Mommy Found Some Pictures


She ran the vibrator up and down her pussy as she brought the other hand up to her lips tasting the tips of her fingers. Amy slowly inserted the vibrator into her pussy leaving just the very bottom out, she then closed her legs around it allowing it to hum inside her. KNOCK KNOCK “MOM!” The door swung open and Mike came in giving Amy only enough time to pull her robe up to cover herself. “Hey Mom. ” “Hey sweetie,” Amy choked the words out as the vibrator hummed inside her. “What do you need?”“Is it ok if Jake comes over for a little while?” Mike asked oblivious to what his mom had been doing. Amy looked at her son running her eyes over his blonde hair and broad shoulders “Yeah… yeah that’s fine hunny. ” “Thanks Mom,” Mike left and Amy began to climax almost instantly. Amy relaxed and realized how close she was to being caught. Amy couldn’t help it but she knew that she had been turned on by Mike being in the room with her while she pleasured herself. Amy pushed the incestual thoughts of her son out of her mind and then went and cleaned herself off and put her black lace thong and bra on then slid a robe over her shoulders. Amy went out into the hall towards her sons room to say hello to Jake. Jake’s mom, Kelly was one of Amy’s best friends and her son was a nice and polite and he and Mike had been friends practically since they were born. Amy walked down the hall and stopped in front of Mike’s door. The door was cracked, the two boys were visible in the room. Amy started to go in but stopped when she saw Jake pull something out of his backpack“See Mike I told you I would be able to get them,” Jake said as he passed whatever they were to Mike.

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  “Wow she looks really good, I have never seen a naked women before. ” Amy could barely contain her laughter . “They are looking at some pictures they managed to take of a naked girl” Amy thought to herself as she tried to contain her laughter. “Yeah I just hid this camera in a stack of hollowed out books and it took these pictures. ” Jake said as he revealed more of his devious plot. “You should do it to you-know-who. ” Amy went through all the girls that She knew of Mike hanging out with trying to figure out who it was. “God I would give anything to see her body. I have been wanting her like that for so long, but I don’t know I could do that to my mine like you did yours. ” Just then Jake pushed the pictures back with his hand just far enough to wear Amy could see the image. “Oh my God!” Amy gasped to herself “ That’s Jake’s mother” Amy couldn’t take her eyes off the images of a naked Kelly Miller walking around in her bedroom. Suddenly it dawned on Amy “ Mike must be talking about me. I am the one he has wanted for so long. ” As she said this to herself she couldn’t help but feel a shudder of excitement run through her body. She couldn’t tell why but she knew this was the most turned on she had been since before her husband left.

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  Amy kept watching the room as Jake kept speaking,” yeah I know your mom is so gorgeous that is why I brought these,” Jake pulled out two small spy cameras. “See you can hide this in your mom’s room and these have actual video. ” Amy watched the little smile spread on Mike’s face. Amy finally brought herself to intterupt the boys and began to knock on the door. Both of the boys scrambled around throwing the cameras and pictures under the bed . “Come in mom” Mike called through the door. Amy walked into the room and looked down at the boys. Both boys were fidgeting and looking up nervously their faces were still flush with arousal from what they had just seen. Amy’s face on the other hand was cold and stern. Amy bent down and pulled the pictures and cameras out from under the bed. “Jake go home I will deal with you another time. ” Jake’s face turned white and he turned and walked out of the room tripping over his feet more than once. Amy waited until he was gone then turned her stare to Mike. Mike stopped breathing and waited for whatever his mother would do. “Mike” Amy said his name with the kind of cold tone that could mean anything,” you know what you did was wrong”, She kept the same cold tone.

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   She held up the camera and inspected it,” Now Michael what were you planning to do with this”. She didn’t wait for a response. “Mike did you want? Did you want to see your own Mother naked?” Amy’s cold tone started to pick up a slight hiss. Amy surprised herself by how much she was enjoying this “ Hmm so is this what you wanted young man,” Amy slowly slid her hand up her thigh moving the cloth of her robe off her thigh exposing her shapely leg to her son. “ Or maybe this is what you want your mommy to do,” Amy propped her leg on the opposite side of her son on the bed placing him between her two legs. Then Amy took his hand, and slid it up the inside of her thigh stopping just close enough for him to feel the warmth of her mound. “Do you want to touch Mommy?” She kept her cold tone. Mike just looked at his mother, “Do you?” She could see in his eyes he wanted it. “Tell Mommy”. “I…. I…I want to…” Mike stammered. “You want to what?” Amy was getting more and more turned on,“ tell Mommy what you want. ” She looked down at him coldly. “I…I want to touch you down there Mommy. ” Mike looked up at his mother waiting for punishment.

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  “ Fine, then you may touch it”. Mike looked at his mother in disbelief, but all he received was an impatient stare from his mother. His hand shook as it continued up his mothers smooth thigh creeping closer and closer to her cunt. Mike ran his finger along the outside of his mother’s thong sending a shudder through Amy’s body. Amy kept her composure as her son’s fingers began to explore with less timid ness. His fingers pushed aside the silk covering his mothers pussy. He began to massage her pussy running his fingers up and down her slick moist lips. He slowly inserted his two fingers into Amy’s pussy whole. A quick moan escaped her lips and then she said “that’s enough,” Amy pushed his hand away. “Now you got to do what you wanted so now it is my turn to have what I want. ” Amy stepped back and dropped her robe to the floor exposing all of her body to her son. Mike watched in astonishment as his mothers sexy body was revealed. “Michael take off your clothes. ” Mike looked blankly at his mother. “ Do what mommy says.

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   Take off your clothes. ”Mike stripped his clothes and exposed his rock hard penis to his mom. Amy walked to her son and wrapped her fingers around his cock. It had been so long since she had felt a hard cock in her hands she had almost forgot the amazing way it felt in between her fingers. “Does that feel good sweetie?”“Yeah it does. ”“Well that is just too bad because it is still mommy’s turn. ” Amy reached around her back and undid the clasp of her bra and then slide down her arms. Amy took her son and brought his head to her breast. Mike kissed his mothers breast slowly and then brought his hand up and took her nipple in his mouth. “Ohhh god”, Amy finally lost her compsure as she melted into her sons mouth. “That’s it baby suck on mommy’s tits…oooh”, Amy moaned in pleasure as Mike sucked on her nipples. He reached around and slid his hands along her thong. “Ooh god baby that feels so good, Mmm your so good to your Mommy. So now your mommy is going to be good to you. ”“What are you going to do mommy?” Mike looked a little nervous showing his obvious in experience.


  “Just lay down baby it’ll be ok. ” Mike did as he was told and lied down on the floor. Amy got to her knees and placed her head in between her little boys legs. Amy ran her finger along the sensitive under side of Mike’s sac then ran it up along the underside of his cock. Amy then began to kiss his thighs leading down to his balls. She kissed his balls and then moved to the head of his cock. Amy bent down and wrapped her lips around the head of Mikes cock. She moved her head up and down his long shaft getting more and more excited by the feeling of having her son’s cock in between her lips. With every movement of Amy’s head her ass bobbed into the air. Amy slid her tongue up and down her son’s cock as he pressed her head harder onto his cock. Mike was hypnotized the rhythm of her tongue across his cock and his mother’s ass in the air until he finally came into Amy’s anxious mouth. She stayed for a moment on his shrinking cock sucking the last of his juice out of it. Mike rolled his head back in exhaustion. “Now Sweetie I hope your not tired yet because It’s mommy’s turn again. ” Amy looked down at Mike’s shrunken cock , “Now what can we do about this….

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  hmmm I think I know. ”Amy stood and stripped herself of her thong leaving herself completely naked. Mike stared up at his mothers pussy. It was covered in pubic hair so light it looked liked it was shaved. “Now baby mommy wants you to pleasure her little cunny for a little while ok?” Mike nodded and Amy positioned herself over her son’s mouth slowly lowering herself down to her knees allowing Mike’s mouth to reach her awaiting pussy. Mike began to kiss his way up Amy’s smooth thighs until he found her hot mound which was already dripping with moisture. Mike took a deep breath through his nostril inhaling Amy’s wonderful aroma. “Do you like how mommy smells baby. ” Mike answered by bringing his face to her pussy and licking it from top to bottom. “Is that how you do it momma. ”“Mmm… ooh yeah that feels good sweetie”. Mike continued to lick up and down his mother’s pussy drawing her closer and closer to orgasm. Amy pinched her nipples between her fingers as she rode up and down on her son’s face. She screamed and moaned in pleasure as Mike grabbed her ass checks to pull her harder onto his face. “Oh god baby that feels so good! Oh yeah just keep licking mommy’s pussy!” Amy reached behind her and felt her son’s dick rock hard again.

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   “Oh baby that’s enough, that’s enough. We don’t want to ruin the best part by cumming. ”Amy climbed off of Mike’s face and bent down and gave him a kiss licking her own juices from his lips. “What’s the best part Momma?”“I’ll show you sweetie,” Amy stood up and moved backwards positioning herself over Mike’s cock, then she lowered herself onto it engulfing it with her soft mound. “OH GOD!” Amy screamed at the feeling of a cock inside of her after so long with out, and it belonging to her own son made it even better. Mike groaned in pleasure as he entered his mother . He had never seen anything more beautiful or sexy than the sight of his cock inside of her. It was everything either of them had ever wished they could have. Amy rocked back and forth across Mike’s cock starting slow, but speeding up more and more. Amy’s mature body had never been more beautiful than in this instance. Her breasts were bouncing with every passionate movement and her ass checks slapped down with every throw of their bodies, and she had to move her hair back out of her face so she could see the overwhelming sight of her son beneath her. The two climaxed at the same time in an eruption of passion and pleasure. They collapsed next to each other in exhaustion. “So how did you like punishment sweetie?” Mike just looked up at his beautiful mother and smiled a completely exhausted smile and rolled his head back over unable to find words. Amy stood up and ran her hands across her still sensitive body.

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   She looked at her son still in complete disbelief about she had just done, but also realizing she didn’t regret it in any way. Amy got up and decided that she had a phone call to make to Kelly about arranging some punishment. .



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