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"I said come on you little slut. " Terri's hand tightens it hold as she pulls her away from the doorway and leads her down the hall. "You know I don't like guys. I hate them. ""But I like them. Mom says she will have one take my cherry soon. ""I'll take your damn cherry Micki. I'll put on one of mom's strap on's and fuck you and break that damn cherry. You know you love me more than you ever will any damn guy. " They reach their room and Terri pulls Micki around hard facing her and pushes her down on her bed. "Spread your legs cunt, I'm going to eat you. I love your pussy. No one gets your cunt but me and mom. Now pull those panties off or do I have to tear them off you?""Damn Terri, I'll take them off. You know mom gets mad when you tear my clothes. " She quickly kicks off her panties, but they dangle off her left foot.

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  "Come on Sis, eat me. I love how you love to suck my cunt. Please Terri. "Terri pulls her t-shirt over her head and then jumps on the bed as Micki, using her elbows, moves up towards the headboard and the pillows. Spreading her legs, she watches as her older sister leans down and kisses her pussy. Expecting Terri to be rough, she is surprised at how gentle the kiss is. Then Terri leaves her, and climbs up the bed. She stops and kisses and then bites Micki's right breast. Now leaning over to the night stand, she opens it and takes out a box of mints. Putting one in her mouth she then moves back down to Micki's pussy. The next kiss brings the flavor of the mint directly on Micki's clitoris. Micki's arousal builds with the tingly, numbling sensation. Micki climax is hard, her mouth wide open, little crying sounds escaping from deep inside her. Her juices flood Terri's mouth, drips from Terri's chin and down Micki's legs. "Ohhhh, Sis, you always know how to make me cum hard.

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   I love you Terri. "Terri brings her face from between her young sister's dripping slit. "Ummm, baby, I love you too. You taste soooooo good. Now do me. "Terri smiles and moves up along side her young sister and watches as Micki rolls onto her back. Terri straddles her face. Looking up into the eye of her older sister's pussy, Micki stickes out her tongue. Terri adjusts the pressure and wiggles her hips, opening her cunt lips for Micki to shove her tongue up. The upward and downward stroking motions helps the suction as Micki draws her sisters love juices from her body. "Ohhhh, yes, yes baby. Ohhhh, damn, eat me. You cunt sucker, EAT ME!" Terri begans to ride her sister's face, feeling Micki's nose rubbing against her clit, her tongue narrow, the muscles tense to make it more rigid. Moving it in up and down, Terri's juices cover her face. Terri fucks Micki's face, riding her, hardly giving her any room to take a breath.

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   Now Terri leans forward, her hands on the headboard and raises herself up, allowing Micki to use circular motion with her tongue. Terri shakes her head from side to side and then as the wonderful feeling of the deep climax begans to take control of her body, she presses her cunt down on her little sister's mouth. "Ahhhh, fuck, ohhhh fuck!" Her body shakes now as wave after wave of her juices escape from her cunt and Micki tries hard to gulp it all down. It's like a faucet turned on full blast. The wet honey floods her face, her nose. Terri's legs are pressed so tight against her face, her hearing is cut off and all she hears is distant moaning. As Terri comes down from her sexual high, she first releases her hold and sits back on Micki's stomach. "Fuck, sis, you are a good cunt lapper. I don't think I ever came so hard before. " Terri moves off her sister and looks into her face. She laughs, "Damn Micki, you're a mess. We better clean up before mom calls us. ""Too late for that you little sluts. " They both look towards the door way and see their naked mother leaning against the door, three fingers buried in her pussy. "Micki, I told you to wait outside my door and I would let you lick Don's cum from my pussy.

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  ""Sorry mom. Terri raped me. ""Liar. You wanted me to fuck you. " Terri picks up a pillow and hits her sister. "Ok you two cunts. Stop that before you break something. Come to my room. I need to have my girls suck on my tits. And Terri, I want that pussy of yours when Micki eats me. ""Yes mom. " Terri answers as she gets off the bed. The three naked women, mother and daughers, return to their mothers room. "Damn mom, your bed is a mess. "Donna doesn't say anything, but lays on the bed, its sheets half on the floor, the pillows laying everywhere.

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   "You two can change the sheets later. Now girls come and suck on your mom's tits. I want my babies. "Terri on her left and Micki on her right, each girl laying on her side, lower their lips to their moms large soft tits. They know just how she likes to be licked and sucked. Years of training her girls has made them know just how to bring the wetness to her cunt. "Oh, my babies. Suck mommies tits. Yes,ohhhhhh, yes, bite it Terri. You know how I like it. Pull on the nipple with your teeth. Yeeesss, ohhhhh just like that. Ohhh baby. You girls are so good to your mommy. " Running her fingers through the girls hair as they suck their mothers breasts like they did as babies.

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   Only Donna never had them stop. Her nipples now nice and hard, her pussy now wetter than even when Don has his hard cock in her, she moans, "Ohhhh, sluts, mommies little sluts, its time to eat pussy. Micki, there is still some of Don's cum in me. Lick it out baby. Terri you lez, come up and fuck your mommy. Fuck my face real good and I will let you burry your cute face in my ass later. "Before Terri can move up and straddle her mom's face, facing her sister, Donna calls out to Micki. "Micki, darling, there is still some ice in that glass on the night stand. Put some in your mouth and give mommy something special. Maybe later, I'll drink some wine from your little girl cunt. You like that don't you?""Oh yes mommy. Ohhh, I love it when you pour anything on my pussy and drink it up. " Donna lays back, allowing Terri to swing her leg over her. Terri lowers her cunt onto her mom's face and places the palms of her hands on her mom's tits, pressing down, digging her fingers and nails into the flesh of her large tits. She digs her fingers in and then releases and then digs them in again over and over as her mom licks her pussy.

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  Micki, holding the ice in her mouth she runs it up and down her moms slit, and as the ice melts from the heat of her moms body, she pushes the ice into her cunt. Her mom moans from the ice cold pain on her tender pussy lips, but her moans are lost into the pussy of her older girl. The cold pain of the ice and the pain of Terri squeezing and digging her nails into her tits quickly causes her to cum. Micki raises her face from her mom's pussy and spits the ice away and then opening her mouth, places it back over the dripping slit tasting her mom's cum and the cum of the stud next door. Donna drives her older girl wild by succulently sucking her inner thighs,labia majora and minora, and finally her clitoris. Like a hoover vacuum, she sucks out her girls juices. She varies the intensity and duration of suction frequently. Light first, then longer and more intense sucking. Now she concentrates the suction on the area directly around her clitoris. She knows from long experience that she could leave a hickey on the young girl's mound and thighs, so she is careful. (But not always. It took Micki almost two weeks to loose the bruise she once gave her. )Terri's climax tastes so wonderful. Donna loves her girls cum. Even after all these years of girl girl love between the three of them, she still loves it.

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   Terri cries out as her climax causes her to fall forward down her mom's body and on top of Micki's head. Micki moves out and pushes Terri back up. "Damn it sis, it's lucky you didn't push my head clean into mom's cunt and out her ass. "Terri laughs. "I bet you would of loved the trip. Now move. Mom said I could eat her ass. ""You hear your sister. " Donna pushes both girls off the bed and moves so she is in the doggy position. She lowers her head to the bed, her full figured ass pointed up. "Now Micki you cunt eater, watch your sister do what is called Au Derriere. Means from behind in French. ""Didn't know Terri was learning French. ""Shut up and finger yourself while your sister eats my ass. "Terri knows just what her mom wants.

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   Soft, shallow vaginal stimulation and then more direct anal play. She loves kissing her moms ass cheecks, and sticking her tongue up either hole. It always drives her mom wild. She hums as she eats out her mom. The humming sensations vibrate her lips. This drives her mom wild, causing her to push her ass back hard against Terri's mouth. The room is filled with soft sounds, moans from Donna and Micki and the soft humming of Terri as she eats out her mothers cunt and ass hole. Soon Micki cries out as she cums all over her fingers. Her mom hearing her little girls cries, tells her to bring her fingers to her lips and let mommy suck off her girl juice. Donna sucking on Micki's fingers suddenly reaches her final and nearly bites off the fingers of her girl. Micki pulls her fingers out of her mom's mouth and sucks on them. Little marks of her moms teeth. Terri is moving her head side to side, pressing her tongue deep into her moms ass hole as Donna cums. Donna twists her body, and then tells Micki to pull Terri from her. Donna laughs at Terri's lust.

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   The girl would eat her ass all day and night if she let her. The three lay on the bed, arms and legs touching, hands caressing. "Girls, let's get a little sleep and then we'll shower and go out for dinner. "Terri gives Donna's tit a kiss and then looks into her moms eyes, "I would rather eat you. "Donna smiles. "I know baby. Now let's get some sleep. ".