Me, My sister, and well, just us. Ch 3


"Ooookay. . . “I had my doubts. “I haven't played it in a long time, though. "

"Oh come on. . . don't be a cry-baby!" She jumped off the couch, pushing against my semi erect dick in my pants with a right hand as she got off, and ran up the stairs to get the twister board. I didn't think she touched my by accident.

She set the game up, while I poured us a couple of breezers. Nothing like a bit of near non-existent alcohol to make uncomfortable situations more fun, right?

The game was, as expected, rigged in my sister's favour. With the kind of clothes she was wearing, I ended up in all kinds of positions I would have felt uncomfortable about a year ago. But with how close we'd become in the last few months, I took it in my stride. So when a move made my wedge my hand between her breasts to reach for a spot that firmly pressed my hard on against her thigh, we both just smiled and continued with the game.

The turning point of the game happened too close to the end.

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   In the middle of the game, she said she wanted to raise the stakes. "Loser has to be the winner's slave for as long as our parents are out. "

I protested. I never won playing with her. But she convinced me in the end, like she usually always does. I think you end up agreeing with someone you like a lot more for a whole lot of reasons you'll never understand.

The final move, taking advantage of her own policy of making me uneasy by rubbing her body against me, I slipped my hand between her legs, going under her, making sure to rub against her crotch all the way until I found the spot on the playing board I wanted.

She gasped, but didn’t say anything. I'd been catching whiffs of her crotch every now and then when I came close to her, but at that moment, I thought I actually felt something wet on my arm.

The next move had her shift her leg, wedging my arm between her legs in a scissor. It was definitely a wetness I felt there. I smiled, happy knowing that I was doing this to her. Maybe not intentionally. I could see the beads of perspiration on her forehead.

Over the next few moves, I made sure my arm kept rubbing against her crotch.

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   She'd started breathing harder. At one point, she almost slipped, but regained her balance in time, causing her to fall on my forearm, pressing into her crotch. Hard. She moaned. The sweet little angel actually moaned. The next move, I made sure to rub real hard between her legs as I pulled my hand out, and while doing so, she made a sound, half between a yelp and a moan, and fell down.

"I win," I said, getting up, and straightening my hard on in my pants, not caring if she saw. I think it was pretty apparent, considering she'd made sure to feel it up dozens of times, with different parts of her body, as best as she could manage in the game. I couldn't quite make myself believe I'd witnessed my baby sister having an orgasm, or at least partly.

"Hey no fair," she said, "You know I wasn't exactly stable when I fell. . . "

"And that is the idea of this game, right? Not be the person who becomes unstable?"

"But I didn't lose my balance because of my position. . .

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  " She started whining. . . trying to argue. . .

"Oh? Then how did you lose your balance?" I folded my arms across my chest, looking down on her sitting on the floor, with her whining pout that made me want to do unmentionable things to her. . .

"You. . . " She realised she couldn't say it. "I mean I. .

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  . I mean. . . you. . . Ermm. . . you bloody well know what I'm talking about!!" She blurted and turned away, sulking.

"Hey, you're the one who started to play dirty, not me, so you can't blame me! In fact, if my memory serves me correctly, YOU were the one who made the bet. I even tried to talk you out of it. So are YOU going to go back on your word now?"

I could feel her sulking. I could imagine her sulky pout.

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   I could imagine her breasts heaving as she was breathing.

"No. . . " she turned around. "Oh alright fine!!! But I still don't think it's fair!" She stuck her tongue out at me and crossed her arms across her chest, pushing her boobs up, I noticed.

"Oh? It's not fair just coz I won? Don't be a sore loser already!"

"Oh alright. . . fine. . . I'm your slave for a while, happy?"

"Hehe. Yeah I am. You can begin with getting me a glass of juice.

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"Yes, your royal highness," she said, rolling her eyes as she got up.

I watched her as she walked out of the room, my eyes getting stuck at her ass as she walked away.

She came back, with two glasses of cool apple juice, and set it down on the coffee table as I indicated. As I watched her ass as she bent over to place the two glasses down, She wiggled it a bit. At that moment, I thought she was willing to play along.

"Cool. Now go grab the bottle of Absolut from the bar. "

Her eyes widened, and she smiled. "Now you're talking!!! I was wondering why you were being wimpy when you'd asked for juice," she said, as she walked off to the bar at the opposite end of the living room.

She poured the vodka in, doubling the quantity in the tall glass. Damn. The girl was serious about this.

"Okay, your highness, the drinks are ready," she chirped with a grin.

"Hehe. You can quit it with the "highness" bit.

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   It's alright if you stick to callin me what you usuall call me. "

"Okay, big bro. You're the boss. So, bottom's up?"

"Hmm. . I was hoping to go a bit slowly, but sure, why not? We only got all day here. " We both looked at each other and grinned.

We raised our glasses, and toasted. I cleared my throat. "To our love for each other, and being the best siblings God could have given each other". I thought that was appropriate enough.

"Hear! Hear!!"

As I raised my glass and started to sip, my sister said, "Ya know, this is the first time I'll be drinking something this strong. Don't let me do something *too* crazy. " I looked at her in time to see her wink at me, and down the juice. Glug, glug, glug, I watched her swallow the whole thing, watching her breasts rise and fall as she drank.

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   She finished the glass, caught her breath, and wiped her mouth dry and grinned at me. Then her face melted to a frown. "Hey! No fair! Finish your drink!"

"Wha? Oh yeah. . . " I finished it off. We talked about our times drinking with our buddies. . . I was used to drinking, so I didn't feel much. My sister, on the other hand, was already starting to feel light headed.

"This feels fuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnn! I should do this more often. " She giggled uncontrollably.

"Hehe yeah it feels fun. But don't be drinking too much unless you're around someone you trust.

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  " I said.

"Oh? Yeah. . . People will take advantage and stuff, right? I don't think I'll let anyone. "

"I'm sure you won't. "

I had a plan brewing in my mind. I was thinking I could be a bit daring, and at the same time, not cross any lines here.

"I'm a big girl now. " She smiled that cute smile again.

"I'm sure you are. And I'm also pretty sure that alcohol's making you feel warm. . . you're already starting to sweat.

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She looked down at herself. "Oh yeah. . . I'm sweaty. I should go take a bath. "

"Why don't you do that?"

"Oh can I take a bath now? Do I have your permission, big bro?"

I remembered our game again. It seems it was pretty fixed in her head. "Oh sure you have my permission. "

"Oh cool! Thank you!!" She got up and began to walk to the bathroom.

"Oh, little sis!"

She turned around. "Yes, big bro?"

"Aren't you forgetting something?"


"Are you going to take a bath in your clothes?"

"Oh no. That would be stupid. I'm no so drunk to do that!"

"So then take them off!"

She was already way ahead of me, apparently. She didn't need that little push.


   She was already pulling her tiny shred of what was left of her denims down her hips. She pulled them down, straightened up, and pushed them aside. I was left staring at her. She was standing in front of me, wearing a sober, yet sexy black bra, and very VERY sexy panties. She reached behind and unsnapped the clasp of her bra. I snapped back to reality just then, before she could take it off.

"Woah there!!! I didn't mean now!"


"Are you sure the drink isn't messing with your head?"

"What?" He eyes were beginning to focus and unfocus. . . Her hands frozen at her sides, about to pull her bra off.

"Would you be taking your clothes off in front of me normally?"

"What?" She thought about it for a couple of seconds, and then, as if something dawned on her, she reached back, clasped her bra, and gave me a goofy grin. "Wow. You're right. Alcohol is messing with my head. "

"That's what I was saying.

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   People could take advantage of you. "

"Yeah. . Thanks. . . "

"You should get to sleep now. Have some juice, then go to sleep. "

"More vodka?"

"No just plain juice. It'll keep you from getting sick in the morning. "

"Oh okay. " She turned around, and stumbled.

I rushed to her side, and held her up. "Woah there! Lemme help you. "

"You're the best, bro.

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  . . " her words were slurred. . .

I helped her up to her room. We stumbled a couple of times. But we got up in one piece.

As soon as she hit the bed, she already seemed asleep. I watched her for a few seconds. A few seconds that seemed like eternity. She was sleeping on her side, curled up into a ball. Her ass was so inviting, I almost went and felt her up right there. But I couldn’t. The fact of her being my sister aside, she was sleeping.

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   That was reason enough.

I tucked her in, and went back to my room. As I changed, I thought about the day. The stuff I'd done. I thought about beating off to the memories, the feeling was very overwhelming. But I decided against it. I thought it would be more fun to see how long I can hold it off.

The sun shone upon my face through my open window. That's always been my wake up call for as long as I can remember, and I woke up feeling very happy. And very horny. This was one case of morning wood that I felt sure wasn't going to go away without some attention. I ignored it, got out of bed and washed up. A 7 inch thing poking out from one's body does get in the way sometimes, considering it's usually tucked away most of the time, but I managed. With a tent in my boxers, I went to check up on my sister.

I poked my head in her room, and found her sitting on the bed, rubbing her eyes.

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"Hey there, sleepy head!"

"Oh hey. . . 'mornin. . . "

"Good Morning. Had a nice sleep?"

"Yeah. . . I did. Listen. . . about last night.

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  . . Did I dream, or, did I really do all that?"

"You didn't dream it, it was the alcohol. It can do that to ya. Get used to the feeling if you ever plan to drink. " I was smiling at her.

"Heh. Thanks for showing me, I guess. It's nice to know I learnt this at home, with you, not at some party where I'd probably have been felt up.
    . . "

    "Hey! What are brothers for, right?" The smile had mutated to a wide grin by now, and she couldn't help but smile back.

    "So come on in. I don't think I need to be shy around you anymore. " She gave me a shy smile and got up to walk towards me.

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    "I um. . I'll be back later. " I wasn't so sure about walking in with the hard on now. But before I could do anything, she pulled the door wide open and embraced me in a hug.

    "Oh thanks for being the best broth. . . errr. . . hello! What do we have here?" She held me back at arm’s length, and looked down at my crotch. I almost gasped when I felt my hardon push against her tummy when she pulled me against her.

    I decided to get back to not being shy. "What do you think it is, bimbo?" I stuck my tongue out at her, but she wasn't looking at me.

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       She was staring at the tent in my boxers.

    "Wow. Why is it like this? Didn't you just wake up? I mean I know why it got that way last night when were playin. . . but don't tell me 5 seconds of lookin at me right now did that to you?" Her eyes were wide open in disbelief.

    "Oh no. It's like that every morning. It usually goes away after a while on it's own, but after last night, I think I might have to. . . erm. . . take care of it.

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    She giggled. Letting go of my shoulders, her arms dropped to her side. "Oh I think I know what you're talking about. Sometimes, I get so horny in the mornings, I can't do without playing with myself. She giggled some more, and half reached out to my shorts.

    "Oh can I touch it?"

    "Eh? You wanna touch me?"

    "Well. . . I have let you feel me up, so technically, you should let me feel you up too. " She giggled, and blushed.

    I smiled. The day was starting out to be very fun. "Sure. go right ahead. Just don't move your hand around too much.

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    She smiled at me. "I understand. " Next thing I knew, her hand was on my penis, over my shorts. She squeezed it, lightly at first, then harder. I trembled. She felt it. She giggled. After feeling me up some more, taking stock of my balls too, she let go. I had to fight myself to not cry out in disappointment.

    "So breakfast? OR do you want to, erm. . take care of that?" She indicated my penis with her eyes.

    "Breakfast sounds fun. I'm famished. I think big bro junior can hang in there for a while.

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    "I bet you could hang stuff on there too!" She giggled coyly at her own joke.

    "Hehe. I don't doubt it. "

    I followed her out of the room, into the kitchen. She stopped at turnings quite suddenly, makin me walk into her. She was almost certainly doing it to feel my dick. It was weird. . . Being explored so timidly, by my baby sister no less.

    We had a huge breakfast of cereal with milk, and talked about the girls and guys in our lives. And some of the more intimate details. That made sure I stayed hard throughout the conversation, and had my sis keep staring back and forth between my crotch and my face. I had my eyes glued to her eyes, taking a weird pleasure in watching her watch me. Her nipples were rock hard, even in the bra, but I wasn't watching them.


       There was more fun in her eyes.

    By the time breakfast was over, she was fixated on my penis. Even while we washed up, she kept staring when she could.

    We settled down in front of the TV, too lazy to go take a bath right then. We plopped down, next to each other, sitting closer than we would have the week ago. Without asking me, she grabbed my tool. She began fondling it again, ignoring my quizzical look. I cleared my throat. She seemed to realise what she was doing then, and jerked her hand back.

    "Oh I'm sorry, big bro. I guess I got kinda carried away. " She gave me one of her sheepish smiles. Those smiles are gonna be the end of me one day, I swear!!

    "Hmm. . .

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       Why are you so curious about it? You've been with guys, right?"

    "Well, yeah, but it was nothing serious. And I've never seen one this close, this hard, for this long. " She was almost drooling staring at my crotch. I decided to let this play out the way she wanted it. I just smiled at her and turned back to the TV, changing to a music channel. My hard on was killing me, but I would have been damned if I'd excused myself at that moment.

    About a minute into the song, she pulled my face to face her, looked at me, and said, "Play with yourself!"

    Now this was rather forward. I wasn't quite expecting something this direct. "WHAT??"

    "Play with yourself. You've been wanting to ever since you got up, right? So do it. "

    "Well, okay" I thought I'd have some fun with her, and pretended to get up. The change in her was immediate.

    "Where are you going?"

    "Well, I'm only taking your advice. "

    "But. .

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       I thought. . . " At this point, I guess, she thought about what she thought, and trailed off.

    "What did you think? That I'd be playing with myself here in front of you? Don't you think that's asking a bit too much? We're already even. I've felt you up, you've felt me up. . . "

    "But I'll do it too!" She blurted. She realised what she'd said and held her hands across her mouth, as if to keep it from saying anything else without her consent. . .


    She regained her composure. "Yeah. .

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      . I. . . I think I will. . . " She slipped one hand into her panties and started what was clearly a circular motion. she seemed a bit nervous. I could understand. I was just staring at the hypnotizing motions between her legs. Under that delicate fabric, I could imagine her fingers going clockwise, pressing down every now and then.

    "Hey you gonna do it nor not? Or did I just embarass myself here?" Her hand slowed down. That snapped me back. I looked up to her eyes, and saw in then something I'd never seen before.

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       A certain adventurous look, and a bit of her coyness that came with doing something so personal in front of someone else. I reached down and slipped my hands into my boxers. I grabbed my hardon and moaned. Hearing me must have done something to her, and she moaned too. That drove me wild. I started pumping. I saw a wetness spread on the fabric of her panties. I could make out the circular motions, no doubt teasing her clit. Once this way, once that. Every now and then, she'd plunge a finger into what was now, a very sopping wet place. My mind began to fill itslef with thoughts of her, my eyes taking in her every curve, her every feature, lying half naked in all her glory in front of me.

    "I think. . . I'm.

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      . . I'm going to. . . to come. . . now. . . In a bit. " She said, panting. "Me too. " I grunted back, my hand moving ever faster over my cock.

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    She closed her eyes and threw her head back for a while. I suppose she felt it coming. I could feel the familiar stirring too. . .


    We both jumped. She shrieked. It was the doorbell. Talk about bad timing.