Mom's Pictures pt1


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    I don’t really regret that I posted the pictures but now that I look back I wish I’d cropped my face off. On second thought I really have no regrets. You see I posted some nude pictures of myself on a website. They were some very erotic pictures that I took myself using our digital camera and a mirror. At first I was only going to bare my breasts but I got carried away and ended up completely nude. I even spread my legs and bared my shaved pussy for the world to see. If you happen to run into my husband John please don’t tell him about the pictures, he doesn’t know and he’d freak out.
    John is my second husband my first marriage having ended after 12 years. At 62 he’s twenty years my senior. Ours is not the happiest of marriages but we aren’t on the verge of divorce either. John works really hard and is away from home much of the time. I honestly think he only married me to be his trophy wife. I happen to be pretty good looking if I can say so myself without sounding arrogant. I work hard and eat right to keep this figure so don’t take that as arrogance just confidence.
     I do love John but if it weren’t for all of his money I honestly can’t say if I’d stay married to him. A person can get pretty accustomed to living high on the hog and I don’t want to lose what I’ve got.

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   I signed a prenuptial agreement so we divorce I get practically nothing. Again though I do love him, I just get lonely since he’s gone so much, and when he is home he’s still always working and pays very little attention to me.
     I could stray from my wedding vows and go out and have an affair but I’m afraid to. John isn’t above having me followed and I’m pretty sure he has. I know that some of the other wives at the country club have husbands that hire detectives to follow them and I don’t think John would be any different. There’s always a little infidelity clause in the prenups that leaves you with nothing if you’re caught cheating.
    I don’t know why I decided to take and post those pictures; I guess I was just feeling sorry for my lonely self and thought it’d be fun. Maybe I was grasping for positive comments to boost my ego. I was smart enough to crop my face out of each photo and I thought that would prevent anyone from recognizing me.
    I had only thought about being recognized by someone that as friends with John. I never gave any thought to anybody else knowing it was me but things don’t always work out the way you plan. I have two sons from my first marriage, Travis who is 22 and Nick my 20 year old. Travis lives out east with his Dad; they went into business together after Travis got his degree. Nick goes to college and lives with John and I when he’s on break.
    A couple of weeks after I’d posted the pictures Nick came home for summer break.

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   John had gotten him an internship at his company so I didn’t see much of him except evenings and weekends when he wasn’t off gallivanting with friends.
    I should take a moment and describe Nick to you since he plays a big role in this tale. As I said he’s 20, he’s in awesome shape sporting a real nice six pack in the abs, he’s tall at just over 6’, and if it’s ok for a biased Mother to say, he’s a real hottie.
    There came an evening when John was off on one of his many business trips when Nick actually staid home for the day. I was relaxing in the family room reading a book when Nick came into the room and sat down beside me on the sofa. I really hadn’t noticed but he had his laptop with him. I asked him what he was up to and he said he wanted to show me something and opened up the laptop.
    I sat up to see what it as and there on the screen was the web page with my pictures on it. I’m sure I must have turned as red as a fire engine, I was so embarrassed I didn’t even know what to say. He grinned at me and said “Nice pics Mom, I especially like this one. ” He clicked of the ones of me spreading my legs and fingering my pussy.
     I tried acting like it wasn’t me in the pictures, “Why are you showing me that trash? I don’t want to see that garbage!” I yelled.
    He was as cool as a cucumber though and said, “Don’t try acting like this isn’t you, I know what your bedroom looks you know. Besides look there on the night stand, that’s a picture of grandma and grandpa. ”
    “Oh shit!” were the first words out of my mouth.

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   “You weren’t supposed to see those Nick, and don’t you dare say anything to John about them. ”
    Nick looked at me smugly and said, “Don’t worry it’ll be our little secret as long as you do one thing for me that is. ” I didn’t say anything, I had no idea what he meant and I think it showed on my face so he went on. “I really like these pics Mom and I want to take more of you. Just for myself, I promise nobody else will ever see them. You pose for me when and how I tell you to and nobody ever knows what I know. ”
    I was stunned, “I can’t pose for pictures posing like that for you, I’m your Mother for Christ’s sake. ” I begged him, “Please Nick don’t ask me to do that, please just forget you ever saw those pictures. ”
    Nick still had a smug look on his face and said, “Look Mom all I’m asking you to do is pose for some pictures. I’ve promised I won’t show them to anyone and you now I’ll keep my word. I saw these ones on this web site and I’ve beaten off looking at them every day since. So either give me what I’m asking for or I’ll just have to send John a very interesting e-mail. ”
    “FUCK!” I yelled at him at the top of my lungs, “You know I can’t say no. this is freaking blackmail. ”
     “Call it what you want to call it.

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   Yes or no? I’ve got the email ready to go, all I have to do is hit send. ” He had me over a barrel and he damned well knew it.
    “When do we do this?” I asked him. I felt beaten and humiliated but there was an awful lot of money at stake here. When I met John I as struggling just to make ends meet and I don’t ever want to live that way again.
    “Now will be a good time. ” Nick replied. “I think we’ll shoot some pictures out by the pool. You go put on your skimpiest bikini and I’ll go get my camera ready. ” And with that he left me to go prepare.
    I was practically in tears but what was I to do? I went to my room and rummaged through my choices of bathing suits and chose a little purple thong number. I put it on and headed out to the pool. I kept thinking that this was ridiculous but what could I do. Just before I went outside I stopped dead in my tracks and realized something. He said he was jacking off to my pics.

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   Somehow in my shock I hadn’t caught that before. My own son was jacking off while looking at my naked pictures and he wasn’t even ashamed of it.
    When I got out to the pool I asked Nick what I should do. “Sit down on that chaise lounge for now. That’s a good place to start. ” He told me so I did as he had said. “Ok try and look like your enjoying this Mom. We’ll just start out with you sitting there looking normal. ” He then clicked a couple of pictures and I tried to smile but it wasn’t easy.
    “Now spread your legs just a little. ” He said as he kept taking pictures. “Damn you are so hot; spread those legs wider, yeah that’s it. ” He commanded. He came in for a close up and took a picture of my pussy that had to be nearly visible through the swim suit. As he moved back to shoot my whole body he told me to touch my boobs.

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   “Yeah Mom get those nipples nice and hard for me. My dick is getting hard already. ”
    I was thinking that he must have absolutely no shame. Why couldn’t John show me this kind of attention though, that’s all I had been wanting? I just wanted to feel like I was wanted. I just wasn’t looking for it to be Nick that wanted me.
    “Ok Mom, lets have you stand on the steps going into the pool now. ” He commanded and I obeyed. I was in the water up to my knees when he said, “Now take off the top. I want to see those tits for real. ” I was visibly shaking but did as he said. I reached behind me and unclasp the top and let it come off.
    “Fucking yeah those are nice Mom. Rub them for me. Pinch your nipples. You turn me on so fucking bad.

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  ” I did as told and started playing with my tits. Even though it was in front of Nick it actually felt good to be playing with them. He continued snapping pics as I did so.
     He then told me “Now stick one hand down into the bottoms and touch your pussy. Yeah that’s it get your fingers nice and wet. ” I was doing as he said. I felt so weird but nice in a strange way. I guess it was just nice to be admired. “Now lick your fingers while I get a close up of you. ” And he moved in to get the shot.
    As I tasted my own juices I knew what was coming next. “Now take off the bottoms, turn around, and bend over. ” He said. He was taking close up shots of my pussy and telling me how sweet it looked. “Oh Mom you have the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen.

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   I want you to reach between your legs and touch it for me. ” And I did as he wanted. I let my finger slowly slide across the lips as he got the picture he wanted.
    Now it was time to change positions once again. “Ok Mom sit down on the edge of the pool and spread your legs. ” He said as he got into the pool to get his shots. After a couple with just my legs spread, he said, “Now start rubbing it, rub it then finger fuck yourself. ” Doing as told I closed my eyes and just tried to enjoy the feeling. I could hear him the whole time saying things like “You’re so fucking hot Mom. Your pussy looks so wet. God you’ve made my cock so fucking hard. I can’t wait to jack off looking at these pictures. ”
    Touching my pussy felt good and I started to think that it wasn’t so bad showing this to my own son. There’s something kind of sexy and naughty about it. I allowed myself to moan out loud and show him I was enjoying it.


   As he offered encouragements and kept taking pictures I reached a point of no return and came right in front of him.
    When I was able to speak I asked him “Did I do a good job Honey?”
    “You did a great job Mom, I can’t wait to see how the pictures came out” he said as he exited the pool.
    I could see a rather obvious tent in the front of his swim trunks and it wasn’t a small tent by any means. “We’ll shoot some more later, right now I need to go jack off my cock. ” He said as he went inside the house.
        I stayed outside and rubbed myself to another orgasm. “That was actually kind of fun. ” I thought to myself. “At least I got to have a little fun without worrying about some private eye knowing about it. ” As I continued rubbing myself I thought “I must be pretty hot to turn him on so much. I wonder what he has in mind for later, whatever it is I hope I get to cum again. ”
    Part 2
        I didn’t see Nick again until dinner time that evening. I ordered some take out and when it arrived I called him down to dinner. When he sat down at the table I asked him, “Did you have a good time up there looking at my pictures?”
        Obviously not being shy he quickly answered “Hell yes, I cum so hard looking at you. ” And I took that as a compliment.

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       “I can’t wait to do another photo shoot tonight. My cock is getting hard again just thinking about it. ”
        “Nick? I asked him “Why me? Why is it you’re so into jacking off looking at me? I am your own Mother you know. ”
        “I’ve always had the hots for you Mom, for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid I used to jack off thinking about you all the time. ” And then he continued “I thought I was weird but I’ve met lots of guys on line that are hot for their moms too. Then one night I saw those pics of you and that was it. I knew I had to see the real thing; you in the flesh. I can’t help it; you just turn me on so fucking much. ”
        I felt a tingle between my legs as he told me these things. All this time of feeling sorry for myself because I didn’t feel wanted or appreciated and he’d felt like this the whole time. I thought for a moment and said “Nick as long as this is always between just us I’m willing to let you watch me as much as you want. I’ll play with my tits, I’ll spread my legs, and I’ll do whatever you want as long as nobody knows. I need to feel wanted like this and I admit, I didn’t like it at first but by the time were done out by the pool I really got off. ”
        Nicked thanked me then said “Well let’s finish eating so we can get started.


      ” When I asked him what he had in mind he said “I want to shoot you in the kitchen, that’ll be sexy as hell. I hope you have a vibrator; I want to film you fucking yourself with it. ”
        I assured him that I had several vibrators and after we ate I went to retrieve one. I also changed into a very sexy matching bra and panty ensemble think it’d look good in the pictures. When I went to the kitchen I found him waiting holding his video camera.
        “I want to shoot video this time Mom” he told me. “I know I’ll get off so hard being able to see and hear you. ” I wasn’t expecting that but it sounded fun. I could talk to the cam like it was my lover.
         He turned on the cam and started shooting. I started to vamp around the kitchen teasing and trying to look as sexy as I could. “Momma wants to show you something” I said starting to rub my chest. “Do you like Momma’s boobies? Do they make you all hot?” I asked in a sultry way.
        “Yes Mom I love your boobies, they make me so fucking hot. ”, Was Nick’s reply.

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        I lifted myself onto the granite top of the kitchen island. Opening my legs and letting him focus the camera between them I spoke “Are you looking at Momma’s pussy you bad boy? Mom’s aren’t supposed to show their pussies to their sons but I like showing mine to you. ” I said as I pulled my panties aside.
        “Oh Mom you’re driving me wild. ” Nick said with a certain amount of desperation in his voice.
        “Oh look Momma’s pussy is all wet. ” I said as I dipped a finger inside of myself. “Momma likes when her pussy is all wet. It means she’s going to get to cum. ” I said and then licked my juices from my finger. “Yummy, Momma tastes so good. ”
        “Oh Mom you’re a fucking slut, and I love sluts. ” Nick was as into this as I was.
        I slipped my bra and panties off and picked up my vibrator. “Is Momma getting your cock all nice and hard? I like when your cock gets all nice and hard.

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      ” I turned on the vibrator and rubbed my pussy lips with it.
        “I’m as hard as a fucking rock Mom. ” was Nick’s response.
        I was so into it by this point my pussy was on fire. “Should Momma fuck herself now? Is that what you want? You want see Momma shove this vibrator into her pussy and fuck herself? Are you going to stroke your hard cock when Momma fucks herself? I said as I started to slide that vibe into my pussy.
        “You know I’m going to stroke my cock Mom. I love stroking while I look at you. ” He replied with desperation in his voice.
        As I pumped the vibe in and out I said “Are you going to show Momma your cock? Momma wants to see your cock. Momma wants to watch you stroke it. I know you have a beautiful cock. Take it out and show it too me.
        Continuing to videotape Nick used his free hand to push his pants down. His cock sprang free and I let out a gasp. It was beautiful.

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       It was 7 ½ inches of hard glory. He wrapped his hand around it and started to stroke.
        I was about to cum as soon as I saw it. “Momma is such a fucking slut. She likes looking at your hard cock. Oh god, I’m going to cum looking at you stroke your hard cock. ” I climaxed so hard that I screamed. My orgasm seemed to last forever. Just as it subsided I erupted again; my first ever multiple orgasm.
        Once I calmed down I focused on Nick. “Shoot that load baby. Shoot for Momma. Let Momma see you cum. Make that hard cock of yours cum for Momma. ” And he erupted sending cum flying at least a foot into the air.

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       Spurt after spurt of juice. “Oh your beautiful cock is Cumming for Momma. ” I said as I watched him drain the last drop from his cock.
        Once he finished he sat down exhausted. I went over and stood next to him and gave him a big hug saying “This is going to be my best summer I ever had. ”
    To be continued… 
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