Me, daddy and our puppy


Topic: Me, daddy and our puppyIt was a normal day, just like any other in our house. My husband/father had got up and was in the kitchen reading his paper with his coffee before work; I was settling our son down with his morning feed while our playful American cross English staffy lay at my feet awaiting her food. The day went by uneventful, and before long my husband and I were sitting down for dinner while our son sleeped.  
“So how was work?” I asked as we sat with our meal. “It’s was the same as normal, long day, no excitement and most of all, no you. So it was a terrible day” he said with a wink. I just smiled with a blushed redden face. “How about you, have fun today, anything new with Jaedan?” “Today was good; Jaedan was smiling a lot and babbling on in his own language. Sounded like he said momma but can’t be sure. ”“Wow! That’s big Hun. Ronny was telling me his little one is starting to talk, maybe we should take Jaedan over so he can have a play date. It will also give you a chance to meet his wife, I’m sure you two would get along like a house on fire. “He said. “Yeah that sounds like it could be fun. Jaedan needs to have a little friend, and it would be nice to have someone to talk to other then stud” I said with a smile. “Honey, sh you will hurt stud’s feelings.

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   Dogs have feelings too you know. Besides, I told Ronny we would come over on the weekend and have a bbq with him and his family. ”The rest of the evening was like many others. We finished dinner, and I settled our son and climbed into bed.  
“Honey, you know we can start practicing now to give little Jaedan a brother or sister to have to play with” my husband whispered as he pulled me close to him. “Hm sounds like a great idea to me Chris” I said as I lent in to kiss him. Chris and I slept naked, so clothes were no obstacles for us. As Chris started kissing and nibbling down my body making his way towards my pussy, I could already feel myself on fire. One touch from Chris was all it ever took for me to start getting wet. He started gently licking my pussy lips and sucking them into his mouth. “Oh god princess your so wet and taste so damn sweet” he muffled before his tongue went to work on my clit. I could feel it almost instantly, an orgasm building, and building pretty quickly. I started thrusting my hips into his face to get his tongue to fuck my pussy and clit harder and faster. Chris pushed a finger inside my now dripping pussy while he continued to tease my clit. Slowly he added another finger, then another.

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   Pushing deep and hard in my pussy, never once letting up on my clit. “OH FUCK Chris. Harder I’m going to cum baby “I started to scream while pushing harder into his face with my pussy as I felt my orgasm begin. Chris grabbed hold of me from under my body with one arm to hold me tightly in place, and continued to finger fuck me and suck and nibble my clit harder then ever. “Chris oh god I’m cummmming” I screamed whilst my body went into convulsions from one hell of an orgasm .  
Chris slowly kissed his way back up my body to my lips. “Hm princess you still taste as sweet as ever. ” With that he bent down and kissed me hard and full of passion.   “God baby lay back now it’s my turn to drive you crazy” I said while pushing Chris down on the bed. I kissed my was down his neck to his nipples, nibbling on each awhile, I know how hot that gets him. I kiss and lick down his stomach, paying a lot of attention to the top of his pubic hair region as he is very sensitive there. After a while I continued on, and licked the whole length of his cock then underneath to lick and suck on his balls. “Oh fuck princess, if you’re not too careful you’re going to make me blow before I’m wanting to. ”With that I licked my way back up his cock and took all 8 ½ inches of his cock in one go. I started deep throating slowly, as I loved the taste and smell of his cock and didn’t want it to be over too soon.

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   With my free hand I started rubbing and squeezing his balls all the while him moaning and groaning things I could not understand.   I started moving my hand lower and rubbing my finger around his ass hole, just lightly pushing the tip of my finger in then removing it, driving him crazy. I did this for awhile just teasing his ass, and then all of a sudden he pushed down hard on my finger and slid in all the way. “Oh fuck Rena; you’re driving me fucking crazy. Suck my cock baby; push it all the way down your throat. Oh god yes, like that baby. ” He moaned He grabbed a hand full of hair and pushed my head down hard on his cock to make me gag. “Fuck yeah Rena that’s it baby, spit it on daddy’s cock. ”  He groaned. He slowly pulled me up off his cock.  
“Baby lay down, I want to taste you’re pussy again, my fingers need to be in you again. ”I lay down and he climbed on top of me in the 69 position. He was licking my pussy, paying special attention to my clit. Pushing is fingers deep in my pussy, pushing right up against my g-spot. He started thrusting his hips, fucking his cock in my mouth, pushing down hard making me gag with almost every thrust.

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   I started pushing a finger in his ass. Pushing deeper and moving in and out with more speed.   I pushed in another finger and started moving them around inside while he groaned in pure ecstasy.   I could feel another orgasm starting, as I grinded my pussy into his face. I knew he was close too. He stop sucking my clit and moaned; “Baby I’m gunna cum”he went right back to sucking hard on my clit, never once slowing his thrusting cock in my mouth. As he started to cum he pushed his cock down hard in my throat, making me gag. My mouth filled fast with a mix of saliva and cum. , and he kept on pumping more. I thrusted harder into his face as my orgasm was at its peak, he continued awhile after as my orgasm calmed down and my body started to relax. “Damn princess; see what you do to me. ” He said as he climbed off me and showed he was still as hard as a rock. I rubbed my finger along my pussy and collected some juices and held it at his lips;“Yeah, wee what you do to me, Chris?” I said with a grin. “Hm baby, call me what I am, don’t use my name baby. You know I love making love to you when you call me that.

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  ” He said, as he laid himself upon me and kissed me.  
He started rubbing his cock along my pussy, making my body react and push my hips into him. “Princess, tell me, tell me what you want me to do” he moaned in between kisses. “God daddy, fuck me… fuck me now. I need my daddy’s big cock in my pussy” I screamed. He needed no more encouragement from me, and with one deep push, he slide in all 8 ½ inches. “Baby your so tight” he groaned as he started fucking me as hard as he could. “Daddy faster, fuck me hard daddy” I squealed as he fucked me. He slid his strong hands up my body which sent shivers through my body, ending right at my pussy. He pushed his hand down on my shoulders, pushing me deeper on his cock. I thrusted my pussy harder into him as I felt my 3rd orgasm coming, and coming fast. “Oh Rena, that’s it baby, push harder, grind that pussy into me. Hm that’s it, daddy’s gunna cum baby. ”He moaned out of breath. “Harder daddy, daddy I’m cumming, I’m….

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  . Cummmming” I squealed as I thrusted and grinded harder then ever. “Oh god, that’s daddy’s good girl, oh baby daddy’s gunna cum, daddy’s gunna give you another baby, Ohhhh fuckkkkk I’m I’m cummmming” “Cum daddy, fuck me; make me pregnant oh fuck I’m cummmming againnnnnnnnn” I whimpered.  
We laid there in each other’s arms and whispered all sorts of things. Not too long after, we were fast asleep. The rest of the week continued pretty much the same, with him trying at every chance to make sure I got pregnant. Finally, the weekend arrived, and I was looking forward to finally meeting Ronny as he has been Chris’s work mate and pretty much only friend since we moved over here. I was excited about meeting his wife, as other then our very nosey neighbor, I don’t know many people besides those online, and having a little play mate for Jaedan was also a good thing. So 10am came by pretty fast, and I started loading up the car with things for Jaedan and food and set off for our hr or so journey to Ronny’s. Chris and I were talking about how this will be a good thing for us all, and when Chris said we have a lot in common with them, I didn’t realize just how much, all he said was Ronny’s wife and I would have a lot to talk about, and I would find out soon enough.  
Now I have to admit, I was a little taken back. I expected Ronny and his wife to be around Chris’s age, However, when I was introduced to Mandy I didn’t hide my shock. Ronny is 6’2, fairly built, brown hair brown eyes and is 41 years old. While Mandy is around 5’5, toned body for someone who has a 6month old baby boy, Light brown hair, brown eyes, and wait for it, she is 18 years old. It didn’t take long for Mandy and I to get talking, from things about our children, to what it’s like in Australia, how I like it in Dallas ECT.

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    We talked for hours while our husbands went off to do what ever and get dinner ready, Chris had been right, Mandy and I had a fair bit in common, and they children seemed happy to have someone else to play with. Throughout dinner talk was on a lot of things, from work, football and of course the children, I don’t think I have seen two grown men brag so much about their kids. It started getting a little late, and I mentioned to Chris that we’d better get a move on if we want to get home before midnight. Ronny insisted that we stay, saying to save Chris having to drive at this hour, and then adding that he and Chris had plan’s of fishing all day tomorrow.   “Hun, listen I think Ronny is right. By the time we get home it will be around 12-1am. And then I would have to just drive back here at 5am to be here by 6am for fishing. If we stay, you will have someone to keep you and Jaedan Company while I’m out all day. What do you think? If you want, we can leave tonight though” he said. I could see that what he really meant was, ‘I want to stay and if you make me drive all night, you will never hear the end of it. ’So being the loving wife I am, I agreed to spend the night. We all turned it pretty early and before I knew it Chris was waking me by roughly sucking and biting on my clit. We were interrupted when we heard Ronny coming down the hall. Chris got up, “Princess I’ll be back before you know it. Take sometime to really get to know Mandy, you’s will find a lot to talk about I am sure of It.

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  ” then he kissed me bye and left.  
I must have dozed back off, because I woke to Jaedan crying for his feed. I brought him into bed with me and started breastfeeding when Mandy walked in. I was a little uncomfortable at first, especially when Mandy started breastfeeding Lukas. After awhile we started talking about everything and anything. Later that day we were lying out in the sun talking,“Mandy, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you and Ronny meet?” I asked. She kind of just sat there with a confused look on her face. And quickly excused her self saying she had to call Ronny because she forgot to ask if they would be home for dinner. I found it a little strange, but didn’t think too much of it. Mandy returned and sat back down on the chair,“I have known Ronny all my life. ” She said I could tell she wanted to say more, so I just sat there and waited. “You see, he was married to my mother years ago. My mother had been cheating on him for years, and when I was 18 years old Ronny knew he wanted to be with only me, that’s when he told me and well a lot of things happened during that year.   He and my mother split up when I was 18 years old, he told her he didn’t lover her anymore, and she was relived, as she didn’t want to stay with him. I told my mother I wanted to live with Ronny and she was fine with everything as she was all wrapped up with getting on with things with her new man.

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   It couldn’t have been better timing, around a month after me and Ronny got our own place, we found out I was pregnant with Lukas.   I told mom I was pregnant and she went off her head, and said that she never wants to see me again. Of course I didn’t tell her who I was pregnant to and she never asked. Ronny and I moved from St. Louis to Dallas not long after that, he said he wanted us to be able to raise our son without hiding the he was Lukas’s father.   Ronny found work and I stayed at home, I was always trying to find some place were we could get married. Just after Lukas was born, I found a place in New York that would as long as I had consent from my mother. So I told Ronny, and he was so happy, he said as long as I could get my mom to sign it, he would get time off work. So I spoke with my mother, she was pretty much drunk as can be, and agreed.   I told her I would stop by and give her the forms and be done. Well got the form signed, and 2 days later, Ronny and I were married. And the rest is just history. ” I was a little speechless to say the least. Then it dawned on me, she had just said Ronny and her mother were married and she had known him all her life. I guess Mandy saw what was going on in my head,“Yes Rena, Ronny is my father.

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   Because I had my mother’s surname, and Ronny isn’t on my birth certificate, it made it easy to get married. You are the only person I have ever told this to, and I only did because Ronny told me how Chris is also your father. ”I was shocked. I had no idea what to say. I was so angry Chris never told me he told them. I got up and excused my self, almost running, I got the phone to call Chris. “Hey princess, you missing me already?” Chris said as he answered the phone. “Why the hell didn’t you tell me you had told Ronny about us, about you and I being father and daughter. Mandy just told me she knows!” I screamed. “Wait wait wait, Rena, baby, things happened at work, and I caught Ronny looking at some incest porn site. I questioned him, and then I saw a picture of his wife. I put two and two together, and confined in him, telling him of you and I. that’s when he told me the truth, and we agreed it would be good for you two to get to know each other. Ronny only told Mandy just now when she called. She was freaked out; she didn’t know what to tell you when you asked how they met.


   Listen baby, I have to go. Just go and talk to Mandy she is probably out there thinking she said something wrong. I love you Rena, just do this for me baby, see you soon. ”With that he hung up.  
I don’t remember a lot after that, the day was a bit of a blur, finally Mandy and I talked again, and it was good to finally not have to hide and lie about my relationship with my husband/father. Chris was right, before I knew it, he and Ronny were home from fishing. We all sat around talking and drinking a few beers. I think we all might have had a little too much, as the topic of conversation had turned to sex. Mandy and I just kind of sat back talking to ourselves while the boys had their sex talk, when all of a sudden, Ronny shook my leg,“Rena, I want you to hear this too, well 18 months back I was looking at porn, and found one about girls who like to fuck animals, like dogs and horses and snakes. Well you know our dog Briggs, well 2 months ago; I finally got Mandy to let him fuck her! And now every time before we have sex, she fucks the dog, then I fuck her!” I was shocked to say the least. Poor Mandy was so embarrassed; however Chris seemed to be very interested as Ronny continued.   Talk finally dyed down and everyone said goodnight. As Chris and I got into bed, he started undressing me, “Hm Rena, I am so fucking horny, after hearing that story of Mandy and that dog. God I need you. ”We made love for what seemed like a lifetime, which in actual fact was only like 5 minutes.

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   Chris hugged me tight,“Princess, do you think maybe we can try and let Stud fuck you, for daddy baby?” he whispered. I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t want to upset him, and assumed that he wouldn’t remember tomorrow, ”Ok Chris” is all I could say. “No, Rena, promise me, promise daddy you will let Stud fuck you”“Okay daddy, I promise to fuck Stud. ” I said as I kissed him and said night.  
Next morning, nothing was mentioned at all, Chris and I left, and told them to come visit anytime. Mandy and I promised to keep in touch. By the time we got home it was late, Jaedan was in bed, and Chris and I were finally getting undressed for bed. “Princess, let Stud sleep in here” He said looking at me smiling. Crap, I didn’t think he would remember. I didn’t know what to do; I guess he figured that out. He climbed out of bed and opened the door calling Stud. ”Rena, you promised me, you said daddy, I promise to fuck Stud. Please Rena, don’t break daddy’s heart. I want to see Stud fuck you. ” He climbed back into bed and Stud jumped up too.

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  He started kissing me, and rubbing my pussy. “Hmm baby, I will get you all wet, and then let Stud take over. Then I promise baby, I will fuck you so hard and make it up to you. ”After bringing me VERY quickly to the brink of my 1st orgasm, Chris moved over and called Stud. Stud automatically stuck his nose in my pussy to investigate, I guess the smell of my pussy juice got him curious, as he moved forward and licked from my ass right up to my clit in a single motion. I was a bit disgusted, yet strangely excited and extremely turned on as I moaned and opened my pussy lips for him to get a better taste. With each lap from his velvet tongue pushed me closer and closer to a very intense orgasm. I started bucking and pushing my pussy deep into his face, Stud kept lick like crazy, rubbing his cold wet nose right on my clit. I reached down and grabbed hold of Stud’s head and pushed his head hard into my pussy, moaning loudly as I started cumming. Stud never let up, I was coming down from one of the best orgasms, and he kept licking. Chris pushed Stud back, and lent over me, kissing me. “Hm princess, that was fucking hot baby, come on. Get up on all four’s get fuck him baby. ” Chris whispered. I had just got on all four’s when Stud jumped on me, pushing me into the bed.

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  Stud wrapped his forelegs around my hips and pumped his cock in my pussy in a single thrust. “Oh fuckkkkk” I moaned as I felt his cock push deep in me.   Stud started fucking me with relentless strength and speed. I was moaning some things that were impossible to understand as Stud took me on one of the biggest pleasure trips of my life. Chris had moved around in front of me, stroking his cock. “Here baby, suck daddy’s cock while you get fucked by that big doggy cock” I took his cock in one go. I was so fucking horny; knowing had a doggy cock in my pussy and my father’s cock in my mouth, I had already came 2 times.  I could feel Stud’s knot in my pussy, expanding in size, locking deep in my pussy while he still fucked me as only an animal could. Suddenly I could feel a lot of pressure and knew Stud was about to cum. “Oh fuck he’s gunna cum” I moaned as I pulled daddy’s cock out of my mouth. This made him push his cock back and fuck my mouth fast and deep. I moaned and groaned feeling Stud sprays his doggy cum deep inside me. “I’m cummmming baby… swallow it all for daddy” Chris said as he pumped hard and fast squirting his cum down my throat. Chris tried moving Stud off me, but we were locked together by his knot. “OH stop stop! It hurts he is stuck” I screamed in pain.

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   Chris came over and started kissing me,“I’m sorry baby, he will go down soon, daddy promises” he said as he went right back to kissing me. He pushed his hand under me and started rubbing my now extremely sensitive clit. “MM god daddy” I moan. “Baby, lean up more on you arm’s, I want to kiss your little pussy better” he said. I leaned up on my arm’s as he went under and started licking my pussy with Stud’s huge doggy cock still buried deep inside me. I could feel my orgasm coming hard and knew I wouldn’t be able to control it. I pushed my pussy down harder on his face making him suck harder. Moving my hips around making sure his tongue got every bit of my pussy, was making Stud’s cock moved and push in my g-spot. “Oh god daddy I can’t hold it, I’m cummmming” I screamed as I came with more force then even. As I moved so I could kiss Chris, Stud’s cock slipped out of my pussy, a mixture of doggy cum and my own came flooding out like a tap. Stud jumped off and laid on the floor licking him self clean. “Come on Stud, out you go. It’s my turn and I’m not sharing anymore” Chris said as he closed the door behind Stud.  
I was laying on my back, catching my breath as he climbed up over me. Kissing all the way up to my mouth.

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   “God that was so hot princess. Did daddy’s little girl like that? ““Hm god that was so good daddy, but I need your cock in me. I need to fuck my big strong daddy” I moaned as he slid his cock deep in my pussy. “Oh fuck baby, grid that pussy into me, god princess, and daddy isn’t going to last long tonight. I need to cum so bad in your pussy. Baby I’m gunna cum, tell me you want it, tell me now” he grunted as he fucked me harder“Fuck me daddy, hmm cum for me, cum in my pussy” I screamed as I rammed my pussy into him, grinding my clit hard on him.   “Daddy, I’m cumming” I moaned as my body stiff and began shaking   for pure pleasure “Daddy’s cumming baby” he moaned as I felt his cum drown my pussy. We just laid there for what seemed like hours, catching our breath from one hell of a night. .



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