Mommy The Tease -- Part 1


Tonight, when I'm taking my bath, you come into the bathroom dressed just in a skimpy lacy bra and little semi-see-through panties. "Oops, sorry, Georgie. You don't mind if Mommy fixes her makeup and hair, do you, baby?" I can't take my eyes off you, Mommy, although I'm embarrassed when you catch my eye in the mirror and smile and wink at me. "What do you think of this shade of lipstick, Georgie?" You make kissing motions at me with your lovely lipstick lips. "Do you like my hair up like this, Georgie?" You parade around the bathroom like a like a sexy fashion model. I'm red-faced and sweating. "Oh look, Georgie's all embarrassed. " You kneel beside the tub, take my face in your hands, and give me a long, lingering kiss with your sweet red lips. "Do you think I'm pretty, Georgie?" "Y-yes, Mommy. " I shyly look into your hypnotizing eyes. Then I catch a glance of deep cleavage and your beautiful breasts, inches from my face. "I'm glad tomorrow's Friday, Georgie. Then it will be the weekend and I'll have you all to myself. Won't that be nice, darling?" "Tonight I want you to dream about me, darling. Dream about your pretty, sexy Mommy, Georgie. " One more kiss on the lips, then you're gone.

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   I lie there in the tub, stunned, for a while longer, the image of your beautiful body imprinted on my confused young mind. Then, weak in the knees, I stumble off to bed. There on my pillow you've left the skimpy little panties you were wearing. Your words echo in my head. "I want you to dream about me, darling. Dream about your pretty, sexy Mommy, Georgie. "I'm so confused. I pick up the panties and press them to my cheek. I can tell you just wore them. They're soft and warm, like your skin. I press my face into them. They smell like you, Mommy. I fall right off to sleep. You haunt my dreams. .

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  . images of you in the bathroom in your underwear. . . the heart-melting warmth of your kiss. . . the soft feel of your panties on my cheek. . . your gentle voice. . . "Dream about your pretty, sexy Mommy, Georgie. .

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  . " Even in my dreams, I am possessed by you. I feel naked and vulnerable. I am yours, Mommy. I dream that I am lying on my back, my arms and legs pointing to the four corners of the bed, kinda like they're tied there, but held by something soft. I feel like I am about to be victimized. I feel nervous, but not afraid. There's a fluttering in my heart. And a tingling in my young cock, like butterflies are landing on it. Delicate butterfly kisses, sending a shiver through my body. Then a warm wet snake curls around my cock. My hips thrust upward, as though drawn to something. "Mommy, Mommy," I call out in my dream world, as though you were really there. My hips thrust and thrust higher, seeking something. And they find something.

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   The tip of my cock is met with hot breath, then a soft, engulfing warmth. I sink back to the bed as my cock is slowly swallowed into wet heat. My balls too. The snake slithers around the tree that is growing. . . swelling. . . pulsing with primal energy. . . oh Mommy, Mommy, Mommy. . .

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   until. . . it. . . explo-o-o-odes. . . Fireworks. Shooting colors fill my dreamy universe. Which then returns to peace, warmth, comfort, like the womb from which I came. Like Mommy's kiss. Oh Mommy. .

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  . I feel familiar lips on mine, soft, gentle. I feel a tongue penetrating, and a hot, thick, salty fluid flows into my mouth. I drink acceptingly. Then the lips are gone. Silence, and the darkness of a deeper sleep. When I awake in the morning, my bed looks like it was hit by a hurricane.
    At each corner of the bed there is a pair of panties. . . I stumble to the kitchen to have my breakfast. You greet me with a smile, "Good morning, Georgie. It looks like you had your milk already. ""No, not yet, Mom. " I wonder why you said that.

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       Later, in the bathroom mirror, I see this dried white stuff around my mouth. Where did that come from? It tastes salty, not like milk. You drop me off at school, right at the front gate in your open convertible. You make a big fuss over me -- far more than usual -- with endless hugs and kisses, straightening my tie, combing my hair. My schoolmates are all around, and I'm so-o-o embarrassed. You tell me how much you love me, how much you'll miss me, and how much you're looking forward to having me all to yourself for the weekend. Sitting in class, I'm in another world. I daydream about you, Mommy. I wonder about the milk on my lips this morning. I sneak an early look into my lunch box. I can hardly believe my eyes. Along with my sandwich, there's a photo of you in the same sexy underwear you wore last night. Mommy, you're so beautiful. And there's a note that says, "Mommy loves Georgie. XXX" My little heart is thumping.

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      Finally the bell rings for the end of the school day. I walk across the playground in a daze. Then I hear your voice in the distance. "Ge-o-o-orgie. Oh Ge-o-o-orgie. Mommy's here. Come to Mommy. " The other kids tease me about it. You're sitting on the hood of the car at the school gates, looking like a fashion model at an auto show, a lovely big smile on your face, waving, calling my name. In the car, you give me a warm embrace and kiss me on the lips, long and wet. "Mommy missed you, baby. " I'm embarrassed because the other kids are watching, but I love you, Mommy, and your kisses make me feel so warm and fuzzy. "Come home with Mommy, Georgie darling. Mommy wants you all to herself. "You smile your beautiful smile at me, then put your foot to the pedal and speed us home.

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