Mom treats her son on his 16th Birthday


Topic: Moms Treats her son on his 16th Birthday.
My Big Secret
Years ago when I was 18 something happened with my mother that I haven't been able to talk about.   On my 16th Birthday she said she had a girl she wanted me to meet.   "It's a surprise for your birthday," she said.
She told me to go downstairs and hop in the car, and she'd be down in a few minutes after she changed.
When she came out and got in the car I couldn't help notice what she was wearing.   The tight skirt and blouse looked almost too good on her because she has always had a good figure.
So she pulls out of the driveway and says, "I don't want you to say anything at all, this is a surprise and I don't want you asking any questions"
This really got me thinking because I was wondering just what she had in store for me.   And just who was this girl she wanted to surprise me with.
After a ten minute drive or so, she turns in a hotel parking lot and getting out of the car she says, "lets go she's upstairs in a room I got earlier. "
Going through the lobby and taking the elevator up I'm completely bewildered at this point wondering just what she had in store.  
So when we get to the room and enter there's nobody there at all.
She says, "Just make yourself comfortable she's going to be getting here soon. "
Walking towards the bathroom she says, "In the meantime I'm going to take a shower, help yourself to the vodka and orange juice on the table. "
She goes into the bathroom, closes the door, and in a couple minutes I hear the shower going.

So, I'm pour myself a strong one and gulp it down.

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    It gets me a little tipsy and I decide to have another one to really feel good.
After ten minutes or so I hear her turn the shower off.
I decide to have a third drink. . . why not.   Then after a few minutes mom opens the door and steps in front of the mirror.    But she's wearing nothing but a black bra, heels and no panties.
I try to act relaxed and not really notice.   But the reflection in the mirror was straight in front of me.
"So do you like what you see?" "Come on. . . don't be shy" she urges, "Tell me what you think.
I couldn't believe what was happening.

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    Looking at her in the mirror I could see her pussy was completely shaved.  
So I kind of mumble something like "yeah you look kinda nice mom. "
And she says "kinda nice?"  "That's all?"
So I admitted "well yeah mom you look real good like that. "
Then the next thing she says floors me.   She walks over to where I'm sitting and says, "I'd really like it if you got undressed with me too.   Is that okay?"
I couldn't believe what she was asking me.
      I couldn't move. I was speechless.   She comes closer insisting, "Come on I'm stripped it's only fair if you do too. "
    So kinda nervous and shy I stood up and took off my pants and shirt.    And she said, "don't stop there. "  "I'm nude so you don't have to be shy. "
    So I slid out of my underwear and I couldn't hide that I was getting a little bit hard.
    And she say's something like. .

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      . "Mmm I think you Do like seeing me this way. "
    I couldn't believe what she did next.   She steps closer, turns her back to me and say, "now I want you to take off my bra for me. "
    So I nervously reached for the clasp, fumbled with it for a moment and then she dropped her bra to the floor and turned to me.
    "Well, what do you think?" she asked.
    Seeing my mom completely stripped, I couldn't hide the way my body was reacting, even though I felt embarrassed.
    It's difficult for me to say this but even though we shouldn't have undressed like that together it excited me because it was so wrong what we were doing stripping like that together. Alone in a hotel room like this!  It was just so, so wrong.   But that was
    actually really exciting.   I was so hard seeing my mom nude like this.   And being naked and hard right in front of her was getting me way too excited.
    That's all that I can say.   Because what happened next was so naughty.   And for all these years I've carried this secret.

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    Having the chance to post it here has been a big help.
    Maybe one day I'll be able to tell the rest and completely release what I've kept inside for so long.



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