Merry Christmas To Me....


This story is completely fictional. . . .  "Wake up honey its almost time to leave, hurry up and get ready!", my mom shouted at me as wewere running late to go to my cousins house. I got up, put on a pair of jeans and a shirt, brushed myteath, and picked up the bag I had packed the night before. I jumped in the car and we were on ourway.  We were going to visit my cousins that lived in a small town about an hour drive from our house. Over there I have an uncle, aunt, two girl cousins, one 18 years old (Sally) and another 21 years old (Jenny). And a guy cousin who is 25 years old. I am not too close to the two older cousins, but I do get along pretty well with the 18 year old cousin. She has long blonde hair, long thick legs, a C-cup breast size (I've checked on her bra's that I once found in her dirty clothes pile), and a very large, round, ass! Her older sister has a D-cup breast size, and also has a magnificant ass. Her brother (Tom) is a lot older than I am and he and I dont really hang out.  As we arrived I saw Sally and Jenny outside argueing about something. My mom parked the car inthe driveway and I saw my aunt run out to calm down the girls. Then they headed over to greet us.

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   "Hey Jenny, Hey Sally, Hey Aunt Clare" I said as they greeted me with a hug. We unloaded the carand I placed my bags in Sally's room, (I was going to be sharing a room with her).  "So what have you been up to lately" I asked Sally, trying to make small talk. "Eh, nothing much, you?" She asked me,"Nothing either. . . . -""Kids come over to the kitchen!" I heard my uncle yelling accross the house.  We ran over and they told us that they were all going to go out for a drink. Since me and Sally weren't old enough to drink, we were going to have to stay. "Mom can you drop me off at the store or something?" I asked, I didn't really feellike staying at my uncles house all day. "Sure, but get ready soon were leaving in 30 minutes" My mom replied.  I quickely took a shower and went into Sally's room to change. I saw Sally comming out of herroom with a weird look on her face. I didn't think much of it and continued into her room.

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  As I was changing I got curiouse and decided to look throught Sally's things. To my surprise,I found a dildo wrapped around a towel, and this seemed to excite me. Right away my cockjumped up and I couldn't get it to go down. I decided to jack off real quick so that my cockcan relax. I grabbed one of her used thongs, wrapped it around my dick, and started jacking off. This felt great! I then heard my mom yelling at me to hurry up so I cleaned up quick and gotdressed.  After I got ready jumped in the car and half way there my uncle decided to remind us that the localstored were closed for the holidays. So I guess I was going to have to go back with Sally in the houseand they dropped me off outside the house. As I walked to the door I was preparing to call Sallyto open the door, but the door was already unlocked. I walked in and I heard some weird noise commingfrom her room.  "Sally?" I yelled,no response. . . . .

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   I started walking towards her room and I realized that the weird noise was actually her moaning. Since she thought she was home alone, her door was open and I peeked in only to find her fingering herself!I looked once again into the room, and realized that while she was fingering herself while watching avideo of me jacking off earlier! That sneaky little bitch! She had sneaked a video camera into her roombefore I went in there! And the worse part is, she had seen me go through her stuff! For some reason I wasin shock because I thought I was in trouble, but then I realized that she was the one that video taped meand she's masturbating to it, so how could I be in trouble?  I then continued to watch her, she was gently moving her hand up and down her thighs. Her other handwas holding her pink dildo. She was rubbing it around her clit, she then moved her hand up to her tit andstarted playing with her nipple. Once again my cock jumped up and turned rock hard. I started to rub thehead of my dick through my pants and then suddenly she turned her head and yelled, "WHAT ARE YOUDOING!". "What am I doing? What are you doing?" I quicly replied. "Please don't tell anyone mike, please!" she begged,"Well that all depends," I said"On what?" She replied,"well suck my dick and Ill think about it!" As I said this I thought to myself, did I really just ask her to suck my dick? I thought she would get offended, but instead she got up from her bed, then got on her knees and pulled down my pants! She slid her tounge up and down my cock and then slowly around the head of my dick.
    "MMMMMMMM" she began to moan. She then shoved my dick down her throat and I could here her gagging. "Thats it" I said,"This is your punishment for being so naughty!" She then started begging me,"Come on mike, eat me out, please!" I couldn't resist, she moved up to the bed and I positioned myself on the 69 position. I ran my tounge in and out of her pink little pussy as she continued to suck my dick. With my tounge I massaged her clit and I heard her moans get louder and louder.  I then stood up and sat down on the corner of her bed, she got up and slowly sat herselfon top of my dick. She then began to jump up and down with her nice round tits all over my face.

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      I reached over and grabber her fat white ass while I punded my rock hard cock into her tight little15 year old pussy. "MMMM, harder, come on, harder, im goin to cum!" she yelled as I continued to pound her. We then positioned oursleved in the mitionary position and it only took about 18 more seconds forme to feel and orgasm comming soon. I slid my dick out and came on her nice little pink nipples. She continued to finger herself after I slid my dick out and I then saw her ass start to tremble. It lookedlike she was having a seizure and then I saw her pussy begin to squirt like a water gun!I licked it all off of her pussy and suddenly I heard the front door opening! We didn't have enough timeto get dressed and I turned around and saw her sister come into the room (her and Sally share rooms). Surprisingly she said nothing, I then realized everyone was too drunk to notice anything and I ran intothe bathroom to take a shower. . . . .  for feedback email me atno. namexxx@yahoo. com .