Mom, Aunt, and Me Have Some Intoxicated Fun


             I am an 18 year old party animal living at college, and when it comes to fun, I’m all for it. I study hard sure, but partying is my main priority. Making sure I have my fridge stocked in the dorm, or keeping an extra case of beer under my bed, is always on my mind. I usually get my booze from friends, cousins, or coworkers, but sometime my parents get it for me. They have been pretty lenient when it comes to drinking and allowing me to do what I want to do. They trust me a lot and I don’t blame them. I am a good kid. Well aside from all that, I’ll start my story.
            I was sitting in the dorm around 6:30 pm on the computer, doing a paper for English, when my cell phone began to vibrate and then sing my country ring tone, “I’m a beer man”. I answered and it was my mom. She asked me if I wanted to go to the bar with her, my aunt, some cousins and their friends etc. . . I debated because I knew there would be a huge party at school, but I figured why not, I could come back to school and still party. So I told her yes and said I would meet them at the bar downtown.
I got there around 7:30 and there they were just getting there.

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   So I parked, got out, and went to see them. At first it was just my mom and aunt, but then 5 minutes later cousins showed up with a bunch of friends. It was going to be a great time. We went in, found a table, and ordered a bunch of beer. We got hassled a little bit about me being 18, but it all worked out in the end. So as we sat at the table, we drank our brews, ordered some shots, drank some more beer, and talked about many things. Come 9:30 the waitress comes over and says I can’t be in the bar past 18 pm. So my mom and aunt, both uninterested in getting hammered and sick like my younger cousins, said we could get out, take a walk, and maybe head home. So we drank as much as we could in 18 minutes and got out.
We went for a walk to the car but figured we shouldn’t drive right now. So we walked down by the dock on the lake and sat around. I was pretty sauced along with my mom and aunt. We enjoyed the stars and had some drunken conversations as we sat with our feet in the water. I sat in the middle, my mom on my right, and my aunt on my left. As we swished our feet in the water, mine brushed against my aunts.

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   I pulled it back, but she didn’t seem to notice. As I was drunkenly concentrating on how my foot brushed my aunts, my other foot brushed my moms. I pulled it back and I didn’t think she noticed. So I began looking at the stars more and out of the corner of my eye, I could see my mom smiling to my aunt. About what I couldn’t tell, but it was something fishy. On a dock, it’s very likely. My feet were swinging back and forth again but I made sure they were closer together. Then it felt like I brushed my aunts again. I stopped swinging but I didn’t pull back. She started rubbing her foot on mine. I looked at her and she smiled. She put her arm around me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and then the neck. My hair stood on end. Then my mom touched my leg and did the same.
 I didn’t notice after this that I was hard and my dick was making a tent in my shorts.

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   My mom and aunt both stared at my shorts and I could see their eyes sparkle. I look into my moms eyes, and kissed her on the neck. She shivered but gained her composure. Then I came up and she gave me a long hard kiss on the lips. Mouth open she invited me in to exercise my tongue. Then I felt a hand on my erection. At first I thought it was my mom, but I soon found out it was my aunt and she was beginning to unzip the fly. I pulled away from my mom and looked at my aunt. She looked back, grabbed my head and brought me in for an extreme French kiss. We were getting extremely hot and my dick was beginning to hurt in my shorts, so my aunt pulled away, pushed me down to lay on the dock, and unzipped my shorts, undid the button and pulled them down my thighs bringing my boxers with them. My aunt grabbed my dick and stroked it. Suddenly, my mom bent down and began to gently lick my balls. I was going insane. I had never felt something more erotic. Then the head of my cock disappeared into my aunt’s mouth.

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   I knew she wanted it because she was drooling like mad all over my member. Her head was going up and down next to my mom’s head which was down by my sack, licking my balls and more. I wasn’t going to last so I told them. They stopped sucking and licking but my aunt did not stop stroking.
As I lay on the dock, my dick pulsated in front of my aunt and mom’s eyes. I asked which one was first and my mom stood up. She pulled down her panties and pulled up her skirt. She stepped over me and lowered her body onto my dick. She slid down and grasped my knees. She began slowly inserting in and out. I don’t think my mom really knew I was as big as I was.
    But soon she began going quicker and I subconsciously started thrusting up and the problem was she wasn’t ready for that. She wasn’t going all the way before. When I began returning the thrust I went extremely far inside her pussy and she began to freak out. She started shaking, grasping everything she could, she arched her back and I felt her grip my dick with her pussy like a vice.

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       She bucked for a minute or so and then rested on my chest. I gently touched her breast and gave her a big kiss. She got up and put her panties back on her wet body.
    Then I stared at my aunt with her hand rubbing her already exposed clit. I told her I’m all ready. She crawled over to me and kissed me while I lay down. Then she got on top and put my dick in her slit. “Whoa”, I said, “And I thought MY mom was tight. ” She was definitely skilled because as tight as she was she continued to push no matter how much I stretched her. She moaned so loud that I thought people on the lake would hear us. Then with one final thrust, she took in my whole dick. Extremely lubed we began to thrust into each other. I looked at her and her eyes were shut. I lifted her shirt up and caressed her wonderful tits. We were going unbelievably fast for such a hard surface.

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       We started having short quick breaths and continuing to speed up. I looked at her and she looked at me and whispered she was about to cum. I told her the same and I let everything on my mind slip away and began thrusting at a hardcore speed. I couldn’t feel my muscles or anything else except my dick and her pussy in perfect harmony. She screamed so incredibly loud and started her orgasm. I kept going hard inside her and she was going insane trying to pull herself off me. She wasn’t successful and I kept on pumping. Her screaming became so loud that I got extremely aroused I started blasting my cum all over her inner vagina. She screamed once more at the feeling of my warm sperm spurting inside her. She settled down to a moan while she still bucked and then heavy breathing where she passed out on my chest. I pushed my dick up inside her to see what would happen and she let out a long soft moan. We were definitely spent. I kissed her long and passionately and grabbed her soft ass. She got up and put her panties on her wet body and then her slacks. They were black and tight and I was getting hard again already.

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       I stood up and was completely wet but I just buttoned my shorts and zipped them up and we were on our way.
    We sobered up a little and got to the car. We drove home and I sat in back to be a gentlemen. I snuck up behind each of them and kissed their neck ever so gently. I knew they were already hot again, but we would have to save that for another day, maybe a day when we haven’t had anything to drink. We finally got to our house and we walked into the garage. The cars were gone. We went inside and looked at a piece of paper on the kitchen table. It was the hotel everyone was staying at for the night. We totally forgot everyone was gone. My aunt looked at my mom and my mom looked at my aunt, then they both gave me an erotic stare. Was I ready? Damn straight, but that’s another story.
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