Me, Mom and Kathy


I would say the story really begins one day when instead of a man, she brought a woman home that works with her. She never brings home people that she worked for and made the excuse that they were going to go over some papers for work that night because they had a presentation in the morning to prepare for. It seemed innocent enough at the time, and I figured that they were going to be busy all night with that, so I called a friend of mine to see what he was doing. I was invited for pizza and a movie so I happily agreed. "Hey Mom! I'm going over to Josh's house. . . They're having pizza and watching the new movie that just came out in the video store! Is it ok if I go?" I said loudly from the other room as I was getting changed. I new she would say yes. As an only child, I had no other siblings to harrass or play with. "Yes, dear. Stay as long as you like, we'll be pretty busy tonight" She said as I heard a quiet chuckly from the other room. I finished getting ready and darted through the house to the front door. I yelled out that I would be home later and threw open the door and ran out. I love pizza, and the movie they were watching was supposed to be really cool!After the dinner and movie, we sat around and talked about school and girls. It wasn't until 11PM when I noticed the time and decided I had to leave before mom started calling and asking where I was.

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   It was a Wednesday in the July, and school was out so I don't think Mom really would have minded if I stayed late. I got up, thanked Josh's parents for the dinner and walked home. We lived just down the street so I did not have far to go. As I walked up to the house, I noticed my mom's friend was still at the house. Wow, that must be a long presentation they have to get done for tomorrow. As I walked up the driveway, I looked up at the house only to notice that the light in the living room where they had been working when I left was not on. The only light left on was my mother's room. The window to her room was on the front of the house. I had walked past it for a few seconds now after I glanced in when what I saw in her room finally registered in my head. Did I see what I thought I had? No way. I decided to walk back and take another peek inside to verify that I'm not going crazy!I tip toed over to the window and stood on the side on the other side of the cars so that no one outside would see me and think I was some dirty old man trying to sneak a peak at my mom while she was changing! I took a quick look around to make sure no one could really see me and I looked in slowly around the curtains. What I had seen in the window as I passed was correct. My mom had left her shades open by accident. I could see her lying in the bed with her sheets just covering her feet. She was completely naked and rubbing her crotch with her right hand and pinching her nipples with the other.

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   He bed is positioned so that her headboard is against the window. She can't see me watching her. At first this had no effect on me until I saw that someone was still in the bathroom. The thoughts in my head went crazy! Could it be that mom was having sex with this other woman?!I think every boy's (Every man's too, for that matter) fantasy would be to see two women together at the same time! I'm sure you also know that there is a weird bond between a boy and his mother. His girlfriends and especially his wife to be usually have a lot of the traits that his mother has. At this very point is where my dick started to get hard, imagining my mom with another woman. I saw the woman come out of the bathroom completely naked except for one of those fake strap on dicks that I have seen advertised in the magazines. Her body easily rivaled those in the magazines that I look at. She had kind of a dirty blonde hair color. Her tits were perky and large. About a 38C I would imagine. I don't know for sure though. She had a flat stomach and her pussy was shaved from what I could see around her fake cock. She had a complete tan all over. She looked to be only in her mid to late 20's.

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   My dick was hard as a rock by that point. I wanted to pull my dick out and masturbate right there. If I waited until I got to my room, I would lose the images that I am seeing and it would not be as good. But I could not risk getting caught by someone out here, or being seen by someone inside. I decided to stay and watch for a little while and gather as many mental images as I could. As the sex display before my eyes went on, my mom removed her hand from her pussy to allow her friend to put her fake dick inside. She crawled up on the bed and scooted herself between my moms legs. She was smiling as she put her head down between her legs. I could not see her mouth, but her eyes looked like she was staring right in the eyes of my mother. My mom moved her hips around in a circular motion for a while until her lover, who I later found out was named Kathrine, was finished. Kathy raised herself up, and moved her body closer to my mom's holding her fake cock in her hand as she moved. My mom put her legs over kathy's thighs and I could see Kathy rubbing he head of the cock up and down my mom's pussy. I have never had sex, but I do know from my experimentation with masturbation that she was getting it slicked up so it would slide in easier. After a few strokes up and down, I could see her push her hips forward and slide the cock in about half way. She leaned down to suck on mom's tits for a minute and then began to push the cock in and out slowly.

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   My house has very efficient windows unfortunately. I could not hear anything from outside. I started rubbing my dick through my pants as I watched Kathy put her hands on both side of mom's hips and start pounding the plastic cock in and out of my mother. She had such a rythm to her movements. It's like she has done this before. She would occasionally go down and kiss mom all over her face and chest. After a few minutes, mom put her hand down on her pussy to rub her clit. I really did not care by this point, I had my cock out and was stroking it good and fast. I watched for a while longer when all the sudden I could see mom arch her back for a few seconds, then Kathy collapsed on top of her. Damnit! They were done and I wasn't. Oh well, I thought to myself, I have plenty of jerk-off fuel to last me for a month! So I ducked underneath the window and walked past her bedroom again and towards the door.
    I opened the door slowly, but not too cautiously. If they were outside her bedroom now, I did not want them to think I had a reason to think something was up. I closed the door and went to the kitchen to grab a Sobe drink out of the fridge. As I closed the door, the light came on and about scared me half to death.

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       "Well it's about time you came home, young man!" My mom said calmly. "I'm sorry mom!" I said as all kinds of thoughts were racing through my head! "Me and Josh just got carried away and before I knew it, it was after 18 and hurried home!""That's ok, we would not have been much entertainment for you anyways. We've been busy all night!" She said without skipping a beat!Yeah I bet you have, I thought to myself as I snickered quietly. "Ok! Well I'm tired. . . I'm gonna go to sleep!" I said as I faked a yawn. "Ok dear! We are just about done and Kathy will be staying here tonight since it is late and it doesn't make sense for her to drive all the way home. " She commented. I walked towards my room to go to bed. My room was across the hall from my mothers. As I walked down the hallway, I could smell a strange aroma in the air. I could not place the smell, but I assumed it was from mom's activities in her bedroom. I looked at mom's door to see that it was just slightly open and I could see Kathy moving around inside. I did not dare look inside and I could get caught.

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       So I went to my room and closed the door. I quickly stripped down to my tighty whities and jumped in bed. I turned on my radio next to my bed so that I could fall asleep quickly after I was done. After I pulled the sheets over me, I slid my underwear down around my knees and grabbed my cock with my hand and started stroking it. I closed my eyes and imagined the scene that unfolded before my eyes that night. It wasn't but a minute after I begand that my cock was shooting cum all over the sheets and my hand. `That was one of the best cums I have had yet!' I thought to myself. Just as I was done, I heard my door close. Oh my god! Did mom see what I was doing? How embarrasing if she did! My orgasm made me tired, and a little apathetic. I really didn't care if she saw me, I did not see her see me so who cares, right? I just feel asleep. I woke up about 18 the next morning. I got up out of bed, and took a shower in the bathroom across the hall next to mom's room. There is a door in the bathroom that goes to mom's room. It was closed, and I really did not wanna take a look at the moment. As I removed my underwear and reached down to turn the water on in the shower, I saw the fake cock lying behind the toilet.

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       'I'm sure that was not meant to be there!' I thought to myself. As I took my shower, I wondered if that was the first time for mom, or if she had done it before. I wonder if Kathy seduced her? I wonder if they will do it again? I was still very scatter brained about what went on the night before, but was full of hope that I would get to see another show in the future. Hopefully soon. I got out of the shower, dried myself off and put on some clothes. As I went to the kitch to get some breakfast, I saw a sheet of paper lying on the table. I walked past it at first, but then went back to see what it was. As I picked it up, I noticed mom had written me a note:Eric,Please take care of the lawn today and be home for dinner! I want to talk to you about something!MomOh no! She did see me last night! Oh man! What am I gonna say. . . ?To Be Continued. This is my first story, so please be gentle with the criticism. :)More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.