Mom Happy Part Two


Mom stood there, not encouraging me, but not making it at all difficult.
I moved my hips to get the swollen head of the boner to slide into her hairy folds. Then, with the natural upward curve of its length bringing it up, I felt her moist opening. It took precious little effort for me to have my penis actually nudging its way into her.
"Oh. . . " she breathed.
I tensed, wondering if I should really be doing this.
I pressed my hips forward slightly, and my erection slid into her vagina.
"Ohhhhh . . . " she moaned again, feeling my male stiffness filling her.
I started to slide out and then back in. She was breathing hard, her arms and hands holding me tightly.

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"If your father ever found out . . . " she said breathlessly.
"I won't tell him," I assured recklessly. "He won't know. "
"It feels so good!" she sighed.
I felt her moving with me as I continued to slide my boner in and out. I reached down, squeezing my hand between us, to finger her clit. I wanted her to enjoy this, figuring that she deserved that. I heard her moan some more, telling me that I was succeeding.
As I kept pumping her, she suddenly had an orgasm.
"Uh!" she grunted and tensed.
I was enthralled.
As she was enduring her release, I found my own excitement of the moment building.

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   Her vagina felt so warm and wet and good. Then I ejaculated. I felt the fullness of my semen pulsing out into her with a satisfying conclusion. I grunted, too. It was absolutely fantastic.
We continued to stand there for a long moment, recovering.
Suddenly I was afraid that she was going to be mad. Accuse me of doing something awful. Instead, she smiled, looking slightly embarrassed.
"Oh, my . . . that was wonderful," she breathed.
I let my softening penis slip wetly out. I grinned and felt a shaky sense of relief.

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"Well . . . " I said, suddenly feeling somewhat modest myself. Maybe a little embarrassed too, I don't know. Although, at the same time, it did feel wonderful. "Just one of those moments. "
She gave me a smirky grin. "If your father ever found out . . . or even thought that we were having moments like this . . . "
"He won't," I assured earnestly.

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   "It was just one time. "
She gave me a doubting look. "One time tends to lead to more times," she said, being perfectly practical about it.
"Maybe we should do it some more, and then it would still be just the one time," I teased.
"Don't tempt me," she said.
I smiled. "I'm willing, if you are. "
I was surprised that my mother could be that easily tempted. You never think about you own mother as liking sex or being tempted by it.
She took my hand and we marched from the kitchen to the bedroom.
Without a word she slipped off her robe so that was completely nude. I got undressed and joined her on the bed. We were back in each others arms. I was kissing her bare breasts, sucking on her nipples. Her hand was squeezing my penis, making it hard again.

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   It really felt so good and so exciting to be laying there like this, naked, and having a boner with my own mother.
    It felt incredible special, and she thought so, too. I climbed on top of her, and this time we went about it more properly. It was great fucking together like this. I liked letting her feel just how big and stiff my boner was with her, and she unashamedly held her legs wide apart to accommodate me. Her big tits flopping up and down with my thrusting, my boner slipping wetly back and forth through her lubricated vaginal lips. Each time going in as far as it could possibly go. She moan and I moaned, and we both panted with our passionate efforts. She had another orgasm, savoring it more than the one I had given her in the kitchen. I ejaculated and, for the second time, was pumping my sperm into her with a deeply satisfying lack of protection. All I could think of was how exciting and good it felt to be fucking my own mother.
    All within the space of an hour we had not only had sex, but we had done it twice.
    I think that we were both surprised by our indulgent behavior. It was all too good.

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