Me, my Daughter and Husband


It had only been about four weeks sinse my 2nd. husband, Charles and I had been to the adult toy and bookstore in Houston. We had been there on one of his business trips and on a lark we went in the store which was close to our hotel. Of course, I had never told him about my incest experiences as a young girl of 19 in San Francisco with the Brady family or the ongoing sex I had been having with my brother ever sinse I had seduced him back then. That was in 1945. This particular episode occurred in 1974. I'm 80 years old now, and my dear husband Charles is deceased.
Anyway, when we were in the bookstore, we ended up in the "fuck book" section. These were erotic novels of all sorts. However, the ones that cought our attention were the ones with an incest theme. Titles like "Wanton Mother", " Daughters Wild Needs", and "Family Plays Together" were all over. I didn't say anything at first but I watched him closely as he thumbed through the pages. "wow, I can't believe they actually write books about this stuff. this is getting me horny". If he only knew what I had done in my life trhat was just like the books! "Well, I said, why don't you pick one out and we will go back to the room and read it together and see what happens!" So, he got one as well as a thick vibrator and we went back to the hotel. We had the best sex we had ever had after getting in bed and reading parts of the book.

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   I still have it to this day. It was titled "Like Mother, Like Son and Daughtter". I must tell you what a magnificent cock Charles had. It was 9. 5 inches long and a full 2. 5 inches in diameter.  He was litterally hung like a horse! And he came like a fire hose! Cum would run out of my pussy for 30 minutes after we fucked! And there was no way you could swallow all of it when you sucked him off.
Anyway, after we got back home from Houston, he began to really take note of my youngest daughter, "Sue". She was 19 years old and was absolutely beautiful. She had been voted most beautiful in highschool. She had a long time boyfriend, "Allen", that was as handsome as she was beautiful. One day, I caught Charles staring at her and said "why don't you just go in the bedroom and jack-off, sinse you want in her panties so bad". His face got red and he stammered, "I can't help it, Nora, she just looks so damn sexy". Charles was 60 at the time but he had the sex drive of a 21 year old. Something came over me, and i just blirted out, "well, i am sure she is fucking Allan's dick off, so I don't see why we can't get her to give you some"! His mouth dropped open and he jsut looked at me with a surprised look.

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   "Oh, don't act so surprised. I think she is something to look at myself. In fact, I would just love to eat her hot little pussy". "Your kidding, right. this is some kind of joke". "No. I mean it. Now lets get busy figuring out how to get in her pussy!"
We knew she was fucking her boyfriend because we had seen them on two seperate occasions when they did not know we were coming home. Once we came home from a party because Charles had forgotten the gift we were taking to the host. I got out of the car and went to the back door to go in and get the gift. When i walked up to the sliding glass door, the curtains on it were slightly open and I could see into the den. I was taken aback when I looked in and saw Sue and Allan in a hot 69 on the couch. My daughter obviously knew what she was doing. So did Allan. He had quite a beautiful cock, himself.

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   It was fairly big, about 7 inches long and rather thick, but not nearly as big as Charles'. Anyway, I hid and watched as they went at. She had a gorgeous pussy. It was not to hairy and her pussy lips were swollen and red as Allan's tongue probed her. Suddenly she slid her middle finger into his asshole and I could tell he was cumming in her mouth. Like a good little girl, she was swallowing every drop. After a couple of minutes, they dismounted and she got on all fours on the floor. Allan's dick was still hard as a rock, and he began to fuck her doggy style as she reached between her legs and massaged his balls. She eagerly hunched back into him as he fucked. this went on for a good 18 minutes before he plunged balls deep into her and shot his load inside her pussy! This alarmed me, as I was afraid she would get pregnant, but I would learn later that she was on birth control pills. I went back to the car and told Charles what i had seen and he just said he had suspected as much for some time as he could tell that Allan was rather worldly. We waited another 18 minutews than went back and made a lot of noise so they would hear us before we went in and got the gift and left again. When we went in they had gotten dressed already, the the room wreaked of sex and cum. They were both rather red faced and sheepish acting having thought they almost got caught. Little did they know!
Back to our plan.

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   Sinse we knew Sue was fucking, we decided to awit till she and Allan had been out on a date one night. I would leave and hide in the back yard when they drove up for Sue to come home. We would leave the curtains slightly open on the glass door so I could watch anything that might happen. Charles was going to be sitting alone at the kithchen bar, sipping on a drink, even though Sue knew we hardly ever drank alcohol. When she asked him what he was doing and where I was, he would tell her that I got mad at him and left and he was so upset that he wanted a drink. He planned to have on just a bathrobe and nothing else. We knew that she and Allan drank when they went out and we were planning on her being a little drunk, which she was. Anyway, the plan unfolded as we had hoped. Allan brought Sue home and dropped her off at the door while I slipped out back. She came in and saw Charles, but she just said hello and went in the back to change into her nightgown before coming back into the kitchen. It was then tat she really noticed him alone at the bar and me gone. she asked where I was and he went along with the plan. Then she asked him what I got mad about. Charles said "well, I guess you are old enough to tell, so I will. She just won't have marital relations with me.

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   And i got upset and she just left and didn't say where she was going. Probably to your aunt's. " Sue blushed and said "oh Charles, I bet she was just in a bad mood. She will be back and i bet you can persuade her to change her mind. And what is that you are drinking? You nver drink. " "Well, i just think she is tired of my horse penis!" He acted tipsy when he said this as he knew it would shock her.
    "Charles, you must be getting drunk talking like that! What on earth are you talking about?" With that, he said "I'll show you what, if you want me too. But it will have to be our secret. " "oh, silly", Sue said, "if you want to show me something than go ahead!" Charles than stepped around the bar and opened his bathroab. I could see Sue's eyes open wide and hear her gasp. "Oh my gosh. It's huge!" She stood mesmerized by his 9 inch tremendous cock. "go ahead, touch it". Sue than reached out and wrapped her fingers around her stepfathers dick. she slowly began to stroke it and I could see Charles smile.

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       Next thing I knew, she was on her knees, sucking the head and licking up and down the shaft while palming his huge balls. She sucked him for about 5 minutes than I heard her say, "oh, I have to have that horse dick in my pussy". She than layed down and I watched as Charles got between her legs and began to rub the head of his cock around her hot, wet pussy. I could see her reach down and grab it with both hands and then he began to inch it into her. Little by little he slid the whole 9 inches into my daughters little pussy while I watched and massaged my clit. Her legs came up and wrapped around his back and she began to fuck him  like a mink in heat! It was then that i took off all my cloths and quietly opened the side door coming in from the garage. I slipped up behind Charles' back and looked down at them. She had her eyes closed and was just sayong over and over , "oh, yea, oh, yea oohh". I then came around by her side and began sucking her nipple on her left breast. Her eyes came open and she began to say, "oh, no. what are you doing mother? What is this"?! She tried to wriggle out from under Charles but he kept her pinned with his cock buried in her pussy. "Just let me up, i can't do this. " But she didn't have much conviction in her voice. Charles continued to fuck and i just said "it's o. k.

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       baby, we know you love it. Just relax and enjoy it like you do with Allan. " She looked at me than, and kind of frowned and grinned at the same time. about that time, Charles began to cum in her pussy. Her Eyes opened wide and she said, wow, that feels like a fire hose in my pussy. Oh, yea" She closed her eyes and I Massaged her breasts and she didn't try to stop me. I then began to kiss her on the lips. At first she didn't respond, but within a minute I felt my daughter's tongue exploring my mouth. Charles slid his dick out of her with a wet, slurping sound and said "what a pussy she has. That was unbelievable. " Without sayibg a word, I slid down her belly and began to lap the cum from her sopping hole. She instinctively spread her legs and pulled her knees up and told me how great it felt and to not stop. Without moving my head i then changed positions and placed my pussy over her face. She was a natural at eating pussy as she greedily reached up and began to slither her tongue into my staeming hole and all around my ass. We 69ed for 30 minutes before Charles cock was hard again.

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       then , it was my turn as Sue watched her mother get long-dicked by her stepfather and she in turn licked every drop of sperm from my pussy. That was the beginning of the best sex of my life. In another story I will relate how her boyfriend got involved with our activities. Things really got interesting when he joined in!