Mia's Family Secret - Part 1


“First,” said Daisy, “It feels best if you take all your clothes off,”“Get naked?” “Yeah, of course. ” Daisy sighed, “How else are you gonna play with your kitty?”“Well, I always just put my hand in my panties. ”“That’s the kid way. But if you wanna have a cum, it’s gotta be more sexy, right?”“Yeah, I guess…” Mia was a little confused, and more than a little excited. She was sure she could have a cum, as her pussy already felt so tingly and horny. “And nothing’s more sexy than being naked… come on Mia!” Daisy pleaded, “It’s fun!”Mia giggled, “Ok!”The girls had torn their clothes off, and were soon lying on the bed. Daisy then showed Mia how to make herself cum. The girls took turns doing it to first themselves, then each other. They both really got off on playing around, but had never repeated it since. Mia was a little shy, and Daisy had hooked up with her first boyfriend. But, after last night, as Mia watched her daddy sliding his thick meat into where her own naughty fingers had once been, the girl hoped that maybe she and her sister could relive old times, maybe even kiss and lick each other’s kitty. Mia shuddered in lust. Daisy looked up at her little sister coming down the stairs. “Well, good morning sleepy-head!” Daisy said with a smile. Mia couldn’t take her eyes off her older sister’s long bare legs, “Morning Daisy. Where are Daddy and Robbie?”“They’re out getting groceries and other stuff for Aunt Helen’s visit.

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   So it’s just you and me all afternoon. ”Mia plopped down on the couch next to her sister. She couldn’t believe how cool Daisy was, when just the night before she had been fucking and sucking her own father and brother. The young girl’s cunny pulsed and hummed with the memory of Daisy’s sweet pussy stuffed with her dad’s hard cock, and how her mouth licked and sucked all over her brother’s prick. Now that she was sitting closer, Mia noticed that her older sister wasn’t wearing a bra, and that her smallish firm titties pressed tautly into the thin white cotton of her tank top. Daisy’s long, light-brown hair cascaded softly over her tan shoulders. She understood why Daddy and Robbie lusted for the girl. Mia’s gaze continued down until it reached the crotch of Daisy’s panties. They were tiny and tight, and Mia could see the outline of Daisy’s teenage pussy through the gauzy fabric. “Mia!” Daisy broke her younger sister’s trance. “Huh… wh. . what?” Mia gaze continued over her sister’s long legs, until she looked up, and saw that Daisy was smiling mischievously. “Mia! Are you looking at my pussy?”“No, I was just… I mean that I…. ” Mia blushed.

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  Daisy giggled, “I’m teasing you little sis, really… it’s ok if you look anyway. We’ve seen each other naked, and even seen each other’s little pink pussy. ”Mia sat on the couch, blushing fiercely. “I know, I just was remembering that. ”“You were huh?” Daisy smiled, and ran her hands over the bulge of her mons, spreading her slender legs slightly, giving her little sister a better look. “Well, I don’t blame you Mia! These panties Mommy got me are really sexy. I love them… what kind of panties are you wearing right now?”It was Mia’s turn to giggle. Her growing lust made her a bit bolder, and she lifted her long t-shirt. “I’m not wearing any!”Daisy’s eyes popped with surprise as her little sister flashed her bare young pussy. Then she giggled too, and said, “That’s even sexier! You can play with yourself all the time!”Mia put down her t-shirt. Daisy asked in a whisper, “Are you still doing it Mia? Are you doing it like I showed you?”“Sure, all the time, everyday… I love it!”“Yeah,” Daisy said, “It is really fun, until you have real sex. That’s way better. ”Mia gulped, nervous but determined, “And I’ll bet getting two big dicks at once is the best, huh?”Daisy eyed her young sister, unsure at what the twelve-year-old was getting at. Did she know the family secret? Daisy didn’t find out until she was 14, like her brother Robbie before her. But Daisy had never benefited from an older sister like Mia, and she knew that her little sister was way more sexually savvy than she herself was at twelve.

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   Maybe Mia had spied on her with Daddy and Robbie last night. Daisy was going find out. With a surprise leap, she jumped on top of her little sister, and pinned her to the cushion of the couch. She forced the young girl’s thighs apart, and as the t-shirt rode up her slim belly, Mia’s naked cunny glistened before her. The older sister ground her pelvis into Mia’s naked crotch, and she could feel how wet and warm it felt. She knew that her sister was excited. “What do you know?” Daisy demanded. “Nothing! Nothing!” “Liar! Tell me what you know!”Daisy cupped her sister’s pussy with her hand. She began to rub her finger up and down the little girl’s slit, getting her fingers slick in Mia’s flowing quim. Mia let loose a quiet moan, and said “I saw you. Having sex with Daddy and Robbie. Last night. But it was an accident, honest!”“An accident, huh?” Daisy pushed two fingers deep inside her little sister, and began to fuck her tight bare cunt. “Well, now you know the family secret. You can never tell anyone.

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   But I bet that’s no problem. Cuz you liked it, didn’t you? Now you want to fuck your own brother and father too. ”As her older sister finger fucked her young snizz, Mia felt an orgasm shudder inside her belly as she murmured, “Yes… yes…”Daisy pulled her tank top over her head, and her developing breasts bounced free. She then slipped her panties past her feet, and laid down naked on the couch. “I play with Mommy too, Mia. She showed me how to lick pussy. Do you want me to show you what Mommy showed me? I’ll lick your little pussy, ok?”Mia nodded, “And then show me how to do it to you. ”The two young sisters sprawled naked on the floor. Daisy kissed her way down Mia’s trim belly, letting her lips graze the still naked skin of her little sister’s mons. Mia was going out of her mind as her older sister kissed her inner thighs, and ran her tongue closer to the girl’s glistening pink slit. Mia moaned and squirmed under her sister’s teasing. Finally, Daisy pushed her tongue firmly into Mia’s waiting pussy. Daisy marveled at Mia’s super wet and slippery girlie-hole. The younger girl was obviously out of her mind with lust. Good, thought Daisy.

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   The rest of the family was going to love including Mia into their games. She and Mommy would show her how to please all the men in the family – Daddy, their brother Robbie, Uncle Randy, and the three cousins Henry, Mike and Scott. But that would come later. Right now, it was her job alone to introduce her younger sister to the delights found only in other girls. Mommy, Aunt Helen and her cousin Tina will all be pleased with Mia’s willing lust, she thought. Mia had never felt anything as wonderful as her sister’s tongue as it licked out her pink pussy. Daisy knew just how to lap at her clit, had the right pressure and stoke. She dipped her oral muscle deep into the younger girl’s crack, and ran it back up to her waiting, humming love button.
    Daisy’s saliva mixed and swam with Mia’s natural juice, making an incestuous cocktail that got both girls drunk with sexual want. Daisy slipped one, then two fingers into her sister’s cunt. As her tongue flicked eagerly over Mia’s clitoris, she fucked her fingers deep into the slippery flue. Mia felt what seemed like fireworks going off inside her, rumbling and popping, and flashing with tremors. Mia’s head jerked back, and she rode a huge, building wave of orgasm higher and higher. Daisy never stopped, knowing her little sister was near an awesome cum. She stabbed her tongue deep in the young girl’s hole, splitting her own two fingers, which still fucked in and out of the drooling pink cunt.

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      “Uuuuuh…. . hhhmmmmm… oooo…” Mia buckled and jerked on the floor. She rode the wave of orgasm straight to the beach, where it crashed with amazing force. Mia felt one, and then two more, intense orgasms rock her body in succession. The younger girl laid on the floor, immobilized by Daisy’s oral administrations. She breathed slow and steady, trying to regain her composure. Both girls were smiling, pleased at the success of their first real lesbian play. Daisy sat up on the floor, and spread her legs into a V-shape. She gestured for Mia to sit opposite her in the same position. The little girl did as she was asked. The girls faced each other. Daisy then leaned in for a kiss. The two sisters made out in that position for a while. Both found each other’s lips and skin impossibly soft, their tongues carefully exploring the sisterly mysteries of another young girl’s mouth.

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       Daisy pulled Mia closer, so their bodies pressed together. Their two wet cunts kissed in the middle, causing both girls to sigh with pleasure. Daisy said “Lean back Mia. I do this with cousin Tina all the time. ”As soon as the younger sister did this, the older one pulled her closer. The two young pussies pressed together, slick and hot. Mia smiled and sighed as Daisy bit her lower lip with lust. Daisy started to rock up and down, rubbing her cunt into the sex flesh of her sister. Mia understood immediately, and she began to mimic her sister. Daisy reached her hand between Mia’s legs, and found her clit. Mia followed this example. Soon, both girls were bucking their hips, grinding their pussies together in a frantic bid for cum. They got off hard and fast. Mia looked into her sister’s brown eyes, her finger’s unable to leave the wet warmth of Daisy’s tight cooze. “I want to lick your pussy Daisy.

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       It’s my turn to do it to you. ”The older sister smiled, and kissed Mia softly, “I love how much you want this. You make me so hot little sis. ”Daisy laid back and spread her legs, and Mia crawled between them. She began to kiss her naked sister all over, letting her tongue graze different parts of her body for added effect. She sucked one nipple into her mouth, then the other. Daisy was mewling softly in content. Mia licked down her sister’s trim flat belly, and teased her downy pubic hair with her lips and face. The feel of Mia’s long brown hair brushing between her thighs made Daisy shudder in anticipation. She suddenly felt sure she should have done this with Mia earlier. Mia was no expert, but she learned quickly. She tried her best to copy everything that Daisy had done to her. As soon as her mouth found her older sister’s waiting cunt, she placed a long slow French kiss right in the middle of it. Mia loved how her sister tasted. Daisy’s girlie-hole hummed and quivered, slick and wet in the afternoon sunlight coming through the shuddered living room windows.

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      Mia settled in, and got to work. She licked steadily on Daisy’s love button, trying to keep the pressure just right. Her tongue danced all over the sweet pink meat, tracing circles and zigzags, and then plunging deep into the receptive hole. Daisy clutched at her little sister’s soft brown mane of hair as it fell over her legs. She loved what Mia was doing, and held her head in place, encouraging her. “Hmmmm… oh yeah Mia… I love it… Lick my pussy… eat me…mmmm”The young girl had talent, Daisy admitted. She seemed to know exactly what to do. It didn’t take long before she felt the first orgasm tightening within her. A long low groan of ecstasy bubbled over, out of her mouth. The older girl began to quiver and shake as a series of cums washed through her body. The two sisters kissed, Daisy tasting herself on the younger girl’s lips. “You rocked little sister,” Daisy said with a sly smile. “Wait ‘til Daddy and Robbie get home!”Mia’s pussy shivered at the mention, “Mmmm, I can’t wait!”To be continued…. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.