . how about washing your old mom down?" She handed me a shampoo bottle and turned around. I squirted the shampoo into her long hair and started washing it with both hands. "Mom, you're not old, you're the most beautiful woman in the world. . . " 

"Oh, I'm flattered. . .

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  I'm glad you think so. "
I continually massaged her hair and watched as the soap trailed down the curvaceous contours of her body, leaving trails of foam in her nether regions. I reached around her body and felt her slippery jugs, lifting below and raising them up. This caused her to coo and bump back with her butt, which brushed my groin and induced my sleeping manhood to slightly awake. I continued to massage her ample, pendulous breasts, relishing the full weight of a mature woman.    

She grabbed my hands and put them down to her side and turned around. She embraced me again and frenched me deeply, then knelt down to her knees. "Let's get this little fellow started. " She wrapped her warm, soapy hands around my cock and it felt like heaven. She deliberately gave long, hard strokes, stretching the foreskin around the shaft until I was fully erect. Suddenly I was surrounded by hot breath and my mother inhaled me, my length was not great so she took it all, my head was at the back of her throat. I gasped as the feelings caused me to spasm. She bobbed her head as the water fell on us, the feelings were so intense as her wet tongue sparked the nerve endings in my cockhead. "Oh mom! Oh god!" Suddenly she stopped and slowly stroked me again with her slippery hand, pulling the skin far back and revealing my naked meat, which she licked with the greatest of care. "I think that's as far as I'll go with that, but I wanted you to experience how good that felt.

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She stood up and was above me again. Wanting to reciprocate the favor I cupped my hand and palmed between her thighs, which caused her to open her mouth and lean back. I continued to slide back and forth, which caused her legs to wiggle apart. She grabbed my right hand and brought it to her face and sucked my finger, then brought it down and put it against her slit. "Do you feel this little nub? That's my clit, rub it please, it makes a woman feel so good. " I felt it alright, I kept palming as I was before except this time on the front of her pubes. The reaction was immediate, she began to moan softly as steam enveloped us.  

Then I saw it, out of the corner of my eye -- a blue bar of soap was sitting innocently on a side shelf. Grinning wickedly, I picked it up and held it between my fore and middle fingers. I placed it against her pelvis and slid it down towards her pubic hair, lathering it up. The soap bar itself was worn down into a dull, thin slice, which I couldn't help but place between her thick pussy lips. I ran it up and down her slit with zeal, fucking her hot flesh with the slippery bar. She started to giggle, she said it tickled, but then she started to cry out in pleasure. I massaged her pubic hair, a thick bush of dark hair right above her crack. The soap slowly rinsed away as the small rivers of water went down her stomach.

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I kneeled down and placed my face right between her legs and started to lap her cunt bottom to top while I pushed the soap in deeper. It didn't penetrate her because of its odd shape but it caused her to hump against my face. Remembering what she said, I flicked my tongue across her clit and she grabbed my head and pressed my face between her thighs. By this time I was practically suckling on her clit while furiously rubbing the soap piece along her crack. "Ooh sweetie, that's it, that's good, but please, oh god! I need something in me. . . hurry, right now!" I put two fingers in my mouth and then placed them against my mother's fleshy labia, digging in until they were accepted. I started to pull out but my mom told me to just keep them in and then I felt her hole contract and spasm around my fingers as her body began to shake and jiggle. There was no doubt of her climax as she let out a loud moan that reverberated off the shower walls. I dropped the soap and just kept licking her engorged clit as my fingers were knuckle deep in warm, flowing juices.
As she came back to earth she reached out to hug me. "Oh sweetie, that was so good. You're such a quick learner. " Our arms wrapped around each other's slick bodies in a very intimate moment when suddenly I felt something warm -- my cockhead was rubbing against her inner thigh! I couldn't help but push up, causing it to brush against her bush.

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   "Oh baby, momma's neglected you. . . " I arched my back and pushed into her and the petals of my mother's most secret and guarded flower parted to accept my manhood. Her flesh clung around me as I slowly intruded, I was beginning to stand on my tippy toes but I could not fully get inside due to our height difference.  

She tried to bend her knees and lower herself to help, which did work as long as I was going up. I began to slowly hump, maybe one full stroke every ten seconds. It was very sensual, my hands wandered down to her plump ass and I just relished the feeling as I squeezed. "Mmm son, I can't believe we're doing this, it's so wrong. . . but it feels so right. Here, let me help. " 

With those words she grabbed my sides and pushed me against the wall, I slid down into a natural position so my lap was easily reached. My mom was now on top of me and she lowered herself, her legs spread on either side of mine, her wet, slick, and bulging breasts pressed right into my face -- she just kept sliding down until I was fully enclosed in her throbbing bush.

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I wasn't even in the water anymore, but I didn't care, I just sat there as she rose and fell, sliding deliciously along my length, I just sat and grabbed her ass. As I got into it I started to spread her asscheeks and feel her crack -- I was in heaven.
She was practically sitting on my balls when she started to mew in pleasure. "Oh god. . . I felt so guilty with you by the pool, but I haven't had this in so long. Your father hasn't been treating me like he used to. " I didn't say anything but I couldn't help but think that he was crazy not to. She started to hump against me faster, increasing the tempo. "I love you so much," she purred. Our tongues explored each other's mouths as my fully engorged dick was sucked into her dew covered love nest again and again.  

She started to moan again in a deep, womanly voice. Not the kind of porn voice where they sound like scared little girls -- a deep, authoritative voice, from a woman that knows what she is doing and what she wants. "Oh god, I'm cumming again!" She cried out in ecstasy as she rode me for all that she was worth, slamming me against the wall, bringing herself to a powerful orgasm.


   Her boobs shook and jiggled like jelly as she rose and fell onto me, she became increasingly vocal, screaming as she rose and fell onto me again and again and again. Her warm pussy hungrily grabbed at my blood filled dick, sending amazing sensations through my body. The ancient call of nature began to throb inside my loving mother, calling me to give in to my raw feelings.

With a sense of urgency I warned her. . . "Mom, mom, you're making me cum! You feel too good!"
"Oh god baby, I can't believe this, I really shouldn’t let you again, but oh god, please cum. . . cum in me, baby! Fucking cum in me!" Her dirty language caused me to lose control as I humped up to meet her downward thrusts, wantonly seeking out her mouth with my tongue and hugging her like I would never see her again (for all I knew, I would never have this opportunity again!). I broke the kiss just long enough to cry out "Oh mommy!" as the first shot of my sinful load was powerfully shot out of my pumping cock and accepted by my mother's warm, sugary pussy. With all of my strength I pushed upward, burying myself within her and unloading everything I had. Even before I had lost control I couldn't help but think that I was about to cum in the same woman's womb that had carried me for nine months all those years ago -- this caused me to shoot harder, my balls were desperately emptying everything they had. This woman above me has fed me, dressed me, looked after me and loved me with all of her heart for the past 18 years and here I was, cumming deep into her soul, my sensitive meat surrounded by her loving, clasping pussy. It felt like I filled my mother with a lasting, glowing love, a bond that could never be broken.

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We sat there together, in the shower's warm, cleansing water, for who knows how long. We continued to kiss and fondle each other as I withered out of my mom's welcoming body, watching my deposit once again dribble out in small rivers as the water washed it away, down the drain.
Exhausted from the sheer physical and emotional exertion, we dried each other off in silence and collapsed together into her huge, fluffy bed. "Son, what we did today is wrong. . . you can never tell anyone about this. " We soon fell asleep cuddled together, my arms wrapped around her belly. I awoke several hours later to an empty bed and the smell of dinner wafting through the room. We sat down to a feast by ourselves, the house totally ours for the weekend. We ate and watched TV together when suddenly I felt her foot going up my shin and then between my legs, nestled against my crotch, which soon responded. I shot her a question glance and was met with a mischievous smile from across the table.

As I slid her panties to her ankles I asked her what would happen when dad and little brother came back. "Oh, nothing will change. .

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  . we can't go back to being a normal mother and son. We're lovers now. . . we've shared too much of each other. I am yours forever if you'll have me!" To clearly show my response I positioned myself over her and slid into her warm, welcoming womanhood, claiming my mother's mind, body, and spirit with my actions. For the rest of our time on earth our very existence would depend on the other, a source of pleasure, love, respect, and cherished memories. A mother and son, two lovers -- a deeper connection of hearts and bodies than most ever know.

The End



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