Melanie and her Uncle.


A tale of an uncle and his niece.
Quite difficult to conclude which one was the innocent one in this story!

A frequent visitor to her uncle's, If asked,he'd probably admit to her being his favourite niece. She had a personality that was captivating,but disguised a certain cunning. She also had a miniture woman's form most entrancing. At twenty she looked fourteen, but the developed shape and perfection of her womanly assets attracted even men of great years.

She also seemed devoid of this, as she [what appeared innocently] got up to antics that other women of her age would know to be provocative. [Innocent? maybe!] For example, she made no secret of being a virgin!

Meanwhile the uncle concerned had enjoyed some antics like her walking around his home virtually naked. She seemed to have no problem with her uncle seeing her body as her breasts took on first the girl look,then the more womanly shape. Equally,she illustrated how her pubes were developing until now at twenty they were a picture to his or any man's eyes.

He forewarned her this was not on, but she then found reasons to justify such antics. - ['Oh uncle,the hot water systems gone bust at home,can I have a bath/shower here? my hair needs washing,so while I'm at it I may as well shower/bath'] - On conceding to the request, it was followed shortly by her voice shouting to her uncle. - "Unc' - I'm in here without a towel, could you bring one too me?" - Originally shocked on arriving at his bathroom with a warm towel and on trying to be modest by handing it in thro' the door. The voice said, - "Bring it in Unc' I'm under the water!" - Reluctantly he conceded only to find his niece was indeed submerged on entering, but in an instant water cascaded from her breast as she shot upright with stiff young nipples visibly naked of any suds.

At first he softly chastised her,even considered telling her mum - His sister - but deciding this was only a passing phase soon to be forgotten,he held his tongue and enjoyed the moments. But! Following one of these bathing moments, he found he needed to piss. 'Melanie' this niece had shot up the stairs naked, well she knew he had just come from the living room and supposedly in shock she had discarded the towel around her as she scurried up to the bedroom for cover.

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In fairness, the fast disappearing rear of Melanie,including the pert sight of the small puffiness of her pussy peeping from her slim young thighs,had its affect. - His cock twitched and rose to a soft hardening. - Heading for the piss as she'd now left the joint bathroom/toilet. he just pulled the stiffness awkwardly from his fly and without shutting the door, pointed it at the pan. On hearing a slight sound, he edged around to the side of the pan while still in full flow to see what had made the sound behind him.

Shock horror, there was his niece rolling a fag. - "I'm just needing a rollie. [Hand rolled cigarette] That's a big one! No not my fag, your cock I mean!" - Unable to do much about it, he just finished pissing while Melanie made no secret of studying his penis. - He in turn thought [Oh well the damage is done,she's seen it and that's it!] He also noticed that as she clearly intended going out to his patio,she had by the look of it only a dressing gown on. - He knew she seemed to strike a pose when smoking, he thought, not unlike the film stars of old. So on going into the living room, he glanced out of the french windows to see if she was doing just that.

She was and he visually could see the shape of her slim legs up to the slight gap at her groins thro' the sheer of the material. A slight look towards him and she struck another pose. Now with a leg up on the patio seat, he became convinced she knew the sun shining from directly beyond her was highlighting her body in silhouette. He also knew he was going stiff while looking at his own niece.

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   NOW! That worried him!

The moment passed and the danger went out of his mind, but not for long. Melanie came in and sat around, then as usual,she commented, - "That was my last rollie and I've only got a couple of papers!" - Uncle knew this was the signal, that she'd had her fun for now and was about to go! Ratling his loose change he aquired what he knew to be the funds she was inferring she needed. Giving her this she hesitated,looked at him. - "What?" - "Nothing!" she replied, but uncle knew she wasn't satisfied with just the bare amount. - "I could tell you something if you wanted. For a couple more quid,that is!"

Her uncle fell for it. . . "Like what? What could you think I'd want too know?" - She took on a wicked cheeky grin - "You know, like what happened to you just now!" - "What just now? What do you think you know happened?" - "Aw! come on Unc' we both know what I'm on about, I mean, when I crept behind you to see if your seeing my ass made your cock go hard, I bet it went even harder when I was out on the patio!" - "You cunning young hussy, you knew all the time what you were at!"

"Uncle Merv' just because I'm a virgin, it doesn't mean I don't know what happens to a boys cock if he see's something like a naked pussy,or - tits for that matter!" - Her uncle knew what she meant, he could feel precum on the end of his own cock and against all common sense was tempted to get her to tell him more. - "This couple of quid thing, is it about what you've been up too?" - "Me or my friend's yes! I'll tell you a bit of it and you can work it out yourself. But I am a virgin, honestly!"

Uncle wasn't so sure, Melanie seemed to have a lot more answer's than seemed good for her! - Off she went. - "Well! We get in a group and my friend's one by one has had it in,- You know fucked with a boy - I haven't tho' so they're always saying I should do it like they have" - Uncle Merv' interjected - "No, I think you should keep your virginity, in fact you perhaps ought to speak to mum and perhaps dad about what you're saying" - "Uncle where are you on this planet? You don't seriously think mum would let my dad break me in do you?" - "Whoa Mel'!I meant about not listening to your friend's, surely you know I never suggested for one moment what you thought!

That grin again, he knew he was being sucked in, She knew perfectly well what her uncle meant,but chose too shake him by the response she gave. A secret glance at his groin told her little. But she knew exactly what her aim was.

"No Uncle Merv' - Listen, we were all watching Jane letting two kids do her,one after the other when after they'd finished, both of them's sperm stuff was on her vagina and all over the insides of her legs.

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   Two other of my friends grabbed me and pulled my pants down to show the kids my pussy. Know what they said? - NO? - They said, do this one now,she says she's a virgin!" - "I kicked out at the girls and they dropped me on my bum. I shouted. 'I AM,I AM A VIRGIN,SO WHAT?' I think it scared the girls - and the kids because they said, 'Lets go,she'll come round in a bit. Meaning I'd be okay with them. Of course I was after a rollie or two"

Another shock followed for Merv' - "Shall I show you?" - In an instant, Melanie had pulled her panty's down and thrust her pussy at Merv's face - "If I pull myself open there, You'll be able to see I really am still a virgin!" - Mervyn reacted frantically. Bending forwards in making an effort to pull Melanie's pants back up her legs, he was conscious that his face was only inches from Mel's belly.

"Christ Mel' you'll have me shot, pull your pants up before someone see's me" - "Uncle! There's only me and you here, whose there to see us?" - "I know! I know! Make's no difference. - But Mel' for christ sake, I can't look to see your virginity, I don't doubt it anyway!" - "Listen,you better get off before the shops shut or you'll have no rollie's" - Looking her Uncle straight in the eyes now. - "It done something to you I bet, you're only saying about the shops to stop me telling you more!"

She was spot on of course, Uncle Merv's penis was throbbing at the thought of seeing her pussy opened but he feared for his own reaction's if she showed him her virginity in tact. Melanie knew she'd made her Uncle hot and lusting. Because she'd been playing this game with the kids for a while now. But she also knew she had a bigger plan than her stupid boy mates getting her!

Follow up will be. . .

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   Melanie moves in on Uncle Merv'.