Mike and Mindy


Mike and Mindy
    Entering high school can be rough, especially for football players. The two-a-day practice setup is new and rigorous. It is a rite toward adolescence of an advanced level. Coming from junior high, things were relatively easy and a whole lot of fun. Now you are introduced to a different level. It’s faster, harder, more intense. Coaches demand more as you begin a journey toward those Friday night lights on varsity. They want you to be successful. They need it. To the point, it’s pure drudgery, but it will become a part of you over time. That is, if you can outlast the summer workouts, and then the demands of the freshmen season. Mike was in his first week of "hell" as the veterans called it. He was a growing young lad of fourteen short years, and was amid the struggles of his new schedule. First week was the worst, and to be more specific, Wednesday. Yes, that was the worst. The third day.

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   The soreness was set in solid by Wednesday. He had been belittled twice by two different coaches for his slow and painstaking motions during practice that day. He was so sore, he could barely get into his stance, much less do a drill correctly. "You’re not going to make it Redwine!" one coach shouted. It rang in his mind the entire practice, and by the time he got home that evening, he was feeling beaten. Maybe the coach was right. Already he was contemplating quitting. It just wasn’t what he thought. He showered and then plopped down on the couch in his underwear as he relaxed, thinking of what was next.
Mindy Redwine was one of the veterans. She wasn’t on the football team of course, but she was no less important. Cheerleader. The almighty, unrelenting voice of encouragement for the team. Being sixteen and entering her junior year, she knew the ropes. She had survived all trials to date, and wasn’t showing signs of weakening.

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   Drudgery could probably best describe her life as a cheerleader as well. She had worked nonstop the last four years of her life to improve her skills. Being the spiritual backbone of a team every game, win or lose, will take its toll quickly. But even more so, she and her teammates were competitors. They had been champions the past two years at the state cheerleaders’ competition. Practice time was considerable and the physical requirements would rival those of the football teams. Soreness was no new thing, and Wednesdays were bad. Man, those terrible Wednesdays. She had been showering at the other end of the house when brother Mike came in. She was especially tired and took a short nap on her bed before entering the living room. Like her brother, she hadn’t bothered too much with clothing. She had slipped on her oversized sleep shirt after showering. Now she was more rested and ready for some TV before nodding off for good. Thursday will be better she thought, as she poured herself a glass of milk and headed for the living room.

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   And Mrs. Redwine had left town for a wedding. It was a state away, but they felt obligated. Mindy was left in charge, being the oldest, until they returned on Sunday. The house had been lonely and Mike had missed having dad to talk to. He always encouraged him about athletics, and he needed some encouragement now. Mindy was surprised when she entered the darkening room to see Mike sitting in the quiet twilight.
"Oh damn! You scared me little brother!" she yelled, as she turned the corner of the couch.
"Why are you sitting all alone in the dark? The TV isn’t even on. "
"Just thinking. " Mike replied. "I had a really rough day today. I’m more sore than ever before in my life. "
"Me too," Mindy said. "We had a rough practice ourselves.

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   State championships will be here before long. "
Mindy sat down next to Mike on the couch. They had always been close. Mindy looked out for Mike and Mike always defended and supported his sister. They were used to each other in house clothes, so neither felt uneasy about seeing the other in their underwear. It wasn’t hard to notice they were siblings. Above the appearances and builds, they just sort of went together. Like two peas in a pod. Mindy was lovely. The prettiest in her class. She had sandy blond hair of medium length, strait and neatly combed always. Big blue eyes and full beautiful lips. Her teeth were perfectly matched, and her smile brightened any room. As you could imagine, her body was fine tuned. An athlete, but with slim features.

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   He buttocks were well rounded, though small; a perfect match to her slim waistline and muscular thighs. Her stomach was flat and fit, and her breasts were no less than spectacular. Words could not do justice to them. Not too large, but no too small. Every one of her cheer mates envied her breasts, and every boy desired them. She was a girl in a woman’s body.
Mike was younger, and still developing. He was muscular and very fit. Many of his features in his lower half were similar to his sister. Slim waist, muscular thighs and abs, well-proportioned buttocks. His facial features were similar to hers as well. He was still more awkward though, in his movements and his personality. But still, they were two of the more attractive and more popular people in their respective classes.
"Mindy," Mike said as Mindy was settling into the couch, "what should I do about football? My coaches are on my case all the time and it’s just not as fun anymore. "
"Well, you’re a freshman, and you need to give it time.

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   You were one of the best players last year on your team, and you need to stick it out. It will get easier, trust me. "
"I don’t know Mindy. The other guys aren’t getting yelled at as much. Maybe I’m not as good anymore. "
"Nonsense," Mindy replied, "The coaches probably just expect more from you because you are so good. It happens when you get to high school. Expectations get higher. "
"I guess," he said, "I just wish I could let it all go when I got home. Instead it just festers in my mind. "
"You need to find something to take your mind off of it for a while. " She replied. "What else are you interested in?"
"Girls mainly," he said, "But it isn’t enough just to think about girls. I need something to DO more than something to think about. "
"Well, have you tried masturbating?" she asked.

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Mike gave her a quick glace. He had never, ever discussed anything such as that with his sister. He suddenly felt uneasy.
"What made you ask a question like that?" Mike asked in astonishment.
"Oh, grow up Mike. We’re not little toddlers anymore, and it’s a fair question. " Mindy replied.
Truth was he had never masturbated. He had feelings to, but didn’t dare. You know how boys that age are. They do it, but deny it to the end. They tell each other only faggots jerk off. They lie and say they would never do it and then go home and lock themselves in the bathroom for hours, fantasizing about every girl (or teacher) they can imagine having sex with. Mike was a holdout though. He still believed his friends didn’t do it, so he didn’t do it.

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   Mike was blushing even as her said the word ‘no’ to her. She smiled at him.
"You’re lying now. Fourteen and you’ve never jerked off? That’s not the truth and you know it. " She said.
"What about you then? Would you admit something like that to me?" Mike asked.
"Sure!" she continued. "I do it. Everybody does it. It’s human nature. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. "
Mike was astonished by her forwardness, but shrugged her off and turned his head away hoping the subject would soon change. Instead, Mindy pressed him again.
"I’m just saying you should maybe do it more often. It does relax me when I’m really stressed out.

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   I can sort of get my mind off trouble while I do it. " Mindy said.
"What do you want me to do? Just whip it out right here and do it in front of you. " Mike said, showing a little of his uncomfortable frustrations on the matter.
"I guess you could if you wanted to. It wouldn’t bother me. " Mindy said.
There was a sarcastic smile on her face, but the tingle in her stomach let her know that she was becoming aroused by such talk. Mike felt the same tingle, but it was his sister. His own sister shouldn’t be the reason. It should be his girlfriend Lacy, or Nicolette, the new foreign exchange student from France with the unbelievable body. Instead it was his sister’s tight figure that engulfed his mind. He tried to shake it out, but it only came back stronger. He had seen her naked once, by accident, less than a year ago. He hadn’t thought it to be erotic at the time, but now it was his only thought.

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   His cock was becoming hard as he struggled with his emerging fantasies. Mindy was in a similar position. She too had seen her brother naked during a quick rush into the bathroom for the lotion bottle only weeks earlier. He was bathing, and she saw him clearly through the transparent door. Again, accidental, but nonetheless unforgettable it now seemed. Mike’s boxer briefs were tightening around his hips as he struggled to keep his erection subdued. He quickly grabbed the throw pillow and placed it over his crotch for cover. Mindy knew his tactic, as she caught a quick glance toward his growing member before he was able to conceal it. He was obviously embarrassed, but couldn’t keep his eyes from roaming. Her sleep shirt could not hide her features. It was formed to her body and was only a slight covering, a thin sheet of overlay between him and her naked virgin body. Yes she was a virgin, as was he. But it was evident their bodies were ready. Mindy’s erect nipples were protruding through her sleek shirt as she leaned forward to place the milk glass on the coffee table before them. She then quickly grabbed the throw pillow from his lap and tugged it away.


   His cock was fully erect now and snaked in his boxers uncomfortably. Mindy was doing it as a joke and had planned to poke fun at his erection, but instead she felt her tingle intensify as it reached her pussy. She shuddered as the feeling swept through her. Her eyes were intently fixed on his member. Mike did not try to cover it up anymore. He was becoming overwhelmed by his own desires as he eyed her nipples poking at her shirt.
"Go ahead Mike, really. " Mindy said, "I think you should do it now. You are so tense. It would really help I think. "
"I really don’t know how. I mean even if I wanted to, I was serious when I said I had never done it before. " Mike was embarrassed, but his horniness was too much to overcome.
Mindy had jerked a guy off one time. It was the only real sexual activity she had ever experienced.

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   Within the past year, a boyfriend of hers had coaxed her into doing it for him. They had been dating a while and he expressed his frustrations at her denying him sex. She agreed to do it to ease his frustrations. And so he had shown her what to do. She only stroked him for a minute or two because when he was ready to cum, he became too embarrassed and told her to stop. But it was long enough that she knew how.
"You just wrap your hand around it and stroke it up and down. " She told Mike.
"That’s it. Really?" Mike asked.
"Yeah, I think so. " She replied, trying not to give her secret away.
Mike was nervous, but had never felt so aroused before. He was scanning her long dark legs as her slowly parted the flap of his boxers and pulled his member free. Mindy gave out with a gasp as she saw it.

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   He was large for his age. Me knew he was by comparisons he had made in the locker room showers at school. Mindy had only one other to compare with, but Mike’s was much larger than her boyfriend’s cock had been. As Mike wrapped his hand around his member, Mindy shifted in her chair and pulled her shirt up until its hem was around her waist. Her bare ass rested back down into the cushion, but the shirt settled such that Mike could make out her pubic hair above her pussy. Even though the light was dim, he could see enough. He began to awkwardly pull at his cock. His technique was obviously rudimentary, and painstakingly clumsy. Mindy watched for a short while, now aware that Mike was watching her intently.
"I don’t think that’s right. " Mindy said.
"Well, I’m doing the best I know how. Besides, I’m really sore and this isn’t exactly comfortable to me. " Mike replied
Then Mindy got a terribly perverse idea. What harm would it cause to show her little brother how to do it better? It would be educational for him, wouldn’t it? After all, she was only trying to help him.

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"I tell you what. Let me do it for you. That way you can better relax and it will show you how to do it. " Mindy said.
Before Mike could even reply, she was leaning over his way. He instinctively pulled his hand away from his cock and placed it by his side. He slouched down in the couch a little as his cock lay back on his stomach. Mindy then reached out and grabbed his cock, pointing it straight into the air. Mike moaned as he felt his sister wrap her fingers around his member. Mindy then began to stroke it up and down, with much greater skill and affect than Mike had. As she stroked him, her shirt sleeve began to slide down her arm hinder her motions. After several times adjusting the shirt only to have it slide back down, she paused.
"This shirt is getting in the way. " She said. "Hold on just a second while I take it off.

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Mike couldn’t believe his ears. Mindy stood up and quickly pulled the shirt over her head revealing her naked body to her brother. She stood there a moment thinking about her decision before coming to the conclusion that there was no other way. The shirt was simply in the way. She then tossed the shirt over the coffee table and sat back down, much closer to Mike this time.
"Gee sis. I can’t believe you did that. " Mike said almost in a whisper from his excitement.
"Well, it was getting in the way. Besides, this might help you get off faster anyway. " She replied.
Then she took his cock back in her hand and began a steady pace. Mike was watching her breasts sway with her motions as she looked up at him.
"You can feel them if you want to. You can hold them while I stoke you if it helps.

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  " Mindy said.
She was feeling very horny and hoped he would take her up on the offer. She was already beginning to rub her clip with her opposite hand as she stroked his cock. Mike wasted no time in reaching up with his nearest hand and caressing her breasts, one after the other. Mindy was becoming very excited as he fondled her body. Their faces were only inches away when Mindy decided to kiss him. She meant for it only to be a short kiss on the lips, but instead she began to explore his mouth with her tongue as he kissed back. Mike’s head was still swimming with all that was happening when he felt an uncontrollable feeling in his scrotum. He felt his balls tighten against his pelvis as his body began to stiffen. He pulled his head away to look down at his cock being stroked. Mindy looked as well just as a large rope of cum escaped his cock and landed in a streak from his sternum to his navel. Mindy gasped loudly as she pulled her hand away quickly.
"Oh my God!" she screamed, as another rope launched higher into the air and more toward her. She tried to pull away, but the bulk of the semen landed on her thigh before she could move. Mike instinctively grabbed his cock and clumsily jerked on it as several smaller spurts landed and oozed around the base of his cock and on his scrotum.

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   Mindy was rubbing her clit faster as she watched wide-eyed at Mike’s ejaculation. When Mike had squeezed the last of it from his cock, he fell back hard in exhaustion. Mindy began to rub herself as fast as she could with her right hand as she massaged her breasts with her left. Mindy had masturbated before, but she could tell something stronger was on the verge this time. It had always felt good, but not this good as her first orgasm approached.
"Oh God Mike! Do something! Help me cum!" she shouted as she lay back into the cushion and draped one leg over the back of the couch.
Mike now had a full view of her neatly trimmed pussy as it began to open up more and more to him. Not sure what to do, he leaned over and pushed his middle finger into her cunt. She moaned audibly as he began to finger her pussy rapidly.
Suddenly Mike’s entire hand became very wet as Mindy began to buck and toss on the couch. He was worried for a moment thinking she might be in pain, but when he slowed down, she shouted at him to go faster. After several more seconds, she was beginning to come down from her orgasm. It was the first of her life and she was overcome with desire and exhaustion.
After she had regained her composure, she raised up and smiled big at Mike.

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   Mike was trying to assess what had just happened as she began to talk.
"Oh Mike! That was incredible!" she said.
"Yeah, that was awesome!" he said, suddenly feeling like a child again with his choice of words.
Then the feelings of lust began to dwindle as they two satisfied siblings began to realize what had just happened. Suddenly a tremendous amount of guilt descended upon both of the teenagers. What had started off seemingly innocent enough, now seemed like a terrible sin. Both had worried looks on their faces as Mindy quickly rose and put her sleep shirt back on. Mike quickly walked to his bedroom to clean what was a considerable amount of cum off his body. Mindy did the same. Both showers were turned on almost at the same time as the two siblings bathed in separate bathrooms. Not another word was shared between them that night as neither reemerged from their bedrooms. It was a long sleepless night for both as their guilt-filled thoughts wandered in their minds all night.
The next morning, Mike awoke from a tremendously sexy and taboo dream. He had fucked his sister in his dream and it was the hottest thing he had every imagined. His crotch was soaked with cum as he ran his hand down across his still hard cock.

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   He lay there a long time trying to recall all the events in his dream before finally deciding to shower and go out into the hall. He was really nervous. He was still uneasy about the events of last night, though they danced in his head blissfully. His main concern was about how his sister felt. He hoped she wasn’t feeling too guilty, even though it was on his mind as well. It had been a restless night for the most part, and he wasn’t surprised to see that his sister was not up yet from her sleep. He slightly pushed her bedroom door open to see her safe and resting under the sheets. He watched her for several minutes. His cock was growing with every second as he tried to understand his new found lust. "It’s wrong. " He whispered to himself. Even as he did, his hand was already rubbing his scrotum through his boxers. When Mindy began to stir, he finally broke his trance and went back to the kitchen for some cereal.
Mindy recalled a similar dream when she awoke. In hers, she had actually put her mouth around Mike’s cock and given him a blowjob.

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   He had cum inside her mouth and she swallowed his load. She couldn’t believe her dream. In a million years she had never thought of doing that to a guy. It was too gross, just like her friends had told her. But nevertheless, her mind could not release the vision of Mike’s penis emitting stream after stream of semen the night before. As she ran her fingers through her pubic hair, she found she was wet. She tried to shake her mind free of all thoughts even as she cleaned her wetness away in the morning shower. She dressed in a sweat suit and went to the kitchen. She rarely wore underwear or a bra and today was no different. It wasn’t a sexual thing. It was a comfort thing. Usually that is. Today, it felt sensual to her to feel the soft lining of the sweat suit on her bare skin. It was actually arousing, and she didn’t fight it.
Mike had also dressed sloppily in sweat bottoms and a T-shirt.

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   The only unusual thing was that he decided not the wear underwear, an unusual thing for him indeed. He also found it arousing, but it gave his cock better freedom as well. He had a hard-on much of the time since last night and it was much more comfortable to let it breath a little so to speak. They stopped all movement for a few brief moments as Mike rounded the corner to the kitchen to see Mindy already eating breakfast. They made eye contact for the first time since last night.
"Good morning. "
"Good morning. "
That was their only exchange throughout breakfast. The two were trying not to be too obvious in their guilt and embarrassment, but it only led to complete silence. Mike was the first to finish as he rose to place his bowl in the sink. He tried to conceal his massive erection as best he could, but it was almost impossible. Mindy was waiting for him to rise, to see if it was there. She felt her tingles come back as she saw his penis poking out at his pants. Suddenly she felt her guilt dwindle into submission as her own arousal began to take over. Her nipples protruded outward again, erect and sensitive to the fabric of her swear shirt.


   Increasing moistness filled her pussy as she suddenly had feeling she could no longer control. She had derailed the advances of so many boys in the past, but now the sense to give in to her lust was taking over. And it was her brother that was the cause.
"I see you still are tense, at least in some places. " Mindy said.
Mike quickly turned to her with surprise. Could she actually be as horny as he was? Even as he recognized her as his sister, she was becoming much more. She was the object of his desire and it was becoming too overwhelming to deny. He decided to respond in chance that it might be leading to where he now needed it to go.
"Yeah, I think you started something last night. It hasn’t gone down for more than a few minutes since. " He replied.
"Well, have you masturbated?" Mindy asked. Her mind was becoming consumed with ways to relieve him.
"No, I’m still very sore and it is still too strange for me.

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"Well, I guess I could help out again, but only once more.
    Tomorrow you should be able to help yourself. " Mindy said.
    A smile swept across both teenagers faces as Mike began to slowly walk over toward Mindy, who was still sitting at the kitchen table. She pushed her chair back to give herself more room as Mike stopped only inches from her. Mindy gave him a glance and then looked back at his crotch. She tucked her fingers inside the waistband of his sweats as she slowly pulled them to his knees. She then reached out with her right hand and once again wrapped her hand around his penis.
    "I think you’re beginning to like this too much. " Mindy said with a smile.
    Mike smiled back as she began to stroke his member. Mindy’s mind returned to her dream. She recalled her mouth licking and sucking her brothers cock and it seemed so natural and sexy to her. If she could stroke him, why not suck him? She thought it was not really different from stroking him. It was just another means to an end.

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       Besides, she wanted to. She wanted to try it now with her brother. Mike was watching his sister’s hand massage his cock when he suddenly notice Mindy looking up at him with a strange smiling expression.
    "Now don’t freak out or anything. I just want to try something. " Mindy said.
    She then slowly moved her head closer to his cock. She stopped her strokes as she closed her eyes and parted her lips. Mike was shocked to see his cock begin to disappear inside his sister’s mouth as her head moved closer and closer to his crotch. About half of his erection was inside when she closed her lips around his shaft and slowly began to pull her head away again. She sucked her cheeks in around his cock as she slid her mouth on his shaft. Mike was in awe of the intense feeling of her mouth. It was so much better than he ever imagined. The feeling consumed him as it flowed from his cock to his scrotum. He felt the now familiar tightening of his balls and knew the end was coming.

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       Unsure what to do, he only watched in amazement as Mindy quickened her strokes with her mouth. Her hands were now on his bare ass as she pulled him into her. Her sucks became increasingly intense and Mike knew the time had come. He half-heartily tried to warn her, but he couldn’t get the words out as the initial orgasm commenced. It didn’t really matter. Mindy had her own plan, and it included drinking his semen. She had seen the force in which Mike’s sperm shot from his body and she knew to be ready. As she felt him begin to tense up, she placed her tongue as to not allow his sperm to shoot directly to her throat. To do this, she had to remove most of his cock from her mouth and sucked hard on the head. She stroked his shaft and sucked hard as his climax came. Mike shot load after load of cum into his sister’s mouth. She held all that she could until her cheeks bulged and some began to escape from the corners of her mouth. It dripped from her chin to the floor as Mike finished his ejaculation, trembling on his feet. Mindy then pulled away slowly, closing her lips as they passed the end of his cock. She then looked up at him and swallowed hard.

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       She loved the taste and began to lick her lips and scoop loose cum from her chin and corners of her mouth. Mike was only semiconscious as he stood leaning against the table breathing heavily. He was relieved, but not fully satisfied as he gazed lustfully at his sister. She finished her feast and looked back at her brother. His gaze was enough to know that she had begun something that would not finish here. She knew it and wanted it.
    Mindy stood up and slowly pulled her sweat shirt over her head, dropping it to the floor. The morning light gave Mike a fuller view of her perfect breasts. They were more remarkable than he had known. Not a word was spoken as the two began to remove the rest of their clothing. Mike then walked over and scooped Mindy up into his arms. He was the youngest but certainly no weakling as he carried her to his bedroom. He walked through the doorway and kissed his sister passionately as he placed her onto his bed. Mike knew he wanted to make his sister feel as good as she had him. He began to kiss her neck on his way to her breasts.

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       He sucked each nipple for a few minutes each before continuing his way down to her pussy. He then scooted his body, positioning himself between her legs. His mouth was now only inches from her slit as he flicked his tongue teasingly around her clit. She was moaning as he finally plunged his tongue fully on her mound. Mindy was loving it. She had always wondered what it would be like, but it was never this good in her dreams. She had masturbated, but her brother’s tongue could not be duplicated by any technique or device she knew. Mike pushed his tongue in and around her hole for many minutes before Mindy felt her orgasm building. Mike could tell it was approaching by her quickening breath and her loud moans. He tried harder, went faster, until she was pulling his head hard into her cunt. She exploded in a loud scream, almost smothering Mike with her hold. He didn’t mind. He knew it was her time and he wanted to help it be the best it could. Mindy’s juices flowed from her slit as Mike lapped up as much as he could. It tasted good to him and he wanted as much as she would give.

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       He continued his pursuits until Mindy was again composed. He only stopped when he heard her say three words he never thought he would hear his sister say to him.
    "Fuck me Mikey. " Mindy said calmly.
    She was running her fingers through his hair as he licked at her wet little pussy. Mike was fully erect and wasted little time in accommodating her request. He raised himself between her legs until he was eye to eye with her. He could feel his cock at her entrance as he gave a push. His penis found the hole and entered in tightly as he shoved. Mindy moaned loudly as he advanced, digging her fingernails into his back. Mike’s body was alive like never before, sensing and feeling every contact point he made with Mindy. He engraved it in his mind. The way her nipples pressed hard into his chest. How her hard stomach felt against his. It was an experience that would never be duplicated.

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       His first time, with his sister. It was taboo of course, but strangely more moving he thought. Then he felt something hindering his advancement into her pussy. It was her hymen. He knew of this through sex education at school and knew what it meant to break it. It was a woman’s last line of innocence, something that once broken, could never come back. He looked into Mindy’s eyes as he paused. Mindy knew his concern and loved him for it. But she was ready. She gave a slight nod indicating that it was ok. He was given permission and it was appreciated that he had requested it. As he gave a final shove, he felt the hymen break. Mindy closed her eyes tightly in pain as she shouted out. Mike knew it was normal but was no less sympathetic.
    "Are you ok Mindy?" he asked.

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    "Yes, yes, keep going. It will be all right. " She replied.
    Mikes began his thrusts, slow at first but gradually picking up speed. Mindy was rocking back with his thrusts as she tried to give as good as she got. They fucked each other for several minutes before Mike pulled away and helped his sister roll onto her stomach. He then entered her from behind as she lay prone on her chest, moaning in pleasure. He felt his orgasm approaching only minutes later as he pulled away from her and began to stroke his cock. She lay still, looking behind her as she watched his cum escape his cock and land in puddles on her ass and back. Mike was moaning loud and she enjoyed hearing it. It was proof that she had helped him overcome his anxiety, which was her plan all along. As he milked the last of his semen out onto her ass, she reached back and rubbed her hands around the puddles, bringing the sperm to her mouth. She loved it now, and hoped it would become a steady part of her diet. Mike collapsed on top of her after he finished and kissed her on her shoulder as she rested. Suddenly Mike remembered something he had forgotten and jumped up onto his feet.

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    "Holy shit! I can’t believe it. " Mike shouted.
    Mindy became worried, "What is it Mikey?"
    "I can’t believe I forgot about football practice! It was this morning and I completely forgot!"
    Mike was in shock. The day before, football had consumed his mind. Today, he hadn’t even remembered to go to practice. He couldn’t believe it . . . but Mindy could. She smiled at him as she began to speak.
    "I guess it worked then. You have found a way to easy your tension. You just have to come home and fuck your sister!" She laughed out loud as she finished.
    That made Mike smile as he hurried about getting dressed. He figured he better go tell some lie to the coaches about why he had missed practice and hope like hell they didn’t run the shit out of him that afternoon.

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       He was worried, but also strangely at ease. He knew even if they did run him ragged, he had some relaxation methods he could try at home with Mindy. And Mindy had some methods of her own to try on Mike.
    The rest of the week was a blur of football practices and sexual experiences for Mike and Mindy. They explored every corner of their imaginations. Every minute in the house alone was spent fulfilling some fantasy or trying something new. Mindy now knew from experience everything the girls talked about in locker rooms and hallways. Every taboo and every "gross" thing little girls could imagine. Mindy loved them all, but never let on that she even knew what they were.
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    When their parents came home, the relationship went back to more of a normal setting. They still found time here and there to ‘release tensions,’ but it slowed down considerable. In time, they stopped all together, as they found relationships with other people. The day Mindy graduated high school, and then later when Mike graduated, were the two last times they submitted themselves to each other. They were unforgettable moments, but also a final goodbye to their incest relationship. Even though, they never forgot. And what they did and what they learned from each other lasted a lifetime. They remained as close as any two siblings could be, and celebrated life. No regrets. Only treasured memories.



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