Mom & Mrs.Taylor Try To Take Over


Mom and Mrs. Taylor are very good friends. I discovered how good of friends they were last week when I got a bit too curious for my own good. Now I am paying the price, but I think I like it.

My mom and I live alone in a small house - really more of a cottage - on a quiet, tree lined lane in the far suburbs of a large city. Mrs. Taylor, Lenora Taylor, and Mom have been friends since high school. I had began to wonder about mom and Lenora Taylor's bond. They did almost everything together. If mom isn't around it's a sure bet she and Lenora are up to something. I got to doing a little snooping, and it has sorta backfired, but to add to my confusion, it may be that the backfire is my salvation. Let me explain.

I spent two weeks devising a plot to spy on them when they thought I wasn't around. Mom let me spend the night at my pal Danny's house last Friday, so she thought. Danny was supposed to spend the night with a different friend, so he and I cooked up this little scheme. He went to his other friend's house and I had a night of freedom.

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   Lenora arrived at my house about 9:30 that night. I hid in the bushes around the side of the house and peered into the living room through the dining room window.

Lenora walked in, her and mom spoke about three words and jumped into each others arms and started tongue kissing. I was shocked and excited. At 16, and in between my sophomore and junior years of high school, I was no dummy. I had sex with a few dozen girls by then and knew about lesbians and eating pussy, but it was hot to think of my mom and her best friend doing it. Especially so considering the physical differences between the two of them.

Mom was short and squat with big tits. Lenora was taller, leaner, less curvy, but still very attractive. She and her husband had no kids, so she still had her more youthful shape whereas mom is always fussing at me for "ruining" her body in childbirth. Sometimes I think mom resents me. Anyway, I took in the sight before my eyes. They kissed for what seemed like an hour, but was probably 3 or 4 minutes. They broke their tonguing and stripped right there behind the shuttered blinds in the living room. I was rubbing my 7 inch cock for all it was worth.

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   Lenora reached into a sizable bag she'd walked in with and strapped on a huge dildo. She was gonna fuck my mom with it! I jacked off harder.

I could not believe my lucky young eyes. My mom sucked it. Lenora put her hands on mom's head and ordered her to suck her big cock, and my slut mom was on her knees acting as if the cock was a real one. I came on the outside wall below the window ledge. I came so hard I almost passed the fuck out. I watched as the evenings events progressed and came again before I stole off and slept in the outside detached garage. I awoke in the mid morning, checked to see I was unobserved and walked in through the kitchen door. Mom was standing there making coffee.

"Hey Tommy," she said. "How was your sleep over?" she asked. "Fine," I replied, but something in her voice was a little off kilter. As I tried to pass her she grabbed me by the arm and said, "Okay ya lying little bastard, You're just like your sorry assed father. Where were you all night Tom?" I began to panic, but instead got angry.

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   Whenever I did anything she didn't like she would tell me I was like my dad who abused her, cheated on her and left us in a lurch when he took off when I was 18 She was a bitch and it hit me wrong, for better or for worse.

"Let go of me you fucking cunt sucking Bitch!" I screamed as I pulled away form her. She looked taken aback, but only for a moment. "Yeah, I spied on you and Lenora last night! I saw it all. The strap on dildo you sucked and I watched as she fucked you with it. Then I went and slept in the garage!" She slapped me across the face. That was a real bad idea.

I grabbed her arms and pinned her against the fridge. She was seething and spitting in my face calling me every name in the book. It only fueled my rage. "Alright ya fucking whore, I will treat you like one," I hissed as I began dragging her to the living room. She was just 5'2" and weighed maybe 140, where as I was almost 6 feet tall, almost 200 lbs and rather muscular. She strained but she made no progress at all.

I slapped her across the mouth and she spat in my face. I ripped her clothes from her.

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   She was now naked and madder than a hornet. I turned her around, held her hands behind her back with my left hand and stripped off my clothes with my right, ripping all the buttons from my shirt tearing it open. By the time I was naked my cock was bursting, pressed against her phat and shapely ass. "Hmmm. . . ," I muttered "nice ass for a fucking bitch!" She grunted and began to plead with me, but I knew her game. I held her arms and bent her over the back of the couch and slammed my cock all the way into her wet cunt. I drove her on and on and despite herself she was thrusting back at me. Then she tricked me good.

She started getting into it. I slowly lessened my grip and she became an active participant in what was now steamy and too long denied sexuality between us. She became a tiger. She fucked me, sucked my cock, licked my asshole and every other imaginable thing we could do. She fervently ate my cum and sucked me dry.

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   We did that for about 45 minutes in the living room. When I figured she was whipped I finally let down my guard.

She grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom, threw me on the bed and mounted me. She fucked me like her life depended on it. When we'd finished that nut she cooed all sweetly and offered to get me a beer saying anyone who had that cock and could fuck like that was a man no matter what their age. She returned with two Bud's and we spooned. It was unbelievable. I wanted to chat about what had happened but she was more intent on me eating her slammed and sloppy hole, so I did. I never saw Lenora enter the room.

I felt something cold against me. Lenora had a large kitchen knife in her hand. "Get off of her you little fuck!" she seethed into my ear. I did. My cock was hard and glistening with cum and mom's wet cunt juice. I looked at the knife Lenora held and wondered if she would actually use it on me.

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   Mom jumped up and started slapping me in the face. She screamed all kinds of foul shit at me, still naked mind you. Her fat tits swayed and bucked as she fumed.

"Do we call the cops Betty?" Lenora asked. "I don't know baby," mom replied. Then Lenora pulled a pair of handcuffs from her bag and I was cuffed with one hand free, the other to the very substantial bed post of mom's huge old oak bed. Now they had me. I wondered what was next. I didn't have to wait long to find out.

Mom fished around in her purse and pulled out her cell phone and started taking pictures of me lying cuffed on the bed. Then Lenora took photos of mom's bruises from my force fucking the bitch. I began to piece together what was next. They threatened to show the pics to the cops if I ever breathed a word of this or if I refused to obey their every command. Then I discovered my fate at their perverted hands. They rolled me over on the bed and cuffed my other arm to the other bed post.

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   Then mom went to her closet and opened a locked trunk Out came implements of my sexual destruction.

Lenora began to whip me with a belt. My bare ass burned, but I was turned on all the same. Then the evil cunts decided to give me "a taste of my own medicine," and Lenora donned the strap on and mounted me. Mom climbed on the bed and wedged herself between my face and the headboard and ordered me to suck her cunt. As I did so, all the while under threat of worse if I bit her or did anything else they did not like. Lenora slid the dildo in my ass. She then began to pump in and out of me.

She leaned down on my back and bit my shoulder. "Like that ya little faggot?" she hissed at me. "Like a big cock in your little ass?" She pumped in and out of me. Mom held my face to her abused and swollen cunt. I licked for all I was worth. Despite the stinging of my ass cheeks from the belt and the dildo in my ass, I was getting aroused even more. After some 18 minutes or so Lenora pulled the dildo out of me.

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   Mom moved from my face, took the dildo from Lenora and then mom shoved the used dildo in my mouth.

After a couple minutes of that I was granted a reprieve, sort of. They released my bindings and ordered me to turn over. I did. There they stood, naked before me. Then they tongue kissed and started playing Jekyll and Hyde with me. Now they were talking nice. "Like fucking momma, honey?" mom asked very sweetly. I was too confused and cautious to answer. I just looked at her. "That's a great cock and you are pretty good with it," she purred. "Now give it to Lenora. You want to fuck Lenora, don't you?" I just stared.

"Boy, you better make it hard and keep it that way. And Lenora better enjoy it too or it'll be your ass!" mom said.

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   I rubbed my cock while they kissed and mom fingered Lenora. Then Lenora bent over and mom pulled her cheeks apart and I stood behind Lenora as mom took my cock and guided it in Lenora's pretty tight cunt. "Now fuck my lover like your life depends on it boy!" she seethed at me. I did. I grabbed Lenora's firm ass and pumped her. Mom kissed her and cooed at her as I did so. In about 8 or 9 minutes Lenora had squirmed through at least 3 orgasms. mom then instructed me "Don't cum in her! When ya cum, pull it out and cum on her back. "

Well, hearing that was all I needed. I pumped a few more strokes and pulled out and rubbed my cock until I deposited a healthy amount of thick sticky cock snot on Lenora's small of her back. Mom jumped up and positioned herself to lick up my cum, but then she grabbed my nipple very hard and pulled me down. "Lick that shit off my woman's body, you filthy little prick! Now!" I did so. "Swallow it! All of it" I did.

Lenora stood and turned around. "Open your mouth faggot!' she said.

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   I did and she tongued my mouth clean of traces of my own cum. Then she pulled back and spit in my face. Oddly, I liked that and she saw that I did. Lenora reached down and grabbed my now almost flaccid cock and balls in her hand. She squeezed just ever so gently and leaned in close to make her point. "If it were up to me I would squeeze this until you passed out, then I would truss you up, cut it off and shove it in your mouth until ya chocked to death, faggot!" she screamed. I kept wondering why she kept calling me "fag" considering I was fucking two women at the same time.

It seemed for at least the time being they'd tired of abusing me. They had - physically. I mean Christ I had fucked both of them near to death so their bodies and sexual aggression were spent, but their filthy and domineering minds were still in high gear.

They made no secret of their intentions. We all remained naked as they set me straight on how the future would unfold. "Well Sweetie," Lenora purred at mom," let's tell him how life will be from now on. " Mom had an evil grin cross her face. "Tom, you have opened some new doors for all of us.


   Lenora and I love to abuse men. See, men are pigs and you are a pig. You will be our personal little slave/slut and will do what we demand. Are we clear?" I looked at her, grabbed one of her cigarettes and lit it. Mom tried to snatch it from my hand. I grabbed her arm and held her. Lenora started to move on me and I grabbed her around the throat as she came too close with her overconfidence.

"No you fucking bitches! You are my whore slaves! Got it?" Mom started to move and I looked her in the eyes. "If you move toward the knife or the phone I will choke her to death before you can do anything. Reading me, you fucking lesbian cunt? Do you?" I screamed. She whimpered her acceptance through tears welling up in her eyes.

I then layed it out for them. "See, you stupid cunts, it was all good until you raped me. You had me, but once you fucked my asshole, well, what do ya think will happen when the cops come? They will examine me and see I was raped, my DNA all over the dildo. I am a 18 year old kid, you two are forty year old women.

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   Think a judge would like a mom and her cunt sucking pal raping a sixteen year old boy?" They looked panicked, and with good reason.

I went for the kill. "Here's how it's going to be. I run the show, you two are my cunts to use as I see fit. I happen to know some of my friends think you are hot Lenora. Wonder how much they'd pay to fuck you?" She looked very concerned, but she was at least smart enough to also show her resignation. I still had my hand on Lenora's clavicle, and I reiterated I was still giving the orders. "Sit down mother!" I sternly instructed. She did.

And to make sure the two of you do as you're told, I am taking possession of your little strap on Lenora. I too have a locked trunk, ya know. I bet if I wrap that thing up real good so it preserves my blood and DNA on it, it'll be good to use as evidence for the judge to send the two of you to prison for about 25 years or so. As cunt eaters that might sound good to ya, but you will never see each other again. Does that sound like something ya want?"

Hand me your cell phones - both of you," I slowly instructed. They looked at each other in shock and did as ordered.

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   "I'll keep these and the pictures as more evidence. Go get new phones tomorrow if ya want, but these two are mine now. Any objections?" They both nodded in unison their acquiescence. "Good! Seems you two cunts are smarter than I thought. How fucking nice!" I added. I picked up the cigarette mom had knocked from my mouth and lit it again. I offered one to each of them and they took it and we had a nice smoke and continued our chatting.

I made sure our new reality was clearly understood by them. I lauded over them that their little plan had backfired. They were both weepy. It was sweet to see considering the last few hours. I continued to make sure they grasped that I held all the cards. "You dumb cunts need to understand that in any public airing of this, it will be me who's the victim and you two the criminals. Oh, and guess what else? I am going to make copies of the photos and a scraping of the dildo with my blood and DNA all over it. Then I am going to do what I saw in an old Perry Mason episode.

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   I will pay a lawyer - well actually Betty - you don't mind if I call you Betty do ya mom?" I prodded and continued on. "You will pay a lawyer a retainer to keep the evidence in his safe all locked up with instructions that if ANYTHING happens to me - and I mean A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G, the two of you dumb cunts go to jail for sure. Hmmm, I think murdering me to end this will land both of you on Death Row. Wanna find out bitches?" I asked. They both nodded no.

"And I do not want to see or hear of you Lenora unless I have granted permission to come here. Read me?" She nodded that she got my point. "Gee, wonder what your old man would say Lenora?" She was about filled to the brim with hatred for me and it unbalanced her. She slipped up in overconfidence in countering me. "Don't make me laugh!" she replied. "That pencil dick does what I tell him. He's my slave. In fact usually when I am here with Betty he is at home, trussed to a chair, his tiny cock and balls in a restraint as he waits for me to return home and piss on him. " I just smiled at her. Wow, that sounds like fun.

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   Now go home and take my cell phone and fill it with pictures of him in that condition and get your ass back here and I mean now!"

She hesitated trying to out think me on this. "Remember bitch, I have all the evidence I need to send you to jail for 25 years. Wanna see if I am right or not? Wanna challenge me and see which one of us prevails? In fact, here," I said handing her the land line phone from the receiver. "Call him now. I know he's home. Call him and tell him to truss up his tiny cock and to wait for you until you arrive. " She thought she could best me, but she was wrong. "Remember Lenora, I have you. Cry, plead, bitch and moan all you like, I have you. Either it's my way or the hiway straight to prison. Wanna push me and see if I mean it?" She was balling pretty good now. She bucked up and called her husband.

    She instructed and informed him she would be home soon to give him his reward. And to make sure all went as I demanded, I and mom went along. We drove the two miles to her rather palatial home and walked in to find her husband in the master bedroom closet.

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      . He was wearing ankle restraints that were locked with a padlock to an eye bolt that extended from the floor of the large closet. There on the wall, behind the clothes, were all manner of restraints and such. He looked aghast as the three of us walked in.

    Lenora then retrieved the cock and balls restraint and attached it to his "manhood. " She then trussed his free hand to the wall restraints and placed a ball gag on his head and in his mouth.

    Then I pulled out my cell and took pictures. Lots of them. See Lenora's old man was a city councilman as well as the CEO of a very successful company. He had an awful lot to lose if this info became public and so did Lenora, and knowing her for the fronting, social climbing bitch she was, she would do almost anything to protect herself from that. Then Lenora surprised me. She looked at him and announced very confidently, "Honey, do what he says and the next time he fucks me I'll let you eat his cum. Would you enjoy that dear?" she teased. He was shocked but still nodded his head in an almost imperceptible manner of acceptance.

    I took over.

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       "Okay Lenora, release one of his hands and we'll get going. He can free himself after we're gone. Sound okay to you?" I asked him. He nodded. "Oh, and Mr. Taylor, this is not personal against you. You are a nice man - odd sexually, but hey, I could give a shit what trips your little trigger. And before ya get all figuring you can outsmart me and cop my evidence against ya, did ya know my mom and your wife were pussy sucking lezzies? That they raped me? I have the DNA evidence and pictures and I am giving them to an attorney for safe keeping, so if I develop even a cough, it will go hard on you. Feel me?" He nodded, the fear in his eyes clearly showing through.

    "Sorry Mr. Taylor, but I have to protect myself here. If you're as smart about this as you are about business, this will pass to oblivion and no one ever is the wiser. Fuck with me and you, your cunt wife and my bitch mom will go down with me. All for one and all that rot!" I added. "Got me?" He nodded.

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       "Remove the gag Lenora," I ordered. She did.

    "Better, Mr. Taylor" I asked. "Yes, thank you," he replied. "Now are we clear Mr. Taylor? I have the goods on all three of you. I would hate to out you. You haven't harmed me, and in fact I always though you were a nice man married to a cunt from Hell. " I looked at Lenora and she shot me a sly gin of acceptance. "Don't smile or agree with me. I can't be here to protect you from her forever, and no telling what the sadistic bitch would do to you to exact her revenge. By the way, did ya know she wanted to murder me? Yeah, she told me herself!" He looked at her in total shock.

    "Stop looking at me Arthur," she scolded. He averted his eyes.

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       "You poor bastard, " I commiserated with him. He thought better of agreeing and shifted back into firm obedience of her. He lowered his head and stated, "Sorry Mistress, " he said to Lenora.

    "Hey," I wondered out loud, "if you're her slave and she's mine, does that make you my bitch too?" I smiled and added, "Seems it does to me. " His eyes sorta twinkled. I approached him, and never taking my eyes off mom and Lenora I quietly told him, "If you are lucky maybe I'll dump a load in her asshole and you can eat it! You'd like that, wouldn't you Arthur?" He did not reply out of fear for Lenora. "Wow, you poor fucker," was all I could say. "Let's get" I said to mom and Lenora. We got back into Lenora's car and she drove mom and I back home.

    At home I let Lenora come in and remake herself to look like she did before I tore her ass up. "I'll be calling when I am ready for you, Lenora" I informed her. She looked at mom in a sort of panic, as if I would deny them their private pleasures. "Now go home and beat poor Arthur, you sadistic bitch. And unlike you Lenora, and mother" I said looking both in the eye, one after the other, "if, if, if you do as I instruct and don't give me any trouble, I will allow you two to have your little fun. I can be benevolent.

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       I can also be a tyrant. It's all up to you. Do you understand me Lenora? Mom, are we on the same page here?" Mom nodded her understanding.

    "Okay Lenora, go home and try not to torture your meal ticket to death, okay ya sassy little bitch?" Oddly, she seemed to like that. "Yes sir, " she replied. She left, I locked the door and turned to mother. "Fuck I am hungry. " "Want me to feed you?" she asked. "What, and poison me before I get to the lawyer's office on Monday morning?"

    She looked sort of shocked. "Tom, you are my son and while I have been less than a perfect mother, I would never hurt you or let anyone else. You can trust me Tom. " I looked at her. "Oh, ya mean like when we were fucking this morning and you acted all okay with it until ya called the cunt to put a knife to my back? Like that ya mean?"

    She smiled and replied "Yeah, like that. " Then she approached me and looked up at me. She grasped me around my neck and started kissing me.

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       "Look Tommy, Lenora and I have been in love since high school. We will always love and be involved with each other, but despite that, you are my child and our bond, while strained and tested is the strongest in the world. Son," she added, very sincerely, "I would allow you to kill me before I would allow anyone to harm you. If anyone is to make your life Hell, that's my job," she said as she traced her fingers over my bulging crotch.

    "Well, we'll see now won't we," I replied, knowing better than to trust her as far as I could throw her. "Well Betty," I pointedly stated, "we will see, won't we?" Mom looked a bit hurt in her heart and said "I'll prove it. I will drive you to whatever lawyer you choose and will pay his retainer for two years for him to keep the evidence. I won't even go in with you to prove it to you. I will live up to this arrangement. Gee," she grinned, "it might even be fun. I haven't had a man fuck me like you did since before your pencil dicked dad.

    "One correction Betty," I added. She arched her eyebrows in wonder. "I will drive myself to whatever lawyer I choose. You don't need to know which one of the thousands of mouthpieces in this town.


      " She nodded and said, "Wow Tom, you do think of almost everything. " "Yeah, I learned it from you Betty, or do you prefer mom?" She smiled. "Whatever you like. And how do I address you?" she asked. "Tom will be fine I guess, although ya might want to get your brain around 'Master' if I end up preferring that.

    "Yes Master," she replied, lowering her head and eyes. "Smart gal," I added. "Oh, and after I eat something, get ready to get fucked again. You can eat if you want, then go get a shower and get on the sexiest thing you have - short, tight skirt, those 'fuck me' stripper shoes in your closet, and put on some make up and get dolled up for your man. " "Yes Master," she replied as she toddled off to eat something. I grabbed a ciggy and lit it. "Hey mom, bring me a beer before ya eat. " "Okay baby," she replied. I plopped down on the sofa, propped my feet up on the couch and turned on the TV. The late afternoon college football games were on.

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    I took the beer from her when she promptly delivered it and thanked her. She smiled, curtsied, and answered, "Anything for my Lord and Master. " We'll see, I thought to myself. I slapped her nice round ass and said "Now go scoot and eat, then I will while you get all sexed up for me. She smiled and ran off into the kitchen to shove down a sandwich and she hurried to her master shower. "Ready in a minute Honey," she said as she disappeared into her room. She left the door opened and I rubbed my cock as I watched her undress. She watched me and put on a nice show stripping as I rubbed my swelling fattie in my jeans.

    This was going to be nice, I decided and jumped up to shove a sandwich down my gullet so I would have the energy to fuck her near to death. How we progress from here is a story for another time. .