me at 18 and dad at 36


when i turned 18 found out why my dad always made me dress in in tiny tightshortsand no shirt when we went out together. my dad told me that he had plans for me on my birthday. he made me undress and and took me to bathroom and shaved my body smooth and then made me lie in the tub and he pulled my legs up and gave me a hot soapy enema this will clean you out for later. he then gave me a pair of tight shortsand nothing else he also put a cock ring on my dique. i got hard and stayed that way and it stuck out in my shorts. he told my mom we were leaving for the night. on the way he told me he was gay and had been for years and could not wait till i was old enough to have sex with him. he took me to a friends house and when we got therefour other men were in the living room nude and and playing with their diques. they all said happy birthday and welcome to manhood.

my dad stripped down and kissed all the guys and told me to do the same. it was a night i will never forget. all the men took turns on me and had sex while i was tied to the bed and then my dad pulled up my legs and put his hard thick cock in my boy hole and and pumped me until he shot a thick hot load of his love batter in me . he told me now i was a man and we were now going to be lovers every day. then the others all shot their batter in my hole as well. then made me jack off in first of them and they all tasted my seed. to have the same batter in me that made me was a was wonderful and every day we had sex and my mom just left us alone, he desired me as much as i desired him and our sex was always satisfying.

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   i would drink his seed and he would drink mine. WI i would drink his piss and he would drink mine. sometimes he would let his friends have me and they showed me many sexual pleasures that men can have together. the sling was my favorite and putting candle wax down my piss hole to keep me from cumming and anal balls .
    i grew up so much and my clothes were changing i left my hair grow long and wore fem shorts and tops and kept myself shaved. i would be taken to gay book stores to servicemen and let them have me to use. i was trained in discipline by dad and leaned to obey the master of my sex time. i was renamed Jaimie and not James anymore. i was truly a sissy bitch. i would kneel before dad until i was toldduring that time i would suck his man meat to a rod and lick his box clean. if i was not shaved or my pussy was not clean and greased i would get a strapping,and was never allowed;lowed to cry. you are a sissy not a baby. you are however my baby and if you ever want to have sex with a friend you must ask permission. however you must still have sex with me when you come home i am not only your dad and master but your husband as well you carry my seed in tour body i was your first. i will tell you when you are to go to my friends for sex and you will ask if you may have sex understand.

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       yes sir i would say. you will never have sex with a woman if you do i will make sure your seed will stop. .