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    Nick and I masturbated with one another again later that evening. I came so many times that day that I lost count. All I know is it was the first time I felt sexually satisfied in a long time. I know a Mother isn’t supposed to do these things with her own son but I don’t care. It feels good and we aren’t hurting anyone.
    When I awoke the next morning I didn’t even bother putting on any clothes. I just went to pour some coffee letting it all hang out. It felt really nice doing that and knowing Nick would find me naked and waiting for him started my juices flowing. I was standing looking out at the pool when he finally did get up. He was also naked and I went right to him and gave him a good morning hug.
    He held me in his strong arms for a few moments and our naked bodies felt so nice touching. I was getting hornier by the minute and I wanted to spread my legs for him right then and there. “Would you like t take some pictures of my Honey?” I asked while he still held me.
    “I do but I can’t right now Mom, I promised my friend Paul that I’d come hang out for awhile. I’d blow him off but I already did that to him yesterday so we could get together. ”  He told me.

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   I was disappointed but knew we could have fun later.
    While he was gone I went and found his video cam. Placing in on the coffee table and hitting record I sat on the couch and started play with myself. As I caressed my tits and fingered my pussy I started talking to the cam. “Hi Nick, I’m just sitting here missing you while you are off with nasty old Paul. I wish you were here with me stroking that big fat wonderful cock of yours. ” I got on a roll and just kept going.
    I feel like such a dirty slut when I look at your cock. It just makes me tingle to be so fucking bad. I love how you get so hot when you look at me. The hotter you get the juicier my pussy gets. ” I licked my fingers and tasted my juices when I said that. “Mmmm… you should taste my pussy juice Nick, it tastes so good. I bet you’d like that wouldn’t you? You’d just love it if Momma sat on your fucking face and fucked her pussy with your tongue. ”
    I was going wild by that point and needed something in me.

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   I hit pause and went and found a dildo. Turning the cam back on I started teasing again. “I’d like that too nick, I’d love to just let you lick every inch of my body. I bet you’d make your Mom’s pussy feel so fucking good. ” I started fucking myself with the dido and continued “Would you lick Momma’s asshole Nick? Would you stick our tongue in my ass while you fingered my hot pussy? Mmmmmmmmm I know you’d do that for Mom wouldn’t you nick?”
    “Do you see this big fat dildo sliding in and out of my hot pussy Nick? You love seeing it don’t you? You’re stroking your big fat cock while you watch this. I know you are and I love it. ” I just couldn’t seem to stop myself not that I wanted to. I took the dido out of my pussy and started licking and sucking it. “Mmmmmmmmm I taste me on this cock Nick. I taste soooooooo gooooooood! This is your cock I’m sucking Baby. Mommy is pretending she’s sucking your big fat hard cock Nick. ” And I took as much of it into my mouth as I could.
    When I started to fuck myself with the dildo once again I went on. “Momma wants you to fuck her now Nick. Stick your big fat hard cock in Mom’s pussy.

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   Fuck me hard you mother fucker! Fuck me hard!” I started screaming his name over and over. “Oh nick, Oh Nick, your fucking cock is making me feel so good! Fuck me nick! Fuck Momma! Make me cum with your hard fucking cock!” and I erupted into another mind shattering orgasm. My hips were bucking wildly and I continued screaming his name until it inevitably subsided.
    When I was finished I blew a kiss at the cam and turned it off. I put it back in his room and went out to the pool to cool down. It didn’t do much good though; I couldn’t wait until he would finally be home.
    At around 6:00P. M. he finally called and said he was on his way home. He was going to pick up dinner and wanted to have some fun after we ate. I of course told him I couldn’t wait. I decided to dress nice for his arrival so went to my room and put on a completely sheer matching bra and French cut panty.
    As we ate I asked him about his day and he told me that it was ok but he was thinking about me the whole time. Then I asked “Are you going to take pictures or video tape tonight?” (I had gotten smart and hid the tape I had used earlier; I planned on giving it to him later. ) I didn’t really care which it’d be or if he filmed at all for that matter.

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    He replied “I think we’ll just skip the cams for this time. It’s easier to play with my cock when I’m not holding a camera. Then he had an idea. “On second thought maybe I’ll use the video cam but just set it down and then I can tape both of us going at it. ” That sounded pretty sexy to me. “Let’s do it in your bed this time. That seems pretty sexy to me. ” And that sounded hot to me as well.
    I went up to my room to wait for him as he had to get the cam. When he came into my room he had already taken off all of his clothes and looked sexy as hell walking in. he crawled onto my bed and lay down beside me. As he nestled in I looked at him and said “I just want you to know how much I love you Nick. ” And he kissed me on the forehead.
    “Do you like my outfit Nick? Do I look hot in it?” I asked him and his hardening cock said yes for him. I then snuggled close to him resting my head upon his shoulder and asked “Will you tell me what your fantasies about me were like for all those years?”
    He looked at me grinning and replied “There were so many over time.

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   I wouldn’t even know where to begin. ”
    “Well start at the beginning. ” I told him “Describe to me the first time you thought of me sexually. It’ll really turn me on to hear about it. ”
    So he started to relate his first fantasy to me. “I was much younger the first time. I happened to catch a glimpse of you changing in your room. The door just happened to be slightly open a little bit and when I looked you were pulling on a pair of panties. ” He took a deep breathe and continued. “I really didn’t see much because your back was to me but your ass looked so hot in that tiny pair of purple panties and I got a hardon right on the spot. I went to my room and lay on my bed, pulled my pants down, and started stroking. ”
    My head still on his shoulder I began playing with myself as I listened. I was intently watching his hand slowly stroking his hard cock and I couldn’t have been happier. “Your making my pussy wet Honey, please go on. ” I said to him sure that he could hear the lust in my voice.


     He then continued “I closed my eyes and pretended that you caught me. You were standing in my doorway watching me. I was startled but you walked in and closed the door. Coming to my bed you told me not to stop. You said you’d been dreaming of watching me. ”
    I told him to stop for a moment and took off my bra and panties. I nestled back in with him this time with my head fully on his chest. My free hand wedged between my open legs. “Please go on and don’t leave anything out. ” I told him.
    “You took off all of your clothes except those purple panties and sat beside me on the bed. I was jacking my cock while I stared at you and you kept telling me how sexy I was. ” I was getting so wet listening to him. I knew I’d cum for him very soon. He went on “I kept stroking and felt myself getting close.

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   I told you I was going to cum soon and you stopped me. You said you wanted it to last longer. ”
    I started to cum right then and there. My juices were gushing out all over my hand. “Oh nick, you turn me on so fucking much. Momma is Cumming for you baby! Oh God! Oh God! You make my pussy so fucking wet!” I screamed at him as I climaxed.
    He waited for me to calm down and asked “Shall I finish now?”
    I lay my head upon his chest resting my hand on his stomach right at the base of his sternum. “Please go on Nick, I want to hear it all Baby. ” I begged him.
    “You waited for me to calm down and then you grabbed my cock. You told me you had always wanted it and you started stroking me. ” My eyes were glued to his hand that was slowly stroking his cock while he spoke. “I was in heaven as you stroked it slowly up and down, up and down. You played with my balls with your other hand and you kept telling me how nice my cock was. ”
        “Your cock is nice.

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  ” I blurted out without even thinking. “It’s the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. ” I then kissed his nipple and then lay my head back down upon his chest to look at his cock. My hand had moved down his abdomen and was now resting on his lower stomach; the very tips of my fingers touching his pubic hair.
    “You then bent over and licked the tip of my cock. As I groaned in pleasure you opened your mouth and began to suck me off. ” As he was telling me this I removed my hand and shoved it between my legs getting my fingers nice and wet with my pussy juice. Continuing he said “You took it all down your throat. My cock was on fire and you knew it. When you would come up for air you’d tell me how much you loved my cock. ”
    I suddenly shifted my body so that I was half lying on top of him. My chin was only a couple of inches from his. My tits pressed into his chest and my leg was between his and I could feel his cock touching my hip. “You have the most beautiful fantasies. “ I said to him and I brought my hand to his lips.

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  ” Letting him suck my juices from my fingers I said “I bet you love the taste of my pussy you bad boy. ” I let him lick all of the juices from them.
    Still face to face I told him to continue. “You lay down on my bed and told me to tittie fuck you. You said you wanted me to cum all over your face. ” As he said this I took the hand that he’d been licking and slowly ran it down his side. “I straddled your chest and you held your boobs together while I fucked them. I reached behind me and finger fucked you as I humped those tits. ”
    My hand was now on his thigh and I pushed his hand out of the way and took a hold of his hard cock. It felt so wonderful to the touch. I felt every inch of it and his balls before wrapping my fingers around it and gently stroking it. “Do you like when I touch your cock Nick? Am I making it feel real good?” I softly asked him. He could only moan and I said “I like touching your cock. It makes Momma feel all hot and nasty. I could rub your fucking hard cock all day and never get tired of it.

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    His eyes had closed and his threw his head back. “Oh God Mom that feels so good. Please don’t stop” he was begging. I pumped his cock and I knew it wouldn’t take long for him to explode. “Oh holy fuck Mom that feels so fucking good. Don’t stop please don’t stop. ” He pleads as I stared at his face.
    I could feel his cock pulse and knew he would shoot. “Cum for Momma cum for me baby!” I started telling him. “Shoot that big fucking load right out of your fat fucking cock!” I felt him explode. The first blast hit me in the thigh and I could feel it dripping down. I felt another blast and it landed on my ass. “Cum for Momma Honey, shoot that beautiful hot cum all over me. ”
    There were a couple of more good spurts and his orgasm subsided. My hand was covered in it ad so was his cock.


   I could feel it dripping down my leg. It felt so nasty in such a nice way. I brought my cum soaked hand to my mouth and tasted his cream. “Mmmmmmmmm Momma likes your fucking cum. ” Reaching back for more I scooped some from my ass and brought it to my lips. “Do you like Momma eating your hot fucking cum?” I asked him. He only groaned sensually and I kissed him right on the mouth and let him taste the nectar. As we kissed he had his hand on my ass and I could feel him start probing between my cheeks with a finger.
    “Mmmmmmmmm oh I like how that feels. Yeah go ahead and touch your Mom’s pussy. Oh yeah that feels nice. ” I threw my head back and enjoyed. His finger probed my pussy and then my asshole. “Oh God that is so fucking hot you Mother fucker! Finger fuck me you bastard!” I couldn’t stop, all this foul language just flowed from my mouth like a spring had opened up.
   I pushed back against his finger and he started fucking me with it.

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   “Oh yeah Nick, don’t stop! Don’t stop! That feels so good. ” I begged him. He started to suck one of my nipples and then the other. “Oh you fucking bastard that feels so fucking good! You are making Momma feel so fucking good!”
    When I could take it no longer I pushed him down. I straddled is shoulders and I shoved my pussy right into his face. “Lick my pussy you Mother fucker. Lick your Mother’s bald pussy and make her cum. ” He gladly complied and it felt like electricity shot through my entire body. “Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! Oh fucking Shiiit! Oh my God Nick I’m cumming baby I’m cumming right in your fucking face!” and I exploded into a mind shatter orgasm. My juices gushed from my pussy literally nearly drowning him.
    My whole body quivered and one giant blast of pussy juice came gushing forth. I ground my pussy into his face furiously and screamed. “Oh god! Oh god! I’m fucking cumming! Oh God! Oh God!” I came so hard I actually was in tears. For a couple of minutes I lay on top of him panting and every few seconds another quiver would go through my body and more juice would gush from my pussy bathing  him in it.
    I lay on top of him out of breathe and more satisfied than I’d ever been in my life.

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   When I could finally speak I asked him “Am I as good as the fantasy?”
End part 2
To be continued…
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