Mom helps with injury


My story began around 18 following a little incident on the practice field. Since it was practice I was not wearing any protective gear and took a shot right in the balls. It was enough the coach I better have it looked at just to be safe until my mom came and picked me up to do what she thought. He motioned for one of the dads to come and take me to the dressing room and asked him to take a look at me. It was a very slow walk but he was super nice and told me how something similar happened to him when he was young.

Finally we made it to the changing room where he sat down on a bench in front of me and asked if I was any better. I told him not really. He then said I am going to touch you and tell me if it hurts as he slowly reached out and rubbed my balls through my shorts gently touching them. I reacted slightly and he said they must be hurt huh?Without saying anything he slipped his hand up under my short and cupped my balls asking if that hurt which I said was uncomfortable. Looks like we need to check it out more he said and he began to slowly pull down my practice shorts. At this point I could care less it felt more like an exam at the doctor or something when you are hurt. Standing there in my briefs he gazed a moment and slowly began slipping my briefs down. Standing there now naked from the waist down with this stranger looking at my cock and balls. He said my you are swollen which I said not really I can’t tell it at which time he said you mean you are normally this large?I guess I said.

You are as big as I am he said. What do you mean I asked.

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  He stood up and removed his pants and underwear right in front of me to expose himself. Look at my cock and balls and yours. He lifted his cock into his hand and moved closer to lift mine into his hand as well to hold both in his palm. See he said. I am just hairy he said and you are just getting started as he moved his hand around the top of my cock and rubbed the hair pointing out my pubic hair just coming in. Yours is so soft and smooth. Rub mine he said and tell the difference……go ahead its ok. Not knowing I extended my hand and rubbed the bush all around his cock that was now starting to get erect. How are your balls he asked. I said better I guess and he said for me to cup them and move them around and see how they felt which I did. He never broke eye contact as he watched me. Are they ok he asked to which I said I guess they feel ok. The only way to know is for you to cup mine and see if mine feel any different than yours then you will know. I looked at his ball sac hanging so much lower and with such big balls but reached out and began moving them between my fingers. That’s it………just roll them around……….

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  compare them he instructed. It was but just a minute I would say and he came on himself. I had never cum nor seen anyone else so I didn’t even know what was going on. He didn’t really shoot a load just came on himself. As soon as he did he grabbed his pants and moved for the door saying to just sit until my mom came……. . get dressed he said as he walked out.

It was not long before my mom came and she knew what had gone on so we left pretty quick and she already had some ice for me to use on the way home. I remember getting the third degree but she was trying to be discreet and not use vulgar words. I told her it was sore sore down there still but I did not mention already being checked out by one of the dads. Really I did not think that much about it.

Soon we were home and she told me to rest with the ice for a bit and take my shorts off and just sit with my underwear so the ice could work better. Probably after about 30 minutes or so she came to me and asked if I was ok which I said I was not sure really. She said I needed to go to the doctor maybe but I said I did not want to do that so she said she was going to have to check it out to make sure I didn’t have to go. I said that was fine.

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She sat down beside me and asked me to stand up in front of her which I did. In just my briefs she slowly reached out and traced my balls through my briefs with her finger asking if that was uncomfortable. I told her it was a little sore. Slowly she began to slide my briefs down until I was exposed in front of her. She just stared for a little bit causing me to ask if everything was ok. She looked up and said yes…. she thought. You must be swollen you are rather large. I said no everything looks normal size to which she asked …. really?I am glad to see you are growing into a man she said. As you grow older your organs will get bigger and this hair you have growing will continue to grow thicker and longer. I told her I was bigger than the other boys on the team quite a bit I said. I bet your are mom answered. She was now cupping my balls in her hands gently squeezing them causing me to moan slightly but she kept rolling them with her fingers back and forth even pulling on them. My flaccid cock hung down over my balls pretty well which she took in her hands massaging it asking if that hurt any.

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After a few minutes she told me to turn around and bend over she wanted to see if I had any bruise from behind. As I bent over I saw her hand reach through my legs and taking my cock in her hand and slowly began a milking motion with her hand. It was not long before my soreness left and my cock began to slowly respond to her hand…. growing larger with each stroke. Finally I was so erect she could no longer pull my cock down as it was fully erect. Turn back around she said. OMG, she exclaimed I think your penis is fine it seems to be responding well. Have you ever had an orgasm mom asked me. I asked what is an orgasm. She briefly reminded me of one of our short sex talks and that was how semen was produced when it came from the mans penis after stimulation. However, she said sometimes an accident might create a problem and perhaps we should check and see.

Just as we were talking the door bell rang and my mom said to wait there and she would be back. I could hear her talking to someone I did not really recognize which last for a bit. It was my aunt who came over to check on me that suddenly came into the room as I stood there with a giant boner. Glad to see me she laughingly asked.

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  I reached for my shorts but mom came over and said she was here to check on me and help if needed. With that said my aunt sat down in a chair close to the bed as mom dropped to her knees and started stroking me. All I knew to do was stand there trying to figure out what all was going on. My mom kept stroking long strokes faster then slower while rubbing my balls. Aren’t you the little performer she said. Gina…. . mom said…. as I looked over to see my aunt remove her top and shorts now sitting on the edge of her chair. Maybe a little visual will help you mom said. Aunt Gina was hot with her thong and sheer bra I must admit. Aunt Gina asked if I was ready to cum yet or was she going to have to remove the rest of her clothes. Slowly she stood and moved over to my mom standing behind her as she leaned down and slid my moms shirt off revealing her lacy bra. Mmmmm…. that ball sac is getting tight it looks like to me my aunt said.

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  I think he is getting close or maybe he wants to see a little more. You are quite the little perv aren’t you?

Ok…. here you go…and Aunt Gina opened my moms bra to reveal her firm breasts and hard nipples. There is your target boy……shoot your load onto your moms tits she is ready for you. Suddenly I let out a moan as I felt my knees begin to give and shot a massive load all over my moms titties…. . and again…. and again. Three shots as she continued to massage it all out of my cock.

Looks like everything is working fine mom said. Clean yourself up and we will talk about some future performances I have all kinds of ideas for my big man.