Mom competes with Dad Part 2


Mom competes with Dad Part 2.
Please read Part 1 before continuing.
“A date with your Dad? What do you mean? Oh my god, is this a hot date? You are into screwing your Dad and you don’t tell me?”
“Not quite into yet, but I think he has swallowed the bait”.
“Oh my god! You mean Wednesday when you let him rub your titties?” Clara and I do not keep secrets from each other. Sharing is half the fun.
“I’ll tell you everything later. ”
“Oh my god! You little slutty minx, you!”
I took a leisurely bath. I toyed with my nipples and pussy but stopped every time I felt the need building up. I did not want to slake even a bit of my need by myself before Daddy came home. If nothing happened between us I would slake myself afterwards. I dressed in only a thin cotton nightdress that had a hemline halfway down my thighs and a white, thin cotton thong instead of my usual conservative cotton bedtime panties. If our date progressed to where Daddy discovered I was wearing a thong he wouldn’t be wondering why anymore.
I still had serious doubts. This is wrong! What I am planning is called incest! Dad will never be drawn into this scheme of mine! Dad is fucking Mom and has no need for an incestuous relationship that will complicate all of our lives! I am going to ruin my reputation with Dad. I am going to end up rejected and looking like a horrible little would-be slut. As the clock slowly ticked off the minutes I became more and more nervous and skeptical of my plan.

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   I switched my thoughts back and forth between Dad and Al. I was ready to abort at the drop of a hat.
Ten to nine Dad walked into the house. I was on the couch in front of the TV, not taking in anything. “Hi, Angie. I got away a few minutes early. Gosh Princess, you look beautiful and it isn’t only because I had a few drinks. ”
“Hi Daddy!” I puckered my soft full lips for a kiss. He promptly came over to me and bent down and kissed me on my mouth like he kissed me when I was tanning, not with open lips but solid and just too drawn out to be perfunctory. He stank of stale beer.
“I have to get dressed in a clean shirt and trousers. ” He cleared up the source of the stink. “Ted Donnoly spilt a whole glass of beer over me and Ted Atkins. I stink. ”
He went upstairs and after a few seconds I decided to follow him.

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   Maybe he never thought that I would follow him because he didn’t close their bedroom door before taking his shirt and pants off facing away from the door. He wore a dark blue tanga style men’s briefs and when he turned and found me standing in the doorway that was all he had on. “Angie! Sorry Princess, I didn’t think it necessary to close the door. ”
“Gosh! You have a great body, Dad. I’m sorry I busted in on you, but I don’t mind seeing your body like that. Gosh Dad, I would really like to find me a man who looks like you one day. ”
“Angie, at 36 I’m no longer what I was at 24, dear. Do you really like your Dad’s looks? I thought girls were put off nowadays by hairy legs and hairy chests. ”
“Dad, it depends on the hair. Gosh, you are hairy but I love you like that. ” I crossed the two yards separating us and put my flat hand on his chest, running my fingers through his chest hair.
He didn’t stop me but asked: “Do you really like the feel of my chest hair?”
“Oh, Dad! It’s not just your hair! I love the look of your chest and your shoulders and your arms. Gosh Dad, there isn’t a single boy that I have looked at that compares with you. You look so strong when I’m close to you like this and you dwarf me and it makes me feel sexy in a way that no other boy makes me feel. ” I wondered if men’s nipples were also sensitive like mine and I ran my fingers over his nipples and deliberately scratched them lightly with my nails, watching his eyes as I did so.

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   There was an immediate acknowledgement in his eyes that they were indeed sensitive and his breath quickened just a little but enough for me to notice.  
“Angie, maybe I should get dressed?”
“Okay Dad, but just let me adore your body for minute longer. Remember when I was little and lay against your bare chest next to the pool? I adored your chest then!” I Slid my hands from his nipples over his shoulders and down his forearms and then slipped my arms under his and around his back. “Firm embrace!” I urged “Firm embrace. ”
He could not resist and I could feel the sexual excitement in his embrace. His hands were not only holding and hugging me but were rubbing my back, feeling my curves. I plastered myself against him. “Oh, Daddy! Gosh this feels good. Do you like hugging me too?”
“I do, Princess. Oh my god, it feels good to hug you. Watch out, Darling, Daddy had a few beers. ”
“Dad, some of my friends have already had sex. They giggle about it and smirk about the boys they have been with. They laugh at their little weenies. Dad, I would never be able to respect a guy if sex with him make me giggle.

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  ” He didn’t let my go, holding me against him with one big hand on the small of my back and stroking my hair with the other.
“Girls are sexually mature before boys are, Princess, but you are still so very young, Angel. Are you telling Daddy that you have been thinking about having sex already?”
“It’s going to happen, Dad. Only, I am really pissed off by boys. Dad, will it be okay if I had myself an older guy? Someone experienced that I can respect?”
He was shocked. I could feel it in the way his hands tensed. “God Angie! Princess! Sex at your age is already very undesirable. To get involved with an older guy will complicate your life immeasurably. It’s going to mess up your school work and your chances of ever going to university. When a girl starts having adult sex it changes her whole outlook on life, Princess. ”
I pressed my face against his chest. “Daddy, there is this need growing inside me. I am trying to put a lid on it but I know that when the right guy proposes to me at the right time I’m gonna come home late one night not a virgin anymore. There are grown up guys giving me the eye and it excites me. That’s why I wanted this talk with you.

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  ” I lied about the grown up guys but I needed some weight to my arguments.
“And what do you want me to tell you, Princess? I don’t think losing your virginity to a grown up guy simply because he is mature and has a big cock is a good idea. Sex has some serious emotional consequences, you know. ”
“Daddy, your little girl needs a man who understands her desires. She needs a man with broad shoulders and powerful arms who can love her like in the cave man days. She needs a hairy cave man who towers over her and dwarfs her and slakes her. ” I was so worked up I was trembling. I was also scared shitless that he may reject me, leaving me with the image of a slutty daughter and mad with unfulfilled desire. I licked his chest with my flat tongue. A slow, deliberate lick starting at his midriff and continuing up to his collar bone, his skin tasted of old beer and salt. I felt his cock jump in his briefs.
“Oh god, Angie! Princess!”
I decided to shoot my ace arrow. “I came to you first Daddy. Make me say no to all those other guys who want my pussy. ” He was holding me tight and breathing hard and his cock was jumping with a slow throbbing motion.

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“Angie!” His voice sounded constricted, as if there was a frog stuck in his throat. “Princess, are you sure this is what you want?”
He was capitulating. I knew and a new adrenalin wave of excitement rushed through my body. “I thought about it for long, Daddy. ” I reached behind me for the light switch and switched it off. The light from the stairs portal still lit the room up softly but I made my intentions perfectly clear. I held him tighter and licked his chest again, this time aiming towards his nipple which I bit first softly and then harder. With a tortured groan he slipped his hand under the hem of my nightie in response and cupped my firm, rounded buttock with it.
I have just succeeded in seducing my Dad! My heart raced. “Daddy!” I whispered hoarsely, “Teach me how to kiss you and then teach me everything I must know. Teach me, Daddy. Teach me!”
“Angie!” there was a tone of pure torture in his voice.
I lifted my face up to his and pouted my lips. He looked at me and for a moment he looked bewildered and even scared, then he lowered his face and placed his mouth over mine. His kiss was so tentative at first that for the first few seconds I was terribly scared that he would chicken out and refuse to go through with it.

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   Then his lips parted and his tongue sneaked through to lightly press against mine. I parted my lips immediately and met the tip of his tongue with mine. Teasing his tongue with mine I coaxed it ever deeper into my mouth. Suddenly it was as if Dad crossed a threshold. It was as if something snapped and all his fear and misgivings evaporated. I felt it in the way his hand suddenly possessed by butt while he drew me tight against him with his other arm and his tongue suddenly started possessing my mouth.
It is funny how, while I was seducing him it was a game to me, I mean I was as randy as a coot but it was still like an unreal dream until my Dad suddenly started possessing me. I realized with a bit of a shock that there was no turning back now. Dad was taking charge of my body. He was going to subject my teen body to his adult desires. I lit a fire and lost control over it. He was kissing me with a hunger that I never expected. He was possessing my mouth, eating it, sucking my tongue into his mouth, oh my gosh, my head spun! 
Almost like in a dream I realized that he was pulling my nightie over my head. He held me tight against him and my nipples chafed lightly but deliciously against his coarse mat of chest hair, sending tiny electric charges to my clit. He picked me up as if I was a pillow and lay me down on the double bed.

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   “You want me to teach you?”
“Yes! Yes, teach me everything!”
“Learn to surrender. Really good fucking is like a close dance. So just as you would do when dancing, you will yield your body to me. I lead, you respond. Remember that, it’s your first lesson. ”
“I’m surrendering. God, you have such a strong, manly body! I’m clay in your hands. ”
He was already kissing a wet trail down my neck to my breasts. He had my sensitive juvenile nipples as hard as pink ivory within seconds. Little pink pencil rubbers that were being sucked, licked, flicked and ever so lightly bitten until I was whimpering from the sensation overload. I have never come from nipple stimulation only, but my clit was getting hair trigger sensitive. As if he knew it his hand snaked lazily up my inner thigh and pulled my thong all the way down my legs. His practiced index finger slipped into my slit with hardly a wiggle, spreading my tacky juice over my clit. It took just a jiggle of his finger on my clit to make me come. “Yesss!” I hissed “I’m Comminggg!”
He exchanged my suddenly sensitive nipples for my mouth ears and throat, kissing and nibbling my skin while his hand snaked up and down my inner thighs.

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   Very soon I was ready for more and he sensed it and went back to deliciously torturing my breasts and nipples, now also sucking as much of my breasts into his mouth as he could fit and milking my nipples against the roof of his mouth with his tongue. My clit felt as if it was recharging and then he kissed a trail down over my belly.
I gasped when his opened his mouth wide to cover my bush with it, playfully licking, nibbling and munching my mound, working his tongue downward until he slipped it into my slit. My buttocks flew off the mattress when his rough tongue struck my sensitive clit but he mercifully just passed over it. He kneeled between my legs, lifting them and spreading them wide with his big hands behind my knees and started licking my pussy with his broad, flat tongue, using long slow strokes that started on my asshole and ended on my bush. As soon as he was settled and my legs stayed put where he wanted them he started stroking my tummy and torso, my neck and shoulders and then my hams again, in between rubbing my breasts and toying with my nipples, rolling them and pulling them. My body was on fire, aching everywhere to be touched, to be stroked, he was rough with my nipples, hurting them, but even that felt somehow wonderful.
I started breathing heavier again and my rump started a little dance on the mattress and then he sucked my clit between his puckered lips and started gently sucking on it. My second come exploded between my legs, making my legs go lame. “Yesss! Yesss! Oh god, yess!” I could feel my tacky pussy juice flowing.   As soon as my shudders subsided he let go of my clit and started licking my pussy juice from my pussy, even placing his mouth over the small dimple at the entrance to my tunnel and alternately sucking at it and inserting the tip of his tongue into it. This went on for seven or eight minutes before I felt another orgasm building up. “Daddy! Oh Daddy, you’re going to make me come again!”
Instead of making me come he withdrew his mouth from my pussy which made me moan tortuously. “Daddy, don’t stop now!”
“Lesson two. We will learn about delayed gratification.

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   We will let your pussy want it for a few minutes more. Pull down my briefs, Princess! Daddy is going to teach you about pleasing that piece of special male flesh. ”
I did as instructed and he helped, stepping out of it. We were now completely nude together and I trembled at the sight of his erection in front of my face. “Now Angie, lesson three, suck it for Daddy. ”
I took it gingerly in my hand, feeling its girth, weighing it, running it through my hand to test its length. “How do you want me to suck it, Daddy?”
“Run your tongue around the edge first, then kiss the tip and gradually open your beautiful lips while you keep sucking gently.
    Keep moving your mouth further over it while you keep sucking. When it is in your mouth, swirl your tongue around it while you keep sucking. Suck it as deep as you can without gagging. The harder you suck the less you will gag. Do you think you can do it?”
    I looked at his cock in my hands and I suddenly realized that this is something I wanted to be good at. I craved to suck that cock. It was almost as if I wanted to make that cock my own because I didn’t have one. “God, I want to suck this cock! Just tell me if I am doing it right.


       Train me, okay. ”
    I did as he told me, starting with the rim licking bit and slowly sucking his huge dark pink circumcised head into my mouth. I couldn’t get a lot of it in, I was very far from deep throating a man still, but Daddy groaned with pleasure as I licked and sucked and swirled my tongue around his trapped head inside my mouth. I sucked him for the best part of six or seven minutes before he put his hand against my forehead and gently but firmly pushed my mouth off his cock. “I don’t want to come in your mouth tonight, Angel. While you were sucking me I calculated that your period will be starting tomorrow or the day after, is that correct?”
    “Yes Daddy. Day after. ”
    “It will be safe for me to shoot my cum into your pussy then, Sweetheart. ” He took me and lay me down on my back and returned his mouth to my pussy and his hands to my tummy and torso and nipples. Then he slipped a finger into my slit and found the dimple leading to my tunnel. He slipped his middle finger in and slowly shoved it up my tunnel all the way to his knuckle. He finger fucked my just a little before adding his index finger to his middle finger. The two fingers together made my eyes stretch wide open. He was stretching my pussy with his two fingers, not really finger fucking me but rather doing circular stretching motions with them. His thumb was riding on my hard clit all the time and very soon I felt my orgasm starting to build again.

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       Within a minute or two my breath was racing. “Daddy!” I warned “Daddy, you are getting me there very fast!”
    This time he moved his cock to my crotch, and bent my legs back so that the full face of my pussy was presented to his cock. He slowly pushed his big cock back and forth through my teen slit and I bucked when it struck my tender clit, then he found the dimple marking the entrance to my tunnel with it and started rubbing it with small circular motions over its mark. He bent down over me. “Angel, I’m going to kiss your mouth shut because this may hurt quite a bit. ”
    He shoved with his hips. He is a powerful man and I lay pinned underneath him. My pussy had nowhere to go. His cock entered me with a searing pain that made my scream into his mouth. I got my breath back just in time to scream again as he pushed for the second time. One more push and a whimpering moan later and he was in as far as I could take him. Gosh, that hurt! I lay trembling like a reed in the wind and thankfully he kept his cock still for a good few minutes. Slowly I seemed to get used to the pain. It still hurt but the initial sting was gone. Then he withdrew it slowly.

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       Almost all the way back and shoved it back in again. I held on to the back of his shoulders, digging my nails into his skin while I bit his shoulders to keep me from crying out again. He started slowly fucking me. It felt like my entire groin region was being mashed. I feared that my pussy was being destroyed. “Daddy, oh god Daddy! You are tearing my pussy apart!” I whimpered.
    “No, Princess. It’s just that your first time is with a really big cock. Nothing is torn except your hymen. There’s going to be a bit of virgin bleeding but that is normal. Now I’m going to make sure you come and then I’m going to come inside your new adult woman pussy. ”
    He slipped a hand between our bodies and started softly massaging my clit with three flat fingers while slowly increasing the tempo of his fucking. The pain was suddenly becoming bearable as the sensations from my clit started to dominate my senses. My body was demanding that orgasm that it was denied earlier. At first I thought it would be impossible for me to come with all that pain in my crotch, but gradually the stimulation of my clit made my need to cum so big that my need to orgasm overcame the pain.

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       “Daddy!” I sobbed. “Oh god Daddy!”
    Daddy started fucking me good and hard. I felt his meat sawing through my tender and hurting pussy, slamming achingly hard into my cervix. Through the pain I realized how badly I wanted this, needed it,  and it made the pain very bearable. I loved every second of that hard man muscle driving in and out of me. It was getting better by the second because the combination of his fingers and his cock was making me cum. I had never had a real pussy or a G-spot orgasm before. My orgasm exploded through my body like a freak wave breaking over me at the beach, hitting me flat, shaking and thrashing my body, overwhelming me, threatening to drown me and sending wave after wave of shuddering aftershocks rushing through my body. I cried out uncontrollably: “Ohh Shiiitt! I’mm Commeeennnggg! Aahh! Aahhh! Aahhhh!!”
    Daddy kept on pounding my writhing body. Just as I felt I could not take any more he grunted the way I have heard him grunt with Mom and suddenly his body tensed and his back arched and he drove his cock into me so hard that my eyes watered. “Princess!” he panted “I’m cuming! I’m cuming in your pussy! God, why is this so wrong if it feels so good. ”
    “Cum, Daddy. Cum!” I gasped hoarsely, out of breath, and dug my nails into his back, clinging on to him for dear life as I felt his cock jump inside my pussy to shoot wad after wad of cum into me.
    “I love you, Sweetheart! I love you my Princess!”
    There were no seconds. My pussy was pretty beat.

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       I bled quite a bit but I felt blissfully content. Daddy soothed me, stroking my hair, kissing my hair and my shoulders as he lay behind my back, spooning me. After I cleaned myself up in the bathroom and put on a panty and a sanitary pad he carried my down to my bed and lay down behind my back. “I’m going to lie with you until we hear Mom return. ” He said and hugged me to him with his strong arm around me. “Princess, your pussy has now been stretched to fit Daddy’s cock. The hurting part is over. Next time Daddy is going to fuck you for the sheer pleasure of it. Your sex education has only begun, my Sweetheart. ”
    I smiled to myself in the dark. This has been so easy, almost too easy! Before dozing off, snugly against his body with his strong arm possessively around my waist, I made up my mind that I was going to replace Mom as the number one woman in Daddy’s life.  I had a quick mental reflection of some hardcore fuck clips that impressed me. “Daddy,” I whispered drowsily, “I want you to teach me all the ways you really want to fuck me. I want to please you more than anybody else, I want you to make me  your very best little fuck –buddy. ”
    I couldn’t wait to tell Carla.

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    Should I continue telling? Do you want to know how my Mom got involved?