Moments with mom I


"Hi, mom," I said when I came in through the back door and into the kitchen.
"Hi," she said back.
She was standing there barefoot and wrapped in her green teri robe. She had gotten back from work a while ago, and had obviously felt like taking a shower. She gave me a kind of unexpected smirky smile.
"What?" I asked.
"Nothing," she said nonchalantly, taking a sip from the glass of juice that she had in her hand, and continuing to look slightly amused.
I still looked somewhat bemused.
"It's just your coming home, and me being here like this when you come in," she said.
"What? In your robe?" I said. I had seen her robe before, All the time, in fact, every morning.
"Well. . . it just seems a different way to greet you at this time of day," she remarked. She added, "A little daring.

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  . . with me having nothing on under my robe. "
I grinned. I could see what she was saying. It was different from the usual way that she was when I came home.
"I think you look nice," I complimented.
She gave me a pleased smile. Setting down the glass on the counter top, she stepped over to present me with a small, quick peck on the lips, doing so affectionately. I smiled back.
"At least you have your robe on," I teased, being practical about it.
"Oh. . . you would have been surprised if you had walked in and I was standing here naked," she said.

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"Yeah. . . " I admitted. "A little bit. I've never seen you naked before. "
"You'd probably die of embarrassment to see you mom naked," she said smugly.
I shrugged. "I wouldn't die of embarrassment," I said. I grinned somewhat modestly. "I think it would be sort of special to see my mother with nothing on. "
"Well. . . I could have my robe off, if you'd like," she said simply, as if leaving that up to me, and presenting herself as perfectly will to do that.

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I blushed a tiny bit. "If you feel like it. It's okay with me. "
Mom gave a quick, nervous look around, as if mindful of anyone seeing. Then, in one easy gesture, she opened her robe and slid it off.
"There! How's that?" she laughed.
I looked at her trim nude form, seeing her smallish bare breasts that tapered out into twin brown nipples, and the dark bush of pubic hair between the tops of her shapely legs. I really was surprised by her doing that, although I could tell that she was enjoying feeling playfully uninhibited, especially with her own son.
"Nice!" I said happily.
She smiled proudly and triumphantly. She stepped over again to slide her arms over my shoulders and rewarded me with another quick little peck on the lips, doing so with an affectionate abandonment, and stepped back.
"Just so long as nobody sees," she said mindfully.
I gave a careless shrug. "Well. .

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  . at least I have my clothes on," I remarked.
Mom grinned somewhat mischievously.
"You could have yours off, too," she said. "Just for a moment. "
"You mean. . . be naked, too?" I questioned, a little taken back.
"Just for fun," she said blithely.
I swallowed. "That could be a little embarrassing," I said.
"Well, I know that you're a boy," she chided. "I promise that I won't feel embarrassed. "
I looked at her feeling very unsure about doing that.

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   Yet, I didn't want to feel entirely prudish about it, either.
I was wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and sandals. I figured that I could slip everything off pretty easily. I went ahead and got undressed while she stood there watching with an amused smile. I smiled shy, trying not to blush.
"Ooo. . . you look nice, too," she complimented.
We shared a naked embrace. I could feel her smooth, bare skin against mine, and he breasts and nipples pressing against my chest. At that same moment, I could feel it starting to give me an erection, just as I feared.




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