Me and sis


A few days ago,i get a call from my sister saying she is having trouble at her house with her boyfriend and wondered if she could spend a few days with me. I had no problem with that and told her to pack up what she needed and she could have the spare room. With the wife and kids away for a few weeks on a cruise her mom won and i had to stay for work. I was happy to have the company.
shelly showed up with what looked like her entire house in numerous boxes and bags. I asked just how long she had planned to stay and broke down in tears saying she was kicked out and needed some place to crash until she found some where else to live. I was more then happy to have her. Shelly has had a hard life like me with an abusive father and numerous relationships that really didnt go no where. After we got her all settled in,i suggested we hit the town and drink our worries away together. She was all for it and ran upstairs to get ready. The wife calls just at that point and i tell her whats going on,it all goes to shit at that point. Me and the wife have been having diffuculties and figured with this little get away might help us,but it doesnt. She doesnt understand why shelly cant go live somewhere else. We get into a heated argument over everything and she hangs up on me.
Now im ready to hit the town after that phone call and luckily shelly didnt hear me yelling. I went upstairs to jump in the shower and there stood shelly totally nude in my bathroom,now granted ive seen her naked before but hell that was when we was just kids and we use to go take baths together.

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  But now i see a beautiful woman standing there and we both are shocked at just that moment which seems like an eternity before she says something. She grabs a towel real quick as i apologize over and over again. Not making a big deal of it she says,oh what the hell,not like you havent seen a naked woman before. we both laugh it off. And with that in the air i proceed to take off my clothes to jump in the shower. Shelly stands there  watching me peel my clothes off and i tell her if you dont wanna see me naked you better leave. Shelly's like hell no you seen me naked,i might as well see you. So i proceed on not thinking about it and just as im getting in the shower she makes a comment about my ass. I thank her as i know from other woman telling me the same thing.
We both get ready and i throw on a nice dress shirt with jeans and shelly comes out of her room in this tight leather mini skirt,with a matching top,barely holding in her huge breast. They look to be about a 38c. I make a comment on how great she looks and tells me she hasnt been out in forever and wanted to wear this outfit for just the occasion.
We hit the local bars,drinking,laughing and dancing with whoever is on the dance floor. All the guys are  hitting on her, telling all the pickup lines they can just to get her to go home with them,but she tells them over and over again that shes with me. She comes over at one point and plants a very wet and long kiss on me to show the guys she means business.

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  It total throws me off,but playing along i grab her ass and pull her closer to me. I can feel her smile behind the kiss and tells me thanks for everything. I knew the game she was playing and she was out to have a good time and didnt need the hassle of these barflys to ruin her good time.
We leave and hit the coffee house,trying to clear our heads before we head home,and talk about whats,what and all. When i accidently bring up my problems with my wife. I tell her the reason why the wife and kids are away,and shelly looks at me with such concern and asks why i didnt tell her. I didnt want to bother you and all thats going on with you,that i am suppose to be the strong one and figured i could handle it myself. Shelly tells me hopefully it'll all work out in the end and maybe me and the wife did need a break from each other.
We head home and get ready for sleep,i get out of my clothes and tell shelly good night,leaving the door cracked for the cat and dog to come in and out of the room. I turn the TV on and try to fall asleep but i cant. For some reason im wide awake,so i kick on skinamax figuring that'll help to put me to sleep. Just then shelly raps lightly on the door asking if she could come in and watch with me. I tell her no problem. she goes around the bed and right away i catch a glimpse of her body through the lil teddy she is wearing,and for some reason i am turned on big time. I have already seen her naked,but this really gets my dick hard.

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   she crawls underneath the sheets and moves her back toward me grabbing my hand around her body wanting me to hold her. I tell her I am naked under here. She says so and moves closer to me.
We start watching some b-rated movie and I am slowly feeling myself drift off to sleep. I can feel my cock start getting harder as its nestled between shellys asscheeks. I slowly look at her and see she is sound asleep,the TV lighting her face just enough for me to see her face. I lay closer to her hoping maybe my cock will work further in between her ass cheeks. I can feel the warmth from her on my cock and it is really pushing so hard against her. Just then,She moves her leg up and my cock thumps her right in the crotch. I thought oh hell,that'll wake her up. But nope,she lets off a small sigh. I lay there for a moment and feel a wetness on the tip of my cock. Oh my god,im right there at her opening. I move the sheets back alittle and see that my cock is resting right on her lips and her juices are trickling out onto my cock. I look at this and stare for the longest time,the thought run through my head thinking this is not right on so many levels.

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   But i cant help myself. I move my hips more toward her as i can feel her lips spread apart.
    She is so wet that i know i wont have problem sliding my dick in her. I push further in as my head slips in. She moans slightly,and i can feel more juices flow from her pussy.
    I hold my cock there for a moment and move it in further till i can go no more. I lay there feeling her pussy throb as my cock is inside her. I dont move,I just lay there holding my sister with my cock in her. The feeling is so taboo and morally wrong,but the animal is out now and he wants satisfaction. I'll deal with the guilt later i say to myself. I slid my cock out of her and back in,slowly trying not to wake her up. she moans with each thrust,and moves her legs more for me to enter her deeper. Shelly thinks she is having one helluva dream and I am reaping the benefits of it. almost thirty minutes pass and i hear her say something under her breath. i slow down to hear it again,and she says my name,she tells me to go faster and deeper and i obey with every word.

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      Shelly moves onto her belly,pulling me with her. I really drive it home with that position and she lets out a scream to wake the dead. She moves her ass higher and higher in the air with each of my thurst yelling at me to fucker her harder and harder. Shellys yelling out "fuck me harder brother, fuck me harder!" I can feel her reach underneath and grabs my cock,telling me how good it feels. I reach underneath her and feel her hands on her clit working it into a frenzy. I pull back to watch in the glow of the TV as my cock is sliding in and out of my beautiful sister. She tells me to play with her asshole. I take a wet finger a proceed to play with her button and she lets out another whimper,telling me how she loves to have her ass fuck good. I pull out of her wet pussy and grab the lube. Working it in and out of her anus,getting it all good and worked up for my cock.
    I position her on her side and get behind her. She spreads her legs and directs my cock to her anus. I can feel her opening up for this and i take my time not wanting to hurt her. But she moves her ass back and takes my cock all in. Screaming and moaning with such pleasure,im sure that she came on that.

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      I look and can see my cock working itself into my sisters asshole. I can tell shes done this before and she is loving it. I can feel my cock pulsate inside her,and gorged with so much blood,I am afraid I'm hurting her but she tells me faster and faster. The feeling of me getting ready to cum inside her is too much and i tell her im gonna come. Shelly tells me to come inside her ass. So i do what im told and spray deep inside her bowels. with each thrust i squirt loads upon loads of cum all inside her. Our juices mingle as mine seep out of her ass. I lay there holding her,kissing on her neck,not wanting to pull out of her.
    We lay there for a moment as she slowly works herself off my cock and heads for the bathroom. i lay there in a stupor,trying to figure out what happens next. Shelly comes out totally naked now and gets back in bed with me. She lays her  head on my lap with  my cock inches from her lips. She looks up at me and smiles and tells me "This is definetly something we have got to keep between us" I assure her that if anybody found out about this we would be run out of the country. Shelly moves up and gets back into her spoon position with me,and turns her head slightly and tells me "i love you" as i tell her the same.

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       And we drift off into a much needed sleep



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