Me and my two sisters.


It was a cold winter night and my parents where away on a business trip so it was justt me and my sister for the night. My sister is 18 about 5'11 nice tan slender body with blue eyes and brunette hair. Then theres me 6’1 blue eyes and blonde hair. So me and my sister were watching scary movies all night alone. She looked at me witha wierd grin on her face and said she is going to put on some pajama’s. Minutes later she comes down with a striped bra that cupped her breats perfectly and a little blue thong on. She came and sat down beside me and not one word was said and my tounge was so far down her throat. I started to kiss her body then moved down to her pussy. It smelt so good i just had to eat it. I was eating her out for about a half an hour she was moaning my name so loud. Then she took off my pants then i slided my big dick inside her tight pussy. I fucked her very hard for hours. She was screaming my name with her panties in her mouth.

Then she told me to stop so I did then she moved down on me and sucked on my tounge then started sucking my dick. I asked her if she could taste her own pussy and she said yes and it tasted great. Then i continued to fuck her viciously.

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   And we didnt realize what time it was and it was early in the morning and then our older sister Kandis walked in and looked horrified for a second then a bit pleased. She is 23 years old and looks exactly like my other sister. She walks up to Sierra and starts kissing her passionatly and rubs her clit while im fucking her. She tastes her fingers and said mmmm Sierra your pussy tatses great then i started to fuck her hard in the ass. I blew my huge load all over my sisters faces and they swalloed it all. After I asked if i could keep there underwear and they looked at me and smiled and said yes. .