Me And My Sis


Topic: Me And My Lil SisIt Was A Regular Afternoon, My Mom Was Out Shopping. . . My Sis Was At School. . Oh Im Tsukasa by the way, and when this happened i was 18 years old. My Penis Was About 8 inches when erect, I Had Brown Hair Down To My shoulders, And Well Yeah Thats Me! My Sister, Rimu Who Was 12 Was Just Getting Home From School.
Me And My Sister Had A History Of Pulling Down Eachothers Pants, Just For Fun Of Course. We Were Open In Our Family We Often Saw Eachother Naked, Well At Least Untill About 2 years ago, when my sister decided to start covering up. Rimu Was 12, Had Long brown Hair, Hazel Eyes, Her Boobs Were About A Double A Cup. This Afternoon She Got Home From School And Lied Down To Watch TV as Normal.
I Threatened To Pull Her Pants Down, But She Didnt Seem To Care, So I Went Ahead And Did It, Only To See Her Cute White Cotton Panties, Where i Could See Her Hairy Black Bush Through Them.
"Your Only 12 Yet Youve Got Hair Down There?" I Asked
"So What If I Do?" She Replied While Blushing
I Got Up To Walk Away But She Stoped Me And Asked Me to Take Her Panties off for her, So I Did. . . I Pulled Them Down To Reveal A beautiful Hairy 12 Year Old Pussy.

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  . i then felt myself getting really hard so i went to go jerk off, She Told me to stop and sit on the couch. . so i did.
She Pulled Down My Pants And Underpants And Took Out My Cock.
"What Are You Gonna Do?" I Asked
"Umm Ive never done this before. . so sorry if i suck. . . " She said And Then Started Sucking On my Cock
Even Though She Wasnt So Good since This was her First BlowJob, It Felt Fantastic, I Think It Was Cause Shes My Sister, I Then Exploded My Cum Poured All Over Her Face, She Licked It, Then Told Me It was My Turn. She Sat on The Couch And Spread Her Legs. . I Immiedatly Got Down And Started Licking Her Pussy, It Tasted Wonderful, I Then Went As Far As Sucking On her Sweety Pubic Hair, She Came And I Drank It All.  
I Was Then Rock Hard Again, but since her Pussy was worn out i decided to go jack off.

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"Wait Big Brother" I hear Her say.
I Turned Around to see her with 2 Fingers In Her Ass.
"You Can Put your Penis in here if you want. . . " She Said While Blushing.
I Walked Over And Asked If She was really okay with this, She Said She Was, So I Shoved My Cock Inside Her Tight Little Ass And Fucked Her. I Felt Her Ass Clamping Around My Cock it Felt Marvoleus. As I Came Inside Her She Accidently Pee'd All Over The Couch And On The Floor A Bit. I Took My Cock Out Of Her Ass, Lent Over And Started Licking Her Pee Off The Couch and Floor, Which She Soon Joined Me In Doing.
A Few Hours Later My Mother Came Home. Me And My Sister Wanted To Shower Together That Night, So I Asked My Mom If It Was Okay, You Know Since Its Been a Few years since we last did it, She Said It Was Fine.
Me And My Sister Got In The Shower, She Said She Had To Pee, So I Told Her She Could Use My Mouth. She Sat On The Bench Like Part We Had In The Shower And Spraed Her Legs in the air, i got inbetween them and opened in my mouth, And With That I Felt A Warm Stream Run Into My Mouth And Down My Throat, Which I Of Course Swallowed.
We Fucked Again Got Out Of The Shower Dried Off And Went To Sleep.

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