Mom Gets a Taste (part two)


Mark made his way through the house, wondering where his mother and sister were. It was almost three thirty and surely his mother would be starting to get supper ready. When he went by the patio door, he saw something that made him stop dead in his tracks. There at the pool was his neighbour, Tammy. Tammy was a year older than him and he was always eying her up when she was around with his sister. Today was very different. There she was sitting at the edge of the pool, and she was naked! She had a hand to her small almost flat chest and she was pinching her tiny nipples. Her head was down, and she was saying something to his sister, who just happened to be in the water between Tammy legs. Kayla was lapping away at the skinny girls pussy, with her arms wrapped around Tammy’s thighs. As he slowly slid the patio door open, he could hear Tammy “Oh God yes! Suck my cunt you slut. Lick up all my juice. Make me come all over your face. ” Mark had noticed his sister’s good size tits and her round ass before, but he honestly never thought of her in any sexual way. But Tammy, now she was a different story. He would always end up with a hard on that just would not go away until he jerked of as he thought about the thin neighbour who always seemed to giving him a glimpse of one of her little tits, or brush her ass on him as she went by where he happened to be sitting. As he watched the two girls, he could feel his cock growing and straining.

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   His sister lifted her head from the younger girl’s puss, and he could see her face glistening with the sweet pussy juice of Tammy’s. Then he saw Kayla pull a large dildo from Tammy’s pussy and hand it to the girl as she went back to work on her neighbour’s clit. As Tammy took the dildo into her mouth and started sucking it in deep, cleaning her juices off it and pushing her pelvis hard into Kayla’s eager mouth and tongue, Mark decided this was the best chance he was ever going to get at a blow job from Tammy. As he started to the pool, he pulled off his t-shirt, and let his shorts drop. Literally stripping as he walked along. By the time he got to Tammy, his thick, seven inch, cock was hard and flopping out in front of him. Mark reached down and took the dildo from Tammy’s mouth, and as she turned he dropped the head of his cock against her lips. He could feel Tammy’s moans as she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and ran her tongue all around it. Her hips were bucking more against his sister’s mouth. Tammy then started sucking him all the way. Oh God, he thought, I am going to blow my nuts right away. Tammy had one hand on Kayla’s head, running her fingers through her hair, and with the other she started fondling and massaging Mark’s balls. She was fucking his hard cock with her mouth a rapid pace, as she knew she was close to cumming and she wanted to taste his cum in her mouth when she did. Kayla was a little startled, and looked up briefly, when she heard her brother’s voice saying, “Suck my cock. Make it come in your throat.

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   That’s good, keep rubbing my nuts as you suck my cock. ” She had seen him in his swim trunks before, but had never seen his magnificent cock. As she dove back into the hot pussy of her younger neighbour, she thought to herself, “Wow, look at the size of Mark’s cock! I can’t wait to get that cock of his in me. ”The she could hear Tammy start to squeal, moaning as loud as possible with seven inches of cock in her throat. Mark was telling her that he was cumming, as he could feel his nuts tighten. His first shot went down Tammy’s throat, but as the cum kept flowing, it filled her mouth around his cock and started running out the corners of her mouth. At the same time, Tammy was shaking and shuttering, as Kayla sucked on her clit and fingered her sopping pussy hole. As Mark’s cock softened and slipped from Tammy’s mouth, she leaned over and took hold of Kayla’s face. She closed over Kayla and let some of Mark’s warm jizz slide from her tongue to the waiting mouth of her best friend. As Kayla licked around her mouth, savoring the taste of her brother’s cum. The two girls agreed that Mark’s load was delicious, and that they were both in need of more if Mark’s cock. Kayla climbed out of the water, and took hold of her brothers semi-hard cock and whispered in his ear, “I want to taste that cream straight from the source. ” Kayla had Mark lie on one of the poolside lounges, as she knelt between his muscular teenage legs. It did not take long for his cock to stir back to life, with his sister’s mouth working towards it, along the inside of his thighs, licking and nibbling it’s way along. Once Kayla reached her brother’s cock, she took the still hardening member full in.

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   The fact that his older sister had is cock completely in her mouth, and Tammy, the neighbour, was kneeling behind Kayla and starting to lick her. Kayla could feel her brother’s cock growing and stiffening in her mouth. Mark was cheering her, “oh yea, Kay, suck my cock. Your mouth feels great. C’mon suck that cum out of me, like the slut your really are. ” This was liberally mixed with ‘Ooooooo’s and Ahhhhhhhhhh’s from him. As Mark placed his hands on Kayla’s head, she thought to herself, you don’t need to do that, I am not going anywhere. Kayla worked her tongue along the underside of the shaft. While Kayla had stroked her boyfriends, and sucked them some, she had ever taken a load in the mouth. She had always jerked her boyfriends off, taking their cock’s out of her mouth just before she felt them starting to cum. As Kayla sucked her brother’s hard cock, Tammy moved from Kayla’s ass to lower her pussy over Mark’s face. She told him that she thought it was only fair that he return the favour she had just bestowed upon his cock. He readily agreed and darted his tongue into and up her soaking wet pussy slit. As he ran across her clit, and she squealed, he knew the area he needed to concentrate on. With one hand on his sisters head as she sucked his cock, he placed his other had on Tammy’s slender ass.

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   He ran his hands all over body, and moved it toward her pussy and brown ring. With her juices flowing freely, he was able to slide two fingers straight in to her pussy. He worked his fingers in and out of, and as he could feel his nuts start that old familiar feeling. With Kayla working his cock feverishly, and Tammy rubbing her soaking pussy on his face, Mark know that he was going to cum, And soon! When he announced that he was going cum, Tammy told him that she was too. Tammy also told the other two that she was going to cum too, and she could feel her body starting to shake. As she pushed her hips down into Mark’s face, he started blasting load after load of warm teen cum into his sister’s throat. As he pumped his jizz into her, she gently squeezed his balls. Sheila had awakened to the moans and groans of pleasure coming for the pool area. As she looked out her window, she saw something that she could not believe at first. There was her youngest son, Mark, being blown by his older sister as he ate out Tammy, the girl from next door, who was two years older than him. Sheila Hammond could hear Tammy telling Marks, to suck her cunt, to make her cum all over his face, and she was also telling him to fill Kayla’s mouth with his cum, to fuck her face. Sheila didn’t even need to touch herself, to make her pussy juices start to flow again. She could see that her daughter was taking all of Mark’s wonderful cock. From her vantage point, she could see that Mark’s cock had to at least seven inches in length, and it also looked pretty thick, it was surely larger than her husband’s cock. For so many years she had been sucking and being fucked with his 5 five and a half inch cock, that she was almost completely mesmerized by her son’s cock.

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   She was wondering what it would be like to have that cock fill her throat, or invade her pussy. Sheila made her way to the dinning room, hoping that the three of them would be so exhausted that they would have left the pool before she got there as she didn’t know if she could take much more of this new excitement today. She did know that while she wasn’t sure about today, she intended to get hold of that wonderful looking cock that stuck out from her son like a steel pipe. When Mrs. Hammond reached the patio door in the dining room, her breath was again taken away. There was another hot scene being played out by the pool. Mark was still lying on the lounge, and his cock was sticking straight up again, but this time Tammy was lowering herself onto it. Tammy’s face was showing her obvious pleasure as she impaled herself on the thick cock with the even larger head. Kayla was straddling her brother’s face as he lapped at her sopping wet cunt. Sheila watched as her son’s steeled cock disappeared into the tight pussy of the thin neighbour teen. She immediately had to quench the desire reeling in her own very wet pussy. She decided that know was the time to again join the fun. She removed her clothing before heading out to get her chance at that delicious looking cock that was currently being thoroughly enjoyed by Tammy. As Sheila went out, she could hear Tammy telling Kayla, “Oh my, you have to feel this Kay, his cock is pushing up in my belly. ” Kayla could see Tammy biting her lip in between her moans of pleasure.

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   Kayla was telling Mark, “Fuck her Mark.
    Force that big cock of yours up in her tight little pussy. Make her feel you hot cum splash inside her. ”Mark briefly thought about possibly making Tammy pregnant, but the great feeling of her tight cunt around his cock, as his first fuck, made sure that the thought did not stay in his head very long. With Tammy’s hand squeezing his nuts as she rode his hard cock, and his sister Kayla firmly planted on his face, he could not possibly see his mother approaching. As Sheila’s large tits swayed as she walked up, she stepped up pushed her pussy into her daughter’s face. As Tammy screamed out that she was cumming, that Mark’s cock felt so huge in her and that she never wanted it to end, Sheila saw the girl clench tight on her son’s hard pole and shutter uncontrollably. With this, Sheila all but pushed the tiny girl off Mark’s cock, before he could shoot his lot creamy load into her, and immediately took her place. It was not until Sheila Hammond lowered herself completely onto his straining cock that Mark realized that there was someone else in the equation. He felt Tammy cum, and she had gotten off his cock, and his sister, Kayla, was still firmly planted on his face. So who was it that was now riding his cock with that nice warm tight cunt? It was then that he heard Kayla, say, “Ride mark’s hard cock, mom. Does he feel good inside you?”Holy shit! Thought Mark. He lifted his sister up off his face so that he could see with his own eyes that his own mom was jumping on his cock. When he looked he saw his mom’s great big tits bouncing up and down as she forced herself down on that fantastic cock. She would straighten back up with the head of his cock all but coming out of it’s nice warm nesting place, the fall back down onto it, while she ran her finger over her rock hard clit.

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       Tammy had moved to another lounge and lied there slowly fingering her inflamed and gaping pussy as she watched the three Hammonds enjoying each other’s company, so to speak. With Mark sucking on her pussy and pushing his tongue into her and across he hard clitty, She was the first to start exploding in orgasm. She was saying, “That feels sooo goood! Oh my god, I am cumming! Lick me Mark, suck on my clit. ” With Kayla pushing her pussy onto his face and shaking like she was, combined with the tight cunt of Tammy’s that had almost gotten him to the point of shooting his load and then being replaced with his mother’s own hot tight cunt, Mark began to feel his nuts tighten again. As he started to tell his mother that he was going to cum, she started telling him that she was cumming, that she wanted him to cum inside her. “Yes, baby. Come on, cum in mommy’s pussy. Fill mommy with your hot baby seed. I am about to cum all over your beautiful cock, and I want you to cum in me. ”With that she could feel his hot blasts firing deep into her womb. God he was in her so deep! When she opened her eyes, she could see Kayla breathing very heavy and slowly squeezing her own breasts and thumbing her still had nipples. As Kayla got off Mark’s face, he said, “Wow mom, you are a great fuck. Your pussy is so hot and tight. ”As Sheila stopped rocking in Mark’s softening cock, she could feel his come starting to seep out of her. She stood up and told Mark that her pussy felt so tight to him because she had never had a cock his size in her.

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       With that Mark started wondering, as did Kayla, just how large (or small) their father’s cock is. With Sheila Hammond standing over her son and his cum oozing out of her pussy and down her legs, she reached down and scooped some of his fresh jizz onto her fingers and brought them to her mouth. As she stuck her fingers all the way into her mouth and in an very erotic and sexy manner licked the cum from her fingers, she looked at Mark and said, “Mmm, your cum even tastes better than your fathers. ”She then told the three kids that they should get cleaned up and dressed as she had to get supper ready and, she invited Tammy to stay for supper. Sheila could not believe that she had not only tasted her daughter’s delicious pussy today, but had also felt the fullness of her youngest son’s thick cock in her wanting pussy. Sex with Roger had always been fine, but Mark was definitely equipped with a much larger tool than her husband. She was now starting to wonder just when he would be back from his trip. At supper that night Sheila Hammond told Tammy that she was more than welcome to stay over with Kayla anytime she wanted to. Mark was more than happy to hear his mom say this, and he thought he saw his sister wink at him when Tammy thanked Mrs. Hammond. .



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