Moms new little girl part 2


 When the movers finely left and we had every thing for the most part in what room it belonged in mom and I sat down on the couch and just relaxed. We had boxes every where and there was tons to do but we were both pooped. we sat there for a few minutes just talking about where we should hang this or where we should put that then mom said baby girl go get in the shower and I will come help you pick out some thing to put on, we have to go shopping to by you stuff for your room. I was exited about this I was so looking forward to getting new girl stuff. When mom had said that all my boy stuff had to go I was originally a little put off but after becoming her little girl it took no time for me to forget about all of that stuff. I had never got the sort of attention form her when I was her son as I was now that she had turned me in to her little girl. I leaned over and kissed here quickly on her full lips and took off up the stairs to get in the shower.
 After I had slipped of my shirt and took off my bra I slid of my little shorts and was just standing there in my panties as I got the shower water just right. My cock or as mom calls it my big clit was rock hard and poking out the top. When the water was just right I slid off my panties and got in the shower.   I leaned back and let the water soak my long red hair while I soaped the washcloth and started washing my body. I was totally taken off guard when I felt a hand around my hard cock. I opened my eyes to see my beautiful mom naked with her big firm tits right in my face. She had my hard cock in her hand and she was slowly stroking it up and down the shaft. I leaned over and started kissing her chest like she had shown me, working my way slowly to her hard nipple running my tongue around it and gently sucking on it. I heard a moan but was not sure if it was her or me.

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   She continued to slowly work my cock. Bobbie do you like it when mommy plays with your hard clit? Yes mama it feels so good I said not wanting her to ever stop. I was shaking all over; I had to put my hands on her hips as I was afraid of falling down. She took one of my hands and moved it between her legs and had I felt how hot and wet she was. She moved my hand around and around on her clit. That’s it baby that’s the way to rub mama clit she said. She took her hand away and slid it around to my ass and pulled me closer to her. She continued to stroke my cock as her hand slid down my ass crack and found my virgin ass hole. A shock wave went through me as she inserted the tip of her finger in to my tight ass. It is ok baby just relax; let mama show you how good it can feel to have some one inside you. She worked her finger further in to me and started working it in and out. I could take no more I shot load  after load  of hot cum all over my mother leg , she had her finger buried all the way in my ass and I just collapsed angst her.
I stood back up and she leaned down and kissed me. “Lets get cleaned up we have some shopping to do”. Se said with a big smile.

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 We had been shopping all day and having a wonderful time. We had picked out some really nice things for my room and could not wait to get home to set every thing up. The only thing left was my new bedroom furniture. Mom and I had picked out this really beautiful queen size bed with a canopy; night stands, dresser and my own vanity. I loved it but it was more money than we had left. I told my mom that it was ok we could find something that cost less. She looked down at me and said let me talk to the sales manager and see if I can get him to come down on the price a little. We walked back to the sales office and she looked in the manager’s open door. Can I help you asked the man behind the desk? Yes my mother said. We have picked out some lovely furniture for my little girls room but it is a little more that we wanted to spend. We where wondering if you could come down on the price a little. The man stood up and walked around the desk and looked my mom up and down. She was wearing a pear of shorts and a tight fitting shirt with no bra. He looked from her long brown legs up to her firm tits that you could see her nipples were hard as rocks.   He then looked over at me in my short skirt and blouse.

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   Mom had done my makeup and hair so I looked very cute today. I could see that his dick was getting hard in his pants as he looked at the two of us. He looked back up at my mom and said we might be able to work something out why don’t you close the door and we will talk more about it. Mom closed the door and when she turned around the man had opened his pants and  pulled out his cock. I could not believe how big it was. It had to be 8” long and looked so hard. I did not know what to do I could not believe what was going on. My mom walked over to the man and took the huge dick in her hand and started rubbing it as she kneeled in front of him. She licked the tip of the man’s cock and he closed his eyes and leaned back agents his desk. Oh yes that’s it lick that cock he said. She looked over at me and I was just standing there with my mouth wide open. She smiled at me and come here Bobbie mommy wants to teach you something new. I walked over and kneeled now next to my mom and she went back to work on the big cock. She worked it in and out of her mouth licked and sucked the head of his cock up and down the shaft then she would slowly work the whole thing down her trout. I was just lost I could feel my cock getting hard and sliding out of my panties.

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   Then came the big shocker mom pulled the mans cock out of her mouth it was wet and dripping with her saliva and his prcum. Ok baby se said you turn. I did not know what to do. I leaned forward and licked the tip if the rock hard dick not knowing what to expect, it felt good on my tongue. Open your mouth Bobbie and put as much of it as you can in. I did as I was told and started moving it in and out of my mouth. The manager just kept saying how good it felt and don’t stop just suck that cock over and over. I really did not hear much of what he said I was now lost in sucking this grate hard dick. I moved more and more in my mouth sucking for all I was worth. Then I went a little too far and gagged my self. Mom told me that it was ok that I just needed to work on relaxing my throat more. I was really getting in to it when my mom leaned down and started licking the mans ball while I sucked his big dick. All of a sudden I felt his dick grow even larger in my mouth and he put his hand on the back of me head and started fucking my face I tried the best I could to just relax and let him go. I stilled gagged a little but I did not care I was loving it. Then I felt his hot cum shoot strait down my throat, he kept pumping and pumping hot loads of cum in to my mouth.

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   I could not take it all it was leaking out of my mouth no mater how much I swallowed. Finley he stopped and pulled his dick from my still hungry mouth. I looked over at my mom with a big smile on my cum covered face. She leaned over and licked and kissed my face until I was nice and clean. We both stood up I straitened my skirt as best I could and tried in vain to tuck my hard cock back between my ass cheeks. Well what do you think about a 50% off with free delivery to day the manager said as he pulled up his pants. Mom and I looked at each other and smiled we think that will work just fine we said.
 After finishing all the paper work we headed for the car. Mom looked at her watch and said oh baby we have to get a move on Joy will be at the house in less that an hour to help us do some more unpacking, and I cant wait for you to meat her she was my best friend growing up. I just got in the car and my mind was still spinning about what had taken place to day. All I knew is that I was enjoying being mommy little girl more and more every day.

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