MidWest Trip


I moved to Wisconsin during the summer of 2004. Regrettably, my school work in California was incredibly shitty, causing my parents to collaborate with my aunt and uncle in a last ditch effort at saving myself from complete academic destruction. Upon first hearing the news I was quite pissed, although after thinking of the wide variety of gorgeous girls in that area I decided the idea had some merit. What a shame I thought, as I flew out of San Francisco towards the Mid-West, so many friends and girls being left behind. Oh well I mused reassuringly, there’s sure to be some fun to have in Brookfield, Wisconsin.
***NOTE*** This story is completely FICTIONAL!!! I Condone all manner of non-consensual and find it disgusting!!!
In a sense I was both right and wrong about above said statement. Here in Wisconsin I was able to get my hands on a variety of liquors and drugs. But I wasn’t able to, unfortunately, get my hands on the local girls. Apparently my looks, way of dress, and attitude seemed to discourage more than encourage the ladies in wanting to have anything to do with me. Enter my younger cousin, my problem and solution.
Lets get the nitty gritty out of the way. I’m 18 years old as I’m writing this, although I do happen to be a senior in high school. My aunt and uncle have four kids, a 25 year old, a 21 year old, a 18 year old, and a 18 year old; guy, guy, guy, girl in that order. It is my girl cousin the youngest, her name will remain unsaid, which proved to be one of the oddest dilemmas I’ve ever had.
Another thing you should probably know is that I, again unfortunately for no apparent reason, have an incest complex. While earlier directed towards my sibling, my two years younger sister, I now found this frustrating urge pointed straight at my cousin, my lack of sexual contact likely greatly enhancing this.

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   This incest problem began during junior high school, eighth grade to be exact, and while I learned to suppress it, its never really left me.
On to my cousin. A freshman in high school, she’s about 5'3, I stand close to 5'9, and is very slender with a light hazel brown coloration to her skin. With an AA cup and a small, tight, ass she is possessed with incredibly full, beautiful lips and an infectious smile. Her neck length hair is a light brown color and perfectly contrasts her skin and radiant brown eyes. All in all she is petite and incredibly cute, not very good features considering my condition.
Before I go on let me make something clear. I am not nor do I desire to be a rapist. While I am afflicted with a lust that the majority views as sinful and unnatural, I do not condone or accept forced and aggravated sexual activities, whether that be sex or just making out. That being said, onward.
It was during the end of Spring Break that I achieved what I only dreamed of in the deep recesses of my mind. My cousin had gone to California to stay with my family, but was arriving on the Friday before school began. By this time I was very, very watchful of her as I had received no sexual action since I left my home state. She returned late, around 11:30 during the night, and I was already laying on my little cot in my room, stoned and in a very meditative state of mind.
Oh yeah, one other thing.

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   While I had smoked pot before I came out to Wisconsin, I never really got into it as much as out here. On an average I’ll usually smoke about 4-5 days out of the week, around 2-3 times a day. While I don’t consider myself a weed fiend, I certainly have a strong liking for the plant. Alright shit, I guess I am a fiend, but it doesn’t affect my glowing personality so to hell with it.
The noises of footsteps going up the stairs of the house roused me from my drug-induced stupor, my cousin’s pleasant voice awakening the ravenous emotions that emanated from between my loins. I had always fantasized about sneaking into my cousin’s room during the night and copping a feel, and the idea was becoming more and more enticing with every minute that went by. After several minutes of mental debate, I decided to wait for an hour to go by before I attempted my daring feat of sexual gratification. Knowing that I likely would fall asleep, thanks to the pot, I set my alarm and turned down the volume so as not to wake up my aunt and uncle down the hall.
Sure enough I quickly dozed off though the alarm went off on schedule, and I awoke slightly dazed along with a steadily growing hard-on as I slid out of bed clad in nothing but my boxers, the thoughts of my daring feat playing through my mind. The clock read 12:45 a. m. and after a few moments of quiet inspection I deemed the coast clear as I opened my door in one smooth motion. I waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkened hallway, and it seemed that Fate was smiling upon me as my aunt and uncle’s door, normally left wide open, was shut. Despite my weight of about 175 lb. I managed to creep across the wooden hallway floor to my cousin’s room virtually silently.

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   I took one last cautionary pause, as my aunt and uncle’s room is next to my cousin’s, and than opened her door.
I held my breath as the door swung open, again having to wait for my eyes to pierce the shroud of darkness that obscured the room from my vision. When I could see well enough I got on all fours and crept to the side of her bed which lay parallel to her doorway. Again it seemed Fate blessed me, as she lay on her side facing away from the door. Suddenly a slight prick of doubt fluttered before me, causing me to reconsider my oncoming actions. Is this right? I thought, should I be doing this? For a few, brief seconds I was frozen by doubt. Than I slowly lifted up her bed sheets.
She was bare, save for a white cotton sports bra and a pair of white panties with red strawberries on them. Her back was facing me, and I cautiously touched her back. She gave no reaction at all, her breathing becoming slower and deeper. I lightly brushed my hand across her ass, my fingers trailing softly across her panty clad ass cheeks. After a few minutes of doing this I decided to get a bit more aggressive, and I placed three fingers carefully between her legs along her crotch. The warmth of her private area sent small shivers down my spine to my cock, and I longed to actually feel her skin. I began to rub my fingers slowly and smoothly across her crotch, and I reached into my boxers, grabbed my dick with my left hand, and began to quickly jack off. Perhaps I was only imagining that her pussy was getting hotter, but just as I was blowing my load all over her rug she shifted and began to turn over.

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My mind screamed various curses at me as I quickly withdrew my hand and scuttled out her room as fast as I could without making any ruckus. It seemed like an eternity before I finally entered my room down the hall and closed the door, my heart hammering out like a Native American war drum. I sunk into my bed both relieved and worried, praying that she hadn’t felt me. My dreams were odd that night, but than again I suppose they always are.
I woke up the next morning incredibly groggy and looked at my clock, the neon green numbers reading 9:25 a. m. I rolled onto my back and listened for any possible sounds that would indicate my nocturnal adventure had been discovered. I heard nothing except for the sound of the tv in the family room three floors below me. I climbed out of bed and slipped on a pair of black soccer shorts and walked downstairs, through the kitchen, and than down another small set of stairs to the family room. My cousin was sitting on a couch watching tv and was wearing the same sports bra along with a pink pair of teddy bear pajama pants. She looked up at me, said hi in that pleasantly beautiful voice of hers, and then focused on the tv. There was no sign that said she knew what had gone on last night and I breathed a sigh of thankful relief as I went back upstairs to take a shower.
Most of that Saturday was pretty uneventful, consisting mostly of me reading a book and playing a few video games. It wasn’t until later in the evening that things got far more interesting.
I should’ve made it clear earlier as to the activities of my other cousins.

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   The oldest moved out to California last year, the second oldest was still gone for Spring Break, and the one my age had a soccer tournament that night. Anyway, back to the story.
Around 7:50 p. m. my aunt and uncle entered my room and informed me that they were going out to see a movie and were wondering if I would like to go. I politely declined, as I was planning on smoking a few bowls while they were gone. As I heard the automated garage door close I went into my closet and pulled out my 4 inch glass pipe along with about $25 worth of weed.
Normally I try not to smoke at the house, but when I do it’s usually in the shower with the vents on so the smoke gets sucked up; only when I know my aunt and uncle are going to be gone for at least an hour do I dare smoke in my room, and even than I open my window and put my ceiling fan on full blast.
I had already smoked a bowl and was packing another when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. The steps were too light and too quick to be my aunt or uncle, and I surmised that my cousin had decided to stay as well; though this in itself was fairly odd. I was taking a very heady draft of cannabis when my door suddenly opened causing me to cough in surprise, sending a small cloud of smoke billowing out my mouth and nostrils. While my cousin knows I smoke, she knows that when my door is closed she either needs to knock or simply not even come near it, so it was with much surprise that I beheld her standing at my doorway, a small grin on her face.
I asked her what the hell she was doing in my room and she simply responded by saying she just wanted to see me smoke pot and get stoned, she went on to tell me that she had never seen anyone smoke grass before . I was ready to kick her out, but than I thought what the hell she might as well see how it’s done. I told her it was cool to watch and I proceeded to light up.

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   Two more bowls later I realized I had to piss really bad, and as I walked out of my room my cousin suddenly asked out of the blue if she could smoke a little. I asked her why and she answered that she knew her parents would be gone for more than two hours, plus I was here in case she got too weird or stupid. After a few seconds of internal conflict I said yes, but only if she took no more than three hits.
After relieving myself I decided to drop a deuce as well, and I sat on the john for about fifteen minutes reading an issue of People. My fifteen minutes turned into about 25 as I suddenly began thinking about some esoteric subject, and it was only after hearing the cat meow outside that I returned to clear thinking, well as much as one can when one’s stoned. After flushing I realized something, it was quiet. . . to quiet. Normally a first timer will have an extreme case of the giggles after a few hits, but I heard no noise aside from the slow hum of the AC. As I entered my room I cursed silently as I watched my cousin stare dully at my white rug.
I walked over and shook her lightly on the shoulders, asking her how many hits she took. She looked up with a confused face and after a few seconds told me she smoked about six hits. I shook my head ruefully as I told her to come downstairs with me and watch some tv. She got up, took a few steps and than collapsed on the floor and began to giggle.


   I grinned slightly as I picked her up hero style and began to walk carefully downstairs to the family room.
I set her down on the couch and sat next to her, suddenly feeling incredibly ravenous and craving Doritos and a salami sandwich. After turning on the tv and putting on some sponge bob square pants I began to go get some munchies when my cousin grabbed my hand and told me to stay, in a pleading voice. I told her calmly that I was going to grab some snacks, but she said she wanted me to stay with her as she felt a little weird. I reluctantly sat down next to her whereupon after a few minutes she laid her head against my shoulder and began to talk about random things like cats and track. I was just about to make a run for some food when she told me in a slightly mischievous voice that she liked how I had touched her last night.
Words cannot describe the terror I felt at that moment. The mixture of shock, fear, and THC in my blood caused me to have a dizzy spell, but that ended when my cousin kissed me lightly on my cheek. I looked at her with an expression that probably was a fair imitation of a deer caught in headlights, and she told me in a nonchalant manner that she had liked me since I arrived in WI, going on to say that she thought I was smarter, funnier, and cuter than the guys in her grade. Still in shock, I told her to wait there, and I went around the corner to the bathroom and gargled some mouthwash. I looked in the mirror briefly.
While not the most attractive guy in the world, I’m certainly not an ugly one either. Aside from a few acne scars here and there, I’m quite clean skinned, and my body is in reasonably good shape, though I do plan on working on a six-pack sometime soon. My face is slightly broad, quite Hispanic, and my head is shaved to where my hair is short, soft bristles.
When I came back, having previously been in her pj’s, I found that my cousin had stripped off her pants leaving her exactly as she was the night before.

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   I sat next to her, pulled her close to me, and sniffed her hair for some unknown reason that probably made perfect sense at the time . The scent of rose hips and jasmine flooded my olfactory nerves and I tilted her face towards mine gently, asking if she was sure she wanted to do this. She responded by leaning in and kissing me, her full lips flushed with heat.
For her first time I found her to be a better kisser than many of my previous girlfriends, and she soon was lightly brushing her tongue against mine sending pleasurable jolts down my skin. I continued to kiss her, my cock beginning to stiffen, but decided to go a bit further, and I quickly rolled up her sports bra and began to lightly fondle her breasts with my left hand, the other cupped behind her head. Her skin was incredibly soft and warm, and within seconds her tan nipples were erect with pleasure. I teased them, rolling them between my fingertips and pinching them slightly, and as we kissed she began to softly moan.
I ended our kissing session after a few minutes and told her to just relax as I began running my tongue over her nipples, alternating between that and my fingers. Sweat began to bead along her forehead as I lightly nibbled on her salty nubs, teasing and sucking them as her breathing became deeper. After a short time of enjoying her petite tits, I asked if she wanted me to go further to which she answered in the positive, much to my delight. Holy Shit I thought, I’m actually getting on my cousin!
I laid her across the couch on her back and pulled her panties off. To my surprise I found that her pussy was unshaven, the mound covered in a fine layer of light brown pubic hair, but this was no bother, and I licked my middle finger as I drew it down her crotch. I could smell the hot odor of her pussy already and my dick hardened to it’s full 61/2 inches as I inserted my finger slowly into her cunt. To all those who actually find it funny that I’m not endowed like a porn star, motion of the ocean baby. .

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  . motion of the ocean.
I had never done anything with a virgin pussy, and I found it surprisingly tight and a bit resistant as I slid my finger in and out of her snatch. I looked up at her and smiled, her eyes were slightly glazed, and she started to play with her nipples. After a few minutes I decided to add another digit to the party, and I could feel her shiver as I put two fingers into her love hole. Her pussy began to get incredibly moist as I began to both finger her and tweak her nipples, and her breathing turned into moans as I brushed against her virgin clit. Once you find the clit its hard to lose it, and I rubbed it for several more minutes until I could feel her vaginal muscles begin to contract, her face taking on a dazed countenance of detached pleasure.
I pulled my dripping fingers out of her cunt, spread her slender legs, and began to slowly toy with her inner thighs, licking and blowing on them. A few seconds went by until I couldn’t bear it any more, and I spread her lips with my fingers and began lightly lapping at her pussy like a lust-maddened hound. Her juices were a compelling mixture of sweat and vaginal fluid, highly intoxicating, and it only increased as I located her clit yet again.
The steady moans that were causing me to sweat like a race horse now increased into elongated groans and cries as she held my shaved head with both hands, my tongue flicking rapidly against her cherry. As I continued my oral expedition, I slowly inserted my right middle finger into her ass inch by slow inch until it was up to the second knuckle. I was surprised to find she didn’t mind, and within seconds I could feel both her sphincter and pussy contracting as she pushed my head against her mound and writhed in ecstasy. She let out a low scream of pleasure as her first orgasm rocked her body, my mouth dripping with vaginal fluid. After several more minutes of oral and anal stimulation my cousin was wracked with another orgasm, her 18 year old body awash in sweat and lust.

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   She screamed my name as I played with her clit a bit more, and by now I had managed to fit another finger into her tight ass.
I suppose my pot laced mind hungered for something new, and it was with a little surprise that I found myself licking my cousin’s asshole. While a bit musky, I found the act of giving a rim job to be quite refreshing, and I enjoyed pressing my tongue in and out of her slightly open hole. I started to finger her pussy as I continued to toss her salad, but after about five minutes the siren call of my dick couldn’t be resisted.
As I rose up and wiped my mouth with my forearm, my cousin told me to take off my shorts to my utter amazement. Jesus it’s like she’s fuckin telepathic! I thought. I willingly obeyed, and soon my dick was standing unhindered as my cousin slid off the couch and onto her knees. I shuddered with pleasure as I felt my cousin’s full lips encompass my cock. I swear to God she must have watched porn or something because I’ve never had a first time blow job like the one she gave me.
While she started off slow, she began sucking my dick incredibly hard, and I told her to cup my balls and squeeze them. Her lips were like a vacuum, and as she began to run and flick her tongue around my head I had to bite my tongue to keep from cumming. She started bobbing her head back and forth, her hand fondling my nuts, and I let out a deep groan as she nibbled slightly on my dick. I took a deep breath as I put my hand behind her head and slowly began driving my dick down her throat. For a minute I thought she was going to gag, but than my cock slid fully down her throat, and I began increasing my speed as I fucked her face, her saliva making wet sloshing noises as my member invaded her mouth. I felt myself losing control, spots floating before my eyes, and I grunted as I told her I was about to cum.


   I pulled my dick out of her mouth but she put her lips around my head and began forcefully sucking as she jacked me off with one hand. My eyes fluttered slightly as my spunk jetted out into her mouth, time slowed for a brief instant, and she cleaned off my dick with long strokes of her tongue.
After this torrid session we cleaned up, took separate showers and basically didn’t mention the event at all. I thought maybe it was over, a sort of once-in-a-lifetime event, but the next day as I was doing the dishes my cousin walked up behind me and grabbed my crotch as she kissed me on the cheek. I responded by giving her a quick pat on the ass and a kiss on the lips. The weekends almost here and Christ knows what might happen next.




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