Mom's desire


My story is about a Mom and son's incest relations & how it all began. Nirmala, a married middle-age Indian woman of age 41 having one son and a daughter is a sex-goddess. Right from her early life she always wanted to get herself sexually fulfilled and she knew the sheer magic of exploding orgasms. After her marriage she had a very good sex life as she has a voluptuous body, milky white butter soft skin & mind boggling curvatures. So her husband just couldn't resist giving her more. Most of the time, Nirmala couldn't reach climax as her husband would climax much earlier which was not his fault but of Nirmala's exotic body and sex response that one just cannot control the seminal pressure while fucking her. After marriage she passed many years, gave birth to two kids, took care of household works but the sex life was slowly diminishing as her husband was not able to satisfy her to real orgasms. Many a times on bed she used to get frustrated as she knew that she still looked sexier at this age but was not gifted with orgasmic reward which she deserved. But Being an Indian wife, she never complained and her husband being inconsiderate would never realize her desires. Nirmala have a very handsome son, Ashok. She knew that he had great manhood at his age of 19 and college girls were being freak over him. She would guess that Ashok would endeavor great sex with whomever he slept with. Ashok too was driven crazy by her Mom's feminine assets. Her milky white skin with chunks of fats on her lower back used to force out of her tight blouses. Her flat but little fluffy silky tummy with exposed deep naval sighted through her saree would make him horny. And the day she would wear low-cut blouse and that too sleeve-less, oh my god, she would look like a goddess with her silky smooth nicely shaped hands & shiny cuts between her large boobs.

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   Her boobs would make a huge elevated structure on her chest which most of the passer-bys on road would not help their eyes-off on it. Ashok would always notice this that strangers would always get attracted with this voluptuous woman of dreams. Once Ashok was passing by his parent's room, he could hear moaning sounds of her mom. He got excited and since the light was on he was able to peep some view though the Key-hole. He managed to see that his mom was topless and her saree was raised to her waist. Dad was over her and thrusting. Nirmala was moaning "Aah, aaah , oooh". Suddenly dad cummed and like a sick-lover removed his dick and banged asleep on besides her without even caring about her climax or giving a good-night kiss. Nirmala raised her hands to her head cursing her fate at this moment. But this was not new to her, she drew down the saree, wore her blouse and switched off the lights. Ashok felt the very moment of mom's frustrated feelings. He felt pity for her that such an amazing woman not being handled in a right way was injustice. Few days passed, when one day, Nirmala called Ashok from her room "Ashok, son, come here please". "Yes mom" replied Ashok. Dad was out of house for a business trip and was to return after One week.


   Ashok was playing games on computer. On his mother's command, he went to her room. What he saw was she had dropped her Pallu on her lap and just wearing a Bra and sitting on her Bed. The enormous boobs were pressed tight in the white bra she wore. "Wow what a view" thought in his mind. "Son, Can you please rub some powder on my back. I am getting itch feeling due to prickly heat" "Ok mom"Nirmala gave the Talc Powder to him and asked to sit behind her. What an opportunity he thought, to touch her Moms smooth milky back by massaging her with powder. He couldn't control his erection. He went back on bed behind her Mom with her back facing him. Wow what a view of flesh that was for him. With his trembling hands, he sprinkled the powder on her back and started massaging. He felt himself in heaven as her skin was sexier than he thought. He kept on massaging slowly moving his hands from her neck to lower back and side ways. Whenever he used to drag his palms from neck to lower-back, he could flip-over the bra-strap which obstructed his smooth movements.

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   "Ashok, you may open my bra strap" Nirmala said. "that shall help you rub smoothly"Ashok went mad, as he just couldn't believe this and wanted to do it fast by unfastening her strap. Now he had all his Mom's lovely fleshy back for him. He kept rubbing and also did sideways almost touching her boobs. Even the touch of her Boobs corners was magic feeling as they were spotlessly white and very soft. "Ok son, that's it. Thank you, you may go on with your work"She fastened the Bra strap, wore blouse and went to the kitchen. Ashok in his erotic sensation, went to his room and kept thinking about that event the whole night. The same night, Nirmala came and knocked Ashok's door. "Ashok, please open the door" "Yes Mom" and Ashok opened the door and saw Nirmala in her Short 2-Piece Nighty which exposed her beautiful bare silky legs. 'Ashok, I just got a cramp on my Knees and my back is paining too. I am not able to bend to apply the medicated pain lotion on it. " " Can you please apply the Pain lotion on my Knees?""sure Mom" replied Ashok. Now what's happening today. Is my mom really having genuine reasons or just want to get a feel of touch from me? Is she really horny or not? Ashok kept thinking but was very much excited.

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   He is all alone with his mom tonight and she have just asked to take care of her sexy legs. Nirmala went inside ashok's room and laid on his bed. He gave the Lotion to Ashok and asked him to rub the lotion on her knees. She posed on the bed like a Super Model and looked like a Super Model. She was in her Nighty with Her legs exposed to her thighs. Her legs are very nicely shaped. They are sleek & slim and as you go to see her up, her thighs would bulge up massively. She have wide thighs with the most sensational fleshy milky skin. Ashok took the lotion in his palms and started applying over her knees. He then started rubbing slowly. Just then, Nirmala moved her legs a bit. Every time Ashok would touch her, apply her and rub her, she would move her legs in slow motion like a moaning body movements. She indeed was enjoying. "Ashok, can you please move your hands up towards my thighs, I have a mascular pain there too""Ok mom" Ashok slowly placed his hands right on her thighs. At this point she moved her legs upwards and turned her face sidewise as if a slow current passed her body.

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   "Take more lotion, son and apply all over the thighs please""ok mom" He just couldn't handle this. His erection was full to 100%. He pressed & massaged Nirmala's thighs with both hands. He applied more lotion and gave a very lubricating feel. Her thighs were shining with lotion and gave a very erotic look. Suddenly she gave moaning sound "That feels good,. . ooohhh, that feels very good. . . . . keep rubbing son. . .

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   the pain is going. . . keep rubbing"Ashok, knew that her mom was turned on, so he touched her pussy on every upward movements he would do over her thighs. This would give minor strokes to Nirmala over her hot pussy and she seemed to enjoy it. Now this was the point were Ashok knew his Mom needed him and Nirmala knew from his son's erections that he enjoyed it.
    But who should proceed and how. Nirmala didn't knew what next to ask him for. Just then Ashok asked "Mom, do have pain elsewhere?""Oh. . . yess but I feel shy in telling you""No Mom tell me, where else you want to apply the lotion on your body?""Well son, if you could apply on. . . .

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      . . no forget it""No mom please tell, its ok""Well, son if you can apply on my breast, it would be grateful"Ashok went mad again and came closer on top of her with the Lotion bottle in his hand. "You may open the blouse son" asked Nirmala"Ok Mom". Ashok unfastened the Blouse buttons and he found there was no bra underneath. He opened the Blouse and removed over her. There laid her huge large Beautiful Breasts Totally naked in front of him. To him, it was a fantastic sight of life time. The Huge pair of breast were spotless and milky white. They had dark & large nipples which were erect to size of ½ inch and begging badly to be sucked. This voluptuous body now covered only with the Nighty skirt with greasy legs & firm huge breasts was being mistreated so badly till now by his own dad and her Mom could never allow to touch these assets to anyone else in her own life. Ashok felt he is the first man after his dad who is about to touch her Nirmala's huge breasts. He placed his hands over her breasts which could not even cover half of her tits by his palms. At this point Nirmala was out of the world. The tender touch of ashoks hands made her heart beat faster.

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       She couldn't control and then came moaning sound "Oooooff, oooohhhh, wowwwww" Ashok stared at her straight into her eyes and Nirmala too stared him. They both stared each other for few seconds and both came closer and placed their lips to each other. The world for them was now turned to heaven filled with mind-blowing horny pleasures. "Ashok, do you love me baby?""yes mom I do, you are very beautiful, I cannot control myself mom, I love you, I love you, I love you very much"and ashok placed numerous kisses all over her Mom's face which drew her wild & crazy. "Do you want to suck my breast baby? Do you?"'yes Mom"Ashok placed his mouth and filled in as much as of her sexy boobs. Nirmala now could scream with pleasure. "Ooooh Ashok, I cannot wait, please remove my skirt & Panties"Ashok did it fast and placed his hands right on her pussy and pressed harder. "ooooh, wow wow son, I am going mad son, I am going mad"Nirmala quickly bent over and removed Ashok's shirt, trousers & brief and was just happy to see a large Cock. " Please come inside me baby, please come inside and fuck your mom, I beg you my son""Oh mom, don't worry I will give you most amazing orgasm you ever imagined"Ashok came on top of her quickly rode his cock inside her. He started thrusting and was very near to climax but slowed down thinking that he is not going to make the mistake my dad makes. This pretty lady is be to handled carefully so he removed his cock and placed his mouth on her pussy. "Oh wow, ashok that's making me mad. I never had your dad licking my pussy, I was dying for this" "Please lick my pussy baby please fill it completely with your saliva"Ashok kept licking and licking and licking her moms hot pussy till she gave out a thundering climax of shivers of strong orgasm. Nirmala gasped for few moments and saw her son. Ashok was smiling and new that he accomplished a great job today by giving her mom a real sexual climax which she was craving for.

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       " Oh Ashok, please come, give your mom a hug baby, give ma a hug baby"Ashok gave a hug. Her boobs pressed against his chest and his hard-on still persisted. Nirmala asked him to enter her again and this time ashok slowly & skillfully fucked her and when the speed gained they climaxed together while Ashok shot out loads of cum in her. That Night they made love for more three times and at morning they took bath together in the Bath tub while Ashok enjoyed again to soap her Mom's breast and Round ass. He asked his mom "Can I fuck you in the ass mom? Nirmala replied "You shouldn't be asking me anything baby, Now this body is all yours' just do what ever you want to do"