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   Mike, take all you cloths off and let us see that huge dick of yours. Mike hearring the command but not believing slowly undressed and whe his mother ripped off his botten up shirt he hurried the pace along until he stood completly naked with his hard prick sticking to his mother. His sister then ulled him on the bed and nibbled on his ear lightly until thier mother got into the bed. As Mike lays on the bed stunned from what was going on he thought about what all of his friends said to do in this situation. So he rapped his arm around his sister and put his hand firmly on her left cheeck and pulled her close to him as his mother lay their grabbing Mikes right hand and put it on his mothers bald beaver and stuck two fingures into it. " Oh Oh Mike. I love it when people play with my pussy. Stick you prick into it. I want soo bad. " Mike and sara's mom said as sara stuck her tounge into Mikes ear and his mom mad him play with her sweet pussy. Mike slowly got up and and pulled his mothers legs apart and got inbetween them. As he looks down at his prick rubbing against his mother sweete vagina and pushed a little. As he watched the head of his erect penis slide home he felt his sister behind him push him forward until the baseof his cock was against he sweet pussy. " Oh Oh god. Yes.

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   Yes oh god harder. " Mikes mother said as she rapped her legs around him to make sure he couldnt get away. She rapped her hands around his young 18 year old head and pulled it to her until he was sucking on his mothers titties. " Mom. What do you want me to do. ?" sara said as she looked in amazement. " Sara. You lick his dick and my pussy. " she said as she smiled . " Oh yes. Oh Mike. Yes. its soo long. And your so young. " As Sara heard her instructions she got donw inbetween the two and starts liking at her brothers large prick when she got the chance and her mothers sweet adult vagina.

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   Often when Mike took his dick out sara would put her tounge over her mothers vagina and waited for Mike to push back down so her tounge went into her moms pussy and still touched her brothers erect dick. " Oh God. God yes. Im CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG. !!" the mother said as her son ramed it harder and harder into his mothers pussy. " Who's your daddy? Who's your daddy. ? Mike yelled out in plessure. " What?" his mother yelled out as she took her sons head out of her huge chest. " Who's your daddy BITCH!?!" Mike yelled out as he felt something push against he growwing dick witch was now 9 inches long. " oh. oh baby. your my daddy. your my daddy. " his mother said as she breathed heavy abnd panted every time Mike rammed her pussy with his dick. As Mike felt something push against his dick her pushed harder and harder until her felt his dick breack threw the wall and felt a ring around the middle of his dick.

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   " Oh Mike. You popped my cherry. " Mike and sara's mom yelled out as it echoed threw the house. " oh Mike. i love that taste. Mike, will you cum in my mouth. i love the taste of mommies cum in my mouth so i want yours too. " sara said as she stuck her head over her mothers pussywhen Mike took his dick out and opend her mouth as wide as she could and Mike's erect penis stretched sara's lips and Mike rammed it so far down sar gagged on the head of his dick. " oh sara. you mouth is so warm, and wet. " Mike yelled out as he rammed his dick into her mouth and looked at his mom layying they with her eyes closed and a look of plessure on her face. He bent down slowly and closed his eyes and pressed his lips against hers and slowly pushed his tounge into her mouth . as Mike kisses his mother she rubs her tounge against his and pressed her huge chest against his bar stomach as the two swap spit as sar sucks on Mike hard dick. " Oh god. Oh god.

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   here it cumms sara. " Mike yelled out as he shot gob after gob after gob oh his white warm sperm and she backed her head up so she could feel her mothers warm lubricated pussy against the back of her head and watched as Mike shot her all over the face with his warm cum. Just as Mike shot the cum ito his sisters mouth and started kissing his mother again the door opend slowly and their stood the childrens shocked dad at what he saw and he watched them all have an incest three some together on the bed he and his wife created the two children on and as sara noticed her father standing there she got up quickly and looked at him as cum started to drip from her mouth down to her fine chest. THE END If you want another story from the mothers or sisters piont of view send me a message and ill type on up. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.


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