Mom competes with Dad Part 7


Mom competes with Dad Part 7.
Please catch up on Parts 1 to 6 before continuing, as this is becoming a long story with a bit of a story line.
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I lay on my bed under a single sheet in the dark. I had slipped my thong off and hiked my nightie up and was leisurely toying with my nipples and pussy when my door opened. All of my body froze except for my breathing which started racing. It was Mom and she closed the door behind her and came straight to my bed and got under the sheet with me wordlessly, our bodies firmly pressing against each other because of the lack of space on the single bed. She put a small toiletries bag that she brought with her next to the pillow.
She was immediately aware of my almost nude state and slid her hand over my tummy before I could react and pull down my nightie. Neither of us said a word for the first few minutes while she just stroked my tummy, avoiding my tits and pussy. Then she said: “You had a date with Trish this afternoon. ”
“She wanted to talk to me about modeling. She showed me her boutique and let me try on some stuff. ” I lied.
“Hon, Trish fucked you. ”
It was no use lying any more. She knew somehow.

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   “Yes. ” She was silent. “Are you mad? I mean you are seeing her? I don’t want to do something that upsets you but it happened. ”
“No.   I knew she was gunning for you from the first moment she saw you. I’m not upset about Trish. I’m upset about you fucking Dad though. ”
I squirmed inside and out. It felt as if someone emptied a bucket of cold water over me and I suddenly felt lame, drained. Her hand was still caressing my tummy though and I took some comfort in that.
“You know about Dad and me?” I croaked.
“I woke up and our bed was empty, so I went looking for him. ”
“Oh god!”
“I confronted him about it. We have come to an agreement on it. ”
“What? What did you decide?” I felt all my dreams of fucking Daddy implode.

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“Have you ever wondered about our marriage, Hon?”
“All the time, Mom. I can’t make you and Daddy out. ”
“I’m going to lat down a firm rule, Hon. Whenever we are together alone like this, you call me Lilly or anything else except ‘mom’. ”
“Okay, Lilly. ”
“I’m going to tell you about our marriage situation first, it’s important. ” I suddenly feared that they were planning a divorce. I hated that thought. A divorce for them and boarding school for me. I was dead. I wanted to start crying.
“We have a nonexistent marriage at this time, Hon. We are two adults staying under the same roof because it is convenient for both of us that way. I have the freedom to date with my girl friends without having to move out. It suits me because I am not involved in one steady relationship.

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   I think you know by now that I have a very promiscuous lifestyle and this house is my den where I retreat to. Dad is fucking a married woman about once a week when her husband is out of town. He has lots of money that she wants to hold on to so she is never going to divorce him, and at the same time she and Dad uses each other to fulfill both their sexual needs. I still sleep next to Dad, we are still friends in a kinky way and we  still fucks each other about once a month like good friends do. I’m not exclusively lesbian and Dad gives a really good fuck as you have been founding out no doubt. ” She said this with a wry smile.
“We have just worked out our new arrangement and was just getting used to our new roles when Dad started fucking you as well. Then you and me had that evening together. Then you forgot your flash disk in the computer and I saw what you and Carla were watching…”
“Oh god! You saw our porn clips!”
“Then Trish saw you and went for you like a bullet from a gun, and she hit a bull’s eye by the looks of it. ”
“Oh god, M- Lilly!”
“Our little family has become exceedingly complicated, so I had a very open and straight talk with Dad. ” Here it comes, I thought. The end of playtime. What have they planned for me, Boarding school?
“You have become sexually active with a bang. Hon, I became sexually active when I was just a little older and I became promiscuous almost immediately and it did not stop when I married Dad. He discovered my infidelity soon after we got back from honeymoon.

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   We would have gotten divorced if it wasn’t for the fact that I was two months pregnant then. God Hon, I know what it is like to Have this uncontrollable urge, to lust give yourself and to be taken. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s right, in fact I know it is wrong but I understand that almost all people have needs. Dark needs even. Hon, some secrets have to be kept even from Carla, do you understand that?”
My head was spinning. “I understand, Lilly. ” I croaked.
“Dad and I talked. We are turning a blind eye to each other’s fucking. I fuck who I want and he doesn’t ask questions. In return he fucks who he wants and it has nothing to do with me. So, if one of us is going to find the other side of the bed deserted we are not going to go looking. “  With that her hand slid up and cupped my breast. “Dad is not going to come and interrupt us, even though he knows where I am. ”
I gasped.


   “Oh god, Lilly!”
She squeezed my nipple. “I left the bed before Dad could tonight. He had a bigger share of you lately. ” With that she rolled half on top of me and covered my mouth with hers. After a long, deep kiss and while she was rubbing my breasts and tummy she said: “Before we start fucking I must give you a bit of inside information on Trish. Fuck her by all means but you need to know that she fucks all her models at some time or other. When she tires of them she introduces them to her friends, often at the wild parties she throws. There is no shortage of sex when you hang out with her if you are promiscuous. Just know two things, she also have a dungeon. ” She let it sink in a bit. “All her long term lovers are also her dungeon playthings. ” She let it sink in while she started rubbing my pussy with four flat fingers. “And the second thing you have to know, a high proportion of her models end up as highly paid prostitutes for wealthy customers after being introduced to connections at her parties. She doesn’t force them, she just introduces them and they are free to choose. Promise me you won’t go that route.


“Oh god, Lilly! I promise!” Then very curious, I asked: “Are you? I mean . . ” I started the question but my voice was a croak.
“Yes. But not a prostitute. ”
“God!” I formed mental pictures of my Mom based on the clips I’ve seen.
“You’ve been watching clips. ” It was as if she read my mind.
“Yes. Is it really like that?”
“We’re not into hard sadism, if that’s what you want to know. I wanted you to know because if you hang out with Trish you are bound to find out. It’s better that you know beforehand. ”
“You are not telling me to stop seeing her?”
“You would just continue doing it behind my back. ”
“And if she drags me to her dungeon?”
“Then I‘ll have a great opportunity to whip your ass bright red for all the complications you caused us. ” With that her finger found my clit and jiggled, making me jerk and gasp.

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“You will be there?”
“Trish has a dark, kinky, perverse side to her. She will make sure that I am there. That is why I thought it necessary to tell you about it. I don’t want you to be shocked unneccessarily. ” She was playing with her fingers in my pussy, teasing my little pink inner lips, probing the dimple at the entrance to my tunnel and rubbing my clit. “I’m only going to tell you once, I have a dark, perverse side to my sexual needs, that’s why I’m here in bed with my own daughter. If you want to fuck me you must take charge when I tell you and dominate me.   Hurt me. Hurt my nipples. Make me wince. ”
“God, Lilly! I’m new at this. ”
“Do it, it’s what I fantasize about. You were getting the hang of it last time. Do it or I find someone else that will. ”
She did the complete opposite to me, at least at first, butterfly kisses, touches as light as a feather, sweet kisses and fairy nibbles to my nipples and my clit.

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   I had an orgasm with her hardly touching me and immediately wanted more, much more. I shoved my pussy into her face and grabbed her head by her hair, pulling her face firmly into my crotch. I urged her to suck me harder which she then did. Slowly she became more rough with me, until her bites and pinching were hurting, making me squirm and moan.  
She folded my legs back over my torso and ate my ass while fingering my pussy. Then she  opened the toiletries bag that she brought with her and took out a tube, opened it and lubricated her index finger. Folding my legs back over my body again until my thighs pressed against my rib cage she dribbled some of the lubrication on to my asshole. She started eating my pussy again and began inserting her lubricated index finger into my ass. It glided in easily, cheating my clamping ring muscle because of its slippery coating, and did not feel half as uncomfortable as when Daddy inserted his almost dry thumb. Then she stuck her thumb up my pussy and began fucking me with her two fingers, using them alternatively in every combination, fucking me with the two together, or by rubbing them up and down through the membranes separating them, or holding her index finger still… and all the while she was eating my pussy and sucking my clit. I wanted to cum but then she suddenly flicked my clit hard and fast by flicking her middle finger with her thumb so that it hit my clit, causing flashes of exquisite pain to travel up through my nerves to even send stabs of pain to my nipples.
I screamed involuntarily and when I stopped I felt her middle finger pushing into my asshole to join her index finger. “Your fingers!” I gasped. “They’re hurting my ass a bit. ”
“You can take three.

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  ” She replied sweetly. “Just as soon as you are comfortable with the two. ”
“Oh god!” I gasped again. “You think so?”
“I got my first ass fuck before I was sixteen, Hon. And it was with a salami and not a weeny. ” She sucked my throbbing clit and finger-fucked me energetically in both my tunnels, inserting that third finger, making me groan. “Nobody thought of stretching my ass beforehand, Hon. ”
“I’m gonna cum! Please let me cum!” She let me this time and I gushed, squirting pussy-juice all over her face and hand, I shuddered and writhed, moaned and gushed. She fucked me through my orgasm, then kissed me long and deep and then told me: “Do me now, Hon. I am very multi-orgasmic, just like Trish. ”
I got half on top of her and started kissing her torso, working my way  to her beautiful, large, firm breasts and those magnificent teats. Mindful of her instructions I was not gentle. I roughed her breasts and pinched and rolled her nipples as if I was dealing out punishment. She moaned and I kissed her mouth shut, also roughly. I was much too small, too petite compared with her, to dominate her body physically with any sort of authority but I made the effort.

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   I entertained wicked thoughts of tying her hands to my bed posts and fucking her with a huge dildo or vibrator, only I didn’t have one. Yet. I ate her pussy with relish, sucking her huge clit into my mouth, trapping it between the roof of my mouth and my licking, milking tongue, making her shudder and moan while I fucked her furiously with four fingers. She started cumming and soon she was cumming repeatedly, hissing and gasping “Ah ah ah aahh!” every time a new orgasm shook her, making her body tremble and shudder, then she was whimpering and moaning again, her hips gyrating and her thigh muscles straining, lifting her butt off the mattress to better fuck my face. With my face wedged into her crotch I watched her tits bounce, and how she sucked in gasps of air through her open, often pouting mouth, her eyes alternating between lustful wild looks and blank stares when a fresh orgasm racked her. Just like the first time, I was drunk with the knowledge that I was doing this to her.
I continued until she went a little limp, groaned and said: “Come kiss me now. I want to taste my pussy on your lips. ” So we lay kissing for a while before she said: “School tomorrow, Hon. We have to get some sleep as well. ”