Mom and her Father


Hello all, Let me say that I've been lurking around here for years, but just registered. I'd like to tell the story of my Mom. My Mom is now 60 she is not what people would call hot, but in her day she was very cute. Mom is short and petite, with large boobs, but the one thing that stands out is her large nipples which were always erect. My Mother was born in Canada, her parents moved here to the US when she was 13, She says she was very developed in the chest as a young teenager, and from the pictures I've seen of her, this is true. The year after she moved here her Mother left her Father to return to Canada for the summer, her mom told her a few years ago it was because her father gave her Mother V D that he got from someone. My grandmother was well known to be cold and did not like sex. She used sex to get my grandfather to do house work, and to keep him in line.
Well, that left my 18 year old Mother alone with her father, who my father always described as lecherous. As my Mom says, "That summer he had free rein with me. " She has told me details of her incest, with her father in bits and pieces over the years, I will put them together in Chronological order for you the best I can. I called my mom who now lives in Florida and asked her if I could post her story on the Internet, she agreed as long as I not reveal her name. She also filled in some of the blanks for me.
My mother told me she was a virgin her first time with her Dad. My grandfather was laid off that summer, and my mother had taken over the duties of her mother around the house. He had been drinking and my mom says it was real hot in their small apartment, so he was in boxers and she was in a thin dress, he started making comments on how big her tits were and how her nipples were huge.

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He made her drink some of his drink, and soon mom was feeling the effects of it. He asked her if she masturbated, she admitted she did, he told her he did too, since her mother left him. He told her it was her job to care for him, and take over all her mothers duties. She obediently agreed. He asked her to sit on his lap she wasn't allowed to do this by her mother since she was 11, and started to develop.
She sat on his lap and he repositioned her so his cock was pressing against her ass. She could feel it swell and feel its hardness, she told me she was very scared because she knew what was going to happen and it was about 8'' and she was so petite.
Her father then made her turn around and face him and straddle his lap. She could now feel his cock against her pubic area, he began to kiss her. She was reluctantly willing and the alcohol had lessened her Catholic morals. So she kissed him back hoping he would come to his senses soon. He kissed her passionately and soon he was fondling her tits and nipples through her thin dress and bra. She says she hated it but it felt nice and her body was responding, and betraying her. She was now passionately kissing him back, she had only made out with one other person a boy her age, and she did not let him feel her up. He lifted her dress up around her waist.

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   So now all that was protecting her young pussy from him was the thin cotton panties. his cock had now found its way out the hole of the boxers he wore. She said she was involuntarily humping him as his cock rubbed her clit through their clothes.
He unbuttoned the dress and pulled it off her head and then took off her bra she told me she was a 32-C and there she was in front of her father with her boobs hanging out and she felt a wave of embarrassment and was vulnerable so she covered up. He ordered her to never do that again. he admired his daughter. He like to tell her tits were made to be sucked.
He scooped up his 4'10'' tall daughter into his strong arms, with no effort, he carried her to his bedroom pulled off her panties and stood over her for she said seemed like eternity and admired her as he stroked his 8'' hard cock. He asked her to show him how she masturbated. She felt very dirty doing this in front of him. She said she was very wet. He started to slip his large rough fingers into her, and the other hand was kneading her tits. He managed to get 3 fingers into her and he decided she was ready.
He took off his boxers and positioned him self on her. He was kissing her and sucking her tits.

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   He then whispered to her that he wanted to make her a woman. he asked her if she was ready she shook her head yes, but he told her to ask for it. She said she was ready to become a woman. He told her to tell him she wanted Dad to fuck her. She was ashamed to say it but she did. he got a charge out of hearing his good daughter speak like a slut. He slipped it in. She said she felt full, but it did not hurt she said she broke her hymen while masturbating. He shoved it all in and she winced in pain because he hit her cervix. So he pulled out a bit then he proceeded to fuck her. He stretched her to her limit. She says she came very hard and he was very proud he made her cum. he then came in her, and gave her the same cum that made her. She says she felt very loved.
He got off her and left her spread on the bed with his cum dripping out of her, she was still cumming as he went into the living room to get a cigarette and his drink.

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   He returned to made her take a few big sips. He stood over her with his semi hard cock near her face. She stared at his large cock in amazement that she took it all in her.
His cock was still wet with her juices and his cum. He watched his daughter stare at his cock and grabbed her by the back of the head and guided it into her mouth, she says she knew what he wanted. She cleaned him off. She could not take him all in. As she licked and sucked, he told her that she would fuck him whenever he wanted and she was now a woman and women love sex. He told her she was not allowed to wear a bra or panties in the house from now on, so he would have easy access to her pussy. She agreed. He reached down to her pussy and scooped his cum out of her and dripped it into her mouth and she shyly licked his fingers clean.
He got redressed and told her to do the same as she got up they noticed a large wet spot on the bed from their combined juices. Her father told her to strip the bead and remake it and went to the living room and watched TV.
That summer she said he fucked her every day, and a few times she even asked him for sex. Mom told me this was not a bad experience, but at times, she felt ashamed and it affected her sex life by making her more promiscuous.

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   But she always had a conservative image. Her mother and father reconciled and her mom returned at the end of the summer.
If the response to my mothers story is positive. I will tell you more of what she has told me. I will also forward all responses and questions to her. Michael II
Over time she grew to like the sex with her father, and she began to trust that her father wanted her to enjoy sex, and that she would not get in trouble for wanting sex or enjoying it too. Which went against all she was taught in Catholic school. He father fucked her when she didn't ask for it, but he made love to her when she did. So she learned that to feel his love whole love she had to suppress her inhibitions.
She would get out of their bed they shared every morning and make him breakfast, he would wake up to the smell of coffee, bacon and eggs. She would serve him, and go under the table as he ate and relieve him by giving him a blow job, she wouldn't say a word just go down on him. her goal was to finish before he was finished with his breakfast. This always put him a good mood.
He had a strange fetish he liked to put strange objects in her small Vagina to see how it looked, fit and felt to her. She was not really into this it made her feel humiliated, but she let him.

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   I asked her recently what he put in her and she told me, he started with a hair brush, then carrots cucumbers, salami, hot-dogs, an ax handle, candles, beer bottles, popsicles. once he made her put two whole eggs in her and pretend she was laying them, she said he laughed so hard at her, he almost passed out. Once he made her put a whole egg in her and keep it in all day.
His brother came The U. S. a few years before and would often come over and they would drink beer, Mom says he noticed and commented to my grandfather, that she wasn't wearing a bra. My grandfather stated she didn't like them. Her uncle stated neither did he now. She would have to bring them beer and my grandfather would slap her on the ass in front her uncle. They would laugh as she squealed. Her Uncle would leer at her swaying breasts and large nipples and did not try to be discreet.
Towards the end of the summer he told her while doing her that he told her uncle that she asked him to fuck and begs him for sex. She was embarrassed but ******d that her favorite Uncle knew her secret, and he now thought she was a slut. Then her father started to hint about her doing him. She protested and he got angry and said he wanted to share her with him.

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   He told her he knew all the details of her how she liked to give blow jobs and swallowed, and how she masturbated in front of him, how she often asked him for sex. Her Father told her it was no secret any more and she might as well enjoy it. She couldn't believe he told her Uncle everything, and she was embarrassed, of how he now thought of her.
A few days later her Uncle came over with a brand new vacuum cleaner for her mother, because she would be coming home in a couple weeks. Her Father said to my mother, "Don't you think you should thank your Uncle. "
She knew what he wanted her to do. So she took her uncle by the hand and led him to her bedroom and undressed for him, he let her undress him. She was amazed to see he had a bigger cock then her dad not longer, but thicker. He played with her boobs and kissed her then he asked her to suck him. She did but it hurt her jaw. He came down her throat. She then thought it was over but he was still hard. She could hear her father playing with the new Vacuum cleaner. She laid on the bed and spread her legs wide and accepted him. She said the bed was real squeaky and he was real ******d.

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   He soon came in her and he got dressed as she lay there as his cum dripped out of her. She was too embarrassed to come out of her room and she could here the men laughing and talk about her.
Her father called for her so she slipped her dress over her head and went into the living room. He told her to get them a beer. She did and they continued to talk about her as if she wasn't even there. Her father suggested they both fuck her at the same time My grandfather asked her if she wanted that. She reluctantly admitted she did. Then her father said. Lisa your dripping on the carpet. She looked down and noticed a few drops of her Uncles cum dripped out of her. She looked back up and my grandfather said to his brother how much did you cum in her. then he told her to go clean up. Mom says they did her together once. But they preferred to be alone with her. Her Uncle died soon after in a car accident.

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   She says she did love him and missed him. Her mom returned and the sex was less frequent, and they had to steal quickies here and there. She said once, when her mother returned her mom told her something that made my Mom believe she knew they were having sex. She said, "She knew her husband couldn't go the whole summer without a woman, and my mom was looked different, more like a woman. "
Mom and I welcome all comments and questions. I will forward all your questions to her and she has promised to III
Hello again,Mom and I were well, lets say less then impressed by the response to her story's. But the positive post from Pizza and a few nice letters made me decide to write of some more of her experiences. If you have not read part one and two of this I suggest you read it, as it will make it easier for you to follow along
After my Grandmother returned home sex between my Mother and her father became a lot less frequent. My grandfather would often take quickies. Mom told me of one time that they had sex was before her prom, he said he did not want my mom to go out with the young guy, all horny so he fucked her good before her prom. She said she was the only girl there to have sex before the prom. My grandfathers theory did not work, the young man lost his virginity to my mom that night in the back seat of his Dads car. He thought he was her first.
Fast forward to the morning of my Mom and Dads wedding, My grandfather told my mom he had to bless her wedding. Mom was reluctant they had all but totally stopped having sex because Mom wanted to be faithful to my Dad.

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  On a few occasions my grandfather forced her to give him sex, she says she was blackmailed into itOn the Morning of her wedding she knew what to expect because he always said he would fuck her the morning of her wedding to bless her Marriage. That morning her Mom was at the Church and hall making last minute plans. My Grandfather went into her room and found her in her wedding gown she intuitively got onto the bed on all fours and braced for her fathers blessing. He lifted her wedding dress and exposed her nude ass and pussy. He shoved his cock into her, and fucked her hard, he came deep into her, after she was instructed by her dad, not to wear underwear under her dress. She said that in Church she could feel her dads cum dripping down her legs while she took her wedding vows. Mom says she and my Dad, had a normal sex life for the first ten years of marriage. During the 70's she and Dad tried some swinging, she said they enjoyed it, and Dad loved to watch her with other women. Dad suggested they stop swinging because he thought it was unhealthy for their marriage. Mom reluctantly agreed. Dad got a job where he had to travel and this left mom alone with no one to satisfy her appetite for sex. She often went to parties and came home late. She told me recently she went to swinger parties and ***** without Dad. I remembered one time I came home early and heard noises coming from her bed room, My dads best friends car was in the drive way. Mom came out in her robe and he said he was fixing her dresser, I found this odd because he had no tools.


   but I was only about 18 years old. Mom told me recently he had been fucking her for three years.
When I was 18 mom and Dad divorced. Mom was now a bit less discrete about her sex life. I would often hear he come home late at night, with a guy she met at a singles bar. My bedroom was in the basement below her room and I heard everything. This is when I first learned how sexual my mother was. I heard her say stuff that I had never heard her say before. Mom took me on Vacation to Cape Cod the summer I was 18 It was great we went to the beach during the Day and at night went to dinner and talked. I was developing into a physically mature man, and Mom noticed. She liked to rub lotion on me in the cottage before heading to the beach. She then started to walk around the cottage topless, to and from the bathroom. One night she had been drinking and she told me of how she and her Dad had sex. She did not offer many details. I guess she knew I was quite surprised.

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   We did quite a bit of flirting that trip but nothing happened.
At 18 I joined the Navy. I was home on Christmas leave. Mom took me to a party at her friends house to show me off. I was surprised at the attention I was receiving from my moms older friends. mom did not leave my side we danced a bit and I noticed Mom was dancing with me suggestively and the talk was full of sexual innuendoes. We went home we were both a bit buzzed. She changed into her satin night gown with me in the room as we chatted. I had never seen her completely nude and she was totally uninhibited. I was laying on her bed and she faced me as she unhooked her bra and exposed her 36 D's to me. I just laid back and admired her. Mom asked me if I was comfortable. I had a raging hard on. And she noticed. She fixed us both a drink.

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   We sat on the couch and chatted. I took this time to tell mom I had a tattoo on my shoulder, I was not sure what her reaction would be, but she was into it She helped me take my shirt off she admired it while she caressed my shoulder and arm.
Mom then asked me if I wanted a back rub and I said yes. She got the lotion and returned and instructed me too take off my pants so I would not get lotion on them. I was now laying on the couch in just my boxers. I laid there as she gave me a great back rub. She worked my thighs and calves. She then instructed me to roll over but I was embarrassed because I had a raging hard on, but she insisted. When I rolled over she glanced down and smiled. she proceeded to rub lotion on my chest and stomachI looked down and noticed my hard on was poking out the fly of my boxers. I figured my mom didn't care so neither did I. I felt her wrap her hand around my cock. I let out a moan. Mom then said my turn. Pulled off her nightgown and rolled on her stomach completely nude.

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  I rubbed her back and asked her personal questions like, how many men she had fucked. She was honest and open telling me all kinds of wild stories and how her dad fucked her. She rolled over and I played with her nipples and we kissed. She then told me to fuck her I barely lasted 2 minutes and came in her, Mom told me I could from now on fuck her whenever I wanted.
Any and all questions and comments to me and my mom are welcome. IV
We fucked about two more times that night. Each time I lasted a bit longer. She loved for me to suck her tits. Mom likes to talk dirty when we fucked she said her dad taught her to do this. She like to say "yes Michael be a mother fucker, fuck Mom's pussy, Your Moms a whore. "The next morning I woke up and was overcome with guilt. I got up and took a shower and wondered how we would face each other. As I got out of the shower she called me from the kitchen and told me breakfast was ready. I got dressed and came in and sat down mom placed my breakfast in front of me and without a word she disappeared under the table. Unzipped me and sucked me till I was rock hard She told me "Mom needs to eat too.

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  "I just sat back and let her swallow my whole cock. Soon I felt my cum boil and warned mom she just sucked me deeper and I shot down her belly. Mom got up, went to her room, got dressed all without saying a word. When she came out she said she had to go out. She whispered in my ear "Im full of your sweet cum, its still dripping out of me. I was floored I never heard Mom talk like that around me. That night she came home with a Porno, she wanted to watch it with me. Before we watched it, she told me how her father loved to fuck her young pussy, and she often begged him for cock as well. This made me hard she put the tape in and slowly jacked me as we watched. She turned off the tape got up and walked into the bedroom. I followed her she was on the bed on all fours she said "use my pussy to relieve your self, I was in there fucking My balls slapping her pussy, as she told me how her dad liked her in this position. I told her she was a whore my new whore, born to take the men in her families cum. She liked when I said this. I came deep in her. We fucked everyday for the rest of my leave from the Navy.

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  Whenever I came home she relieved me just as she was tough to do.



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