Mom Worships Me


My mom is a bit of a slut. She likes to party with me and my pals and she’s always flirting with them. I can’t tell ya how many fist fights I have been in beating some jerks ass for telling me he wants to fuck my mom. Not that I can blame ‘em for it, but still, she’s my mom and if anyone is gonna fuck that slut, it’ll be me!

At least mom provided me with a nice stash of quality refer, but still, I’d rather cop my own weed than see her flaunting her ass in front of my friends. It finally came to a boil last weekend. My pal Aaron and I were playing video games when mom came home from work. She went to her room and changed, emerging with about the tightest Daisy Dukes I have ever seen on a woman her age. I mean she does have a JLo ass, but still, my mom is 43 years old.

I had warned Aaron before about lewd comments about my mom. He spied her ass and when she left the room he made a comment about wanting to “fuck her in that phat ass. ” No sooner than Aaron finished the statement than I nailed him in the mouth and we started fighting, tearing up my room. Mom heard the commotion and rushed in. Aaron ran out screaming he was coming back to whip my ass. Mom, being a mom, began yelling at him for that and then he called her a “fucking whore. ” I lunged at him but he ran out the door and out of my house before I could get hold of him.

“Goddamn mom!” I screamed.

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   “Stop flaunting yourself in front of my friends. ” She glared at me. “Ya see what happens when ya do?” “It’s not my fault Stevie!” she exclaimed. “What’s not your fault? Your phat ass or how ya wear revealing things around my friends?” Again with her glaring at me, trying to stare me down. “What, do ya need some cock mom? Is that the problem? Horny?” I immediately began to regret my words, but I was pissed! I thought she was gonna pop me in the mouth, but seeing how worked up I was she thought better of it and calmed down.

“I’m sorry Honey. You’re right. If my dressing too revealing is causing you trouble, I should not do it. I guess I just like the attention. Since your dad left us I am lonely and I guess I do cross the line sometimes between mom and friend,” she said, a genuine recognition in her voice that she was causing all of this. She began to sob and of course I melted at that – can’t stand to see a woman bawling, especially mom.

She sat beside me and put her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and told her I love her, but it’s messing up my guy friendships as well as making my girlfriends jealous. “Really?” she asked, obviously liking the making young girls jealous part.

“Yep mom.

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   They think you are competing with them for my attention,” I told her. “What? Do they think I am trying to make you not want to be with them by trying to seduce you?” I just stared at her not knowing how to reply. Indeed a couple of girls I had dated in the last year or so thought that very thing. “Sorta, I guess … they think you’re competing with them for my attention. ” She smiled a bit, the corners of her mouth rising ever so, almost imperceptibly.

“I had no idea,” she tried to play it off. “How could you have no idea mom? Don’t ya know men pay a lot of attention to you, especially that phat ass of yours?” “If they are, why don’t they ever ask me out? Do ya know how long it’s been since a man has shown interest in me?” “Maybe they would if you were a bit less overt about it mom. No man wants a loose woman, ya know!” “So now I am a loose woman?” she sobbed.

“No mom, you’re not, but if ya dress and flirt like ya are, well people will get that impression. ” She thought for a minute then looked at me. “Is that what you think of me Steven?” “No ma…not exactly…but it can sure look that way. ” “What exactly, then? She asked. “Do you think I am on the make?” “No, but I know ya…other people don’t and by your short shorts and acting all friendly and shit, well it can appear that way. ” I felt embarrassed by my words. Truth was I jerked off almost daily fantasizing about mom.

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   I have spied on her on more than one occasion and came in my hand looking at her ass in some tight shorts.

“I guess I’m just lonely Stevie. I’m sorry for causing you trouble. ” She paused then looked very serious at me. “Do I cause you to ‘think’ the kinds of things you say your friends think?” I was mystified. Embarrassed, I admitted it to her. “Yes mom, you do. I have many fantasies about you. I know I should not, but I am 18 and a great ass is a great ass and a big hard 18 year old cock doesn’t care to whom the ass belongs…” I said sheepishly, too scared and embarrassed to look at her.

“Well, that was revealing,” she whispered. I looked at her, not quite sure why she’d ask if she didn’t want the answer, then it became clear. “You fantasize about having sex with me?” “Oh God mom, do ya have to ask that?” I turned bright red and could feel my ears burning and my cheeks growing flush. “Do ya Steven? It’s not abnormal, ya know. ” “What? To want to have sex with your mom is normal?” “It’s normal to fantasize. Many young men fantasize about the major woman in their lives and that is one’s mother, so you are not abnormal for that Steven.

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  ” she said.

She rubbed my leg telling me that and then left her hand on my thigh. “I thought you’d be mad at me if ya knew what I think about…” I said. I was afraid to look at her when I said it. “I would never be mad at you for that…in fact it’s cute. ” “Cute? Me wanting to fuck my own mom is cute?” She smiled at me and her hand squeezed my thigh, way too near Mr. Johnson’s growing interest. I took a deep breath and enjoyed the feeling of her warm hand so close to my cock.

Then I guess I sorta lost it – judgment and sanity I mean. Somewhere between the anger, the conversation, her manner of dress and her hand, I leaned back a bit and her expression and look in her eyes was warm, inviting and accepting. I gently reached and took her right hand and slid it up the three or so inches to my fattening cock in my jeans. Her warm hand rested on it. Then she squeezed it softly and gasped a bit. “My God Steven!” She looked up from my crotch and her expression was not one of anger, shock or dismay, but instead one of pleasant surprise. “See what you do to me, ma?” “Lord yes son!” she replied.

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I lunged for her. She grabbed me and pulled me to her. The rest all happened so fast I can hardly recall it all in order. My tongue was down her throat in a matter of seconds and she was wrapping herself around me. I pushed back on her and climbed on her as I searched her hungry mouth with my tongue. We began to dry hump each other. I reached down and grabbed under her to kneed her ass. I let my fingers move to her crotch and her shorts were soaked in the crotch. My cock strained to break through Levi Strauss’ denim as she groped my cock.

Without a word I got onto my knees and undid my Levis. Mom helped and then slid my pants down past my hips, my cock bursting free. “No underwear! Wow!” was all she said as she then gently held my cock in her hand. “Jesus Honey! That is some big cock you have there. How big is it?” she asked, her breath shallow and heaving. “Seven and a half inches when it’s real hard,” I proudly whispered.

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   “Oh my God. It’s so beautiful,” she exclaimed as she looked at it in her tiny hands.

My mom is not a big woman. About 5’2”, about 125 lbs, nice “C” cup breasts and that JLo ass. She had awesome legs and thighs too and the prettiest little feet. In fact once I jerked off imagining myself cumming on her feet. Mom cupped and tugged on my cock and used her other hand to tickle my balls.

“I want you!” I whispered in her ears, very adamant in tone and determination. “I’m yours Baby. Mommy belongs to you. Do whatever ya like with me. ” She was kissing my face, neck and shoulders as she said it. She slid my t-shirt over my head and now I was naked and on top of my still scantily clad mother, my cock resting on her belly when she wasn’t pulling on it. “Take me Honey,” she whimpered. I did.

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I pulled at her t-shirt and off it came. I unhooked her bra and out fell the most gorgeous tits in the world – hard nipples, freckles on her chest and she smelled of just showered goodness. She began to pull down her pants and lo and behold she was not wearing underwear either. “No underwear for you either, huh?” She sheepishly looked into my eyes, pulled me down to her and whispered “It feels so good for the knotty material in the hem at the crotch to rub against my bare pussy lips. ” That was it for me.

I hovered above her and looked her in the eyes as I guided my cock between her uplifted legs. She adjusted ever so slightly and my cock touched her substantial, wrinkled pussy lips. They were moist and I could smell her scent. “I smell you! That makes me crazy!” I growled at her. “Show me!” was all she said.

I put my cock into her and she gasped as it pierced her cunt. She moaned as I slid deeper into her pussy. Three or four pumps and I was buried in my mom. I slowly pumped in and out of her. She stared into my eyes as I held myself up on locked elbows and slowly worked in and out of her soaked and very hot pussy.

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   I had never felt anything so hot on my cock in my life. “Fuck me Honey” she asked, a certain little girl quality to her expression and her voice. I did.

It didn’t take too long for either of us to cum. A couple of minutes and she’d cum twice and I was almost there, the pent up years of fantasy and frustration about to release. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum Mom! “Cum Baby! Fill me!” she screamed I released and my God what a feeling. She came again as I held her as to me as tight as I could. As my orgasm subsided I began to grow regretful, but she quickly banished that thought in my mind when she whispered “Wanna fuck your mom in her ‘phat ass’ as you call it?”

I never replied. I just smothered her with my lips as we kissed. My cock was still completely stiff as she lifted herself for me to pierce her rectum. I slid my soaked cock into her, no need for extra lube as her pussy was leaking my huge load and her wet pussy lubricants were covering my cock as well. I slid all the way in her and she bit her lip, opened her eyes so wide I thought they would pop out of her head and then she growled, “Fuck my filthy ass! I have wanted you to fuck my ass for so long. I have fucked my own ass with my vibrator imagining it was you!” she exclaimed in her sexual frenzy.

I began to slam her asshole. “Fuck me doggy style Stevie.

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   You can look at my ass that you claim to love so much while you fill me with this big cock!” I pulled out and she rolled onto her belly so fast she almost threw me off the couch. I got on her ass and slid my hardon all the way back into her warm asshole. Mom began to groan into a throw pillow in the corner, stopping only long enough to encourage me to work her over real good. “Fuck that ass Baby. This is your ass! Fuck it so good no one else will ever get the chance!”

I placed my hands on the small of her back and pushed her down into the couch,.
    I withdrew all the way on every stroke and then would slam all the way back in on each plunge. She screamed a muffled scream into the pillow each time I hit bottom again. Her cumming was explosive. She slid her hands under her belly and fingered herself as I slammed her brown eye for all my 18 year old ass could muster. My orgasm built again and she could feel my cock harden to it’s pre-cumming steel like state.

    As I began to cum I pulled out and she let her pussy go and reached around her back and pumped my cock with both hands as my cum shot all over her ass and back. As my cum subsided I leaned down onto her now covered in my sweat back and ordered her to “put it back in your pussy mom!” She did and she came again as I pumped her as the last of my pleasure slipped away. I collapsed on her, panting and dreading having to look at her now. I mean, what does one say after they have cum in and on their own mother twice in 18 minutes?

    She held me on her back as she moaned gently. “Oh my God Stevie! Oh my God Honey! Oh my God!” was all she said at first.

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       Naturally fear crept in. I got off of her and she lay on the couch covered in my sweat and cum. I stood up and enjoyed the sight, knowing it might be the last time I ever saw this if mom had second thoughts, but that was a baseless fear on my part, for I had created, or more accurately, I had finally enjoyed the whore my mother would become.

    She pushed herself up and slid around on the couch and lay there panting and looking at me. “That was the most incredible thing I have ever felt!” she huffed at me, her breath evading her ability to regain her composure. I decided to not fear this anymore. I stood there, my cock still long and now hanging down between my legs. I placed my hands on my hips as sweat ran down my chest and off my forehead, onto my nose and dripped onto the floor.

    “We’d better get cleaned up,” she suggested and again I began to grow concerned there would be repercussions from this. I could not have been more wrong, unless by repercussion, one considers their mother worshiping their cock from this moment forward. “C’mon, lets’ go jump in my shower. I’ll wash your back,” she smiled. She grabbed our disheveled clothing pile and then grabbed me by the hand and led me to the shower in her master bedroom. She dropped the clothes in the hamper and pulled me into her large stand up shower.

    Good to her word she washed my entire body as if my servant.


       She even played it up, calling me “master” as she did various things to me. I stood and leaned back on the sidewall as she knelt and washed my feet, and the washing she gave my cock and balls and asshole was amazing. I hadn’t been bathed by anyone since mom when I was a little guy, and this was surely a bit different that that was, I was pretty sure.

    I decided to play it up a bit as she knelt at my feet. “Cock a bit bigger than you remember?” I teased. She looked up at me and swallowed it whole. She then let it fall from her mouth and said “Biggest cock I have ever seen in real life…way bigger than your dads’ cock too! Where did ya get it from?” she teased? “I don’t know Ma, I wasn’t there when I was conceived. ” She laughed and admitted, “Yeah, I forgot!” and smiled happily.

    We finished and I went to my room to get dressed after my slave dried my entire body for me. I liked having a servant. I emerged after a few minutes and nervously went downstairs where I could hear mom doing something. What a surprise I got.

    There was mom in the kitchen. She was wearing a dress, heels, her brown hair pulled back and she wore a full apron. I just stared at her, having never seen her dressed like that before.

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       I mean dresses sure, as she worked in an office, but the apron/homemaker thing was new for sure. “Suzy Homemaker, huh?” I teased.

    She dropped whatever she had in her hand and approached me. Even in those four inch heels she was six inches shorter than my six foot frame. She grabbed onto me, looked up at me and whispered, “A woman should be demure unless her man wants her otherwise to behave. Can I still be your little slut in private?” she asked, again pouring on the little girl thing.

    “Uh, I like ya dressed like a slut mom, just not for my friends is all. I guess I am just jealous, is all. Then to show me this was all an act, she unzipped her dress and slid out of it. There she stood in the kitchen, naked but for a garter belt and hose and her black pumps. “How’s this for ya Sweetie? Is this slutty enough for ya?” she teased. I grabbed her and pulled her. “Oh God! Is there more?” “More than you can stand!” I confidently replied as I led her led her back up the stairs.

    She squealed like a little girl the whole way, but the little girl thing ended when I slammed her door shut and threw her to her bed. “Open up Mom.

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       I got at least one more load for ya. Where ya want it? “Anywhere you’d like to deposit it, Lover,” she addressed me. “Don’t ya mean Master?” She thrilled at that and fell to her knees in front of me as she ripped at my shorts. She pulled them down, placed my hands on the top of her head and then swallowed my cock.

    I leaned back on the near wall and she stared into my eyes for the entire 5 or 6 minutes she sucked until I exploded in her mouth. She withdrew and pumped my cock, screaming in a low, muffled howl, “Cum on me Baby. Cover your whore in your cum!” I did. I could not believe my third nut in less than one hour could have been so plentiful, but she stroked, sucked and licked until the last drops subsided, then she sucked the head only and drove me to near fainting with post-orgasmic pleasure.

    I took two steps to my right and collapsed onto the bed on my back. She wiped her mouth, climbed on me and lay with her entire body on my chest. She kicked her legs and then crossed her ankles behind her as she looked into my eyes. “I love you Steven. I am yours and yours alone as long as you want me. ”

    I lay in bliss, imagining the future. Damn, I thought to myself, life is good! Way good!

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