Mom’s Sunbathing Leads To Trouble


It was last Saturday morning. It was about noon and I was heading out to play basketball with some pals at the local outside courts at the elementary school across the street. I ran up to my room to slip on my Nike’s when I got a view I neither expected nor had previously appreciated. There in the backyard lay my mom catching some rays.

Mom is a pretty woman for 47 years old – a little plump but every ounce is in just the perfect place. Mom is not one of those with a roll of fat anywhere. To the contrary, it’s as if every pound is evenly disbursed across her entire frame. Of course mom is tall at 5’11” and at about 200 lbs, she is one helluva lot of woman. I never really eyeballed mom in this way, but today was different.

She lay on her tummy, her yellow two piece top undone in the back. I could see the sides of her enormous titties as she lay smashing them against the lounge chair. He phat yet firm ass and thighs really set off the whole look and my cock began to fatten, much to my chagrin. I stood at my window and watched as she rolled onto her back. I began to rub my cock, at first a little weirded out, but within a minute or two my shorts were off and my seven and half inch fattie was in my hand.

I began to rub my nipples and the thoughts in my head were coming faster and more intensely than any fantasy I’d ever had before. I spit in my hand and rubbed my cock as I stared at mom’s body.

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   She wore sunglasses, her hands at her side. The yellow two piece looked good on her. It was sexy, but not too much so. Soon I was totally enthralled and my jerking off became intentional instead of absent minded. I stood at the window, my jaw slack, my mouth dry as I wanted to touch my mother.

Suddenly I devised a plan. I quickly finished my stroking, dumping a huge load in my free hand. While my cock was still swollen and distended I slid on my shorts without under britches and headed downstairs and out to “chat” with mom, absentmindedly, if ya get my drift. I made sure my shorts were tight, my still very swollen cock running down my left leg and if mom were to look at all it would be hard not to notice it’s swollen and lengthened state.

I walked out with a glass of water for her. “Hey Ma!” I smiled. She looked up using her right hand to shade her eyes form the Sun’s glare as she looked at me. “Hi Honey!” she smiled. I handed her the cold glass of iced water and she leaned forward to take a long, soothing drink. Her cleavage was all over the place and it only helped keep my cock swollen and obvious if she would just look.

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   “Oh, that’s so good. I didn’t know I was so thirsty,” she smiled, handing the glass back to me. I sat across from her in a lawn chair, making sure my legs were open. We chatted about nothing specific, but I saw my chance. There was no doubt she’d noticed my state of chubbiness as it were. She’d have to be blind to not see.

“Mom, it looks like you’re beginning to get a bit red…. ya might wanna call it a day. ” She pressed her finger onto her belly and could see that indeed she was rather red. “You’re right Stevie. I’ll burn to a cinder if I stay here much longer,” she agreed. I took in the sight as she held her top in place with one hand and rose from the lounge chair. Then it happened. “Honey, will you rub some aloe on me?,” she asked innocently.

We went inside and I followed her to her room.

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   She retrieved the aloe vera lotion from her master bath and sat in her dressing table chair. She handed it to me and asked me to rub it on the backs of her legs, thighs, back and shoulders. She stood for me to get her legs and thighs and the feeling of touching her reddish warm skin was driving me insane with lust. I actually got dizzy and lightheaded as I did it. She looked at me in her mirror and smiled at me. I slathered her back in lotion and then she sat and had me do her upper back and shoulders for her.

As I did so she stared at me and especially my swollen crotch in the mirror. She smiled and closed her eyes in pleasure. “Ummmm, that feels so good, Honey. Would ya rub momma every day? I could sure use those strong masculine hands,” she smiled innocently, but her eyes betrayed more than innocence. My mind wandered briefly as I imagined some new reality of my mother wailing beneath me as I violated her nude body. She reached her left hand up and put it on top of mine as I massaged her shoulder as I rubbed in the aloe.

Mom sealed the deal when she looked in my eyes in the mirror as she rubbed the top of my hand, moaned again and winked at me. The wink was one of “okay, what now?” Lostin the moment and feeling light headed and lustful beyond belief, I let my hand wander down to her upper chest and front of her neck. I could see her nipples harden beneath the bathing suit top she held to her chest.

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   She looked in my eyes in the mirror and the look scared me as well as making me literally insane with lust for her. My cock was pressing against my shorts and it was obvious.

“Honey,” mom whispered, “any chance you can rub everything on me? I think I need it very badly,” she said in a very low and horse tone. I leaned forward to hear her. She leaned back, her head against my belly as she guided/allowed my hand to wander down a bit further south. As my fingertips neared the top of her substantial cleavage she took my hand and slid it down onto her left breast as her top fell to her lap. She held my hand there and looked at me in the mirror.

I replied in silence, taking my free hand and letting it brush my cock for her to see. “Do you like touching me Sweetie?” I nodded, my mouth agape. She smiled “Me too. Does momma’s breast feel as good in your hand as it does to me?” I nodded again, never breaking eye contact in the mirror with her.

She then took her hand and reached back and rubbed the back of my thigh. I decided it was now or never. I slid my shorts down and my cock popped free. It rested on her shoulder, and to my great relief she smiled.

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   “My, my …” she smiled and gasped. “My 19 year old son is a real man it appears. Would you like to see what happens to a real woman when she is with a real man?” I merely nodded again.

My mother then took the aloe bottle and squeezed some in her hand and still looking in the mirror, reached up and began to fondle my half hard cock. The lotion and her warm hand were more than incredible. She stared at me in the mirror. She then began a string of chatter that drove me to insanity.

“Jesus Steve…that is some piece of manhood,” she whispered as she gripped my cock and pulled and pushed on it. She squeezed and rubbed, rubbed and squeezed, and my cock rose to its full hardness and length. “Does that feel good Honey?” I finally spoke. “It feels incredible…better than I have imagined. ” Mom smiled and turned her head a bit. She then leaned over and gently kissed the shaft once and looked back at me in the mirror. “”Better than you imagined, huh?” she repeated. Sheepishly, why I don’t know, I merely nodded.

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   “No need to be shy now Sweetie. I mean, you’re rubbing my tits and my son’s fat assed cock is in my hand, so the time for embarrassment is well past love!”

“Cum for Momma,” she whispered as she locked her eyes on mine in the mirror. She grasped my cock more firmly and stroked it slowly and with great pressure. The oily lotion made it feel like velvet rubbing me and my knees got weak as pre-cum leaked onto mom’s shoulder. “Cum for me Lover,” she said. The sound of her calling me “lover” and the tone of her voice and the look in her eyes drove me to dumping all over her. She gripped my manhood as tight as the lotion would allow and she pulled on my cock as cum leaped from it to cover her shoulder in the first shot. The next one flew across her shoulder to cover the mirror in one spot. She squealed her delight.

“Cum for Momma Baby. Show me you like this and like seeing your mom’s nakedness. ” I shot the next spurt on her tit as she held onto my cock as best she could. My hips began to buck. “Oh yeah Stevie, oh fuck yeah! Cum for me Honey! Show mommy you like this. I have thought about this for so long too Steven,” she said as my last spurts dribbled onto her shoulder, down her arm and down her tit and cleavage.

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I stood huffing as sweat dripped down my chest. I could feel my underarms wet and sweat run down my side. Mom then turned her head and engulfed my cock into her mouth. Apparently aloe does not taste bad or she didn’t care because she sucked the head of my cock and looked at me as she did it.

I held her head and let my hand knead her scalp beneath her thick and flowing hair, which she dyed brown to hide the gray. She swallowed most of my cock as I held her head, and I did not force her down onto it at all…she just knew to do this to me would drive me to the edge of bearable pleasure.

I felt her drop my cock. I opened my eyes to her smiling at me as my cock lay on her shoulder. “Wish I had a camera,” she smiled. “I have never seen anything as sexy as my son’s huge cock, its creamy white reward dripping all over my naked chest and that fat cock laying on my shoulder like a snake seeking a warm place to hide. ” She smiled wickedly. “I know a warm place for that monster to hide Honey. ”

Mom rose and turned. I stepped back in awe as she rose and faced me, her huge tits swaying in their hanging and full perfection. Her nipples were large and distended and covered with goose bumps.

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   My now mostly flaccid yet still swollen and hanging cock swayed and brushed my legs as I stepped back. Mom locked her eyes on it and then looked back at me, that devilish grin crossing her lips as she said, “Wanna fuck your momma with that?” I was about to nod in the affirmative when she placed my hands on her hips and leaned her tits on me and whispered, “Pull down my bottoms Baby and come get this. I have wanted you to take me for so long now I am afraid something will happen to ruin it. Fuck mommy, Honey,” she whispered as she kissed my neck and shoulders.

She pulled her head back and looked up into my eyes. “Kiss me,” she haltingly asked. As I did she grabbed my hips and began pushing me back the few steps to her bed. I knew the next few moments would change everything forever, and I was all for it.

Chapter Two coming soon!