Merry Christmas


When I first arrived to Larry's house, the first thing he did was pick me up and spin me around. "Little sis how are you," he siad. I couldn't believe how strong he was. "I'm fine," I replied. "Well take your things upstairs in the guestroom, then come back down and we can talk about old times!" he said. As I was going upstairs I kind of wished Larry would pick me up again. I sort of had a weird feeling down between my legs. When I came back down stairs, I saw Larry sitting on the couch watching t. v. I went and sat down next to him. " So how you been doing, Brit?", he asked. "Fine. I've been trying to get in a few colleges, but no responses yet. How about you?" "I'm alright. Been trying to work out and everything. ", he said.

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   "Oh I see that already. " , I said under my breath. "What?" he asked. "Huh?" I played dumb. "What was that you said?" "Oh I said that you didn't need to work out, because you already have a nice bod. " I mumbled. "Wow, gee thanks Brittany!" he said obviously flattered. At that point I couldn't help but stare at my sexy brother. I noticed him staring back at me, and at that point I swear I sensed sexual tension in the air. I quickly looked away. Later that night we ordered pizza for dinner. At the dinner table we talked about what we wanted for Christmas and our family. Every time he talked I couldn't help but stare at him dreamily. This kid was a talker!. Now I see what every girl talks about with my brother.

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   I then excused myself. In my room I decided to take a shower. When I walked by my brother's room I noticed he was watching a porno. And jacking off to it!! Boy it was a sexy sight!! I then started to touch myself right there in front of his doorway. I'm glad his back was to me. I then started to stick my hand down my shorts while I watch my brother cum all over his self. I think he heard me moan out loud because the next thing I knew he was looking at me. I ran back to my room feeling embarrased. In about 30 min. I heard my brother knocking on my door. "Brittany, can I come in?" he asked. ""Sure" I answered. "What was that all about earlier? I mean why were you watching me?" he asked. "I don't know. It just looked sexy to me the way you were-" "You think I look sexy?" he interuppted me.

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   "Well yea. " I said. "To tell you the truth, I think you are sexy to" he said. "You do?'' i asked. With that he came to me and kissed me on my lips. "Yes I do. " he said. Then he kissed me again, this time with tongue. Then he laid me back on the bed and took my shirt off and stared at my 34-C breast. Then he kissed me again and said, " We can do this on Christmas night. That will be your gift. " Then he left. Boy was I horny. To be continued. .

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