Mommy's Suit


"What are you doing in here?" she asked. "Oh, I was just getting some soap from your bathroom. I'm all out in mine. " I nervously replied. "Mmm Hmm. . . Well get it and then leave my room. I have to take a shower. " she answered with obvious distrust in her voice. I got the soap, and then walked out of her room. The door closed firmly behind me. No matter, I had a peep hole set up in just the right place so that I could watch my Mommy undress and walk into the shower. If I was lucky I would get a second show when she finished her shower because she would open the bathroom door to get rid of the steam, and then blow dry her hair. I could see right into the bathroom from my peep hole. I'm glad my side of the hole was a dark closet, because I had sprayed a lot of cum on the wall while watching Mommy's titties shake as she dried her hair.

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  Today Mommy was looking particularly pretty. She was wearing a pin-striped, red suit with a very short skirt and a wide, shiny black belt tied tightly around her waste. She wasn't wearing pantyhose on this day as it was really hot outside. On her feet were black high heels which really made her calves look nice. On top she had on a matching red pin-striped jacket, and a white button down shirt with ruffles down the middle where the buttons were. I got into position, and immediately started to stroke my cock as I watched Mommy stand in front of her mirror looking at herself. "What am I going to do with that boy?" she asked herself gently. "Well, I guess he's at that age where his hormones are raging and he gets a thrill out of playing with himself with my underwear. "She knew! I was embarrassed, but at the same time I was really excited. Mommy didn't seem to be particulary angry or upset about the idea. In fact, she has a small smile on her face, which caused me to become even more excited. Mommy started to unbutton her jacket while looking at herself in the mirror. I had a side view of her, and I continued to stroke. I was squating down in the closet to get this view, and I was balancing myself with the hand that wasn't busy. Suddenly, I lost my balance and went crashing into the wall in front of me.

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   Oh shit! I knew she heard that. I looked through the hole and there was Mommy looking at the wall. "Charlie! What are you doing?", she called out. I backed out of the closet and ran into the bathroom in the hallway as quickly and quietly as I could. "Charlie! Did you hear me?""What Mommy?" I replied from the bathroom with as innocent a voice as I could muster. "Charlie, please come in to my room. We need to talk. " she answered. Oh no. She knew about everything now and the fun was over. Hopefully she wouldn't be too mad or think I was a pervert or something. I left the bathroom and walked into her room with my head hung low. "Why such a long face?" she asked. "I just. .

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  . I don't know. . . I" I mumbled. "Charlie, I think it's time we talk about the birds and the bees. I really didn't want to have to do this myself, but with your father gone on a business trip for so long, and the way things have been lately, I think I'd better get this out of the way. "I knew exactly what she was talking about. I noticed that my shorts were still tenting, and her telling me that she was about to talk to me about sex wasn't helping the situation. She asked me to sit down on her bed, and she came and sat down next to me and gave me a really tight hug, and a kiss on the cheek. I didn't know what to make of it. She turned and looked me straight in the eye. "Charlie, do you touch yourself down there?""Mom!" I was so embarrassed but excited at the same time that my mother was talking to me about this stuff. "It's OK honey! There isn't anything wrong with it! In fact, I'd worry about you if you weren't doing it. It's called masturbation honey, and all boys your age do it.

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   In fact, most grown men do it too. "Well, this was certainly not something I talked about with my friends at school because I figured they'd think I was a pervert! It was relieving to know that everybody, including probably my own father, did it. I was much more relaxed when she said that. "So honey. Do you?", she asked with a smile on her face. "Well, yeah, I guess. " I replied. "So, what do you think about when you do it? she asked. "Do you think about girls at school? Do you think about them naked?"Again I was embarrassed. "Mom! Please! Why are you asking me this?""It really is OK honey. You can tell me. Do you think about that cute Alison Fisher naked when you do in honey?"Ugh! I wasn't going to get out of this one. "Yeah, I guess so. " I reluctantly said again. Mommy got up off the bed, and stood in front of me.

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   She again started taking off her jacket. At first I didn't think anything of it because she was still fully clothed. "So who else do you think about honey?" Her jacket dropped to the floor, and I saw that her ruffled shirt was sleeveless. Her arms were tan, like her legs and she looked even prettier than before. "I don't know Mommy. I think about a lot of people. "And then the question which I knew was coming finally came out of her mouth. "Do you ever think about me honey?""Mommy I can't believe you are asking me that! Why would I think about you? That's gross!""Oh come on now honey! Mommy isn't that bad looking is she? I really don't mind if you think about me while you masturbate honey. In fact, the though of it kind of makes me feel very special. Did you know that women masturbate too honey?"Unbelievably, Mommy started to slowly unbutton her shirt right in front of me. My eyes were fixated on her fingers as they revealed more and more of her chest. I was in a trance now, but I managed to answer her question. "No Mommy, I didn't know that. " My tenting shorts were a lost cause at this point. My penis was huge and about to burst out of it's captivity.

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  "You know honey, since you've gotten a little older, you are starting to become a very good looking young man. I must admit, I sometimes think of you when I masturbate. " She had finished unbuttoning the last button on her shirt. I was so fixated on what she was doing that I had hardly heard what she said. She reached out and grabbed my hand, and put it under her shirt, on her bra covered breast. Her nipple was quit hard, and her breast was warm. "Do you like Mommy's breasts honey?""Yes. " I managed from my dream state. "Would you like to masturbate now while you are touching Mommy's breast sweetie?""Yes. " She reached down and unbuttoned my shorts and pushed them down to the ground. Then she reached in to my underpants and pulled out my engorged penis and gently stroked it. It felt unbelievably good. I could not believe what was happening. "Would you like Mommy to masturbate you while you touch her breasts?""Yes"Mommy took her hand back temporarily, and pushed her shirt off her shoulders.
    It joined her jacket on the ground.

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       She reached behind and unhooked her bra. It too fell to the ground, and their were Mommy's bare titties. I had looked at them many times through my peep hole, but I had never been this close to them, let alone touching them. She took both of my hands and placed them on each of her breasts. "Squeeze them gently baby while Mommy strokes your penis. " I started to squeeze them, and pinch her nipples gently. Mommy moaned, closing her eyes and throwing her head back. "That's it baby! It feels so good!" She reached down and resumed stroking my penis in her hand. I wasn't going to last much longer. I mean, after all I was only 12 years old. I felt my balls begin to swell. Mommy some how sensed what was cumming and got down on her knees in front of me. She put the tip of my penis between her breasts, and continued to stroke it. She looked up at me with a sweet smile on her face and said, "Let it go honey. Spray your baby making juice all over Mommy's breasts.

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      "Suddenly I tensed. I was off in another world somewhere, but looking into my Mommy's eyes as she stroked me faster. The feeling in my balls was so intense. Way more intense than anything I had ever felt before when I was doing this by myself. And then it happened. While looking at my Mommy smiling at me, my penis released my tension. Stream after stream of hot juices covered my Mommy's chin, and breasts and belly. All sorts of gutteral noises were escaping from my lips. I was completely out of control. Mommy had total control over me at that moment and I gladly let her have it. She looked into my eyes, smiling and encouraging me as I continued to explode all over her body. "That's a good boy! Keep it cumming honey. Such a good boy! Mommy loves your baby making juice all over her. "Finally, the spasms started to fade, and I floated back down to reality, only to discover that i was utterly exhausted from what just happened. I looked at Mommy, covered with my semen.

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       I could barely stand. Mommy again hugged me tightly, rubbing my semen onto my body. She again told me what a good boy I was. I looked down at her again after the hug was over. She had a smile so bright that I didn't think I had ever seen her happier. I knew this was only the beginning, and that Mommy and I were going to have many extremely intense adventures together. With that thought in my head, I again hugged Mommy and fell asleep in her arms. I felt so drained, and so wonderful at the same time. I couldn't wait for our next encounter. To be continued. . . .



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