Mom: My First Love Pt 2


My mattress was still wet the next night so I was happy to sleep with my mom again. It actually hadn’t seemed to be any drier and I couldn’t figure that out but I wasn’t complaining. I had to keep my legs crossed or my back turned to mom because I had a hard-on nearly the whole evening just thinking about her in bed with me and maybe being able to fuck her ass cheeks again. I was furiously trying to think of some way I could actually fuck her. Tonight I really wanted to feel her tits. Once again I got to bed first and once again she wore a very short nightie. This time it was one that buttoned up the front and once again I got a good show as she came into the room. I could see her crotch perfectly silhouetted in the doorway and for some reason she paused and turned sideways as if she had forgotten something. This also gave me a great look at her tits and I just stared. I could see that she only had the bottom button buttoned and it was partially open all the way down to her waist.

After a few seconds she turned and came to bed. My dick was so hard it was poking out of my briefs but I didn’t care. I was facing her direction as she picked up the sheets and climbed in. She lifted them up high enough that she could have seen my cock sticking out but I didn’t know if she had. She climbed in and slid down under the sheets and I knew that the nightie had to be halfway up her tummy.

She turned toward me for another hug and kiss good night just like the night before.

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  I gave her a little kiss on the lips and said “good night mom”. My hand went around her back and pulled her toward me for the hug. I was right, her back was bare and I knew her naked pussy was only inches away from my cock. She willingly moved toward me for a little embrace and our chests touched. Her nightie was completely open!I felt her nipples up against my chest. I was almost out of control. I kissed her on the lips again and she returned the kiss. My hand once again moved down her back, onto her ass, this time her naked ass. She didn’t stop me at first and my hand fondled her ass for several seconds before she said, “Now honey, that’s very sweet but you shouldn’t get yourself worked up. We have to get some sleep. ”It was just like last night except that it was several more seconds before she put her hand on mine and gently moved it over to her hip. She gave me one more little squeeze and I was hoping she would move her hips close to me so she could feel my cock but then she rolled over and seemed to be asleep very quickly.

When her breathing seemed regular and I was sure she was asleep, I once again slipped off my briefs and moved up against her and positioned my cock between her ass cheeks. My hand went around her and this time her arm wasn’t in the way of her pussy. As I started to fuck her ass cheeks, I groped for and found her pussy.

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  I didn’t really know what to do, I just wanted the thrill of touching her. I found her pubic mound. She was on her side but both legs were splayed apart enough for me to get a little taste of what a woman’s pussy was like. I found her slit and gently ran my finger along it.
    It was actually very moist and I heard her give out a low moan in her sleep. I was afraid she would wake up and I would be caught so I stopped but I kept on running my cock back and forth over her ass cheeks.

    I wanted something more so I ran my hands up her front. Even the single button was undone and the nightie might as well have not been there. I found first one breast and then the other, cupping them in my hands and then caressing the nipples. She let out another soft “mm-mm” and her hips were moving slightly with my stroking. It was so exciting that again I came almost immediately. My mom moved her arms, putting her hands down between her legs, covering up her pussy and I finished cumming, splashing cum all over her ass and back. My mom was still gently moving in her sleep (or so I thought) and a little while after I came, her breath became short and I noticed that her arms were quietly moving. I think she was fingering herself to an orgasm. After a while there came several short breaths and then she quieted down.

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    Once again I must have fallen asleep and once again woke up to mom making breakfast. And once again the sheets were totally off and I was laying there nude on the bed. I don’t know how mom didn’t see that. When I got up, she still had on the nightie and now the one button was fastened again. But I could still see through the fabric and got another hard-on seeing her every curve. She changed while I was in the bathroom and we had another cheery breakfast and nothing was said about her waking up with crinkly dried cum on her ass and the bed damp from cum stains. She drove me to school, gave me a kiss and drove off to work.