Middle aged but innocent.


Like many nights this one was no exception,well not when we went to bed it wasn't;

My wife at forty was a bit plump in all the right places and she was up for sex as was I. If I was showing signs matching her horny moment,she'd wear a shorty to bed to give my libido a prompt. Not necessary you understand but almost a signal for a fuck.

This night,we'd gone to bed and sometime in our foreplay we'd drifted comfortably off to sleep,although I was inserted into her no orgasms took place. Fine! This wasn't the first time our comforable togetherness had caused this to happen. Oh! I always sleep naked and the wife usually does.

Comes the difference too tonight. It was nearing dawn as the slight lightness outside indicated. Our thin light curtains allowed this light to penetrate the room,but were intended for the one brazen antic we indulged in. That was it allowed our shadow to be seen and as we thought,tantalisingly from the street below,although my wife did make the point that if I stood sideways with a hardon I may have complaints,which in turn gave me a buzz. Not the complaint,but when my wife stood outside to see if it showed a young woman said, 'Me too' and grinned.

Equally I'd unobtrusively checked my wife's tit display in a side on pose. We concluded it was exciting and mostly used only these curtains. Our son's and some mates tended to congregate a bit lower down so we took no notice of them in our naivety. But in fairness,we don't know for sure if any of this was to do with our recent experience.
As I said,we'd left sex somewhere and now lay together and when this took place I was on my side with my ass facing towards the bedside.

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   While asleep,at sometime I'd felt something but never responded in any way until sometime after when it was still dark I came too with a warm sensation in my ass cheeks. Now more with it I realised a hard warm wedge was up the crease of my bum and it felt very wet. Doppy like, I thought at first it was just my ass groove sweating and the sheet warm and wedged between there. But I awakened completely when I felt a more prominent movement and realised someone had just left the bed from behind me.

I waited and sensed a person moving round the bottom of the bed then felt my wife move over from being on her back to laying on her side. Again with her ass towards the side of the bed. That I didn't mind because her ample breasts came against me although they were still inside the loose neck of the shorty. I waited,not scared who it was but listening for signs of who it might be,bearing in mind we had two teenage son's about in the house.

I now went back to my ass,it was still warm and wet and as I quietly pondered what I could feel,I felt between my ass groove and on bringing my wet fingers up to my mouth. It could be only one thing - salty CUM - my mind flitted around the idea that I may have had my cock stuck back thro' my legs and because of where we were on the night when we went to bed. Could I have wet dreamed and my cum got up in my ass crack?

NO! My cock twitched,which shocked me as I realised I'd been cum over by one of our son's cocks stuck between my ass slit. I felt some more,thought better of wiping it with the sheet,so left it laying along my groove. Thus I fell asleep,thinking that whichever son done it may not know he had,especially now he was on his mothers side of the bed. Later I disturbed again,this was as I said,just about dawn.

This was different though.

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   My wife lay on her side facing me and something was moving against my body which was now on my side facing her. More movement and I gently eased my part of the bedding down,only to be confronted by a hand slowly easing my wife's tit from the top of her shorty nightdress. The movement was so sensual that my penis stiffened just watching. Her aroele showed above the nightdress like the sunrising,followed by her nipple,all soft and limp as it appeared, then as the fingers touched it it hardened and the oreole crinkled up.

Unexpectedly I felt my wife's hand fidgeting for my own. As she felt my hand she gripped it tight and eased it against her thigh, I could feel the thighs squeezing then releasing and squeezing again. Whatever was happening,she was responding to it and that squeezing was not unfamiliar to me. I'd felt it many times before when she was getting near to an orgasm. Something was bringing her off and I suspected it was a cock doing what I left off the night before.

Her hand gripped mine really tightly and pulsed and pulsed as I heard her pant in time with it. She'd orgasmed and unless I was much mistaken,she now had in her cunt what I'd received in my ass crack not that long before. We both lay as we were but as her hand squeezed my hand still and eased as her orgasm quelled,her other hand squeezed at my hardon and after squeezing in a similar manner to when she had the orgasm,she made me cum off and we lay now with the sticky goo against both of us.

We now lay looking into each others faces and her eyes went up and back towards our son who still lay snug against his mothers ass. As a movement happened about twenty minutes after she was fucked or I guessed she'd been fucked she quickly shut her eyes and I did likewise. Our son got out of bed and left the room,but not before I squinted a look and saw he still had a beat on as hard as he'd had when he came against my ass.

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Minutes passed and then my wife squeezed my hand tightly. Whispering she said, - "We'll have to put thicker curtains up,I think it just got me fucked,he spermed right up in me" - "Was it okay?" - "NO! He made me cum,that's my own son,a woman's not supposed to fuck let alone cum with her own flesh and blood doing her!" -"No harm done,he finished what we started last night,I expect that's what made you orgasm" - "Joe,that's rubbish,it was his cock cumming right up in my womb that brought me to orgasm,I never dreamed they had cocks that big" - "Cocks?" I questioned. - "You know what I mean"

I did and to be honest the cum in my ass groove wasn't so bad either. She snuggled closer,until the inevitable happened her fingers felt my sticky ass. She looked me straight in the eyes. "He didn't did he,that's spunk I can feel" - Grinning widely,I answered - "NO! But there can always be a next time" - It done for her,go on,can you do me now?" - Tell me what it felt like,you know him cumming off like that. I didn't really know being asleep,but I said, - "Awsome,he pointed the eye of his cock straight against my sphincter and pressed like hell as his cum shot out of him. He was trying to at least shoot the stuff up my asshole. That done for her,she now was saddled on my belly and worked her ass like a mad thing making his sperm drool down over my cock and sac until in frantic abandon she orgasmed until she could bounce no more.

Looking at me with alure in her eyes,I said, - "Leave the curtains,perhaps we aught to let you sleep with some of the others behind your ass" - A smile - was that a guilty smile - I wonder? Her pussy squelched up off my limp cock and left me covered in his,hers and my own cum,well at the front that is. Its all his at the back.

"Do you think I'm a filthy whore/" - "Well are you?" - "Seriously speaking. . . I'm not sure!"


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