Mom competes with Dad Part 4


Mom competes with Dad Part 4.
Please read Parts 1 to 3 before continuing.
“Your room. ” She ordered. “Dry yourself a bit. I do not want to kneel on the hard floor when I eat your pussy. ”
I stood in the shower with my legs apart, looking down at Mom kneeling in front of me, her mouth firmly tucked into my crotch, her nose and eyes the only features of her face visible beyond my bush. I wanted to clasp her head between my thighs and clamp her sucking mouth right into my pussy but as I was standing that was not possible. I grabbed her head in my hands, held her with my fingers entwined in her wet hair, and stabilizing myself like this because my knees were becoming jelly, I started fucking her face with a drawn out moan.
Maybe I was too young to have been watching so much porn. Maybe my natural inquisitiveness, all the porn I was watching at Carla’s and my keenness to get into real adult sex made me a really easy target. I have already seduced my Dad… I offered no resistance to Trish earlier, welcomed her hand under my skirt like a seasoned slut, oh god… somehow I was associating fucking with growing up. And I wanted to waste no more time growing up.
I never thought of myself as being gay. Even now, knowing that Mom was bisexual, all I was thinking of was that this feels so fucking good. So it was incest, but we were not going to make babies! I had already convinced myself when I planned to seduce Daddy that the only real problem with incest was getting pregnant.

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“Dry yourself quickly. ” She ordered me again. “We’ll finish your education in your room. ”
We both dried ourselves quickly, not bothering much with our hair. Mom grabbed a towel, a tube of shaving cream and a razor and filled a plastic bucket with lukewarm water. “Come!” she ordered and led the way to my room.
She let me lie down on the towel and sat down next to me. “First of all I’m going to shave your pussy. I’m going to leave just a strip of hair so wide and from here to here. ” And she drew lines in my bush with her fingernail. “Brazilian style, same as mine. Is that okay with you?”
“Yes. ” I croaked and swallowed. “If you think I should. ”
“I do.

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  ” And with that she proceeded to expertly shave off my thick, dark curls, rinsing my decimated bush from the razor in the bucket. After removing the bulk of my bush she re-applied some shaving cream, gently rubbed it into the remaining stubble and proceeded to shave me as smooth as a baby, leaving only a finger wide Brazilian landing strip.
“Good!” she admired my clean-shaven pussy when she was finished. She dried me and rubbed some baby powder into the shaved area “This helps to prevent the itching after your first shave. Put some more on tomorrow morning, Hon. ” She held a mirror between my legs so I could have a look, and I had to admit that my shaved pussy was a huge turn-on.
There is a slut hiding deep down in every woman. Seeing my pussy nude, my secret lips and folds shamelessly flaunted, aroused me no end. I flushed red. “Oh god!” I groaned. “Do you like me like this?”
“Yes!” and she removed the shaving utensils and lay down beside me. “God, you have beautiful tits!” she started rubbing and squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples very lightly to make them hard. Then she started teasing them with her tongue.
Mom’s technique was totally different from Daddy’s. Daddy ate my breasts, possessed them from the beginning with a masculine roughness, sucked on me like a baby. 

   Mom’s tongue was like a butterfly, fluttering over my areolas and nipples, her licking and sucking was teasing, promising, never fully satisfying, always leaving me wanting more.
When she moved her tongue to my yearning pussy she left her hands on my breasts, squeezing them and pinching my nipples lightly at just the right times to make me gasp. She licked my shaven mound first, then my swollen labia with a warm and moist, flat tongue, then she flitted her tongue over my clit with that butterfly touch until my buttocks couldn’t stay put on the mattress any longer. I groaned with an aching lust, trying to force her mouth harder on to my pussy. Gradually she started eating me, sucking and stabbing and nibbling. Her tongue was setting my clit on fire, making me gasp and whimper as my thighs started quivering. She took both my nipples between her fingers and started pinching and milking them harder at the same time as she sucked my clit between her lips and started sucking on it using her lips and tongue. “God! Oh god! Oh-wow! I amm commeenngg!” and then all I could manage was a series of shuddering, whimpering gasps while my body shuddered uncontrollably. Vaguely I heard her groan with satisfaction at the sight of my orgasm.
She slid her hands down from my breasts to take my legs firmly behind my knees and forced my thighs back over my rump until they pressed against my ribs. Holding me down like that, hardly allowing me to regain my breath, she plastered her face to my wet pussy and ate me again, more fiercely now, teasing and stabbing with her tongue, biting and nipping and sucking. She scratched my pussy and my clit lightly with a long red fingernail and then, after deliciously teasing the entrance of my pussy with it, inserted it slowly but steadily into my pussy until it hilted on its knuckle. She fucked me with her finger while she sucked my clit and had me cumming again within six or seven minutes, bucking, moaning and thrashing, and then, hardly allowing me to recover, she was eating me once more. My clit was aching and sensitive but still yearning to be sucked, although sucking on it made my wriggle in delicious anguish.
Pressing my thighs down against my ribcage with her forearms she found my nipples with her fingers again and squeezed them, hard this time, making me squeal.

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   She was sucking on my clit with the soft insides of her lips now and when she felt the first tremors of my third orgasm she pinched my nipples, squeezing them so hard that I screamed. Sucking my clit harder she tortured my nipples, rolling and pinching them mercilessly. This was my first experience of the use of pain to increase my sexual gratification. Even as I begged her to be gentle with my tender tits I felt how the sensual, exquisite pain was bringing on an intense orgasm. I started cumming violently, gnashing my teeth as my body shuddered and convulsed before crying out in a series of tortured sobs: “Lillian! Lillian! Oh god I’m cumming again! Oh! Oohh! Ooohhh! Ohwow!” as my orgasm racked my body, leaving me gasping and sobbing.
She lay against me and allowed me to regain my breath. “Now it’s my turn, my sweet little slut. Show me what you have learnt already. ”
She drew me half on top of her. “If you want us to play with each other like this, I want you to learn to take charge when it’s your turn, Hon! I want you to assert yourself. Start slow with butterfly licks and teasing kisses, but when I’m ready, I want you be cruel with me. I need you to hurt me like I hurt you, can you do that? Tell me, are your tits hurting?”
“Yes, you pinched them very hard!”
“Imagine you are paying me back. Don’t ask questions. I need to be hurt. ”
“Oh god, Mom!”
“Lillian! Call me Lillian.

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“Oh god Lillian!” but she was already pressing her imposingly large and impossibly firm breast against my face. One day I am going to have mine altered by the same specialist who did hers and Edith’s and possibly Trish’s. Gingerly I started licking her areola, watching it shrink as her nipple contracted into a dark pink elongated, crinkled nub. I started teasing it the way she teased me and she whispered: “You are a quick learner, Hon. ”
I licked and sucked her nipples for at least ten minutes, only breaking the monotony of repetition by licking and kissing her throat and neck in between changing tits. Then gradually I licked a trail down to her pussy, becoming wildly excited as I drew closer to her enormous clit. I licked all around her most tender bit with my flat tongue first, knowing how that excited me, studying the erect little monster that raised itself proud of its protective lips and thrust its shiny pink head clear of its folds.
She gasped when I sucked her clit into my mouth. Her legs were wide open, almost at right angles with her torso and as I sucked her clit into my mouth I felt as if I took control of her entire being with my mouth. I had her, she was mine! The thought of making her cum at my behest made me giddy. I already knew that I could drag it out, make her beg for release. Her trembling body betrayed her desire, her need for release, a need she trusted me to slake. Mom, you have no idea how it pleases me to be  fucking you. I slipped a finger into her pussy and felt its yielding softness. I added first one more and then two more.

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   With just a little tightness I found that I could fuck her with my four fingers, hilting them at the base of my thumb. “Pinch-my-nip-ple!” she groaned. I took her breast in my free hand and squeezed it, more or less gently at first, but then harder and harder until she groaned softly. Then I pinched her nipple the way she pinched mine, hard at first and then viciously hard, making her squeal. Her pussy was copiously big and oozing. My mouth and nose disappeared between her swollen lips as if into a tacky, slippery-wet oxygen mask, where I could feel her lust quivering and burning and grinding against my face for release.
I had no idea why she needed to be hurt, except that I remembered how it intensified my own orgasm, and that she softly begged for it, and so I tried to provide the pain she craved. I squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. I pressed down hard on her clit with my thumb, riding it roughly while fucking her with four fingers, freeing her clit only to nip and suck it.   Her hips began gyrating an urgent dance and I pinched her nipples harder, almost viciously, then tugging on them, milking them hard, rolling and milking and pinching. She came with a gasping, shuddering moan. As soon as she was coherent again she urged me, “Don’t stop! Don’t let me relax. Yes! Do me, Baby. Do my pussy like that! Whatever you do, don’t stop. ” She came again and again and then her orgasms seemed to run into one another.

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   Her body shuddered and trembled and convulsed at every peak she hit. I felt like the goddess of sex. I was her master, her torturer and her salvation all rolled into one. It was ten times worse because she was my mom.
I was madly aroused by now once again. I ached to be fucked. I was ready to beg her to revert our roles again, or else to attempt to mount her like I saw lesbians do in the porn videos. The thought of grinding my crotch on her huge clit was making me wet and I licked my lips involuntarily. I groaned inwardly; I’m gonna mount my mom! Our two wet pussies coupling and grinding their lips together. Oh god! Will I tell Carla? Could I mount Mom, jockey her, ride her puss until our cum drenched my tender pink tacky-wet saddle and not tell Carla? Aren’t some secrets simply too big to be kept?
Faintly through her racing breath and whimpers I heard Daddy’s pick-up at the gate. Then the electric gate started rolling open. “Mom! Dad’s back!” I whispered urgently and slowly, reluctantly withdrew my fingers from her pussy. “Why now?” I almost sobbed with disappointment.
“Oh god!” she sighed. “Nobody must know about this, Hon.

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   Nobody. You understand that, don’t you?”
“It’s our secret, Mom. This is just between you and me. ”
“Your hair is wet. Get back into the shower. ” With that she hasted upstairs and within seconds I heard the faint sound of the tap running in her bath.
My excitement took an age to abate. I was trembling and my knees were jelly. I had to sit down in the shower to regain my composure. Oh god Daddy, you deprived me of my last act and I needed that! I needed one final big cum. Mom’s finger only inflamed my desire. I masturbated under the shower until I came and probably had a bit of a wild look in my eyes afterwards because it didn’t slake my lust at all. I decided to continue in my bed.
I heard Daddy in the kitchen and decided to go fetch me a glass of milk as I was thirsty. I put on my new nightie but no panty.

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   I was hoping he would discover my shaved pussy. If I am going to be yearning for sex tonight because he interrupted us, then so can he.
He saw my headlights molded by the thin material and licked his lips. I stood with my back to him and dropped the drying towel. I bent to pick it up without bending my knees, giving him a glimpse of my bare bum.  He groaned and quickly felt up my thigh, quickly discovering that I was clean shaved. “Oh my god!” he whispered, probably imagining that I did it specially for him.
Later I lay in bed, wondering if he would come. I just needed one big orgasm, just one!  I imagined hearing them fuck, but the headboard didn’t slam. Maybe he did something to it. I measured the girth of my four fingers with my needlework tape and was surprised to find that their girth was less than that of Daddy’s cock. I groaned. Then I decided not to masturbate again because I didn’t want my expected big cum to be compromised. I waited. I fell asleep.

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   I woke up and it was past twelve and I couldn’t fall asleep again, the little demon of rejection whispering in my ear.
I crept out of bed and sneaked up to their room. Daddy was asleep next to Mom. She lay on her side facing away from him while he lay on his back, bare- chested, their bodies not touching.   I stood in the doorway, watching, wondering what to do next. Gradually I took courage and crept to his side of the bed. Slowly I slipped my hand under the sheets and started caressing his hairy chest. When he did not wake up I stroked lower down, over his tummy to the elastic of his boxers. He moved a little in his sleep and I felt through his boxers for his cock and found it rapidly filling out. I realized he was having a very nice dream just then.
I needed to be fucked. Needed it. Had to have it. I gently squeezed his cock through his boxers, watching his eyes for a sign that he was waking up. When they fluttered open and I immediately withdrew my hand.


   He saw me and it did not appear as if he made the connection between me and his nice dream immediately.
“Princess?” he whispered.
I kneeled next to his bedside. “I can’t sleep. ” I whispered, drawing a pattern in his chest hair with my finger. “Don’t you feel like tucking me in?”
“Oh god, Princess!” He glanced carefully at Mom and quietly slid out of bed. I led the way, swaying my bottom seductively.
Slut! I accused myself. I’m becoming a fucking free-for-all whore. Worse, I’m becoming an incestuous fucking free whore. I’m going to hate myself tomorrow morning. And then I’m going to yearn for sex as a sign of acceptance to make me feel better again. But I continued swaying my bum lasciviously. Come Daddy, see what I have for you. He was fully awake now and I could feel his eyes on my rolling hips.

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   Our lust was mutual, we were shamelessly displaying our lust, me by my lasciviously swaying ass and him by emitting a low animal like growl as he shut my bedroom door behind him. You are really lusting for me, aren’t you Daddy? I thought. You are going to be deliciously rough with me, aren’t you, Daddy? I trembled with anticipation and groaned.
Shall I continue?