Me, My sister, and well, just us. Ch 4



And again. I was frozen in place, with my hand in my boxers. My sister, however, recovered quite quickly. In one smooth motion, she jumped to the other side of the sofa, unclasping her bra, pulling it off, and letting it fall as she rushed to the laundry pile. She pulled out a towel, and wrapped it around her as she went to answer the door.

She stood on her tip toes to peer through the peep hole. "Just our neighbour!" She announced, opening the door. I heard her greet the lady living across the street. They were making small talk, I suppose. From what I heard in the gaps, it was most probably about how we were home alone, and about our arrangements for food, and the such. She brought some homemade pie for us. My sister thanked her. Some more stuff I couldn't hear. My sister giggled and said that she looked out through the peep hole before opening the door. I think the lady pointed out how in appropriate it was to answer the door in a towel. My sister giggled some more, thanked her, and i heard the door shut firmly.

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   I also heard the lock turn on the door. I guess it made sense, considering how we were hardly payin attention to anything else other than each other.

I'd taken the time to straighten myself out. Except for the erection, of course. That was still the most eye catching feature in the room. As my sister came back, she stared at the huge tent in my shorts as she walked around to the sofa, and sat down beside me.

"I think. . . " she said.
"Ya know. . . " I said at the same time.

We both blushed.

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   Then we smiled at each other.

"You go first," we both said at the same time, and started laughing. I noticed how her breasts bounced a bit as she laughed. Her towel was starting to slip off. It's funny, I noticed right then, I hadn't seen her naked, and yet there we were a few minutes ago, frigging ourselves in front of each other. I laughed at the thought.

"You go first. " I said before she could start again. "Ladies first, ya know!"

She smiled and stuck her tongue out at me. "Well. . . All I was saying was that, now that I'm not as light headed as I was when I was horny before, I hope I haven't made you uncomfortable now. . .

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   after what we just did. . . " Her voice trailed off as she turned her gaze to look at the TV. Some thing was going on, I don't remember what. It didn't matter.

"Oh no, I was afraid you'd be freaked out by-"

"No, I was prepared for it. I was rather curious, actually, about how guys do it. . . " She trailed off again as she blushed some more.

"Well, I'm fine with it, if you're fine with it. "

"And I'm fine with it. " She said, with a beaming smile, looking straight at me. She almost looked proud of herself.

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"So I'm fine with it too. So it's settled. " I declared.

"It's settled!" She agreed.

"No weird moments about what we just did. " I said.

"No weird moments. " She agreed.

Then was a silence that lasted about a full minute. I kept trying to not look down at the towel, precariously clinging onto her breasts as it was. Her gaze kept shifting between my face and my crotch.

She finally broke the spell and got up.

"I think I should get washed up. "

I snapped my sights up to her face. By then, she'd turned around and already about to walk away.

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   I reached out and tried to grab her hand. I missed and got a handful of arse in a towel instead. As she took the next step, I was left with the towel clutched in my outstretched hand, and she was left wearing tiny black panties, and a wide eyed realisation of what had just happened. Her hands quickly went up as she crossed them over her chest and she turned around.

"I'm sorry. . . I wanted to get your hand. "

She looked a bit startled at first, but in moment, her face melted back into her sweet loveable ever smiling normal as she said, "I understand. It was an accident, right? No harm done. Let me have it now. " She extended a hand to me, carefully trying to cover herself up as best as she could with the other. My mind was reeling, watching her like that.

I was about to let her have it when I remembered. She was supposed to be taking orders from me.

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   "Oh? And why do you deserve it? I thought you were supposed to be doing whatever I told you to do, remember?"

She paused, and returned her hand across her chest. "Oh. erm. . . Can I have my towel back, please, big bro?" Remembering her bet, she said that with extra sugar, obviously trying to coax me into giving it to her without too much of a fuss.

"You have to earn it. "

"Yeah, right. . . What do I have to do?" She rolled her eyes.

"I want you to let me dress you up while we’re home alone. "

"That's it? Sure. " A huge look of relief flashed across her face as she reached for the towel I held out for her.

She turned around, wrapped it, and went running up the stairs into the bathroom.

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   As I watched her bound up the stairs, I began thinking about how our relationship had evolved over the last few weeks.

I went up to her room and took stock of her wardrobe. I saw everything arranged neatly into sections. The pants, skirts, tops, shirts, shrugs, accessories, it was pretty much a near endless list. I saw the home clothes, the party stuff, clothes for warm places, clothes for cold places, and a small but enticing section of what seemed to be clothes she never wore when her parents were around. The denim shorts I'd cut up for her were in that pile now. I shifted through it, and found a few things that surprised me. There were a couple of tops with plunging necklines that I'm sure would never have looked good with her wearing a bra. But that was the least scandalous of the lot. I found a bright pink thong, a near transparent lace bra, a cream coloured lycra top that seemed to be a little more than bunch of shredded strips of cloth. I picked it up and held it up. After a few seconds of trying various configurations, I think I figured out how it was supposed to be worn. It seemed to be a body glove that was cut and shredded to the limit. Aside from a bit of integrity in the fabric in the general area of her breasts, the rest of it was all criss crossing strips of the material, cut up and sometimes sewn back on at the edges. The back consisted of five or six such strips of the material criss-crossing across.

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   *Very* scandalous. I began to wonder where my sister picked such stuff up from. I returned the top back to the pile. Among other clothes I found in there included a pair of tiny white panties with "You wish!!" printed in large bold red letters on the behind. I grinned at her sense of humour. Another piece of clothing that caught my eye was a sexy blue negligee. I also noticed the premium brand tag. My sister sure knew how to shop.

"Having fun?"

I whirled around to find my sister standing behind me. Dripping wet from the shower, legs slightly apart, hands on her hips, and a towel that looked so small that it seemed to me she'd pulled it down so much to just barely cover her crotch that she ended up risking her breasts spilling out the top.

I pulled the doors of her wardrobe wide open, and stood up to face her. I followed a droplet of water trace a path from her forehead, down the side of her face, down her neck, past her chest, into her cleavage. My hard on started aching again. "Just checking out what you have here. "

"See anything you like?" She winked at me as she said this and walked past me, to her lingerie drawer.

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"Woah, hold on there. I'm dressing you up, remember?"

"Oh you mean my lingerie too?" She bit her lower lip. "I guess that makes sense. You wouldn't want to miss out on selecting my delicates, would you?" She smiled in what I think she thought was an all knowing way.

"No, I'm going to dress you up. "

That's when it dawned on her, what I had meant.

"Erm. . . . Don't you think we're. . . "

"Hardly. After what happened downstairs, didn’t we agree about no awkward moments?"


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  . . I guess. But I thought you meant-"

"You think too much, ya know that? Now stop fretting about it, and come here and help me navigate this thing. Your wardrobe’s got more clothes in it that I've owned in my life!"

She giggled and started showing me around her clothes. Her towel, magically it seemed, never slipped down a bit. I was amazed. It didn't matter. She wasn't going to be wearing a towel that day. I had other plans.

After the grand tour, I pulled out the crème coloured risqué lycra top and the denim hot shorts I'd cut up for her the day before from her "special" pile.

She was sitting on the bed, with her legs crossed, hands on her knees, ever the demure lady. I threw them at her face. She caught it before it hit, almost falling backwards.

"What about something under this?"

"What about it?"

"I can't wear this.


   It's practically not there!"

"Oh? Then why do you have it here, if you're not going to wear it ever?" I challenged her.

"I wore that to the new year's party, and I wore a peach coloured slip under it. There's no way I'd ever wear that in public without something under it! You must think I'm insane!" She crossed her hands across her chest, and looked at me as if to challenge me.

"Well, you're not wearing it in public. You're wearing it at home. " I smirked.


"I'm gonna keep this out on the bed. If you want, wear it. Or else you can stay in your towel all day. " Saying so, I shut her wardrobe, turned the lock and pocketed the key. I turned around to face her smiling. Her mouth was hanging open at the realisation that she'd been cornered.

I went out, dumping the clothes on the bed. I had my own stuff to take care of.

I went to take a bath, wondering what she'd do.

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   Will she? Won't She? As I thought about her, my right hand slowly found itself going down south. The warm water cascaded down my body as I, for the first time, allowed myself to lose my self in thoughts of my sister. . .