Megan’s Blackmail


The plan is to blackmail her into being our sex slave, once we have enough incriminating evidence. Tonight is the last night before our “Plan” is set in motion. We now have over a hundred pictures of her doing various sinful deeds with twelve different guys, the guy tonight being lucky number twelve. We had known for about a year before our plan what she did every Friday and Saturday night, and we always spied on her. Alas, enough was enough, which brings us to where we are now. “Good morning sis, did you “Sleep” well?”“Morning, um, yeah I slept pretty good, I was really tired. ”We both laughed at that and made remarks such as, “Yeah, I’ll bet you were. ” She never caught on to us. I think it’s as much her fault what was about to happen as she never closed her window shades, I’m sure the neighbors could even see in there. I must admit, we’re all three spoiled rotten, we do what we want most of the time. We get what we want all the time, and what I wanted was a really kick ass camera for Christmas, the kind with night vision and no flash. Todd though, he wanted something a little better, the same features as my camera, but mine was still frame, he wanted motion. I told you we had a lot of pictures, but we also have filmed every night, and we have it all stored on our password protected computer. “Kids? You be good now, your father and I are going to get some things from the store, we’ll be back in a couple of hours. ”“OK MOM!” we yelled. We ran off to our room and grabbed my camera, being digital and all we could just show it to her, we could show her the evidence we had on her.

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   It was time. “Oh sis? Sis where are you?”“I’m in my room weasel, what do you want?”“We just want to have a little talk with you, we’ll be right there. ”We made our way down the hall to her room, the door was open so we just let ourselves in. “What’s up?” she asked. “Well, you see sis, we need your help with something. We just can’t figure out what this is, why don’t you take a look, and tell us what you think. ”I handed her the camera and got an instant hard on when she looked at the image I had showing. Her face lit up with anger, embarrassment, confusion, she immediately looked around the room trying to figure where we were taking the pictures from. She quickly realized it was from the window, she tried to take control. “You little bastards!” she scolded. We just grinned from ear to ear. “Oh you think this funny, you spying on me in my room? Well, you just lost your camera and I’m telling mom and dad. ”“Oh really, well what are you going to tell them?”“I’ll … I’ll tell them …. “ I interrupted. “You’ll tell them nothing! Because if you do tell them, then you have to show them.

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   I don’t think it works out too well for you if they see those pictures, now does it?”She was utterly dumbfounded at this. A certain look of fear took over, as she should be fearful. She has no idea what we want in return for those pictures, and all the others. “I want these pictures all burned! what do I have to do to get that?”“Good girl, you know exactly why we’re here. ” I told her. “Here’s the deal sis, if you don’t want those pics to be seen, you will do everything we ask, without complaint and without hesitation. If you don’t follow our orders to the T, we will post them all over the net and make sure mom and dad visit the sites. And don’t worry, we have many more pictures, not just of that night either. ”“What do you want from me?” she asked. “What does every man want?”“You couldn’t?”“Oh yes we could, can and will baby cakes. First, you aren’t allowed to have sex anymore, with anyone besides us that is. You will do what we tell you to. You now belong to us. ”“You sick little perverts!” she scolded once more. “I don’t care if I do get in trouble, I’m taking these to mom and dad.

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  ”“Megan! We’ve been taking those pictures for the last six months, all dated. You don’t want to show mom and dad all of that do you? Hell, we even have video of every weekend for the last six months. ”She had been caught, and she knew it. She didn’t want mom and dad seeing any of those. With our parents the way they are about certain things, she would be shipped off to boot camp or something, and she knew that too. No, her only choice was to comply with our every demand. “Why are you doing this to me?” she pleaded. “WHY? Why not!” I said. “You are the one thing we can’t have, we can have other girls, that’s just too easy though. We want you for our own, our sexy big sis. You’re always teasing us by walking around the house mostly nude, and seeing you with those guys, we want that. ”“This world is all about getting what you want, that’s all we’re doing. ”As the tears began to form in her eyes,“Look, we don’t want anything right now. We just wanted to tell you how things were going to be for the next few years, maybe more. ”With that, we left her alone to think about what was happening to her, and to go think about what to do first.

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  It drove her insane that we didn’t even mention it to her for another week, we waited until her date night to remind her of the rules. She didn’t take this lightly, as she stormed out of the house to join her boyfriend. Todd and I then did something we had done many, many times before. We went to her room and snooped through everything. It was better this time, we didn’t have to pick up after ourselves. We found all the dirty, spent condoms she was hiding, even though we knew she didn’t always use them. We rummaged through her panty drawer, her closet, all of her clothes. We wanted to pick out something nice for her to wear, you know, for the opening act. We then waited until around eleven p. m. when she returned home. We could hear them laughing as they came in, making their way upstairs to her room. She screamed when she saw the mess we left. She charged straight into our room yelling and cursing. “You little dorks! What the fuck was you doing in my room?”“Calm down sis, we just wanted to take a look at some things, it’s what we wanted, and therefore it’s what you wanted.

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  ”“You two were actually serious about that stuff? I thought you were just trying to play some game. ”“Look, enough is enough, you can’t be for real about all this stuff, I mean its, its illegal!”“Sis, we’re blackmailing you, we aren’t too concerned with the law right now. Besides, you broke the law by fucking that guy last week, it was statutory rape. ”“How do you know how old he is?”“Come on! Do you think we’re stupid or something? You must be if you couldn’t tell he was twenty-two. I knew right away and I checked the plates on his car, registered to a John Meyers, twenty-two years old. ” I said matter of factly. “Now, be a good little bitch and go tell your friend to leave, now!”While she traipsed down the hallway to her room, Todd and I broke into laughter, this was just too good. After hearing some argument from her room, the guy finally sped away in his car. She returned to our room. “I can’t believe you made me do that, he’ll probably never talk to me again, and I liked him. ”“Oh, you mean you liked the size of his dick, that’s seems to be all you care about in a guy, you slut. ”“Fuck you! At least he has a dick, unlike you two. I’ve seen you before, you’re lucky for the two inches you do have, or you’d have both been sisters. ““Oh it that so? We only have two inches? Is that two each, or do we just share that between us?” I joked. “Lookie here bitch!”I unzipped my pants, and pulled out my seven and a half inch dominator, as did Todd, we are definitely twins.

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   Her jaw dropped when she saw what we had, and I chimed in. “Did you think we wouldn’t grow in the last ten years? We’ve got bigger dicks than any of the guys you’ve screwed in a year and a half baby doll. Thank God for it too, you’ll be nice and tight. ”“I think I’m going to be sick, you just can’t be serious. This is sick, I’m your sister for crying out loud!” She was getting desperate to get out of this. “What if, I just get my girlfriends to let you fuck them, that would be good too, right? They’re all hot as hell, horny too!”“Nope, we want you! Now play time is over, strip!”Todd quickly set his camera up to record this, when she protested. “What are you doing? You’re not taping this too!”“Yes we are sis, it’s a little extra assurance so that you won’t go blabbing anything. We wouldn’t want anything spoiling the fun prematurely now would we?”She became enraged and started stripping her clothes off very roughly, much to my delight. “There! Are you happy now?”“So far, but you forgot something didn’t you? The panties and bra please. ” As I held out my hand. She then slowly removed her underwear as the tears began pouring out, she was all but sobbing. Once she handed me her underwear, Todd instructed her to turn for the camera. She was absolutely stunning! An hourglass from the front and a ying yang from the side, curves in all the right places. She was about 5’5, 120 lbs. or so, and most of that weight seemed to be in her boobs.

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  She had very impressive D cups, so tight, firm, smooth, perky, every boys dream. I could’ve stood there looking at her all night. That long, wavy brown hair that came to her mid-lower back, and cascaded over her pert breasts. Her gorgeous blue eyes almost lit up the night as she stared blankly trying to figure out why. She had an ass that would put J Lo’s to shame. It’s firm, silky smooth touch, it was as round as a basketball, bubbly but cute. She was cute really, just wanted to squeeze her cheeks almost, she had small facial features that complemented her nicely. “Ok, you can stop turning now. Well that just won’t do Megan, when is the last time you shaved?”She didn’t answer, just kept looking to the ground in what could only be humiliation. I imagine she wanted it to open up and swallow her whole. “Why don’t you go shave that shit off, and I want baby smooth, or as close as you can get it. ”After some hesitation, she trudged down the hall to the bathroom. An hour passed as we got worried about her, and so went to inspect. She was just sitting there on the toilet, shaven, crying. I was almost guilt stricken by this site before me.

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   It was too late to turn back now though. “Come on sis, get up and come with us. ”We escorted her back to our room, where we stripped down to our boxers. She begged us one more time not to do this. “Please, don’t do this. I know it may seem like a good idea now but what if I get pregnant? That would be really bad and you know it. Please, I’ll do anything, please?”“You’re right, you will do anything, even this. Give us a break, you’re a whore, everyone knows it. I bet you’re dripping wet right now aren’t you? Come here and let me feel you. ” I commanded. I then felt her pussy, I could have filled a small glass with all the moisture down there, almost. “Good God woman, I don’t care what your mouth says, your lips down below say yes, fuck me, fuck me!”She then put her head in her hands, an attempt to cover her face from us. “Megan, this isn’t as bad as you think. I mean look at it this way, you don’t have to wait until the weekends to get guys in here. You can just come to our room anytime.

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   “ I joked again. “Well I’m glad to see you’re taking this seriously Arik. ”“Hey, I’m taking this seriously enough, you’re the one needs to lighten up a bit, fuck that, a lot. You can only make this worse for yourself. Think about it, if you don’t cooperate, your life as you know it ends. Everyone you know will be disgusted when they hear what you did to us, and it’s all on tape. We just do a little editing and you’re done. ”“So what, you want me to just lie here and take it?” she asked. “No, we want you to enjoy it too, which you aren’t going to do if you don’t stop fighting it. It’s going to happen, weather you let it or not, trust me on this. ”“You think you can make me do this?”“I know we can make you, again, that’s a little too easy. That’s why you are going to do this willingly or not at all. Not at all includes the net showing of your art work sis. ” I threatened. After several minutes of deliberation, she just nodded her head and said “Ok.


  ”“Now, get down on your knees and suck us off, at once. ”She lowered herself to the floor as we removed our shorts. Once we presented ourselves to her, she kind of took over from there. The work wasn’t that good, I guess it’s a lot harder to do two at once. She managed quite nicely though I thought. It sure felt great feeling her tongue roam our nether regions. I think she wanted to make this good, maybe so good that we wouldn’t want any more. Just before cumming I told her to stop sucking and just sit there. Todd and I began jerking off then, and with her lovely prep work, we didn’t keep her waiting. Within seconds it seemed, we were cumming all over face, she tried to move away at first but Todd just told her to stay put. “Open your mouth and swallow some of this!” I ordered. She complied nicely. The fact that my sis was the catch can for our nut was fantastic. We blew like we never had before, and as a result, her face was literally covered in our spunk. I grabbed my camera and told her to hold still, I took four pictures of her cum bathed face.


   I then returned to her room while Todd watched her in ours. I took every pair of panties she had, bras too, clean, or not and brought them back to our room. We had a rather large safe in there, where we kept our porn mags and videos, that’s where I put her belongings. “Are those my underwear?”“Yes. ” I replied. “Well what are you doing with them?”“What does it look like, I’m putting them up so you won’t be tempted to wear them. ”“What? but I need them, what if I want to wear a skirt or something out, people will be able to see that I’m not wearing my panties, and my tits will be too exposed. Come on, you got to leave me something to cover my self. ”“That’s the idea, we won’t people looking up your skirt, with NO panties. ” I emphasized. “This isn’t up for discussion, just do it, and be happy it’s not worse! Now go to your room and go to bed, I don’t want to see you again tonight. Oh, and no shorts either under your dresses and skirts, that’s cheating. ”She got up, with her face still covered in what is now drying nut juice, and she went back to her room, where she slammed the door shut. The next morning was quiet, in fact, everything was quiet for the next few days. Then we decided to strike again.

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  “Oh Megan? Come here my little incestuous slut!”“It’s bad enough that I’m doing this Arik, must you call me that?”“You’re right, I’ll lay off with the name calling thing, a long as you lay, us that is. ”A look of defiance came to her face. “Megan, must we go through this every single time? You know how it’s going to end up. ”“Yeah I know. ” She said in a defeated voice. “Go into your room, take off all your clothes and bend over your little chair, we’ll be there shortly. ”As she disappeared up the stairwell, we discussed who would go first. Since I was the creative mind behind this scheme, Todd offered to let me have first go at her. As I walked up the stairs, my cock got harder and harder, as if every step was another step taken to a full erection. Upon reaching her room, we discovered she was ready to go, just as ordered. We of course had the cameras with us, and we snapped a few shots of her beautiful rear end. I just couldn’t resist taking a picture of her spectacular ass pointing toward the heavens, opening her cunt like a flower in bloom. Standing behind her I ask, “Have you ever taken a cock in the ass before Megan?”She turned in shock with the prospects of my question. “Please don’t do that, that’s not right, it’s not how sex should be. ”“I know, but neither is this, I’ll tell you what, today I’ll be good, but that will change someday soon.

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  ”I took a minute to stroke the back of her legs and her ass. I buried my face in her cunt for a quick taste. I spread her lips wide so Todd could get a close up of her soon to be hammered pussy. My cock was rock hard now, so much so, I could barely get my shorts down around it, but I did. I stepped up to her, taking a second to rub the head of my rod up and down her shimmering slit. “Well well sis, I see someone’s a happy girl right now. Tell me how much you want my cock buried deep inside you right now. Tell me what a slut you are for craving your brothers cock. ”“Oh yeah baby, stick it in me, I want you so much I can’t stand It. ” She smarted off. “Ok you little smart ass, lets see just how smart you are when I jam this up your ass. ”“NO! no please, I was just teasing, I’m sorry. ”“Then tell me. ”“Oh baby brother, I want your cock in me so bad right now, I can’t wait another second, please do me, fuck me hard, fuck me deep, and fuck me long!”Now that was I wanted to hear, I think she may have meant that, she was very convincing. Anyhow, I took no more introductions and nestled my cock head to her vaginal entrance.

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   I gave one long, hard, push into her juicy cunt. It felt so warm, so tight, I was in heaven as my dick slid inside her, my big sister Megan. We both let out a small moan as I hit balls deep the first stroke. Savoring the sensations of it, I pulled all the way out, and then back in again, and then again. Each time was harder and faster than the one before. A minute in and I was slamming her pussy hard as I teased her anus with my thumb. I rubbed in circles, then dipping in slightly, caressing my fingers up the length of her crack. I traced up her spine and back down again with the tips of my fingers, sending chills shooting through her. I knew she was resisting the urge to cum, though I could hear every moan and feel every shiver that she tried in vain to hide. “Big sister, why are you fighting this, you know you like it, just relax. Let yourself feel, let it go. ”My words seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. She did nothing different, not right away, but soon she was no longer fighting the urges. She was panting and moaning aloud without any concern for what she was doing. This only served to arouse me even more, as I now had my beloved sister Megan, praying I wouldn’t stop too soon.

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   She was all but begging me to fuck her, and I did with all my might. I drove my swelled member home, all the while fucking her puckered little asshole with my thumb. As our pace quickened, I inserted a finger inside her ass, then two as she was loosening up splendidly. My thrusts were met with a force to match my own as she began voicing her desires. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Never stop fucking me little brother!” she yelled between breaths. Her cries became more rapid as she neared ever closer to her treasure, a rock solid orgasm like none she’d had before. She kept chanting,“Fuck me brother, fuck me, fuck me brother, Oh god, fuck me brother. ”I couldn’t hold back any longer, her cries of passion sent me spiraling into an oblivion of lustful sin as I cum inside her. My nuts were tight, my cock was throbbing with every spray as I doused her insides with my sticky seminal fluids. I froze inside her. Within seconds of my own orgasm, I felt her cunt convulsing around my engorged prick. At last, she was cumming, she reached back and grabbed my ass and pulled me into her even more. My legs were shaky as I pulled free from her clutches, my flaccid penis falling free allowing the rush of juices to fall from her gapping cunt. I moved quickly aside to let Todd get a better view. I then took the camera from him and sat down on the bed.

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  “Arik, damn it! You stretched her out!, and she’s all wet, I won’t be able to feel a thing. ”“Come here Todd, I’ll take good care of you. ” She said as she turned around. She then dropped to her knees once again, grabbed his cock and started sucking and kissing his balls. Using her tongue to run the length of his shaft, she got him as hard as steel. She opened her mouth allowing the head to disappear inside while she skillfully worked her tongue some more. My brothers moans of pleasure were only enhanced when she engulfed almost his whole cock into her throat. She played his dick like a magic trick, making it completely disappear and then reappear. Her long, slow, deep deliberate strokes proved Todd was no match for her skills. Within minutes he was grabbing the back of her head, holding her in place while he shot his load right down her throat. She massaged his balls as they melted away in her hand. Just twenty minutes before, she was smarting off her rebellion of this very act, now look at her. Slurping up every drop of his seed, she was moaning all the way. To Be Continued (Maybe)Tell me all if you like this one, again, sorry it's long. I can't get the right detail in shorter stories.

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   I hope you enjoyed. AnthonyMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.



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