Me and My Hot Cousin.. (sequel to My Sleeping Cousin)


Topic: Me and My Hot Cousin 
It Was 18 o clock. . and the rest of the house was just about ready to go to sleep. We were still on holiday on New Jersey and my cousins and i would soon be parting ways for a few days untill we went home. It was the night before there departure and me and my cousin Dana were on the lounge watching a bit of T. V before we hit the sack. It was only 12 hours previously that i Fucked her while she was asleep. though she never found out she told me that the thought of my fucking her was a major turn on. . we were just sitting down when she got up and said. " hey Tee am gonna go head up stairs to get ready for bed ok"
" Ok then i'll see you upstairs then" i said with a grin on my face.
" see ya" she said smiling then Winked at me.
As she dissapered upstairs my mind started to wonder. . i started to think about what was goin to happen tonight if anything happend at all. .

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   i was thinking of her hot body rubbing up against mine while she sucked on my cock. after a few minuits i decided to make my way upstairs. i went to the bedroom we were staying in to find her already sitting on the bed in her tight little T-shirt and little shorts. as i came in she smiled and got up. she came over to me shut the door and started to kiss me. she had me up against the wall and we stayed there for a few minuits. then she locked the door and pushed me on to the bed. she took off the top showing her perfect set of tits. then she said.
" you know I've always dreamt about fucking you"
" really!?" I said
" Yea I always play with my self at night thinking about your cock inside my wet little Pussy"
" well then your dream is coming true aint it"
" yes I guess it is"
She undid my jeans and pulled out my cock. she started to stroke it gently with her hands then took it into her mouth. it felt soo good i wanted to blow insied her mouth then and there. she sucked on my cock for a good 5 minuits. then she got up and she lay down on the bed. i got on top of her and kissed her gently on the lips then moved to her neck and started making my way down.

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  . i got to her tits and started sucking on them till they were hard. . she squirmed and moaned. .
"Shh. . " I said with a smile
" Don't make so much noise or they'll hear us"
" oopps hehe i forgot they were there" she replied
I then started to make my way further down to her legs slowly kissing the inner of her thighs teasing her making her really wet. then i pulled down her little shorts and was i right she was soaking wet. I put a finger in her pussy and began to rub her. . i started to lick her wet little pussy as she squrimed. .
" Are you Ready?" i asked
" Yep" She said
I positioned my self between her legs and slowly guided my cock inside her wet little hole. I the slowly started to pump her getting faster everytime i went in and out.


  . then she got up and went on all fours to show me her perfect little ass and i fucked her from behind. we fucked in different positions for about 18 minuits. then I felt my balls tighten and knew i was about to cum. .
"ohh my god Dana I'm about to Cum"
" Ohh yea Tee dont stop. . . . Yeahhhh"
" were do you want my Cumm Baby?"
" take it out I wanna taste your hot Cumm"
I pulled out my cock and started to jerk it in front of her face. she then took it in her mouth and then i belw my load all in her mouth she tried to take it all but it was too much and it dribbled down her chin. she looked up at me and smiled and licked up the rest of my cum of her fingers and my cock. .
" Wow you taste good Cuz" she said
" I could say the same about you Dana"
" we should do this more often"
" i agree"
" hey since were gonna be apart for a few days you wanna continue our little affair on the wau back to Sydney"
"i'd Love to"
" but in the mean time lets make the most of the time we have now shall we"
" Are you ready to go again??"
" I was born ready" she said Grabbing my cock and putting it in her mouth once more. .

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  . . .