Mom Takes Advantage


"Go on Johnny, its your turn!", shouted my best mate Kev. We had been making a ramp higher and higher by stacking crates under it. This time we had put another three under it and it was my turn to go first. Trying to look as cool as possible I took off at high speed towards the ramp. Next thing I knew I woke up on the sofain my house. Mom was leaning over me holding a damp cloth above my eye. "Wh-what happened?", I stammered, trying to focus my eyes through the thumping pain ofmy head. "You fell off your bike Johnny, your badly bruised but you'll live", mom replied. It was then that I noticed or more, felt, that I didn't have any clothes on. "Where the hells my clothes mom?" I shouted, trying to get up, only to be forced back down by the pain. "Calm down Johnny, youve cut all the inside of your leg and your stomach, I had to take them off to clean you up. ""But mom. . . ", I protested, only for her to put her finger over my lips and tell me to relax. With that she got up and walked into the kitchen.

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   I couldn't believe it. Here I was lying naked and totally helpless on the sofa. I suddenly felt very tired and must have nodded off because the next thing I knew I awoke to the sensation of someonecarressing my inner thighs. "Johnny, are you awake?"It was mom!"Johnny, im just rubbing some more cream on your cuts, are you awake?"For some reason which I still don't know to this day, I pretended to be asleep. Moms hands continued massaging my thighs and slipped around onto my stomach. Mom wasn't bad looking for her age, 39 years old, long dark red hair which ran half way down her back, I hadn't really noticed before, but as I lay there I thought about how large and firm her breasts looked through her clothes. I also started thinking about her long slender legs and voluptous arse. What the hell was I doing? Here I was lying naked thinking sexy thoughts about my mom while she rubbed cream on my legs and stomach. Then the inevitable happened. I felt butterflies in my stomach and a tingling sensation in my cock. "No, no, please god no", I thought as i felt my cock begin to stir. Within seconds the head of my cock stood proud, 7 inches above my body. My only option was to pretend I was still sleeping. There was no way I was gonna open my eyes now!I felt my moms hands stop for a moment. "Johnny, are you awake?", she whispered, rather half-heartedly.

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  I said nothing, doing my best not to move a muscle. Then her hands started to wander again, slowly and sexily rubbing my inner thighs. Little by little I felt her hands move steadily closer to my now hugely swollen dick. Gently she carresed my balls and juggled them about between her fingers. My breathing was becoming laboured as I tried desperately to feign sleep. Her other hand was now wrapped around my dick, slowly carressing up and down, from the bottom right up to my enlarged blood filled head. She pulled the foreskin over it and then gently back down, gathering a steady pace. "Shit!", I thought to myself, "Im gonna blow my load all over my fucking moms hands!". Then all of a sudden she stopped. "Thank fuck for that", was the only thing I could think, but after a moment or two I suffered an anti-climax. Here I was close to having the most intense orgasm of my life when it had all come to an abrupt end, or so I thought. I heard mom stirring next to me. It sounded like something unzipping. I inched my eyes open ever so slightly and saw mom standing over me, fumbling with the zipper on her jeans. Pretty soon they were down and shestepped out of them revealing her white knickers.

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   They appeared to be stained round the front and I could catch the occasional smell of her juices. Next she unbuttoned her blouse and slid out of that too and for the first time I got a decent look at my moms breasts, all be it through her matching bra. By this time my cock was at full height again, I couldn't believe how sexy mom looked and how much I got turned on by her. Through the slits of my eyes I watched mom unhookher bra and let it fall to the floor in one swift move. Her breasts bounced out and jiggled about in front of me. Her nipples were absolutely huge and stood about half an inch proud of her breasts. What she done next shocked me to the core. I closed my eyes as she approched me, holding a breast in each hand. I felt her climbing onto the sofa down by my feet, then she gently grabbed my ankles and spread my legs apart a little. I could feel her softsensual skin rubbing against the hairs of my legs as she leaned forward and started kissing my belly. Then she took hold of my dick and ever so gently placed it inbetween her warm breasts. I felt such a sense of well being and resolved myself to just lie back and enjoy. Her hands gently positioned my penis and then cupped either side of her breast. She started swaying back and forward, building up a steady rhythm. My cock was in heaven, crushed either side by my moms own beautiful breasts.

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   She let out a moan as she went faster and faster. My cock was being sucked in and spat out as if by a vacumn cleaner. Her moaning got louder and louder as she got faster and faster. "What the fuck", I thought, "Im gonna cum all over moms big fucking tits!"But to my dismay and horror she stopped again. I didn't know how much more I could take. I felt like opening my eyes and jacking off in front of her. "Im sorry Johnny, but i've gotta do this", she whispered. "You'll never know anyway". With that she pulled herself up so that she was squatting above my rock hard shaft, and then she just sat down on top of it. I almost screamed, but managed to smother it, as my mom began to pound up and down on my cock. "Oh god, Im fucking my own son, Im bobbing up and down on my own son's cock", she cried. "What a fucking whore I am, having sex with my own son", she shouted now. She was really letting go and I just had to lie there while she fucked me hysterically shouting out all kinds of stuff. I felt her juices run down my cock and trickle onto my balls as she bounced up and down on me. I had to look, I didn't really care if I got caught now.

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   After all, it was her who was fucking me. I opened my eyes into slits againand looked up. Mom had her eyes shut and her hands were rubbing her nipples in small circular motions. I heard a squishing noise and looked down at her nicely shaven cunt, spewing out its juices. "Im in heaven", i thought as I felt my cum begin to build inside of me and rise slowly up into my dick. Mom was bouncing about like a mad woman now, screaming about how dirty and wicked she was. I knew there was no holding back and I felt my hot jism spew out of my dick, mixing with mom's juices. I was on top of theworld, I felt brilliant as mom screamed her head off obviously having an orgasm aswell. My dick started to go soft and I felt mom lift herself off me. We were covered in sweat and juices and there was a squelch as ourbodies parted. With that, mom went into the kitchen and came back with a towel. She quietly cleaned me up and put a pair of boxer shorts on me. Then she kissed me goodnight, a full on smacker right on the lips. "I can't let this happen again", I heard her mutter as she made her way towards the bedroom. "Oh yes", I thought to myself, "you bet its gonna happen again.

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   Only this time, I'll be fucking YOU senseless!"To be continued. . . . . . .