Megan's Blackmail - Part Three


Mom and Dad are gone for their weekly grocery run, and we were going to be alone for a few hours. “I want you to lay on your back on the floor, spread eagle like. ” I ordered her. I was in no mood for delays as I went straight up and felt her cunt for moisture, there was plenty. I lowered myself on top of her, placing and holding my cock head at her entrance for a moment before I started pushing. She just closed her eyes tightly as I began filling her with my manhood. “I almost forgot how great your pussy felt sis, oh god!”Still slowly pumping my cock in and out, I grabbed her legs and put them over my shoulders, allowing me better access to her snatch. I quicken my strokes, getting faster and harder by the second. Her tits were flopping around her chest, nipples hard, her eyes still tightly sealed. I could feel my balls slapping against her asshole, causing me great pleasure. I had still not fucked her ass, and it was still something sort of taboo for me. But that would all change in due time. Her breathing started getting a little heavier, a little quicker. Causing her chest to heave up and down, pushing her breasts toward me more, before pulling them away again. Our bodies made a loud slapping sound as we slammed ourselves together again and again. Just as I could tell she was starting to let go of her inhibitions, I started letting go of something else.

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  My cum spilled deep within her as I grunted, feeling the wave of pleasure over come my body again and again. I heard her whimper under her breath as I pulled my spent member from her clutches. Todd was eager to replace the void left by my missing cock. He rammed his dick into her without concern for her, and began fucking her relentlessly. I was so turned on by today’s events, I forgot the camera. I grabbed it and turned it on, laying it on the dresser aimed at the object of my desire. Todd banged her with fury before pumping loads of sperm into her womb. Once he climbed off, I instructed her to stand. I then placed a pillow case over her head, one that would cover her without completely blocking her view. I then pulled a chair out, set it in the middle of the room, and told her get in the chair on her knees. Once there we used ropes to tie her to the legs of the chair. Her position was bent over the chair, ass pointing high, and spread open. Her head dangled over the back of the chair. “You just hang tight sis, we’ll be back soon, and we’ll have company with us. ” I told her before Todd and I left the room.

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  We picked up some clothes and went downstairs to get dressed. Once dressed we turned on the tube and watched some shows while waiting for mom and dad to return from the store. An hour passed and they were back, we helped them with the groceries. “Where is Megan?” Asked our father. “I don’t know dad, she just left about twenty minutes ago. ” I lied. “I’m sure she’s down at Sara’s, I wouldn’t worry darling. ” My mother added. “Kids? I’m going to go do some shopping with Mary, anything in particular you want?”“Yeah!” Todd answered. “I could use some new socks and boxers. ”“Ok sweetie, I’ll be back later so listen to your father and be good. ”She was off to meet her friend Mary for a day, and night, of shopping. She did this once a month and we knew this month would be no different. “Hey dad? I have something I want to show you upstairs. Would you mind coming up there for a minute?”“Sure son, what is it?” He questioned.

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  “Honestly?”“Of course. ” He said. “Ok, well we have this friend, a girl friend, and we’ve been having a little fun with her while you guys were gone. I thought you might want to go up and take a look. ”“Oh really now?” He said unbelievingly. “Well, lets go see this girl friend of yours. ”We made our way to our room, and when I opened the door, dad’s jaw dropped. He was speechless!“W … w … What the hell …. . ” He stammered. “What the hell is going here Arik?”“We’re just having a little fun with her Dad, she’s willing. ” I said with a smile. “Young lady? Is this true? Did you let my boys do this to you?” He asked. She just shook her head no. “Oh, well I guess we should let you go then, Todd, take the pillowcase off of her.

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  ” I threatened. “NO!! No, leave it on, I let them sir. ” She quickly yelled. Dad motioned for Todd and I to follow him into the hallway. “Alright you two, I want some answers, now!”“Dad” I whined. “We were just having some fun, didn’t you ever have any fun when you were our age?”“Yes son, I did, but that was different …. ” I interrupted“How was it different? Because it was you? Dad, this is ok, no laws are being broke, and she’s only 18 She did agree to it as she said. ” I explained. “I know, but if your mother finds out about this, then we’ll all be dead, and what if Megan comes home?”“Don’t’ worry about them Dad, Mom is gone until late, and Megan is too. she may even spend the night somewhere. ” I assured him. “Alright, but she better be gone before either of them get home. ” He threatened. “OK!, but ……. .

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  ” I mumbled. “But what Arik?”“I wanted you to join in and help us give her a real good time. Come on Dad, you know you want to, and we won’t tell Mom or Megan, I swear. ”“I don’t know guys, that wouldn’t be right. ” He said trying to convince himself as much as us. “But Dad, even she wants you. ” I baited. Dad stood there for a long while, obviously wanting to do it, but unable to let himself. That’s when I chimed in. “Just imagine, your cock sliding in and out of her juicy, young, shaven pussy. Her moaning under her breath signaling to you that she loves it. You can feel the ribbed walls inside her massaging you, milking you. She starts to scream with her first orgasm, grabbing you and pulling you harder into her. You’ll feel like a kid again. ” I taunted him.

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  I looked down to find he had a massive boner, my smile grew from excitement. “Dad? Look down will ya?”He looked and saw what I did. He then looked at both Todd and myself with a very stern look. That sternness started to change as he said ‘what the hell’. I jumped I was so happy, our plan worked! We all walked back into our room where Megan awaited, still bent over the chair, ass till pointing high. Dad quickly stripped his clothes off, moved behind her, and sunk his 9 inch monster into his daughters soaking pussy. She gasped as he entered her. Between gasps and moans, she was squealing with her father fucking her. “One of you boys get over here and stuff her mouth will ya. ” My Dad grunted. Todd went to her face, lifted the pillowcase ever so slightly, only revealing her chin and lips. He gripped his cock at the base and squeezed, making the tip swell. He pushed against her lips, which were tightly closed. He pushed harder, she still wouldn’t open up. I reached under her at that point and tweaked her nipple roughly.

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   When she opened her mouth to yelp, Todd stuffed his cock in her mouth. As she began coughing from his thrust, Todd started hammering away. Dad was grunting cheers at him, like ‘fuck her good son’ and ‘oh yeah, you like that don’t you, you little slut’. I couldn’t believe what he was saying, I had never heard him say anything like that, none of us had. Dad was pounding her so hard the chair was rocking back and forth with him. The wet slopping noises getting louder, so was Megan. She was all but screaming, except for the dick in her mouth. “Oh yeah, fuck that little bitch!” I yelled. “Um daddy!” She moaned. Dad quickly picked up on this and began saying things like ‘you like daddy fucking you slut?’ and ‘you want daddy to cum in your whore cunt don’t you?’. “Tell me you want me to cum in your little slut fuck hole, tell me!”“Oh God! Fuck me daddy, fuck me, I want your cum inside me. ” She moaned. Todd quickly jammed his dick back into her throat, causing her to gag. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled it as he said he was cumming. Dad then quickened his pace, as he too was close to cumming.

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   I started pinching her nipples, twisting them, pulling them. I was making her hurt and she loved it. She was whimpering, moaning, and screaming when she could. Mostly she was humming. Todd tightened up, thrusting his cock hard into her throat. His head went back and he closed his eyes, staying still in her mouth as he shot his load into her. I could almost see her head moving with each pulse from his cock. Dad then started yelling ‘oh yeah, oh yeah, oh’. He was releasing his sperm deep into his daughters cunt, grabbing her hips so tight his finger tips were turning white. As Todd pulled out and collapsed on the bed nearby, Dad pulled his cock out and started slapping her asshole with it. She was bucking her head about, and now that the case had been partially removed, it was free to come off the rest of the way. As it fell to the floor, my eyes grew wide. Dad continued slapping her asshole, but would dive into her freshly fucked cunt every other slap. His cock began getting harder as he left his cock at her asshole longer and longer each time. After a minute or so, I thought he was going to dip back into her pussy, but instead he drove it into her ass.

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   Making her scream from the pain. “My little whore, that’s what you are, my little cock whore. Well I’m going to show you what I do to my whores. ” Dad whispered. His cock was only a few inches in before he slammed it into her. A loud slapping sound could be heard as his legs and thighs met her ass cheeks. She stiffened her body, arched her back, and closed her eyes tight as he filled her more than she had ever been. Dad must have liked this look because he grabbed her long hair and pulled on it. Making her back stay arched. He started using her hair to pull her back onto him, again making the chair rock about. I moved in closer, and could see her flesh giving way as his long, slow strokes seemed to pull her asshole out, and then push it back in. He used all 9 inches to fuck his baby girl. He would push it all the way in, then pull it all the way out, leaving her gaping hole open. She could feel the breeze blowing across and into her open anus every time. She started getting chill bumps across her ass cheeks.

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  Dads strokes shortened as he went on, and soon he was only using 4 inches to fuck her. He buried himself all the way in her, and then just came out about 4 inches before he roughly thrust his bulging cock back inside her. With him holding her hair as he was, I wasn’t about to go and stick my dick her mouth, but I needed some release. “Dad, hold on a sec, lets untie her and get her on the bed. She can get on top of me while you get behind her again. ”With that we cut the ropes and carefully, Todd and I positioned her on top of me. We tried not to let Dad see her face, we didn’t want that just yet. Todd lowered her on me, forcing my cock in her pussy as he did so. Within no time Dad had his cock impaled in her once more. It was very strange as I could feel his cock against mine through her thin vaginal and anal walls, I could feel it in great detail. Every stroke let our cocks rub together through her, the feel of his swollen cock head against mine was amazing. He started his rhythm before I did, setting the pace I guess. I timed my strokes to be opposite of his, leaving his in stroke as my out stroke. It was like a seesaw. Shortly after I got going, I looked up and saw Megan staring right at me, almost through me.


   It wasn’t a look I had expected though, it was ecstasy I saw in her eyes, and it was ruling her. Her tits were bouncing and swinging above my face. I lifted my head up and sucked on one nipple, while playing with the other between my middle finger and thumb. She grabbed my head and pulled me away from her breast, just as I started to protest she sank her lips to mine for the most incredible kiss ever. Her mouth was so wet, so warm. Her tongue explored my mouth like never before. Then it hit me, we’ve never kissed. She filled my mouth with her breath as she moaned, making me swallow her moan. Our tongues danced as Dad and I continued to fuck her. I could feel her body shuttering more and more, she was about to cum, we all were. Our kiss only became more passionate until she ripped her lips from mine, arched her back, and threw her head back towards Dad. She turned to him slightly, allowing him to see enough of her face. He didn’t stop his fucking, he just started saying ‘oh my god, it’s Megan, it’s my baby girl Megan’, ‘I’m fucking my own daughter, oh god!’He started fucking her so fast that I couldn’t keep up, as our rhythms were no longer in sync. ‘Oh daddy” she moaned once more. “I’m cumming Megan baby, I’m cumming’ Dad grunted.

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   I couldn’t take this anymore. The excitement of having my sister between me and our Dad was too much. Almost simultaneously Dad and I locked up, feeling each others cock pulse through her as we filled her up with our cum. Her breath stopped, her mouth open, but unable to make a peep, she just shook and convulsed on top of me. I could then feel a warm substance dripping onto my nuts, it was Dads cum spilling out of her asshole. We stayed like that for at least five minutes, none of us moved. Our cocks slowly melted away inside her in that time, and so did we. This was the most amazing experience ever, and we all knew it. Dad removed himself from her, and fell breathless on the bed beside us. Megan laid her head on my shoulder as I wrapped my arms around her. We remained that way for hours, until Dad got up saying he needed a shower before Mom got home. We all cleaned up by the time she did get home, it was like nothing ever happened. The next week we didn’t say a word about any of it, though I’m sure none of us stopped thinking about it, I know I didn’t. I had to think of how we would use her next time. To Be Continued ……Let me know what you all think of this latest chapter in Megan's life.

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   Thank you all for reading. Anthony.