Mom Happy Part One


It just started off as playful fun for both of us. Dad had just Left for work about twenty minutes ago, and my mom had just come from taking a shower, walking into the kitchen with a robe wrapped around herself, and barefoot. The fact that her robe was open just a little bit in front, not overly revealing, but enough to show that she had nothing on beneath, produced a grin on my face. One that she noticed, understanding why, and that made her give me a somewhat chiding, but good natured smirking sort of grin back.
"Oooo. . . " she teased. "Is it exciting to see your mother naked?"
I shrugged. "Yeah," I admitted. "I think it is. "
She smiled, looking amused.
Then, quite impulsively, she opened her robe all the way to let me have a look.
I laughed, surprised.
"Wow!" I said.
Mom was a bit on the chunky side.

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  Not fat, just full figured. Her breasts were quite ample with large nipples. I was eight teen, and it was really the first time that I had ever gotten to see mom naked like that. I was sort of surprised to see how attractive she looked. Sexy, really. Surprised too, that she was even willing to be that playfully indulgent.
She appeared modest, but not embarrassed. Right then, at that moment, just in the mood to be uninhibitedly playful.
"Do I rate a hug?" she asked, expectantly.
"Sure," I said.
I stepped forward. My arms slipped beneath her robe to go around her waist, and her arms went around my back, and we squeezed together with a shared affection.
"Mmm. . .

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  that's nice," she said.
"Yeah," I agreed. "Considering. . . " I grinned some more, somewhat sheepishly.
She teased me some more. "Is it getting you turned on?"
I felt myself blush.
"A little," I confessed. I had not been quite thinking in those terms, but I suddenly felt myself starting to get an erection. I was sort of surprised and embarrassed.
"Do I get to have a peek, too?" she asked, grinning with a mischievous delight.
I blushed again. "If you want I said. "
I hesitated, wondering how serious she was being.

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   I figured, what the heck?
I had just gotten up shortly before, and had pulled on jeans and a t-shirt, and was still barefoot. I went ahead and opened the fly on my jeans and modestly tugged my underwear down to reveal my erection. Her eyes went wide and she smiled at the sight of my stiff penis jabbing up.
"Oh, my!" she exclaimed.
She reached down to give my boner a playful squeeze.
When she did that, my hands automatically went up to feel her breasts.
We stood there having this unrehearsed playful moment, touching and feeling one another, and enjoying it.
She snuggled up against me and we hugged again. It was warm and personal and nice. It was somethingthat we had never done before, and would have probably never dreamed of, let alone dare do. Right then, however it was OK. There seemed nothing wrong with doing that. I felt her nakedness against me, and below my stiff penis was somewhere down there. It was a little awkward, my jeans were slipping down. I felt my mother's hand gliding over my bare buns, doing so with a playful delight.

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   I moved my hips a little, and in doing so, my penis pushed forward, touching her tangle of pubic hair.
"Oh!" she said, surprised by where my erection was.
I grinned. I pushed forward a little more. My stiff length nudged between her legs.
"Be careful!" she said.
"I laughed. "That could be risque," I remarked.
Being perfectly straightforward about the matter, she said, "Well, I'm not worried about you getting my pregnant. I've been fixed. "
"Oh," I said, not actually knowing this.
"But your going to end up with your penis in my vagina," she warned.
"That might feel nice," I replied teasingly.