Me and my Mom pt.1


This is the story of me and my mom when i was 18 At the time we had just moved to Dallas from Michigan and it was a one of the worst summer days I have ever felt it was like 95 degrees. We had only been there for 3 days so I didn't really know anybody.  It was about 3:00 when my mom went to the store, she said she would be about an hour. I was board so i started watching tv. I felt my cock getting hard out of nowhere so I started flipping through the channels looking for some porn to watch. After I found one I took off all my cloths because i was so hot because we did not have air conditioning. I started to jerk off. After i finished I must have fell asleep. When I woke it was almost 7:30.

I put my cloths on and started to look for my mom. I went to her bedroom but when I seen her I just froze in the door way. She was laying on her bed with not a stitch of clothing on just fingering herself.  I went around the corner of the wall and started to play with my cock because it was already hard. I had already came about 3 times in the 18 minutes of watching my hot mother finger fuck herself. I could tell when she was about to cum because her tight pussy started to get really shiny and wet.  Then this is what I heard, OOOO YES OOOOOO MATT FUCK ME OOOOOOOOHHHHH GOD YES.

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   When I heard this I got shocked because I am Matt, her son.  
To Be Continued